Say Hello 2017 will be at Freiraum 16 Art Gallery, Munich Germany on April 22, 2017

  1. First Installation Location
Artwork in this photo is by Artist Andreas Jungk
Artwork in this photo is by Artist Andreas Jungk. I was focusing on the ceiling where the installation will hang during the event.

Our Say Hello 2017 installation will be shown From April 13 – April 24, 2017 at Oefelestr. 13a, 81543 Munich, Germany. (We install the installation from April 10 – 13th. Boxes need to be at Frauenstrasse 18 by April 4, 2017 because I need to see how many I have AND photograph them.)

Gallery Owner Angelika Baumgartner asked that we extend the hours for the event so Say Hello 2017  will start at 1400 and go until 1800 but, if you want to stay later, we have the luxury of staying until the stars begin to twinkle in the sky.

The gallery space is 100 sqm so there is plenty of room for the installation and for the artists, family, friends and other Munich Creatives.

2. More Information About the Say Hello Event

Video FAQ. I am making a video right now with more information about the box and the installation. If you have any questions, you can email me

EXPLAIN YOUR ART.  This year, I will make a list of artists who want to explain their art pieces.  I found from the Munich Inspire book, that there were some great stories of why the pieces were made for the book and I only found out about the stories when the artists came to my studio to pick up their books.  Short talk.  Keep it to 5-10 minutes. You do not have to talk about your piece but I want you to know that Say Hello 2017 is a safe place to share your artwork and your stories. Everyone who comes to Say Hello is happy that you are being creative and wanting to share.  We will set a timer for you so that everyone who wants to talk has the opportunity.

Be on Time.  Like last year, I would like everyone to be there at 1400 so we can introduce each artist this year and at that point the artist can talk about their art pieces.  This will start at 1430.

3.  Our Event Book – Munich Look Book

We will have a book again this year. It will be called Munich Look Book.  It will have your boxes in the first section.  The second section of the book, you can have one page to show a variety of your work or Create a unique page of art (like a journal page).  I will be sharing more details about the Look Book tomorrow.  The Look Book costs is included in the 50 Euro fee so there is no additional fee.  

NOTE: If you want to be in the book but you don’t want to be in the installation, the fee will be 100 Euro.  No explanation for the cost. That is just what you have to pay not to be there on April 22.

We will have a second look book in the fall based on the playing card artwork and Munich Stories artwork.  Cost will be 30 Euro for artists who participated in Say Hello 2017 and 50 Euros for everyone else.

4. Selection for Future Munich Artists Projects  (Munich Artists Playing Cards, Munich Stories, MA-The window, Inspire project)

  • Say Hello 2017 will be where we select artists for our visual projects this year.  If you want to participate in the Munich Artists Playing Cards project, you will need to be at the event.
  • We will be expanding the number of artists to 108  and the number of decks to two so that people can play rummy. 1 deck will be photography.  1 deck will be figurative, mixed media.   More information on the Munich artists Playing Cards will also be posted this week. There is a small 20 Euro fee this year for each artist but you get a deck of cards and Elizabeth H., Holger K. and I have less stress. (Cards are expensive to print, we are still in the red from last year.)
  • If you would like to participate in our Munich Stories project and you are a visual artist, please let me know. I’m starting to make the teams next week.
  • If you would like to be involved in the Inspire Project 2017, you can let me know at the event. I will have a signup sheet.  This year, the inspiration will not be an artist but the feeling of pain. This topic was inspired by a talk I had with a German medical doctor who said that pain helps you know you are alive. Without pain, you die.   The inspire project will be an open call project open to all artists and creatives with no geographic boundaries or medium. If you can photograph or write it, it can be in the book.  I will make a separate post for this with more details.  This book will be print on demand and offered as a kindle version.  The submission fee will be 20 Euro. No physical book included.  You will get a PDF version to share.
  • Christmas Ornaments – If you have an idea you want to share or want to hold a workshop, please let me know.  I want a Christmas tree full of hand made ornaments/ artist ornaments. Ideas for this project are appreciated.  We have one artist, Rainer Schmitten, who will be doing a lino cut workshop for us.    Artists have been asking me for a fundraiser project. We can make this the fundraiser if you want with all proceeds going to charity or we can make it whatever you want artists. I just want some ornaments on my tree this year.

Did I forget anything? Probably.



Art Books & Crown Binding – A Little Bit of Art. A little Bit Of Magic. January 28, 2017

We are going to start off the year with a fun event Entitled Beginnings.


  • DATE: January 28, 2017
  • TIME: 1400 to 2100 
  • LOCATION: North Schwabing —Lihotzky, Fritz-Winter-Strasse 10, Munich, Germany 80807
  • Why?  So We Can Create Art Books, Eat, Chat and be Happy & help make books for an installation.
  • RSVP at by January 24, 2016

For this event, we are the guests of Uta Alexander in the new artsy space in her neighborhood which is easily accessed by bus, tram, and metro.

Here is a photo of the space which can hold about 200 people.  Uta’s creative community has tables and chairs for us to use, a small bar which will have beer available for you to buy and a nice stage for music, readings, etc. (If you want to entertain each other.)


From 1400 to 1800 we will work on art books like this one:


The theme for the artwork/Books is Beginnings.

Here is what I want from you:


  • I want you to make 2 artsy books like the one above. You will leave one book with me for an installation and take one book home. I will photograph your books in a light box so you can use it for your portfolio and I can use it on the website.
  • I want you to bring 8 – 30x18cm art pieces on paper that you make in your studio. I will scan abstract art pieces that you bring into the computer for a collaborative book. You will use the artwork you bring as the pages of your books.

munichartists-artbook-crown-bindingimg_1756For the book you leave with me, if you are making abstracts, please make sure the abstracts must have enough negative space for people to be able to draw lines around the colours. (on the scanned version)  You can use any colour combinations you want.  There is no limit on colours for this project.  Just the requirement to have negative space.

