500 Artists Say Hello – 2016 Event

500 Artists Say Hello is the first event created by Munich Artists to bring together Munich Artist for the purpose of meeting, networking and inspiring new collaborations and ideas.

On April 23, 2016  101 Artists shared their artwork in Neuperlach in a Hello Installation created by Emmy Horstkamp.

500 Artists Say Hello Installation – Munich, Germany

Around 300 creative people attended the event and 101 Munich Artists shared their artwork based on an open call posted on the website.

At the event, we organized artists into casual groups to work on mini installations using photographs from our Hello Art challenge.

Munich Artists at the 500 Artists Say Hello Event  2016 Creating Mini Installations

This year, Art in Motion performed a dance/art/music performance and we were lucky to have musicians bring their instruments and perform.

Art in Motion Performance April 23, 2016

Book and Book Cover

Because the installation was made out of individual art pieces, we created a book which included all the artists names and contact details.