Munich Artists Say Hello 2017

Hello Munich Artists!  It is time for us to think about Munich Artists Say Hello 2017.  

  • DATE:  Saturday April 22, 2017
  • Location: TBD (Somewhere in Munich, Germany)
  • Time: 1400 – 1800 (maybe a bit later depending on the location and how much fun we are having.)
  • Fee: 50 Euro 
  • DEADLINE for Box Submission April 4, 2017.
  • DEADLINE for Payment and RSVP – March 15, 2017.

Say Hello With A Box

This year, you will be using a box.  This specific box.  You can buy the box at the art stores for under 3 Euro. (2,84 Euro) at Gerstaecker.  PLEASE USE THIS EXACT BOX. Do not make your own box.  I want this box which is 16 x12.5 x 4 cm.


Now, what will you do with this box?   There are no rules regarding what you make.  Do whatever you want with this box.

 Whatever artwork you make must not be bigger than this box.

You are allowed to manipulate the box in whatever way you want or make the box your composition for your artwork. The finished art piece may not be bigger than the size of this box.  Finished sculptures may not be bigger than this box. Photographers, you can photograph the box or you can make the box a frame for your artwork.  The finished size of your art piece may not be bigger than this box so if you print a print, the print no matter how you print it may not be bigger than this box. You may make a second print if I have wall space BUT DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT TALKING WITH ME IN ADVANCE!!  

THEME –  Munich Artists/500 Artists Say Hello is a way for you to introduce yourself to me and to the other artists in Munich.  I want this box and that is the only limit I am putting on you.  Do not use the world hello.  I want this artwork to represent your artwork and style and personal self.

All boxes will be photographed and put on the website and also in a book.  If we get the right kind of space, I will make an installation from the boxes.  If no appropriate space can be found for an installation, I will turn Frauenstrasse 18 into an exhibition room to show off the boxes During May and June.   For this exhibition, I will empty out most of Frauenstrasse to give us room to show the boxes (Very exciting.)

Submissions for Event:

50 Euro Payment to:

  • IBAN:  DE88 7015 0000 1001 9508 70
  • StadtSparkasse Muenchen
  • Reference: Munich Artists/500 Artists Say Hello 2017

Bring your Box to Frauenstrasse 18. Last day for box delivery is April 4, 2017.

lookNote I:   This year we will be having 2 Munich Artists Look Books.  The first Look Book will be the artwork from this event.  The second look book will be published in September 2017 and will have a different theme.   I have 2 Munich Artists who have volunteered to help with the Look Books.  If you want to be involved in the development of the Look Books, you can let me know.    We will allow artists to advertise in the look book.  The book will be divided into the artwork part in the front and then the artist ads in the back.  The art ads will be linked to ads on the website.   I will be creating a separate post about the Munich Artists Look book.

The second look book will be published in September 2017 and will have a different theme.

I have 2 Munich Artists who have volunteered to help with the Look Books.  If you want to be involved in the development of the Look Books, you can let me know.    We will allow artists to advertise in the look book in addition to the themed image they share.  The book will be divided into the artwork part which is curated and then the artist ads in the back.

The art ads will be linked to ads on the website.   I will be creating a separate post about the Munich Artists Look book and ads and how we are going to move art news for Munich Artists to a news blog.

NOTE II:   This blog post will be translated into German and will be on the website as soon as Holger translates it into German.

NOTE III:  I will not mail artwork back to you. I will keep the artwork for 1 year. After the year, I will donate any artwork not picked up to charity.  If you would like to participate, please keep this in mind.  I still have artwork from 2016.

LNdMM – Muenchen October 15, 2016 & 500 Artists Play Cards October 16, 2016

Ready? Ready. Ready!  Yesterday we told you about Kunst in Sendling and today we are sharing information about the Long Night of the Museum and 500 Artists Play Cards.

First Event

On October 15, 2016 the 18th Langen Nacht der Muenchner Museen is happening in Munich. (This is a SATURDAY event.)

The 18th Langen Nacht der Muenchner Museen is a city wide event and we have been invited to show the My True Self installation at  the “Alles (ist) Offen”exhibition at Goethestrasse 53 -a designated event site during the evening of October 15, 2016 event. Der Internationale Beratungszentrum in der Goethestrasse 53 is an elegant old building which becomes Galerie 53 for one night. (Stop 91 Bus Stop Goethestrasse.)

