500 Artists Play Cards Event Performers and Activities for October 16, 2016

Munich Artists are amazing and we are having artists agreeing to share their talents so that we have an awesome afternoon together.  If you are an artist and you would like to share your talents with the group, you will need to connect with me at emmy@kyfio.com.  As long as your art is family friendly we will try and squeeze you into the schedule.

Room 1 – Bleachers – Video Art, Readings and Monologues

Munich Stories Authors – We have a project called Munich Stories which started on September 15, 2016  The authors and Illustrators are busy writing and drawing at the moment but, they will be DONE by the party so will be able to share a few of their stories and artwork with you.  Flash fiction/short non fiction. This is a reading opportunity forthe writers, the book launches on November 12th at the Munich Readery.

Jackpot & My True Self Video – We will be sharing our My True Self Video and Jackpot videos.  Munich Artists participated in events and I made art videos from the material.  the videos will be screened between readings and other video art.. maybe we will have a movie by Klaus and Steffi (keep your fingers crossed.)


Room 2 – Open Space – Sculpture creation, dancing, light painting, etc

Elaine Serafin one of Munich Artists talented light painters (we have three) will be sharing her talents with us on Sunday October 16th!  Serafin has agreed to take a light painting group photo and use our card sculpture to take some light paintings.  Elaine will take some portraits too if you say pretty please and share her work on your Facebook pages.



Room 3 – Low seating – Music, interactive performance, conversational space – Artists not shared in the order of performance.

  • Arash Kazemi – Classical Guitarist – Here is an example of his music.
  • Paata Birikishvili – Jazzy, Soul, Blue Guitarist (so hard to stick people in categories.)
Paata Birikishvili Will Play for us again.  He did an awesome job at 500 Artists Say Hello!!

Here is an example of his music.


Lobby – (Bar area where you will drop off your bottle of wine or beer cause you have to BYOB) Information table and mingling space, installation/performance space. It has a skylight but is a lobby where people have to walk through to get to the bathroom.