Munich Artists in London 2019

Lets play catch up in the worst kind of way.

I moved to London and shed a layer of art skin.  My delicate new art body was fragile and unable to deal with social media, email or anything having to do with Munich, Germany or a world going to Hell so I focused on my art practice, creating art and writing about things which were not art related.

My relocation overseas means that my Munich Artists energy is now shifted overseas but I am working on the following:

  1. Writing articles about artists, exhibitions and art-related events.  Even with the long break, we have visitors to the Munich Artists website.
  2. I am not physically in Munich so if you have an event, you will have to share the photographs or I can’t prove that it actually happened and Storey Tarris cannot write about it. (She is a London based creative.)

Munich Artists will now be curated by Storey Tarris.  Storey does not organise anything nor does she have anything to do with past projects.