The following Artists have been chosen to exhibit their work during the evening:

  • Martin Blumöhr
  • Jaime Gajardo
  • Kerstin Ullsperger
  • Julian Opitz
  • Wolfgang Sreter
  • Oliver Heiss
  • Sima Dehgani
  • Emmy Horstkamp & Munich Artists,
  • Helena Gagern & Maria Heinrich
  • Dennis Matrullo, Melanie Merz & Julia Pleuser
  • Dennis Gebauer
  • out of fabric
  • Vivien Cahusac de Caux
  • Costas Gianacacos
  • Christine Kamm


Second Event

On October 16, 2016 500 Artists Play Cards at Einstein Kultur (This is a SUNDAY event.)

“500 Artists Play Cards” is happening at Einstein Kultur from 1300 to 1800.  We have all three cellar rooms and have the opportunity to share our creative energies and some of our artwork.


Event Details:

  1. Ticket:

Option 1: Buy a deck of cards through our Kickstarter campaign.  The cards are your entrance into our 500 Artists Play cards event. (A deck of Munich Artists Party Playing Cards will be given to you at the event and you will be mailed a deck of deluxe cards to gift for christmas or to add to your collection.)

Option 2: Buy a deck of cards from me.   Email   You will not get any of the bonus gifts from our Kickstarter but you will have entrance into our event. I would love to have you there!

  1. Location: Einstein Kultur – Einstein Straße 42, 81675 München on October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800.
  2. Entertainment: If you want to present a story, a poem, installation theatre piece or play music, please email and I will add you to the schedule.
  3. Food and Drink: (exactly like 500 Artists Say Hello). Please bring something to drink and eat. We will have disposable glasses, plates and cups.
  4. Planning for 2017 Munich Artists Events:  Our 500 Artists events are the pool of artists we choose from first for our projects. It is where I went to first for our current Munich Stories project and where we picked the artists for this year’s Munich Artists Playing Cards.

You want to be in a Munich Artists project for 2017?  Then buy a deck of cards and come visit me on October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800.  What events are we planning for 2017?

Planned for 2017:

  • 500 Artists Draw Lines (January 2017)
  • 500 Artists Say Hello – 3 Dimensional Cubes (April 2017)
  • Munich Artists Look Book (April 2017) A4 Art pieces
  • 500 Artists Under Cover – Umbrella sculptures  – (July 2017 – Outdoors Rain or Shine. Make sure your umbrella stays functional.)
  • Munich Stories – A Fine Art Book Fair & Short Story – Flash Fiction Festival (October 2017)
  • Munich Artists Playing Cards 2017 – New Deck – New Artists  (Printing Scheduled for October 2017)

My True Self Installation Will be Presented at the Long Night of the Museum.

Munich Artists!  I had to wait, wait, wait and now I can finally tell you that our My True Self installation will be exhibited during the LNdM at Goethestrasse 53. (Münchner Flüchtlingsrat Goethestr. 53) which is an official location for the shuttle buses and an amazing location to display the My True Self installation.  This is our 3rd year exhibiting during the Long Night of the Museum and I want this installation to be amazing and fun and full of our creative energy.

What will be exhibited?   The video I’m creating of you and the white masks piled under the video and and a video wall of LNdM guests wearing either a white mask or a my true self mask.


  • Please bring your two masks.
    • 1 all white of your face
    • 1 mask that represents your true self.
    • Below is an example by Gabriela Popp.
Masks by Gabriela Popp
  • Please wear all black or very dark blue solid colour clothing as I want people focusing on the mask not the outfit or your body.  NO PRINTS, NO WORDS, Just Solid dark blue or black colors.
  • Please block off 4 hours 900 to 1200 on Sunday July 10th.  Although we may take less time depending on how many times I send you up and down the escalator to capture shots.  The video will show a stream of people going down in a single file so depending on how many people we have I may have you go done a few times in different orders to capture the shots so I can make it look like a streaming line of people or the same person having to go down over and over again.
  • We meet at the odeonsplatz Window where we show our installations near the cash machine, in the underground on the side close to SF coffee.  If you have no clue where the installation window is text me +4915129111465 and I will go find you near the SF coffee.
  • If you want me to use your white mask under the installation, please write your name somewhere on the mask so I know who to give it back to after the October installation.
  • If you want people man handling your “My true self” mask at the Long Night of the museum, I will use it for the display otherwise I will be making masks for this purpose because after 8k people play with them, they may be worse for wear but it will be fun to see lots of people wearing the masks and taking photos so it is up to you if you want them using your art that way.


