The Friday Gallery Will Host “Connected” for Munich Jewellery Week

Frauenstrasse 18 will be hosting “Connected” during  Munich Jewellery week.

08.03 – 14.03.2017 #MJW17


Because Munich Artists loves Munich Jewellery Week, we will be trying to get to as many of the exhibitions as we can during the week.  (Look at this and this post to see some of the artwork from prior years.)

If you are downtown, please visit Connected, and check out the artwork. The group will be doing a brunch on Saturday from 1000 to 1400.  Other opening hours are as follows:
Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-14:00 with Champagne breakfast from 10:00-12:00, Sun 12.30-16.30


CONNECTED started as a casual conversation between two and then three people, and as time went on it developed into a concrete concept with a growing number of participants. Now we are eight and we are all connected somehow. We are all very different and work in diverse ways and are interested in a whole range of techniques, and we embrace an even greater array of materials. There is an intimacy and a dedication in the works, where precision and commitment to creating take a leading role. A whole new narrative appears as we tell stories as individuals within a group of makers, a true tribute to diversity.

Examples of Artwork

Artist Carla Nuis
Jonathan Boyd
Artist Andrew Lamb
Artist Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir
Artist Helen Clara Hemsley
Artist Chequita Nahar
Artist Lone Løschal
Artist Therese Mørch-Jørgensen  


Here are the artists websites all in a row.


We love that the group chose this topic for their 2017 exhibition.  We hosted a conversation installation last year at the Friday Gallery, you can see Ines and Allun’s artwork here.

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