All artwork must be on paper so it can go into a book. The paper I have in the example book above is bristol 120g which I printed on the risograph. The paper needs to be light enough to be held in place by the crown binding.


  • Please bring 1 piece of heavier stock piece of paper that is 32.5 x24.5.  My crown binding shown above is made with watercolour paper. The abstract on this piece will only be seen when your pages are not in the book so you can use a plain piece of paper if you want. I liked having art on it.
  • Lighter weight paper for the outside cover.  For the test book, I used a piece of wrapping paper from Manufactum cut to 30.5 x 43 cm.  I will be using abstracts for my final pieces created on thinner paper to make it easier to bind. You can make your cover using thin fabrics with abstract art on it.  Stay away from thick canvas.
  • 2 pieces of cardboard 38cmW x 20.5cmH.  I will have a few pieces in case you forget.  If you want to use something else for the cover, make sure that it will allow you to glue paper to it.
  • Everyone 14+ is welcome. We will have a table for the younger adults to work with each other.  You MUST RSVP.
  • All art styles are welcome to participate to make books.
  • Only books created at the event will be used for the installation. I will photograph all finished books and share them on the website.
  • Costs:  One finished book to be left with me.  There is no “Fee” for this event. We are Uta’s guests so the cost is whatever it costs you to make your artwork and whatever beer you want to drink.  I will not be charging you for attending the event and for helping you create the books but if you don’t bring your own supplies, I will have little kits people can buy for 20 Euro.(Let me know when you RSVP if you need a kit.)
  • Bring Food.  We will have a table set up for a potluck.  We have the space until 2100 so we can sit and chat and eat after we are done making books. I will be there from 1400 to 2100.
  • If you write stories, you are welcome to make a book cover to put a short story inside.  If you write a short story, the theme should be “Beginnings.”  You are welcome to read the story aloud and submit the story in your hand made book for the installation.  Please format your printed words to fit into the book to be glued on paper (That will be easiest).


Focus: Creating Artist Books

Theme:  Beginnings

Supply List:

  • Glue (Glue sticks)
  • Credit Card/Creaser – to make the folds in the paper.
  • Scissors
  • 8 abstract art pieces 30x18cm
  • 1 absract 32.5 x 24.5cm on watercolour paper for crown binding 
  • 1 light paper 20.5 x 43cm to cover the cardboard cover which is glued onto the crown binding.
  • 2 A4 abstracts to glue on the inside cover
  • Ribbon if you want to make a tie closure for the book.

Location: Fritz-Winter-Strasse 15, 80807.

RSVP at by January 24, 2016




Fill the Void – E. Horstkamp & Munich Artists Art Happening for August 30, 3016

Munich Artists wrote about Lueckenfuelle last week and then I emailed Maria, one of the visionaries, who suggested we do something before the spaces closes in September 2016.


I decided that I would create with Munich Artists “Fill the Void,” an art happening to fill the space and say farewell to the creative meeting point that will become a construction site in the next few months. (2 week turnaround… lets see how many people we can unearth during the holidays and drag out of their living rooms from the surrounding apartment buildings.)

Important Details to know:

Date: August 30, 2016

Location:  The corner of Rottmannstrasse and Schleissheimerstrasse, Munich Germany ) Very close to Stiglmaierplatz Ubahn just the other side of Dachauerstr. you will see a triangle park. the empty lot is behind it. You will see HNRXs big sausage high up in the air.

Time: 1900 to 2100 (I will be filling balloons earlier in the day so you are welcome to come and help me if you want but you don’t get a balloon until 1900.)

Action:  Artists/creatives fill a void.  I want to visually show how artists and creatives in Munich fill the void.  Artists love empty walls, empty spaces and are the first to see the potential for changing something with their creativity.   I want people of Munich to get to know the artists of Munich and to know that we can help fill that void in their lives with our energy, our art and ourselves.  There are thousands of us here, step away from your art practice or day job for two hours and let everyone know that you are a creative in Munich.


  1. Attendance.  If you are in the Munich area and you can be there on August 30, 2016 from 1900 to 2100, I would love to have you there holding a balloon and talking with other creatives and residents of Munich. You do not need to bring anything but pocket change in case you want to buy a beer or a drink at the local Vietnamese restaurant that will sell it to you for 1,50Euro.  There are tables at the location so if you decide you need to bring food, you can do that too.  The park across the street has lots of places to sit.
  2. What Void do you fill?  “I fill the void” will be written on all the balloons.  If you want, please write how you fill the void on a ballon.  Not necessary but it would be cool if you shared some positive life purpose.  If you don’t have one, you can use on of mine “I fill the void by creating art” or ” I fill the void by sharing positive energy with others.”
  3. Optional – Business Card or Visiting Card or Post Card –  I have a scanner app and i will use it to share your information.  If you are there and you let me take a photo of you with your balloon, I will use your balloon and contact details in my art project.  Here is an example of the “my True Self” happening portrait from our july 18th happening at the Odeonsplatz Subway.  These portraits will be shared at the”My True Self” installation at the long Night of the Museum:
  4. Permission – I’m a conceptual artist and I make videos and photographs.  Please, if you come I want you to be ok with me taking your photograph and capturing you on video.  If you come with children, I will ask permission before taking individual photographs. If your children are in the space during the event, they will have their photograph/video taking with the group. All individual photographs of people will be used for an art project but may also be shared on social media and on the Munich Artists and Emmy Horstkamp websites and may be published in the Installations book I’m creating for the year.
“My True Self” Art Happening Odeonsplatz Ubahn July 2016 mask created by Verena Friedrich worn by Marie Friedrich

After the happening, please keep your balloon and take a spare balloon to give to someone but please do not let the balloons go. I love that idea but we will have a lot of balloons and that won’t be good for the environment if we let them go.