See you next week!



Artsy Things to Do in Munich – May 29 – June 12, 2016

Radio silence is over!   I took off a week because we are going to blast you with content for the next three weeks and I thought we both needed a bit of quiet before the storm.

Today, we are sharing things for you to do for the next two weeks. If you are a member of Munich Artists and sent me an invitation by email I’m apologizing right now if I forget to post it here.  As I have told you many times, I love Facebook events. They make life easy for me.  Please consider using them.

SUNDAY – May 29, 2016 – June 18th  

Installation Odeonsplatz Subway Station – Will God Leave Me Alone? 

TUESDAY – May 31, 2016

Dada Dahoam – This event is open but you need to register so if you want to attend you better email them at get your name on the list.

The exhibition is organised by Bernhard Rusch, founder of Applaudissement and there will be artwork by several Munich Artists on the walls. Bernhard will be talking about the 100 years of Dadaism.  If you have not seen the state archive, now is your chance. I will be at this event taking some photos because I love Dadaists especially when they like organizing things!

Re-Constructions: Colours – Vernissage starts at 1900


Curator Lulia Grandinaru is having an opening for her new exhibition at the Galerie am Maxmonument located at Thierschstr. 42.  Heike Ratfisch and Roman K. Aivazian are the artists exhibiting abstract and expressionistic paintings.  If you want to read more, Lulia has a short description on her Facebook event written in a very artsy way.

CARMEN CUBANA STARTS TODAY.  I will be seeing it on June 1st.  I’m looking forward to a modern version of the story even if it means I have to venture out after dark.

THURSDAY – June 2nd, 2016

  • ArtMUC Begins.  Here are the hours so you can schedule some time to go take a look.  I will be there on Wed for the press tour and will share some photos with you so you can do a little planning.

Thursday, 02.06.2016 / 19:00 – 22:30 Uhr
Friday, 03.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Saturday, 04.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Sunday, 05.06.2016 / 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr

What artists will be there?  I have no clue really.  So far I have invites from Ines Seidel Bianca Artope, Martina Kolle & Betty Mueller.  I will share more information on Thursday. I do know that ARTMUC digital is curated by Betty Mueller so that will be super fun for me cause I’m a digital kind of girl 50 percent of the time and I like Betty Mueller’s work so I imagine I will like how she curates.

  • Werkshau Kunstrefugium

Ingrid Mueller shared this exhibition with me and told me if the weather is beautiful, Nymphenburg Schloss is the most awesome place to be.  The vernissage is on Thursday and starts at 1830 – 2100.  This is not a hop and a skip from ARTMUC but it is a hop skip and a leap across town. (Geranienhaus Schloss Nymphenburg 41.)

Here are the artists showing their work.



Artsy Things to Do this Weekend May 6 – May 8th 2016

If the weather is beautiful this weekend, everyone will be heading to the mountains or a beer garden or the Isar.  Just in case the art force is strong within you, I’m sharing some of the artsy things to do in Munich this weekend.

International Print Day


At Frauenstrasse 18 we will be celebrating international print day from 1400 to 1800 on May 7, 2016. Because it is a Saturday, you will need to ring the Kyfio UG doorbell.  Munich Artists welcomes you to come and create a Risograph print using our Risograph machine.

We are supplying the ink and you must bring your own A4 paper and your own black & white design/artpiece/photograph- it must be your own work and it must be black and white.   Make sure the paper is under 200g but thick enough to suck in some ink.   Max prints allowed will be 20 plus a few to share with the other artists. I will share whatever art is created on the website next week and on our Instagram feed.




This is the 31st  Dok.fest    If you like documentary films, you will love going to see the films during this festival. There are 13 film viewing locations just on Saturday so please go check out the website for more details.  Calendar can be found here. Go look and decide what you are going to watch. I plan on seeing EVA HESSE at the Pinakothek der Moderne on Sunday May 15th but you can see it this Saturday at 1600.

