Resonanz from Feb 26 – May 4, 2020

A new Exhibition for Lore Galitz in Hamburg Blankenese.

The Vernissage is on Feburary 26 and she will have a Finissage on April 5, 2020.  If you would like to visit Lore in her studio, the studio address is Holzhausener Str. 12, 81379 München. I suggest you call to make an appointment.  If you would like to see more of her work, you can check out her website or the landart project she helps organize.   You can connect with Lore Galitz through

Here are a few Words in German about the Exhibition:

Resonanz Installation, Fundholzskulpturen und Papierarbeiten von Lore Galitz Die in München lebende Künstlerin versteht sich als Brückenbauerin zwischen Spiritualität und Kunst. Sie arbeitet in enger Verbindung mit der Natur. Hölzerne Fundstücke versieht sie behutsam mit Gold und arrangiert sie mit Sand und ungesponnener Wolle zu Feldern von meditativer Kraft, ebenso schön wie vergänglich.

Aschermittwoch, 26. Februar, 20 Uhr | Gemeindehaus Vernissage mit Einführung von Thomas Sello, Kunsthistoriker Musik: Brigitte Bollmann

So 5. April, 17 Uhr | Kirche Anlässlich der Finissage lädt Lore Galitz zu einer Mitgefühlsperformance ein. Bitte einen Stein zum Loslassen mitbringen!

Nir Altman Gallery Presents Barley Furtive Pleasures

The Barley Furtive Pleasures exhibition at the Nir Altman gallery begins today and is curated by Olivia Aherne.  The exhibition is to be experienced as psychological theatre – Each works plays with the implicit and the explicit, the subject and the object.  Carrying with them beauty, horror, disagreement, and dissolution, all working to illuminate the unconscious. It is here in the spaces of repression, where power, control and agency are flipped, spun and recast, the psyche is split open and revealed, and the dissolution of self can begin.

The artists included in this exhibition are listed below along with some information forwarded to me by the gallery.

SRIJON CHOWDHURY (b. 1987, Dhaka, Bangladesh, lives and works between Los Angeles and Portland). Chowdhury’s dream-like paintings reference diverse histories, contemporary and ancient mythologies and mysticism. Recent solo exhibitions include: A Divine Dance, Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles, CA (2019) and Revelation Theater, curated by Antoine Levi, Conceptual Fine Arts Live, Milano, Italy (2019). His work has been included in group exhibitions at Foxy Production, New York, NY; Magasins Généraux, Pantin, France and White Columns, New York, NY all 2019.

INGA DANYSZ (b.1990 in Warsaw, Poland, lives and works in Frankfurt/Main, Germany). Danysz’s sculptures and installations focus on the radical changes of power structures over time, questioning the paradoxes of control society and its denial of repressive power structures. Her work was recently presented at Bielefelder Kunstverein, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como and Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts, Seydisfjoerdur. She recently published the catalogue Insufficient Funds, as well as the artistic book Metamorphosis of the 21st Century Minotaur.

EVA GOLD (b. 1994 in Manchester, lives and work in London, UK). Gold’s practice incorporates sculpture, installation, moving image and writing; often combining these media in a process of fragmented storytelling, navigating feelings of desire and disgust, and their often uncomfortable proximity. In 2020 Gold will present a new commission Perv City at Parrhesiades and CCA Goldsmiths, London. Recent exhibitions include: Die Wohnung (The Dwelling), SET Project Space, London, Dinner Party, Royal Academy of Arts, London, both 2018.

MARIE MATUSZ (b. 1994 in Toulouse, France, lives and works in Basel). Her practice questions philosophical, sociological and linguistic theories of power and justice, from the Middle Ages through to present times, questioning their comprehensibility and depictability. Her most recent solo exhibitions include Golden Hour, Atelier-Amden, Amden (2019) and The closest moment of the night is at the same time the closest to the day, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (2019).

MARINA SULA (b. 1991 in Lezhe, Albania, lives and works in Vienna, Austria). Sula’s practice spans installation, photography, sculpture and digital drawing, and explores the relationship of subject/object, power, love and desire. Solo exhibitions include: tba, Bazament, Tirana (2020); I’m Sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me at Gabriele Senn Gallery, Vienna (2019); Warten at Viennacontemporary (2019) for which she was granted the Bildrecht solo award for the best solo presentation


Olivia Aherne (b.1991) is a curator from/based in the UK where she works as the Assistant Curator of Exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary. She has curated exhibitions/projects for Art Night London, SAFA Shanghai, LUX and Lewisham Arthouse amongst others. In 2018 she was awarded the NEON Curatorial Award in partnership with the NEON Foundation and the Whitechapel Gallery, and participated in the Shanghai Curators Lab.