Creating Photographs/ Videos/ Sketches/ Art

You are welcome to take photos of the balloons and videos of the balloons. You are welcome to make sketches of the balloons. You are welcome to dance and sing with the balloons.  After I’m done taking photos of the balloons, the balloons are fair game for your awesome creativity BUT please do not let them go up into the air because, as I stated before, that will make me very sad and may end up in the guts of some poor bird.

If you share your pics on social media Please use  #munichartists and #Fillthevoid when you share your photos.  If you are on Facebook like our Munich Artists page and let us know when you share your photos so we can share the public post. (I can’t share private posts.)


Want to help fund this art happening?   You can email if you are quick on your toes with making decisions.  I would love to have a Sponsored by ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: on the balloons.  If you come after the balloons are created, we can add a card to the balloons and I will let everyone know on the website. Thousands of people will know you helped an art idea become reality.

Want to create an art happening with Munich Artists?  We are open for great locations and money for expenses.  Give us a space and we will make something happen. 







My True Self Installation Will be Presented at the Long Night of the Museum.

Munich Artists!  I had to wait, wait, wait and now I can finally tell you that our My True Self installation will be exhibited during the LNdM at Goethestrasse 53. (Münchner Flüchtlingsrat Goethestr. 53) which is an official location for the shuttle buses and an amazing location to display the My True Self installation.  This is our 3rd year exhibiting during the Long Night of the Museum and I want this installation to be amazing and fun and full of our creative energy.

What will be exhibited?   The video I’m creating of you and the white masks piled under the video and and a video wall of LNdM guests wearing either a white mask or a my true self mask.


  • Please bring your two masks.
    • 1 all white of your face
    • 1 mask that represents your true self.
    • Below is an example by Gabriela Popp.
Masks by Gabriela Popp
  • Please wear all black or very dark blue solid colour clothing as I want people focusing on the mask not the outfit or your body.  NO PRINTS, NO WORDS, Just Solid dark blue or black colors.
  • Please block off 4 hours 900 to 1200 on Sunday July 10th.  Although we may take less time depending on how many times I send you up and down the escalator to capture shots.  The video will show a stream of people going down in a single file so depending on how many people we have I may have you go done a few times in different orders to capture the shots so I can make it look like a streaming line of people or the same person having to go down over and over again.
  • We meet at the odeonsplatz Window where we show our installations near the cash machine, in the underground on the side close to SF coffee.  If you have no clue where the installation window is text me +4915129111465 and I will go find you near the SF coffee.
  • If you want me to use your white mask under the installation, please write your name somewhere on the mask so I know who to give it back to after the October installation.
  • If you want people man handling your “My true self” mask at the Long Night of the museum, I will use it for the display otherwise I will be making masks for this purpose because after 8k people play with them, they may be worse for wear but it will be fun to see lots of people wearing the masks and taking photos so it is up to you if you want them using your art that way.


See you next week!



Risograph Printing For Print Day in May – An international Print Event

Munich Artists owns a Risograph. It is a monster machine taking up quite a bit of space in our studio but we fell in love with what Risographs can do and we wanted to experiment with the process.  To get other artists excited about Risographing, we opened Frauenstrasse 18 on Saturday May 7, 2016 and invited artists to come in and try the Risograph.

As we discussed in this post about our Risograph, our machine makes a print of your art piece with Soy ink and you can print about 100 prints before the master starts to degrade.

For art printing, the quality of the paper is very important and we suggested artists bring paper with different weights, textures and colours.

Each artists was allowed to make 20 copies of their work on various papers and they experimented using only the black soy ink.

Alexandra Ritter  took advantage of international print day and decided to print a Risograph on top of her screen print created at her studio.  In the image below,you can see our testing paper where we worked setting up the master so that it was as close to where she screen printed as possible.

Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 2016IMG_0105

Alexandra seemed pretty happy with her completed art pieces.  Below she is holding one example which is a combination of screen print and Risoprinting. We tried printing her artwork on various papers with each paper changing the feeling of the artwork. It was exciting to see a Munich Artist throwing herself into the experimentation process and taking advantage of Munich Print Day in May.Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 2016IMG_0107

We had seven artists spend the afternoon printing and seeing the limitations and possibilities of printing with a Risograph machine.  Photographers, painters, and printers played with their artwork to create something different from their normal art practices.

Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 2016IMG_0103
Elke Reis (L) and Brigitte Hoppstock (R) looking through Brigitte’s print work.

Print day in May is an international event started by MPCprintmakers. Munich Artists is the first group in Munich to join in on the international print day fun.   We will continue to develop this event in Munich and look forward to next year’s Print Day in May.

If you missed Print day in May, you are welcome to come by for a chat but we will not be doing printing until we have collected all of our coloured drums.  We will post an open call once we are ready to create artwork with the machine and we will post on the website when we have another Risograph workshop.

Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 201613149901_1024803187574828_779165651_n
From Left to Right:  Bobbie Dunn, Brigitte Hoppstock, Alexandra Ritter, Elke Reis, Gina posing with their risograph works on International Print Day.

What Are Your Artsy Plans For the Weekend? April 29 – May 1, 2016

The rush of artsy things has begun.  Today I will be going to the dance performance I AM REAL LIFE that  we talked about earlier this week.  I will take some photographs of the artwork created by TMNK.  The dance Performance is today and tomorrow at the Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theatre Musik Dachauer Strasse 114, Munich Germany.

Women’s Work – If you are not into dance, maybe you are into meeting women artists at the Frauenforum.(In a platonic way of course.) A few Munich Artists including Lidia Cordeiro, Bobbie Dunn, Nutan Jaeger, Julie Olsson and Angelica Zeller-Michaelson will be showing select pieces on the theme Women’s work. Their vernissage starts at 1900 today. Here is the Facebook page for the event. The show is open for a few weeks in case you are unable to make it to the party.


