Art Books & Crown Binding – A Little Bit of Art. A little Bit Of Magic. January 28, 2017

We are going to start off the year with a fun event Entitled Beginnings.


  • DATE: January 28, 2017
  • TIME: 1400 to 2100 
  • LOCATION: North Schwabing —Lihotzky, Fritz-Winter-Strasse 10, Munich, Germany 80807
  • Why?  So We Can Create Art Books, Eat, Chat and be Happy & help make books for an installation.
  • RSVP at by January 24, 2016

For this event, we are the guests of Uta Alexander in the new artsy space in her neighborhood which is easily accessed by bus, tram, and metro.

Here is a photo of the space which can hold about 200 people.  Uta’s creative community has tables and chairs for us to use, a small bar which will have beer available for you to buy and a nice stage for music, readings, etc. (If you want to entertain each other.)


From 1400 to 1800 we will work on art books like this one:


The theme for the artwork/Books is Beginnings.

Here is what I want from you:


  • I want you to make 2 artsy books like the one above. You will leave one book with me for an installation and take one book home. I will photograph your books in a light box so you can use it for your portfolio and I can use it on the website.
  • I want you to bring 8 – 30x18cm art pieces on paper that you make in your studio. I will scan abstract art pieces that you bring into the computer for a collaborative book. You will use the artwork you bring as the pages of your books.

munichartists-artbook-crown-bindingimg_1756For the book you leave with me, if you are making abstracts, please make sure the abstracts must have enough negative space for people to be able to draw lines around the colours. (on the scanned version)  You can use any colour combinations you want.  There is no limit on colours for this project.  Just the requirement to have negative space.

All artwork must be on paper so it can go into a book. The paper I have in the example book above is bristol 120g which I printed on the risograph. The paper needs to be light enough to be held in place by the crown binding.


  • Please bring 1 piece of heavier stock piece of paper that is 32.5 x24.5.  My crown binding shown above is made with watercolour paper. The abstract on this piece will only be seen when your pages are not in the book so you can use a plain piece of paper if you want. I liked having art on it.
  • Lighter weight paper for the outside cover.  For the test book, I used a piece of wrapping paper from Manufactum cut to 30.5 x 43 cm.  I will be using abstracts for my final pieces created on thinner paper to make it easier to bind. You can make your cover using thin fabrics with abstract art on it.  Stay away from thick canvas.
  • 2 pieces of cardboard 38cmW x 20.5cmH.  I will have a few pieces in case you forget.  If you want to use something else for the cover, make sure that it will allow you to glue paper to it.
  • Everyone 14+ is welcome. We will have a table for the younger adults to work with each other.  You MUST RSVP.
  • All art styles are welcome to participate to make books.
  • Only books created at the event will be used for the installation. I will photograph all finished books and share them on the website.
  • Costs:  One finished book to be left with me.  There is no “Fee” for this event. We are Uta’s guests so the cost is whatever it costs you to make your artwork and whatever beer you want to drink.  I will not be charging you for attending the event and for helping you create the books but if you don’t bring your own supplies, I will have little kits people can buy for 20 Euro.(Let me know when you RSVP if you need a kit.)
  • Bring Food.  We will have a table set up for a potluck.  We have the space until 2100 so we can sit and chat and eat after we are done making books. I will be there from 1400 to 2100.
  • If you write stories, you are welcome to make a book cover to put a short story inside.  If you write a short story, the theme should be “Beginnings.”  You are welcome to read the story aloud and submit the story in your hand made book for the installation.  Please format your printed words to fit into the book to be glued on paper (That will be easiest).


Focus: Creating Artist Books

Theme:  Beginnings

Supply List:

  • Glue (Glue sticks)
  • Credit Card/Creaser – to make the folds in the paper.
  • Scissors
  • 8 abstract art pieces 30x18cm
  • 1 absract 32.5 x 24.5cm on watercolour paper for crown binding 
  • 1 light paper 20.5 x 43cm to cover the cardboard cover which is glued onto the crown binding.
  • 2 A4 abstracts to glue on the inside cover
  • Ribbon if you want to make a tie closure for the book.

Location: Fritz-Winter-Strasse 15, 80807.

RSVP at by January 24, 2016




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