Sacre Blur by Heywood and Condie – London Urban Art

Here is an art piece I found on my way downtown from Notting Hill.  The art piece is called Sacré Blur and is constructed from salvaged 18th and 19th century stained glass windows.

The windows have been reconfigured to create a magical place in the shape of a greenhouse.

The work is illuminated during the evenings and you can see from the video that it does twinkle even during the day.



New Daily Photo Challenge

Dear Munich Artists,  Please Note the image below:


Today Feb. 1st, 2020 we begin again our Photo Challenges.  We made a Facebook group specifically to share photo challenge images because this is an everyday thing for the rest of eternity (Or until another world crisis happens) and I want to see what you have been making in Munich (or wherever you now live.)

Here is the link for the facebook group for photo challenges.

Other News

Now that the Brexit fiasco is over and I am in recovery mode from the amount of danger we were in for the last three years, I can trufully say that I miss the relaxed environment of walking to my studio at Frauenstrasse and getting a cup of coffee at Viktualienmarkt but I love speaking English eventhough for some reason, I’m speaking more German in London than I did in Munich!

Currently I’m hovering around Notting Hill, enjoying juice smoothies and wearing Dock Martins while I gear up for this year’s workfest.   Do not worry, I will not be organizing any large projects for artists in London.  Instead, I am working with Trefuly to create a program to certify artists as Creative Coaches.  It took Emmy a few years (7) to figure out that there was no pain point to fix with art communities but in the process of finding that answer, she found a few pain points which artists could help fix in other areas of the world.

One of those pain points has been her work for the last three years which she is not allowed to talk about.  Top secret filled with intrique and super cool people who do not acknowledge her on the street.  Instead, she is required to work in her own space and have them drop into her life through the internet to chat about world problems in an artistic way.  Emmy calls this her Telenovella but I’m telling you that she is living life more like something out of the book, Burn after Reading.

The other pain point that artists are able to assist the rest of the world is work life balance.  During my time in Munich, I never met as many people who threw the balls up into the air and managed to keep work, their creative passions and their family live in some sort of order.  Many of you do this not because you are German and capable of managing many tasks in a day but because you love your family, your art and have the desire to keep both of them funded with a job that pays for a six week vacation.

In an effort to help everyone else maintain this type of balance, we are working with Trefuly to create an occupation that hopefully will be acknowledged as a serious job by the German bureaucracy and allow you to still be on Kunstsocialkasse.

Ah, you know us, we are always worrying about you as German creatives.  Dada was right about the weight hovering above your heads.  I hope you have been having fun and as soon as I dive into the artistic community in London, I will share what I find out about them.  If you would like to share information with me for the Munich Artists website, please send me information to a new email address.  Kyfio UG will be changing Emmy’s email because she is now immersed in Social Political art and she is never checking that email address.  You know how it is… Life takes you in a different direction and you need to change email addresses that fit your new life.  Please send Storey Tarris your mail at with the subject Munich Artists News.

If you would like to reach me, Storey Tarris, a London based artist, I would love to hear what is happening in Munich or the rest of the world (If you moved like me.)

I will not be visiting Munich for events but if you happen to be at any of the London based art fairs, I will definitely come see you and share some photos.

I will post more information about Trefuly Artists Project as it becomes available. Until then, please join our Art Challenge and enjoy yourself a little bit.  Winter is almost over!


London Design Districts – London Design Festival 2019

During the London Design Festival, the city is divided into London Design Districts. The districts each showcase different designers, art projects and events.  Here is a list of the different districts and a link to the Festival page for each design district with featured events for visitors.


