Epicentre of the Next Step – Ken Macbeth Knowles Apartment

Some writers struggle to find things to write about while other writers live lives filled with story plots and adventures—enough to fill a book or maybe even a library.

Ken Macbeth Knowles is one of the writers whose life is filled with romantic plots ideas which is a good thing for those romantics around the world who may be worrying that romance is dead. You will be happy to know there is one spot in Munich where love at first sight and true love thrives like a weed.

In a neighbourhood called Bogenhausen in a quiet area of Munich, Ken Knowles loses roommates like some of us lose our socks.  How is this possible? What is happening in Ken’s quiet neighourhood? Why is Ken losing all his roommates?

Love is the problem. or, love is the answer to my question.  Although love can conquer anything it can’t conquer Ken’s roommate dilemma because love is the dilemma.

In a city filled with single people and in a German society where single people keep their own living spaces even when they get married, single souls are moving into Ken’s apartment and falling head over heels in love with their romantic partners leaving Ken in a wake of rose petals and baby talk.

Ken is getting a bit exasperated at the high turnover.  Why are you all falling in love in his apartment? Is Ken is a lucky love charm?  Is Ken is the perfect “friend” for your double blind date?

If this roommate thing happened one to Ken, then we would have nothing to talk about but Ken’s spare bedroom keeps vacating and this turnover has sparked the curiosity of Munich Artists who has been following this dilemma since Ken posted about it last year on his Facebook feed and then wrote this post.

In early 2016, Ken stopped renting to guys, hoping that single women would be less likely to fall in love in his apartment.  Ken hoped this switch in roommate gender would stop the love trend from destabilising his home life but now, a year later, he is back on the hunt for new roommates as the love incubation dilemma seems to be gender neutral affecting both men and women and leaving him once again with an empty room.


Since gender was not a cure, Ken decided that maybe the length of stay would help so he is now looking for short-term roommates who want to hang out in his space and be struck by the love bug.

So, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who is unable to commit maybe a weekend at Ken’s apartment will push them over the edge.  Or, if you are a writer/artist/creative needing a romantic muse, you may find Ken’s apartment the perfect spot to create that love related creative content or get back your creative groove.

You can find Ken’s apartment on those short term rental sites and you can also contact him through his website.

Love is life’s sweetest reward. Set your life on a course of adventure by booking a few nights at this love incubator in Munich. Ken is expecting you.   Don’t delay.


PS. This is not an advertisement. I get nothing from Ken but the amusement that everyone around Ken is falling in love.   If you have a story like this, please let me know. We love sharing the quirky things happening in Munich, Germany.

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