500 Artists Say Hello Event

A 500 Artists Event April 23, 2016
500 Artists say Hello Event was our first event looking to gather together the more than 500 artists who consider themselves part of Munich Artists. On Saturday April 23rd, we are organized a gathering for more than 300 artists at Quiddestr. 45.
More than 100 artists submitted their artwork to be used in two installations. The first installation was displayed at Quiddestr. 45 on the main wall of the space and the second installation will be shown in a Window at Odeosplatz for two weeks in August 2016.
All the artwork displayed on the wall was 30 x 30 or smaller, blue or monochrome and focusing on the idea of “Hello.”
All artists were welcome to attend on April 23rd and meet not only the participating artists but other artists who took the opportunity to be present in Neuperlach.  We introduced artists to each other and gave the artists four hours to mingle and meet the faces they only knew from our online community.
During the event, Art in Motion performed and Munich Artists with musical talent played throughout the afternoon.   All artists that submitted their work are included in the Munich Art Market.  This is a platform that Munich Artists is using for our Agency work. Entrance into the platform is by invitation and we encourage artists working and living in Munich to contact us.
500 Artists Events 
Because our first event was so successful, we decided to continue creating 500 artists events and will have a fall event called 500 Artists Play Cards and will again have a Spring 500 Artists Say Hello.
 The following artists particpat

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