Artup Store is happening at the FRIDA GALLERY.  You can enjoy Whiskey and Art together for one day more because today is the last day for this Whiskey Art Mix.  The artwork on the wall is Leonie von Carnap, Tanja Hirschfeld and Christoph Grothgar. The event page says it goes on until Friday at 2300 so swing by and take a swig of whiskey and check out the art.  Baaderstrasse 15, 80469 Munich, Germany. (Please note this is not the Friday Gallery but the Frida Gallery like the artist a few blocks away from the Friday Gallery like the day.)

Deadline Urban Art Festival is always a good choice too if the weather stays nice.  We talked about the festival here.

Curator Lulia Gradinaru has organized an exhibition at Galerie Am Maxmonument Thierschstraße 42 D-80538 München.  I don’t know the opening hours for this weekend but I’m sure Ms. Gradinaru will tell you if you ask nicely.


UAMO Festival 2016 “Fortress” is going on this weekend.  Their image tells what is exactly going on. If you can’t read the tiny type, you can visit their Facebook page.  I plan to see that art battle on Sunday at 1500.


Art Garage on Wilhelm Riehl Strasse 13 will be having the annual exhibition of the Blende 1 Fotoclub e.V.  This is the 27th time so that is something to celebrate! Their vernissage is today at 1900 in the Westend.  They will have a whole lineup of events happening on April 3oth so check out their Facebook event page for details.


See, what did I tell you… so many things to do on a Friday.  Now on to Saturday…


Diessener Ateliertage April 30 & May 1st.  This is an open studio event  outside of the Munich City limits. You will love heading into the Bavarian countryside and enjoying an artsy weekend outing to Diessen. Here is a link to the Ammersee art website for more information.

Ateliertage web


If you have an event this weekend and I didn’t put it onto our Facebook page listing did you send me an invitation to a public event on Facebook?  I add events that are open to the public and when I have time, I make a post like this for the weekend that are art related.  If you give special discounts to Munich Artists, you may get an individual post about your event. Note: Sending me an email invitation or an invitation by post makes it harder for me to share the content. Make life easy for me and I will try to share your event with Munich. I also tend to forget to put invitations sent by post into my calendar so, lets use Facebook.



Event Update for 500 Artists Say HEllO

Hello Munich Artists!

Here is the scoop.

  • Our event is April 23, 2016 from 1400 to 1800 (Middle of the day after you finish your errands and before you head out for your evening activities.)
  • People want to eat so they are bringing food to share.  Bring food to share and napkins and plates and utensils, better to have more than not enough.
  • We have more than 100 artists who have agreed to share artwork for our “500 Artists Say Hello” event so I will be working with more than 100 art pieces for the installation at Quiddestr. 45.
  • Most of the artwork for the installation has arrived downtown.  (Hurray! Only a few stragglers who will be bringing pieces this weekend.)
  • More than 620 people consider themselves Munich Artists.
  • We registered more than 100 artists for the Munich Art Market.
  • If you want to be considered for the Munich Art Market and you are not showing artwork in the installation, you must register at the event. The registration fee is 20 Euro. Registration/application does not guarantee we will accept your work for sale.
  • We want to start looking for group discounts.  To do this, I need to create a database of Munich Artists members.  I want to see if we can get discounts at art stores and those specialty stores I’m hunting down.   To do this, I will be making a Munich Artists ID card. (snazzy) It will be good for one year.   All artists registered for the 500 artists event will get a card on April 23. All other artists/supporters must apply for the card and the fee for the card will be 30 Euro to cover admin costs of creating a discount/membership card.
  • You don’t have to attend the event or be an artist to be a member of Munich Artists. We will have cards for artists and art supporters.  You will need to pay 30 Euro and fill in the application form which will be posted after the event (we will have forms at the event for you to fill in if you come and hang out with us on April 23rd.)
  • I’m working on the booklet this week. I decided to print it using a printer and asked Roy Hessing to let us use the photograph below. I just finished the forward and will be populating the pages with your images and words.  I will be sending it to the printer on Monday.


  • We will be printing some shirts. We will be posting the options next week for Pre-order.  If you have a favourite print shop for shirts please let me know. I want thick cotton and a Vneck shirt option cause I’m a girl. We will only print by demand/order for the event.
  • If you want to “project manage” T-shirts, please let me know.  We will be offering the T-shirts as part of our product line to fund Munich Artists projects so we need to be able to make a bit of profit from the shirts.


  • I need a volunteer to manage the registration table, the food table, the application table and cleanup.  







Munich Artists Visits The London Artisan

Over Easter, we visited the London Artisan.  We were not sure if it would be open on Easter Sunday so I contacted the London Artisan through their Facebook page and they told me they would be open.  In fact, the London Artisan is open every Sunday throughout the year at the Old Truman Brewery . If you are in London on a Sunday, take your lunch money with you to Elys Yard, Hanbury Street & Brick Lane and wander inside.

IMG_8505We visited on Easter Sunday and when we arrived, we were greeted by a packed crowd cruising down narrow rows of amazing looking food that smelled delicious.

After touring the booths on the main floor, we picked food from three different stalls and three different regions of the world.  The average price per dish was 6 GBP and the portion sizes were large enough to fill two people.  Every stand that we passed offered us food to try so we could have tried everything and bought nothing but that would be very wrong. Small business people deserve your support so buy their huge portion sizes and make the sacrifice and buy your dinner there too.  You can start your diet on Monday or Tuesday or the Following Saturday or whenever you return from your vacation but don’t count calories when you visit the London Artisan.

