Container Collective is Starting to Fill with Creatives (Feb 2017)

Container Kollektiv a/k/a  Container Collective

Hello Container Collective.  We have been waiting for you to get dressed for the party. Today, as I went to Boesner located at Atelierstraße 18, I walked through the Container Kollektiv and saw that it is still under construction with many happy construction workers working away.

As I walked by one of the finished containers, I saw two women sitting inside. Knocking on the window, I walked in, said hello and asked who they were and how they were using the space.

Ana Saraiva (Instagram Anisaraiva)

The three artists, Ana Saraiva, Sophie Herz and Melanie Meier will be using the container space as their studio for an undetermined amount of time and, they just moved in a few days before I knocked on their glass door.

When we talked with the Container Collective last August, Markus Frankl explained that he wanted the space to have rotating creatives to keep the space vibrant so we look forward to meeting a rotating stock of Munich creatives as they come in and spend some time in the collective.

Ana, Sophie and Melanie studied together at the Städtische Berufsfachschule für das Holzbildhauerhandwerk and each woman trained to create classical figurative art with steel, wood and stone—skills they are now using to create their art pieces.

The three artists are excited to be part of the container collective and will be developing their group studio and their individual art practices.

Sophie Herz

If you walk through the Container Collective, you can peek in the windows of their studio whenever you want but their container studio will not have specific opening hours.

If you see them inside, you are welcome to knock on their windows and go in for a look or you can look for Anna at the Kuhlmann Brothers coffee shop across the way.

Melanie Meier (She was not in the studio when I visited)

Munich Artists looks forward to meeting more of the creatives inside each of the metal containers and sharing their stories with you. If you are a creative working at the Collective, let me know. We will be over there quite a bit in the near future sharing stories, sharing art and just enjoying a Munich based container park filled with creatives.

Here is a video of the container collective at night

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