Adriana Cobo Corey


Nomdaic Pavilion by Jorge Penadés_BromptonDesignDistrict2019
Nomdaic Pavilion by Jorge Penadés_BromptonDesignDistrict2019


Abram Games exhibition National Army Museum, London, UK
Abram Games exhibition National Army Museum, London, UK



Kings X

Gasholders x Roksanda - Courtyard - Photography by Jason Oddy
Gasholders x Roksanda – Courtyard – Photography by Jason Oddy






HERE (2019)
HERE (2019)


The Odd Chair Company Pinlico showroom London exterior and portraits of Mauritzio James Cook Victoria



London Design District

West Kensington

West Kensington Design District
West Kensington Design District

Paul Cocksedge – Please Be Seated – Installation in London

This week Munich Artists is at the London Design Festival.  This is a temporary installation by Paul Cocksedge which uses reclaimed wood and metal from construction sites.  The wood has been left in a raw state. You have until October 11, 2019 to see it.

The art piece was created over six months and the designer was told he could not accomplish this type of design the way he wanted it.  The resulting successful art piece that fills a space organically declares that a vision can be a reality.

Paul Cocksedge has taken an art object and given it a useful purpose which makes it tread in the space between art and craft.  If you are lucky to be in London while this piece exists, I encourage you to go take a seat on one of the curves and enjoy the view of the surrounding buildings.

The installation is located at Finsbury Avenue Square Broadgate, EC2M 2PA. London

Please Be Seated Sculpture
Paul Cocksedge – Please Be Seated – Installation – Sculpture – 2019 – London, UK

London Design Festival

Today Munich Artists will begin exploring London Design Festival.  Last night I went through the guide. (which you can download here.)  and I decided to attend The Business of Design talk.

That talk is described as follows:

The business of design can be one of the biggest challenges for any designer to navigate. This panel will explore the relationship between creative practice methods and the tools and skills required to function effectively as a practicing designer today, sharing insights into different models, approaches and operational scales of practice.

The Panel discussing the Business of Design includes:

  • CHAIR: Alec Dudson, Intern Magazine
  • Sarah Boris, Sarah Boris Studio
  • Susanna Edwards, Course Coordinator Falmouth University’s flexible MA Graphic Design Online
  • Theo Inglis, Designer and Design Writer
  • Alex Ostrowski, Founder, Lovers
  • Neef Rehman, Adventure Lead, ustwo

After the talk is a workshop which is sold out.

Before heading to sit indoors, I will be hunting for a sculpture entitled Please be Seated created by Designer Paul Cooksedge.

Render One
Rendering of Please be Seated at Broadgate by Designer Paul Cocksedge

To plan my week I will be following the Global Design Forum themes as follows:


  • Sunday 15 September: Graphic Design

picture_catalogue (1)

  • Monday 16 September: Biodesign: Engineering a Future


  • Tuesday 17 September: Design for Change


  • Wednesday 18 September: Digital Futures


  • Thursday 19 September: Sustainability: Revolution and Solution


  • Friday 20 September: The Theatre of Experience


2016/2017 Munich Artists Projects and News

All our upcoming projects are located on our 2017 project page. 


  • As you know from this update post, I closed the Facebook group because members were not getting the information they needed and it really bothered me.
    • The group is still on FB BUT THERE ARE NO MEMBERS. I’ve been told that Facebook will eventually delete it but there is no way for me to erase it from the earth.
    •  All the people who were in the group can still be part of Munich Artists, you just need to sign up for our newsletter to get information.
  • One Munich based artist complained that there was now no informal way to connect with artists. The informal way is to come to our events and meet the artists and then connect personally to each other on FB.
  • If you want to share information, please email
  • (Update: The Spas was a success.) If you are in Sendling on Saturday, stop by the Klohaeuschen Spa between 1800 to 2100. We are taking appointments to fill our calendar for the six weeks KloHaeuschen Spa installation.  This is a good opportunity for you to meet Anja and enjoy this creative location in Munich, Germany.  Spa treatments start on November 9th 2016.

Baumstrasse Open Studios

Reflection Series by Felix Rehfeld
Reflection Series by Felix Rehfeld

Today is the open studio at Municipal Studio House Klenze-/Baumstraße  Klenzestr. 85 Rgb. / Baumstr. 8b. (2014)


The Munich based artists at this studio address in 2014 include:



C. Kirmse’s solo exhibition opened yesterday at Gabi Green’s studio in the Westend.  Go check it out and try to guess my favourite piece which costs 750 Euro which is a pretty good deal for an oil painting.  I am not getting a commission from telling you that. I just think it is a good price for a well composed oil painting.

*This article was updated by Storey Tarris on February 13, 2020