The Munich Artists 2018 Pivot

Perfect Cup of Coffee Installation for Munich Artists Window installations
Installation by Storey Tarris – Perfect Cup of Coffee – for Munich Artists

Happy 2018!

I am writing to let you know that Munich Artist’s experiment in collaborative and interactive art is over.  We enjoyed working with you for five years but now are creating works outside of Germany and are pivoting the website in a different direction.

Because of this change, we terminated the exhibition/studio space at Frauenstrasse 18 and the Odeonsplatz display space.

I apologise to all the artists that I did not make a farewell party but the changes in my life in 2017 were life-altering and required an extensive review of my work focus, the usage of my creative energy and the direction I wanted my life to flow and that required time away from Munich, Germany.

I do appreciate your participation in our Munich Artists projects and I hope you will continue to meet and share your creative talents with each other.  Barbara Süßmeier is continuing with collaborative projects and I encourage you to connect with her in Haidhausen if you would like to participate in a project.

Have a wonderful and creative year.


Storey Tarris

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