Summer Break

Happy June my Munich Artists!

This is a short note to let you know that we will be taking the summer off to work on projects not related to Munich or art.   Because we are taking a break, we will also be leaving our Installation at Odeonsplatz in Place until September 2017 and canceling anything planned during the summer months.

Barbara has requested that all installations in her space be group installations so I will keep you posted as to what happens in her window over the next few months, if someone is interested in organizing the installations for those spaces, please connect with Barbara.

Go enjoy the summer and I look forward to seeing what you have created when we start posting again this fall.

Stay Creative!


PS.   New Installation Schedule

The Window at Odeonsplatz Installations:

  • June – August 2017 -Madonna – Innerfields
  • September 2017 Say Hello 2017 (Installation using art boxes created by Munich Artists for Say Hello event.)
  • October 2017 –  Nagel Neu
  • November 2017 – Munich Stories 2017 – Inspired by the stories created for our Munich Stories 2017 Project.
  • December 2017 – Reason to Exist (My True Self)
  • January 2018
  • February 2018 Reserved for Collaboration with Freiraum 16 Gallery
  • March 2018 . Munich Jewellery Week Reserved for Collaborative installation with international Jewellery Artists.

The Window at Elsässer Str. installations:

  • April 27, 2017 – August 2017 Say Hello (Installation #2)  Box Melody w/ Blauer Vogel
  • September 2017 -Goodbye Installation 
  • October 2017  – Don’t Toss me Away
  • November 2017 – Munich Stories 2017 (Illustrated art from 2017 Books)
  • December 2017 Your True Self (Mirror installation)





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