Revised Window Installation Schedule

With the addition of a new window at Elsässerstr, we added more fun things to work on this summer.  If you are creative and want to play along with Munich Artists, here is the link to our Open Calls.

The complete list of current installations in the Windows can be found on the MA-the Window website and on our Munich Artists installation schedule page.

In addition to Installations, we will be doing Munich Stories 2017 and I will be sending all interested writers and artists an email in the next few days with information about the project.  We are integrating the project into our Window installations.


We will be having an installation/Exhibition on the Topic of Pain. This is scheduled for October 2017.  I want an exhibition space for this so any leads are appreciated.  The installation windows will be working with the Exhibition as a symbiotic extension.   I will be creating an Open Call for this so you guys have six months to Focus on Pain and give me some amazing works of art.  The exhibition will be curated to a limited number of pieces and I’m a going to be picky cause exhibition space in Munich is limited and I want the pieces to fit with my vision.. tell a story… kind of be an installation in a Chinese scroll kind of way.

The windows will be open to all Munich Artists because I want you to express yourself and delve into the topic of pain. (I still have to figure out the installation details. I will share more details next week including fees etc.

(Psychological/emotional and Physical/body )

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