Happy Food Vendors on Easter Sunday


The food at this stand was served by a woman who might have only been able to say “6 ” in English.  I ordered from her and she said “6” holding up six fingers. The guy behind me wanted just a water and she told him “6.”  It Confused him but they both laughed when he showed her the water he wanted to buy. She bowed at him and gave him change.  Super busy stall.  Fantastic tasting food. Minimal language exchange in English. (I should have tried German….)
Munich does not have tiny cupcakes. We were happy to find a London version of our NYC favourite.  These tiny gems were just as tasty and gone just as quickly.

Leaving the food section,  we explored the other two areas of the London Artisan which were not edible.  The first section was on the main floor and consisted of a mixture of vintage clothes, records, art, jewellery, UK made shoes, knit clothing, prints, sculptures and bags.

Mixture of vintage and original clothing supposedly manufactured in London. (My daughter bought two dresses for 34 GPB.)

My favourite stand on the main floor was the jewellery designer with a label called Pick a Twig.

Pick a Twig London Artisan Booth. Nice clean lines.  Nice Display. I loved the hanging lights.
Happy Artist made a Sale.
Packaging for the earrings
Set of silver earrings
Pick a Twig Earring Set – You pick which Twigs You Want
The earrings are held onto your ear with a bent back bar.  They did not stay on my ears in the shower so I have to be very careful wearing these. I’m not good with fragile jewellery nor paying attention to my earrings so they may join Ines Seidel’s paper jewellery pieces that I look at but don’t wear.
The earrings on my lobe.  I tried taking a selfie but my face was always too much in the photo.
I snagged this photo from their Etsy shop. (The artist didn’t tell me she was on Etsy but Google showed me where to find their store.)

The jewellery line belongs to two artists Akville & Karolis. They designed their earrings so that each piece will work with the others and if you have several holes in your ears, you can become a tree.  Since I only wear one set of earrings, I can’t test this out for you but if you want to see all the little twigs, check out their online store or visit them at the London Artisan on Sundays.

If you are moving to London for good and want to rent a booth, the booth prices are around 75 GBP, a little less if you book for a month. If you are trying to develop a following, you will need to be renting a booth by the month. Don’t be trying to do a one off because that would make no sense unless you are already a famous designer and just want to hang out with the commoners for a day.

I was impressed with the turnout and believe this is a good opportunity to showcase your designs/goods.  If you decide to invest the 300 GBP for four Sundays, try and get a booth on the first floor which is busy.  The second floor looked like this:


See the difference.  The artists and designers on this floor had more space but the traffic flow was minimal.   I purchased the earrings on the main floor but I saw something on the second floor I might have purchased if I had not already spent my daily spending allowance on twigs.  (One artist had smashed up raw diamond jewellery.)

Here is a business challenge puzzle for you to figure out. (If you don’t like puzzles skip down to the street art.)

How do you get the big crowd from the bottom floor to check out the second floor before buying?  How do you make the flow keep flowing and not trickle up the stairs?

We already know from our experience at the Munich Food Lovers Market, that Munich Foodies want to buy food and Munich art lovers want to buy art and the two don’t always mix.  This type of fair combines both of those by providing a big space for the artisans and a big space for the food. To be successful, you need to have both spaces on the same floor but separate so the people who are looking to eat can avoid the artwork and the people wanting art can avoid the food and those who love both can wander between the sections. Everything has its place every week and there are no surprises.

Now,  how do we make two levels work?

How about some flashing Neon lights or maybe an artist event where an artist like Lumenman waves his arms around your full belly and then emails you the evidence of your devotion to a foodie life.

Example photo of a very fit man from the ISPO Event in Munich, Germany. Artwork by Lumenman who is not at the London Artisan because he lives in Munich, Germany.

If you are in London and are free on a Sunday, I would suggest you stop by and check out this market and the street art right outside the main doors which, on my visit, was HNRX.

This photo of HNRX street art with a group taking a selfie makes me laugh each and every time I see it (I have three versions as reference photos, none of them very good.)  I would love a stencil of the threesome showing up on walls in front of lots of street art. You have my permission to use this image or the blurry one from Instagram to make the stencil of the trio. Make sure the artist you are covering with the stencil is ok with the idea especially if you are in Munich, Germany. It is not nice to cover up art before its time.  (What are the time limits for street art that is not commissioned?) I have no clue who the people are in the photo but they might get a kick out of it too. Make them famous. Just make sure to send me a photo so I can post it. You are also welcome to send me a stenciled street art piece as a thank you present or with some notice, you can come stencil on of my photographs or a waxed art piece. That would be cool.



Devanney Claro is the 1st of our 500 Artists Say Hello

Look!  We have our first official Munich Artists entry for the 500 Artists Say Hello event. Because Devanney Claro was the first to submit his work, Devanney  gets to be used as an example of a correct entry for the event.

Below is Devanney’s Hello artwork, his self portrait photograph and his favourite art piece.   Devanney chose to create a monochromatic work because he loves to use colour and he wanted to challenge himself.    Devanny also sent me his word but I will save that for the event.

Devanney will be dropping his art piece and submission fee off at the Friday Gallery tomorrow so I will try and remember to take a photo before we begin chatting, drinking coffee and talking about his upcoming trip to Brazil.

Our second art piece is Jewellery art and it is in the mail on its way to Munich.  The artist lives in Saxony and will be at the event but doesn’t want to make the drive twice. I can understand that, I have a hard enough time driving out to Freising.

What?  An artist that isn’t a Minga. Of course. This is 500 Artists say Hello and as long as the artist is there on April 23, 2015 between 1400 and 1800, and, I don’t need to chase after them,  I’m ok with someone outside of Munich. I want you to meet 500 artists. I want you to have fun. I want you to share your talents.  I want to play with 500 pieces of art.

As you can see, you are welcome to drop off your artwork early at the Gallery but please email me before to make sure I am there and please email me the photos before dropping off the artwork and PLEASE follow the instructions and bring your money so that I have everything I need to make the booklet and the video installation.   Thank you!


Don’t Let the Rain Stop Your Artsy Plans

Today it is raining.

