Scribblitti Illustration is Coming to Munich, Germany

Scribblitti is coming to Munich!  According to the artist, “There is a story in every human being who wants to be told.”  As you know Munich Artists loves stories and we love humanity so there is everything to love about Hu Be’s Scribblitti project.

Each piece created by Hu Be is personal incorporating a reworking of experiences to create a personal biography so what you will end up with on your walls is a piece of your own personal history interpreted by the artist in his unique style.

Scribblitti will be in Munich created home murals from June 27th until July 2nd. If you are interested in having Scribblitti create a mural in your home, you can contact him at +0039.3396414748



Hu Be : Scribblitti
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration
Scribblitti Illustration

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