Art in the Park Program for Munich Artists & Kunst in Sendling


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Munich Artists and Kunst in Sendling will have an exhibition of selected artists’ work in this blue gallery wagon. The title of the exhibition is “Art in the Park.”

Exhibition Hours 12.06-18.06.

Sa./ So. 13.00-19.00 Uhr, Mo./ Di./ Do./ Fr. 17.00-19.00 Uhr, Mi. 15.00-19.00 Uhr

Gallery Wagon - Munich Artists- Sendling Festival

Munich Artists and Kunst in Sendling will have a Workshop Tent where we will have the following free workshops:

Friday 12 June 2015

Munich Artist: Rainer Schmitten

1700 – 1900  printing workshop – The final art pieces will be shown on and

Saturday June 13, 2015

Munich Artist: Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow

1600 – 2000 stencil workshop

Brigitte will share her love for water and mirror images with workshop attendees. Together they will use acrylic paint and stencils based on Brigitte’s artwork to create small art pieces that focus on patterns of water and light. The finished art pieces will be presented on and


Artist:Gertrud Fassnacht

1400 Workshop – “sense paths” A guided tour. Duration 90 min.

1030 – 1130  Group Installation: “Stand For Your Art ”  POSTPONED

Sunday 14 June 2015:

Munich Artist: Ewald Wildtrout

1500 – 1800  Workshop: Ink

Ewald Wildtrout will spend the evening working on participatory art project centered around his character named Judith. Participant’s works will be presented on, and Ewald Wildtrout’s tumblr.


 Judith - Artist - Ewald Wildtraut
Judith – Artist – Ewald Wildtraut

Munich Artist: Berit Opelt

1400 – 1800  Workshop: “Experiments with transfer lithographs” printing technology

will demonstrate and explain the technique of transfer lithography.

1100 Workshop: “sense paths” A guided tour with Gertrud Fassnacht, duration 90 min.

Monday June 15, 2015

Munich Artist: Emmy Horstkamp

1700 – 2000  Workshop – Photography Collage

Emmy will work with participants  in taking digital prints and transforming them into new works of art using ink and acrylics. The art collages will be shared on, and

Emmy Horstkamp Plan B Dorothy 2015 collage

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Munich Artist: Suzanna Treumann

1700 – 2000  Workshop – Still life drawing

The workshop teacher will bring objects to paint.  Participants will look at reproductions of still lives as a source of inspiration. Participants will select objects and put them on the table creating an enticing still life. We then look at it from different angles, and everybody picks a seat from which they can see the object(s) they want to depict. We then try out different sketching and painting techniques to create a unique work of art.  The art pieces may be shared on

Artists: Nico Jahn, Berit Opelt & Co.

1400 – 1800  “Four Painters, one image”   A group of artists work simultaneously on a large format painting.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Munich Artist: Jenny Schminke

1600 – 2000 stamping workshop –

For this workshop Jenny has taken her most current images of bee drawings and made them into stamps for participants experiment with. These template stamps, made with a 3-D printer, along with a variety of simple everyday objects, paint and other drawing supplies can be played with to create an art piece unique to each participant.

Jenny Schminke  Honey Bee Bear Pot

Artists: Barbara of Tauffenbach, Monika Vesely

Workshop “Jewelry and Objects”,

Interaction with the visitors using small plaques of brass or copper.

No Workshops on Thursday.


“Munich Artists” and “Art in Sendling eV” have come together to the district Sendling-week Obersendling organize “Art in the Park” during the 12th-18th of June 2015 in common.


The purpose of the association of “Art in Sendling eV” is the promotion of art and culture in the Sendling district of Munich.”Munich Artists’ animated artists to create collaborative works of art and take part in community projects.

All activities of “Art in the Park” will be a day (subject to the approval of artists and visitors) to our social media sites a wider audience. We will also videos of our workshops on our websites, and publish

“Munich Artists” and “Art in Sendling eV” will also offer presentations on various topics that will address the particular art theme of the day.

Artists involved from Kunst in Sendling:

Niko Jahn I Malerei I

Katrin Nodop I Fotografie I

Berit Opelt I Transfer-Lithografie I

Christophe Schneider I Fotografie I

Monika Vesely I Schmuck  & Objekte I

Barbara von Taeuffenbach I Schmuck & Objekte

Artists involved from Munich Artists:

Emmy Horstkamp |

Suzanna Treumann |

Jenny Schminke |

Ewald Wildtraut |

Brigitte Pruchnow |