Picter- A New Photo Submissions Platform

Guess what I got in my email today?  A new submission platform for photographers.


Picter is a new project by the creators of Der Greif. The platform allows photographers to manage their submissions to different open calls. The program is in Beta mode and currently has nine open calls for you to submit photographs.

Archive 01-09 from THE SMELL OF DUST on Vimeo.  (One of the projects looking for submissions.)

Please Give Picter feedback so that it can grow up to be like FilmFreeway.


If you are into films or writing screenplays try using the website Filmfreeway.  I talked to munich-based cinematographer Markus Ziegler and this is the platform he likes using. There are currently more than 5000 festivals to choose from with a little under 300 having no submissions fees.



If you need inspiration, to get you motivated to enter some photography or film or writing competitions, watch Markus Ziegler’s video series.  Markus spent 100 days creating short videos each day based on a favourite phrase from Pulp Fiction.

After spending more than three months creating the videos, Markus is now ready to think about submitting The Markus Situation to festivals.




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