New Daily Photo Challenge

Dear Munich Artists,  Please Note the image below:


Today Feb. 1st, 2020 we begin again our Photo Challenges.  We made a Facebook group specifically to share photo challenge images because this is an everyday thing for the rest of eternity (Or until another world crisis happens) and I want to see what you have been making in Munich (or wherever you now live.)

Here is the link for the facebook group for photo challenges.

Other News

Now that the Brexit fiasco is over and I am in recovery mode from the amount of danger we were in for the last three years, I can trufully say that I miss the relaxed environment of walking to my studio at Frauenstrasse and getting a cup of coffee at Viktualienmarkt but I love speaking English eventhough for some reason, I’m speaking more German in London than I did in Munich!

Currently I’m hovering around Notting Hill, enjoying juice smoothies and wearing Dock Martins while I gear up for this year’s workfest.   Do not worry, I will not be organizing any large projects for artists in London.  Instead, I am working with Trefuly to create a program to certify artists as Creative Coaches.  It took Emmy a few years (7) to figure out that there was no pain point to fix with art communities but in the process of finding that answer, she found a few pain points which artists could help fix in other areas of the world.

One of those pain points has been her work for the last three years which she is not allowed to talk about.  Top secret filled with intrique and super cool people who do not acknowledge her on the street.  Instead, she is required to work in her own space and have them drop into her life through the internet to chat about world problems in an artistic way.  Emmy calls this her Telenovella but I’m telling you that she is living life more like something out of the book, Burn after Reading.

The other pain point that artists are able to assist the rest of the world is work life balance.  During my time in Munich, I never met as many people who threw the balls up into the air and managed to keep work, their creative passions and their family live in some sort of order.  Many of you do this not because you are German and capable of managing many tasks in a day but because you love your family, your art and have the desire to keep both of them funded with a job that pays for a six week vacation.

In an effort to help everyone else maintain this type of balance, we are working with Trefuly to create an occupation that hopefully will be acknowledged as a serious job by the German bureaucracy and allow you to still be on Kunstsocialkasse.

Ah, you know us, we are always worrying about you as German creatives.  Dada was right about the weight hovering above your heads.  I hope you have been having fun and as soon as I dive into the artistic community in London, I will share what I find out about them.  If you would like to share information with me for the Munich Artists website, please send me information to a new email address.  Kyfio UG will be changing Emmy’s email because she is now immersed in Social Political art and she is never checking that email address.  You know how it is… Life takes you in a different direction and you need to change email addresses that fit your new life.  Please send Storey Tarris your mail at with the subject Munich Artists News.

If you would like to reach me, Storey Tarris, a London based artist, I would love to hear what is happening in Munich or the rest of the world (If you moved like me.)

I will not be visiting Munich for events but if you happen to be at any of the London based art fairs, I will definitely come see you and share some photos.

I will post more information about Trefuly Artists Project as it becomes available. Until then, please join our Art Challenge and enjoy yourself a little bit.  Winter is almost over!


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