What do you like to do when it is pouring? I like to sit in my kitchen and create art while a soup simmers on the stove.  That is the plan for later this afternoon after I grab a hard drive and start backup my computers for their annual clean.

If you are feeling like buying something artsy instead of creating art, there are a few places to  go this weekend.  You can:

Drive to Regensburg for the Kunstmesse Regensburg from Friday – Sunday.


or stay in town and visit April McGee-Riess and Katrin Klug on Sunday at Selbstgmacht – Die Kreative Dult @ Hofbräukeller München Innere Wiener Straße 19, 81667 Munich, Germany from 1000 to 1900.

Not feeling like shopping?  How about experiencing art in action. On Saturday, Super + Flug Des Phoenix will be in the Pinakothek der Moderne from 1000 until 1400.

Here is some information for next week just in case I don’t post early enough in the week and you need to plan more than a few days in advance.


  • The platform will have an event “Fliegen Retten in Deppendorf” @ Kistlerhofstr. 70, 81379 Munich, Germany.  The event is a talk with Frank and Patrik Riklin and Dr. Reckhaus.
  • Kunstverein München is presenting “Feminist Land Art Retreat, Two Too Serious Ladies” on Monday November 23rd from 7.00pm to 9.00pm Galeriestraße 4, 80359 Munich, Germany


Go see the opening show for the Frida Gallery (Frida Galerie) The gallery is a coop showing artwork from member artists including Tanja Hirschfeld.  The space is located at Baaderstrasse 15.  The event starts at 1800.


Short time Galerie begins their annual Holiday existence at St. Anna Platz showing works by Tanja Hirschfeld I Yeonsoo Kim I Steffen Kern I Martin Sander I Pia Winkenstern I Michaela Wühr I Peter Boerboom & Carola Vogt I Julia Pfaller

Ray Moore is having a party on Friday November 27th at Miao, Dachauerstrasse 14, 80469 Munich, Germany. Maybe he will be wearing his new fashion line and singing his rap song?

There is also a benefits concert-Munich Musicians for Refugees @ IG Feuerwache, Ganghoferstr. 41, 80339 Munich starting at 1900.



Applaudissement has organised an exhibition at Arthaus Neuhausen showing works from Joachim Lischka, Peter Kohout, Max Ackermann, Stefan Schlotterbeck, Heike Wiebke, Gerd Matschke, Jürgen Bauer, Elwood, Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow, Ulli Schmeling, Peter Adacker, Emmy Ann Horstkamp, Justin Koller, Susanne Nawroth, Manuela Illera,gabriele, Iliana Beshkova, Niko Vartiainen, Knut van Bris, Elzemieke de Tiége, Hazel Ang, Hubertus Breuer, Nina Schmid, Wencke Rowek, stan lafleur, Bobbie Komarek, Stefan Maier, Katrin Klug, Josef Maria Hader, Bärbel Wolfmeier, Christian Engelken, Maud Gravereaux, Knut van Brijs, Tina Schlegel

The exhibition opens with a party on November 28th and artwork will be up on the walls until January 10th.

Party starts @1900 Nibelungenstr.3, 80639 Munich, Germany (very close to the Rotkreuz Platz Ubahn stop).

Enough already? Enough already.  Put these dates in your calendar and I look forward to seeing you at some of them.  Just remember, I’m an early bird so you will rarely see me hanging out til the end of anything except when I’m the hostess with the mostest.

Have a great weekend.

PS I will explain Applaudissement in a post tomorrow. Promise.  Not that you were worried or wondering but I think you should know about it and support it and maybe even buy an issue of this tiny art magazine Bernhard prints them.




Friday in August. What Artsy Thing Will I Do This Weekend in Munich?

Nina Schmid – Produce photos for Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

What to do. What to do.   Here are a few things that you can do over the weekend.

Friday August 7, 2015

fountain fest viktualienmart
fountain fest viktualienmart

Annual Fountain Festival at Viktualienmarkt. – Starts at 1100 to 1700

Decorated Fountains and Singing Musicians.  ( I love Munich in the Summer. This is definitely a reason to be at Viktualienmarkt at 1100 today. I will take some photos and post them later!

A Walk in the Park Exhibition – Schloss Nymphenburg 43, 80638 Munich, Germany

The two painters Barbara Schricke and Florian Weingärtner show recent works in geraniums house in Nymphenburg Palace Park. The contrast between the abstract (Schricke) and figurative painting (tenants) of artists, both with studies among others, Markus Lüpertz, shows very different positions in the debate with color and canvas but also with the translation of experiences and emotions, and the appearance of these. Thus creating the two painters an interesting tension in the light-flooded exhibition space of geraniums house, right next to the Castle Cafe at the Palm House of the Nymphenburger Palace. Opening the exhibition is open daily from 10-18 clock. The artists are alternately present. Vernissage, Friday, 08.07.2015 18-20 clock associated with the invitation to a sundowner.

Showing the Unsayable. Artists as Warner and Wiitnesses – First exhibition at the New National Socialist Documentation Center “Show the unspeakable.” 120 works by well known and unknown artists.

City Museum  – Stadtmuseum – New York 60s – Sepp Werkmeister – From 31st July to 27th September 2015  St.-Jakobs-Platz 1 80331 München

An exhibition just opened at the Munich City Museum “Muenchner Stadtmuseum” As a street photographer, I’m super happy to see an exhibition of Sepp Werkmeister’s work from the 60s and 70s.  The museum always has interesting photography exhibitions and I’m sure this one will be just as Fab.  I plan on going next week. Because the weekend is going to be so warm, I would suggest seeing the exhibition and then having a cool drink in the outdoor cafe found right outside the museum doors.

Saturday August 8, 2015

arte caliente fest

Art Caliente Fest

SO.CAL Drink & Dine is hosting the event Which unites local and Latin American artists.

