24 Days Photo Challenge – Be Mindful of Time

This challenge is a photo challenge that asks you to be mindful of your life during the holiday season.

The month of December can get pretty crazy preparing for the different holidays and I want you to take a moment out of everyday to focus on the present moment and snap a photo.

In the blog post, I’ve offered the following options:

  1. You can take 1 photo at the same time for 24 days documenting a routine or location like monet and his haystacks.
  2. You can take 24 photos spanning the 24 hours over 24 days.

Remember this is Munich Artists and we don’t impose rules so if your inclination is to take four photos at six different times or take 23 photos at one time and then 1 photo at another time, I don’t care.  My desire is for you to create a body of work that makes sense. If 23/1 makes sense to you then do it.

The photos can be raw or photoshopped.  Use your snazzy camera or your iphone to capture the shot.

I want the photos to be a documenting your preparations for the holiday season. No Stress. Lets just make some memories for the end of 2015.

PS. After the holiday, starting on December 26th, we will be posting the 12 days of Christmas colouring pages.  The themes will be used for a 12 day art challenge for drawings based on the ideas of the colouring pages.