Literature Moths February Book Haul

Do you know literature Moths?  This is one of my favourite book stores in Munich.


Yesterday on my way to the Container collective, I walked into Literature moths and wandered around to see what the store curators had selected for us.

Why do I call the book store owner and their staff curators?  I give them this title because they select books they personally like rather than books they think we will like.  This idea means that the books available within this store are not just mainstream.  They have small publishers, art books and interesting small gift products that blend in with their eclectic book selection.

Because German is not my first language, I tend to avoid reading in German for fun but I could not stop myself from purchasing the following:

Literature Moths Book Haul February 2017
Literature Moths book Haul February 2017
Tolles Heft 41 Nicolas Robel Topo Limbo Buechergilde Gutenberg
Feb Book Haul 2017
Tolles Heft 37 MeravSalomon FrostBeulen Buechergilde Gutenberg
Christoph Niemann – Sunday Sketching
Christoph Niemann – Sunday Sketching
Christoph Niemann – Sunday Sketching
Maps by Pepin 
Example of Maps from Pepin Press

If you want to see more, watch the video below:

One Reply to “Literature Moths February Book Haul”

  1. I do love Literatur moths as well. For many years I was a member of this bookstore.

    love to see the books you bought

    xxx Angela

    angela smets | erhard-auer-str. 10 | 80637 münchen | | +49 89 1571931 | mobil +49 |

    atelier in der alten wiedefabrik | rambaldistraße 27 | 81929 münchen-johanneskirchen | |



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