Südpart 2017 – Are You Interested in Creating Land Art?

Munich Artists went and checked out South Park (Südpark) in Sendling. The park is filled with people walking their dogs, running or just sitting and enjoying nature.  The park is also right next to a busy road and has a large amount of fallen trees/debris/wild nature that can be turned into land art.

Last year, with city permission,  Lore Galitz organized a group of 16 artists to create artwork in the nature park.   The completed pieces were left in the park to deteriorate and return to nature but, some of the pieces have remained in tact and have been maintained by the people visiting the park.

the Spiral which was created in Summer 2016 looks pretty much the same today.

This year, Lore Galitz decided to do the project again with 16 artists.  Each artist is encouraged to walk through the woods and pick a spot to create a piece of land art.  The artwork must use the materials of the forest and nothing man-made must be left behind after the land art pieces are completed and the exhibition is finished (October 2017.)

Lore would love to work with artists who love nature and want to create artwork for the benefit of the forest and who can be there on the dates that have been set. If you are interested in participating, you must contact LORE!  The deadline for ideas to be submitted is next week. After that the package goes to the city for approval.  You must be able to attend ALL the dates listed below.

Dates are listed below:



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