Three young filmmakers will present Their Short Films – two premieres and a piece selected at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2013. The art exhibition will feature artists from Germany, the United States, Chile, and Colombia.

Gastronomy, arts, and music meet to create in intercultural environment with film in the afternoon and food and drinks at night. Arts, California cuisine, and cocktails together make a perfect evening!  € 5 with a frozen cocktail.

PROGRAMOPENING EXHIBITION ARTISTS: Andreas Hirsch, Alejandra Hernández, Brigitte Pruchnow, Emmy Horstkamp Jessica Dettinger, Manuela Illera, Miguel Canal, Santiago Figueroa, 

SHORT FILMS 17h LOS VIAJES DE JUNIMARÉ El Sueño Del Chontaduro Mama film / 21 min / 2015 (BOG) A SOLAS Valentina Romero & Esteban Rivera / 30 min / 2013 / (BOG) RIOTLoida García, Ariadna Lagarsi & Javier Grajales / 15 min / 2015 / (BAR) DJ GONZÁLEZ 100% vinyl! (Kúmbale, electropical label)

Munich Radlnacht starts at 1700 at Odeonsplatz.  Thousands of cyclists will be touring the city starting at Odeansplatz.  The tour goes around the old town ring which is about 12km.   This is an excellent opportunity to take your camera and photograph bikes, people, Munich and a summer evening.   I will share with you some of the photographs I take after the Art Caliente Fest.


cindy sherman red

Goetz Collection
Oberföhringerstr. 103
81925 München
Tel. 089-95 93 96 90
Fax 089-95 93 96 96 9

  • Thursday & Friday: 2 – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Here is the Press Release:

The staging of female role models is the central theme of Cindy Sherman’s work, in which the American artist explores stereotypes of the collective visual memory in a media-driven society. With her photographs, Cindy Sherman (born 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, U.S.) has had a lasting influence on 20th century art. Much like an actress, she portrays herself in different roles before the camera. Although Sherman’s photographs are self-portraits in the traditional sense, they do not reveal much about the artist’s personality. Rather, her primary concern is the deconstruction of gender roles and stereotypes. Sherman developed early in her childhood an obsession for disguise and masquerade, which she further pursued at the Art Academy in Buffalo. The artist became known with her black and white series, Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980), in which she embodied stereotypical female characters from fictional scenes of the 1950s. Later, she created large-format color photographs, which explored topics such as fashion photography, fairytale characters, horror scenes and society ladies. The Goetz Collection has extensive work groups from nearly all phases of Sherman’s artistic career. With approximately 60 works, the retrospective, which was designed in close collaboration with the artist and is presented in the Gallery Building, provides an excellent overview of her entire work.

Sunday August 9, 2015

It is going to be warm this weekend I plan on creating art. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do in Munich on a Sunday, go to the Museums between visits to the cafes and beergardens.

Munich Artists Event Planning Stammtisch – Friday July 17th

Life - Drawing without an eraser by photo Emmy Horstkamp


Our next Stammtisch will be on July 17, 2015.   We will have mockups of the first colouring book (binder with artwork organised before I send the file to the printer) for comments.  I will talk about deadlines for various book projects and I will take suggestions for the series of colouring books.  The second book will be dealing with street notes left around Munich. If you want to participate in this, you better get cracking!  I posted the #letsplayagame on Instagram. Do you follow our Instagram feed? The game is to print the photo I’m posting online and then tape it somewhere in the city and snap a cool photo.   I don’t care if you leave the image there or take it home with you.  I’m interested in the photograph you snap.  Please if you play this game and send me a photo, you must give me permission to print it for commercial use. It must state this specifically in the email you send me or I will not use it.

The third book subject is up for grabs.  I want these books to be coming out each month starting sometime in August.  The books will be a hybrid “bookzine” because we are making them print by demand and I don’t want to date the content. I was thinking it would be fun to have an Oktoberfest book for September.   What do you think?

November 15th Art Event

We are organising an art event for November 15th (tentative date).  I’m submitting the request this week to see if we can secure the location for the event/exhibition and get Munich’s blessing and cooperation.  Think Stand for your Art but 10x as many artists and no standing but lots of opportunities to have fun which should clarify nothing which is the point… I don’t have permission yet so can’t go into details.  (Because of the size, there will be a cost between 100 to 300 Euro per artist.) We will be making a book from this project and we will have a dedicated website where all participating artists will be showcased.

I need organised individuals willing to be in charge of various parts of this project because it is too big for me to handle alone.  Here is the beginning list:

  • Publicity
  • Entertainment
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsorship/Donations
  • Workshops (8 hours)
  • Sales (Be in Charge of the two sales locations)
  • Book/Catalogue
  • Marketing materials
  • Participatory art  project (2)
  • Food

These are not paid jobs…. just like me, you will be wearing a volunteer hat.  If we get enough sponsorship, there may be some compensation but you can’t take on these roles thinking about that.   It will be really cool and hopefully we will be able to repeat this kind of exhibition on a yearly basis and attract the sponsors we need to pay you for your time.

The event will be juried by artists.  I will be asking established artists to take on this role.  Those artists will automatically be included in the event.  You can suggest an artist you respect to be one of the jury members.  I will select the list of artist jury members to be involved by the end of July 2015.

The theme of this event will be the prismed zeitgeist.  You can read about it on this post talking about prismed zeitgeist.  Artists will be asked to create new works based on idioms that don’t translate from German to another language.  Here is an example:

Tomaten auf den Augen haben.

A more detailed explanation which is being sent to the city will be posted here.  Once our idea has been approved, we will be making an open call for artists to exhibit for the event.  Because it is being juried, please do not be upset if your artwork is not selected. You are welcome to participate in another way.  We will have workshops & participatory art as an integral part of this event and will need artists who love to deal with people interacting with the public. You can hand them as many business cards as you want as long as they don’t end up in the art projects.

