CreativMesse – What I found on a Friday Afternoon and what you might see this weekend

I visited the Creativ Messe.

Here are eight reasons why you might like going this weekend:

  1. It is a great place to see what kind of workshops people enjoy doing.
  2. You may find an unexpected art supply or an art supply you love and which is not available in a German store.  (You will have to dig for these but I found some and will be sharing them in this post.)
  3. Get a really good cup of coffee.
  4. See how your design orientated art can transfer to the commercial market (If you want to make extra money through your creative energies.)
  5. See art made from your eyeball.
  6. Donate money to the Tierschutzverein.
  7. Sign up for two weeks of Hello Fresh (So I could get a wood Spatula.)
  8. Meet creatives and designers from around Germany selling their wares.

1. Munich Artists and Other Creatives Holding Workshops

süyümbike güvenç and Ling from were having a marbling and book making workshop at the messe.

Ling from Spunkhaus and süyümbike güvenç
Munich Artist süyümbike güvenç helping workshop student marbelize paper.
süyümbike güvenç and ling will be planning workshops in the future and we will keep you posted on Facebook when their next book binding/marbling workshop is happening in the city.


My American mouth had issues with this creative use of the words creative and fantastic but I liked the workshop format of Julia Traxel and her partner Annette Neil. The two women cover different areas of the city and hold workshops at your house. Julia is in charge of Munich West and Annette covers Munich East.

The two women focus on workshops that make jewellery and small decorative items.  They do not make things with felt or fabric.

If you want to have them come to your house, you must have six people and pick the type of workshop you want so they can bring the proper supplies.  There is a fee per person plus you will pay for any materials used during the workshop.  More information is available on their website.

Julia Traxel

Scrappies (Eching) & Scrapbook Gap (Garmisch)

This company has two stores focusing mainly on scrapbookers BUT they offer book making workshops so you can take those techniques and use your own artwork on paper. One store is up in the mountains and one is in Eching (A little bit closer.)

More Expensive Book Workshop lasts all day. (Around 75 Euro)
This is an example of a book from their workshop . Each brown tap in this book is a little folder that is meant to hold a foto.  Very complicated little book but well made.
Book Workshop – Workshop costs 35 Euro. You start with nothing and end up with this book.
The two locations have quite a few workshops which you can find on their websites.  I asked them about Bullet Journaling and they said they don’t really carry any supplies for that because they always make their own book from scratch.


I love using encaustic and if you want to try to see how it feels, you can make a little card at this stand.


A packed crowd at this workshop.  They will have Zentangle workshops all weekend to help people learn how to doodle. (Workshop is free)


Other Workshops


2. Find Unexpected Art Supplies and Art Inspiration

I enjoyed talking to these two women.  Their company is called Das Kleinbedruckte and they create wood stamps, wood stamp kits and textiles that are stamped with their wood stamps. You can either buy the materials from them to create stamped clothings/textiles or you can request that they make them for you.  At this Messe, they will not let you do the stamping but they may do some custom orders if they are not too busy.

Kerstin designs the stamps and has them made in India.  Like most wood stamps they are wonderful to hold in your hands and you will enjoy seeing them and talking to Fiona and Kerstin.

Fiona Schmidt and Designer Kerstin van der Schmidt
The stamps are made from wood in India and designed by Kerstin van der Schmidt.
Ribbons of all kinds. You just go and measure the pieces yourself.
Springer Pinsel

Oh my gosh, I loved this booth.  Look at all those paintbrushes handmade in Germany. The company is well known in the craft industry but they are working their way into fine art paintbrushes and want you MUNICH ARTISTS to use their products.

I found out that it takes 8 years to become a paint brush Meister. PinselMeister.  The company has two Meisters and a total of 12 people working to make their paintbrushes. Springer Pinsel is based in Nurenburg so we will see if we can get a tour of their factory one day.  Maybe a tour and a lesson on how to make a paintbrush.


Distress Ink at HobbyProducts.NL

I have wanted this for months and now I have some.  I have no clue what it is like to use but I’m excited to have some in my art supplies.  The craft company who is currently at the Messe is from the Netherlands and he encouraged me to visit his website to buy more ink.  These inks have been created by the artist/ designer Tim Holtz.  Go visit his website for more information.

Large selection of Distress Ink
Must Try this product developed by Artist Tim Holtz

Coffee Break at Heart Road Cafe

This video doesn’t exist

The coffee was good. They are looking for people interesting in a franchise to grow their coffee concept so if you have a hankering for a little coffee truck, contact them and I will buy a cup of coffee from your mobile coffee bar.


Hello Fresh

I Succumbed and subscribed.

This is actually the first thing I did. For months I have wanted to try this concept but I did not want to be disappointed by the box.  I wanted to see in person what you actually get in the box.  I ordered two weeks worth of their menus so I will let you know how it goes on Facebook.  There are two reasons to try this for my household.  1. My daughter needs to learn how to cook.  2. I dislike buying too many ingredients and having leftovers that we will not eat. Supposedly these boxes will help us solve those two things.



The produce is fresh and the packaging is all biodegradable so you can throw it in your brown trash bin or he suggested you mail it back to them. (We could also use it for an installation.)

Of course this has nothing to do with art which is why it is way down here at the end of this blog post.  There were quite a few vendors that had nothing to do with art or craft but were targeting the audience who go to this kind of fair.  For Hello Fresh and the Tierschutzverein, being at the fair worked.  (I donated money to the Humane society and got two tote bags.

I adopted my dog. I suggest if you are thinking of getting a pet to adopt one too.

PS Eyeball art will be shared in Facebook.

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