We will discuss the idioms on July 17th, how many we should have because this will determine how we organize the artwork.  Also, I need feedback about the location (which will be announced one we hear back from the city).

We are submitting our application this week but I need to know how much “work” an artist is willing to do for a one day event or if they are willing to pay for security to make it a two day event. (Sat/Sunday)  Once we have city approval, I can give more information about the exhibition. For now, please reserve July 17th for the planning meeting “Stammtisch” and November 14 and 15 as the tentative date(s) for the event ( Saturday/Sunday).

Have a Great Monday.  A newsletter shall soon be following.





Artsy Things to Do in Munich, Germany From Feb 12 – Feb 26th, 2015

Wow. We have so much to share that I had to take the events out of the newsletter and put it into a blog post.

Here we go:

This weekend Feb 12-15, 2015


  • Haus der Kunst. The Limits of Tolerance: Insult or free speech?  A Panel discussion in English and German with Hito Steyerl, Joachim Bernauer, Okwui Enwezor and Matthias Lilienthal. Starts at 19:30 clock.

FRIDAY Feb 13th

  • Poetry reading at Kuenstler Haus which is part of an exhibition. The reading is at the tippy top part of the building and begins at 1700.   This poetry reading is in German.  A copy of the invitation is in our newsletter because the jpg didn’t want to be uploaded to the blog. (Tried three times)


  • Have some time during the day?  There is a photowalk for Valentine’s day.  Here is a link to the event page.  Theme… Love is in the air. The walk starts at 1500 and the group will be meeting at tram stop Nyphenburg.

SUNDAY Feb 15th

  • MUC Food Lovers Market – Munich Artists invited five artists to the market.  We listed them here.  Our Facebook Event page has photos of some of the work that will be going to market.  The event organiser asked that the artists be entertaining but not like circus animals.. I’m thinking we will be more like the colourful guests at a dinner party.

TUESDAY Feb 17th

  • Feb 17th, Dora will be celebrating her first gallery show at the Friday Gallery.   Here is a link to her event page on Facebook.  Dora works mainly with pen and ink on paper and with surrealist motifs. On Tuesday, Dora will give a short talk about three of her paintings and explain the symbolism.  There are still several pieces available for sale and we will be offering limited edition prints of her work.



  • Meditative Workshop – Marbling – Here is a link to the event page if you are interested in marbling paper. Costs around 30 Euro.

Munich Creative Business Week

Here is a link to the Munich Creative Business Week  The Friday Gallery is a Creative Spot during the week and we will be showing an installation by Birgit Abt.  I (Emmy Horstkamp) will be giving a talk about Regional Branding and Social Media.  If you are trying to figure this out for your specific niche, please feel free to come pick my brain on Feb 25th.

WED Feb 25th  

Regional Brand Development in a Social Media Society.   The exact title of my talk.  Here is a link to the event page.  The talk will be at the Friday Gallery on the 25th.  I changed the date from March 26th to the 25th because I’m going to be giving a speech at an exhibition and can’t physically be in two places at once.  You can email me at emmy@ if you have any questions. (Next year I will just loop a video speech that lasts all week long and stop trying to pick a date to do a workshop/Lecture.)


The Behance Portfolio Show.  I will be giving a speech for about 15 minutes.   Here are the artists showing work during the exhibition.  The artwork on the announcement is by Moran Haynal.

Kerstin Klein

Moran Haynal

Sara Otterstaetter

Ralph Kretschmann

Mr. Woodland

The topic of my speech for the 26th? Artists in Munich, their creative inspiration, art production and the challenges of being a foreign/German artist in Munich, Germany from a foreign/German point of view.

 FRIDAY Feb 27

Saturday Feb 28th @1400  

Creative Meditation  at  Atelier&Galerie PunktPunktKommaKunst Donnersbergerstraße 48, 80634 Munich, Germany


Bee photo by Johanna Schreiner

It isn’t so easy to draw a bee and a flower without it being cutesy. I was happy to get this in my mailbox this week.  Thanks Johanna!

Move Over Flowers, Here come Munich Artists on Feb 15th with a Bunch of Food Trucks

Being an artist means you can grab hold of opportunities and take risks like going to the Blumenmarkt on Feb. 15th and selling artwork next to food trucks.   Will this work in Munich?  I don’t know.  If I were an accountant I might wait six months but being an artist, I can jump in with both feet.  For the first market, five Munich artists have been asked to participate and will be selling art at the food market from 1300 to 2000.  We will hanging out in the art section.  Will you come join us? You can find our Facebook Event page here with all the details about finding us.

The artists bringing artwork to the market are:

Gabriele Rothweiler (she will let you jump on her trampoline and then shoot you in the air) Gabriele will also have some of her photography/painting artwork on display.

Andreas Hirsch (He’s going to be the Button maker)  Andreas will have his illustrative work at the market. I’m so curious to see what kind of buttons people make.

Emmy Horstkamp (My Guardians are going to market) I will also have some of my digital prints with ink on display and a series of magnets I’m making like the ones I made for the theatre installation.

Manuela Illera (Linocut series) She will also have some charcoal drawings (we still don’t know how these sell in Munich. I’m very curious to see if she sells any of them. The linocuts are cool a photo booth with different sayings on them. ( I will post some photos on Facebook.)

Angela Smets (printing) Angela is an oil painter but when she isn’t in her serious art studio, she is busy making illustrations and printing them using all kinds of techniques.

If everything goes well on Feb 15th and the artists sell work, we might do it again.  The organisers are testing it out with us so keep your fingers crossed that the test is successful and everyone is happy when Feb 16th rolls around.

I think it is really funny that we started and then get invited to sell art at a market.  I have no problems with this wonderful coincidence and hope these kind of opportunities keep showing up on our doorstep. Munich artists loves to have interesting opportunities to showcase Munich artwork.