Stroke – The Stroke art Fair goes on until Sunday at the Praterinsel.   We talked about the current stroke here and here.  Munich Artists showing artwork at Stroke this year include:

Brigitte Pruchnow – Triptych Group

Andrea Peipe -Triptych Group

Petra Beeking -Triptych Group

Patrick Hartl – Calligraffiti Ambassadors vs Stroke Artfair

Hubert Juranek  – Munique_Art

Tanja Hirschfeld – Frida Gallery

Susanne Krauss – Sensored

Max Ott – Sensored

Lumenman – Lumenman



Martin Potsch – Martin is having an open studio tomorrow where you can see his glass art pieces.  Martin is a very versatile artist with a great sense of humour. Most of the time I’m showing his painting but Martin really really loves making art objects from glass.  Stop by his studio in Haidhausen and check out his recent creations.  Here is a link to his Facebook event.

Handmade Designmarkt

A market for handmade goods like bags and clothing and things for your house.  Location: Backstage Muenchen – Werk, Hale,Club, Werkstatt/Studio  Reitknechstr. 6 80639 Munich. I’ve never been to this so I have no clue what it is like but they are all over Germany so it should have some good stuff.


If you are a Munich Artist or are an art/design/cultural/hipster/urban event organizer  and I didn’t put you down on this list, then we must have not met or you did not tell me you were doing something this weekend.  If you want me to put you on the list, make sure we meet and send me a press release so I know you know about this website.  Also, Facebook Public Event invitations are always great if you want to get on the event list on Facebook.  We only focus on artsy things on Munich Artists but if you have something Munich related and want to participate in Mingaland, let us know.

What Are Your Artsy Plans For the Weekend? April 29 – May 1, 2016

The rush of artsy things has begun.  Today I will be going to the dance performance I AM REAL LIFE that  we talked about earlier this week.  I will take some photographs of the artwork created by TMNK.  The dance Performance is today and tomorrow at the Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theatre Musik Dachauer Strasse 114, Munich Germany.

Women’s Work – If you are not into dance, maybe you are into meeting women artists at the Frauenforum.(In a platonic way of course.) A few Munich Artists including Lidia Cordeiro, Bobbie Dunn, Nutan Jaeger, Julie Olsson and Angelica Zeller-Michaelson will be showing select pieces on the theme Women’s work. Their vernissage starts at 1900 today. Here is the Facebook page for the event. The show is open for a few weeks in case you are unable to make it to the party.


Artup Store is happening at the FRIDA GALLERY.  You can enjoy Whiskey and Art together for one day more because today is the last day for this Whiskey Art Mix.  The artwork on the wall is Leonie von Carnap, Tanja Hirschfeld and Christoph Grothgar. The event page says it goes on until Friday at 2300 so swing by and take a swig of whiskey and check out the art.  Baaderstrasse 15, 80469 Munich, Germany. (Please note this is not the Friday Gallery but the Frida Gallery like the artist a few blocks away from the Friday Gallery like the day.)

Deadline Urban Art Festival is always a good choice too if the weather stays nice.  We talked about the festival here.

Curator Lulia Gradinaru has organized an exhibition at Galerie Am Maxmonument Thierschstraße 42 D-80538 München.  I don’t know the opening hours for this weekend but I’m sure Ms. Gradinaru will tell you if you ask nicely.


UAMO Festival 2016 “Fortress” is going on this weekend.  Their image tells what is exactly going on. If you can’t read the tiny type, you can visit their Facebook page.  I plan to see that art battle on Sunday at 1500.


Art Garage on Wilhelm Riehl Strasse 13 will be having the annual exhibition of the Blende 1 Fotoclub e.V.  This is the 27th time so that is something to celebrate! Their vernissage is today at 1900 in the Westend.  They will have a whole lineup of events happening on April 3oth so check out their Facebook event page for details.


See, what did I tell you… so many things to do on a Friday.  Now on to Saturday…


Diessener Ateliertage April 30 & May 1st.  This is an open studio event  outside of the Munich City limits. You will love heading into the Bavarian countryside and enjoying an artsy weekend outing to Diessen. Here is a link to the Ammersee art website for more information.

Ateliertage web


If you have an event this weekend and I didn’t put it onto our Facebook page listing did you send me an invitation to a public event on Facebook?  I add events that are open to the public and when I have time, I make a post like this for the weekend that are art related.  If you give special discounts to Munich Artists, you may get an individual post about your event. Note: Sending me an email invitation or an invitation by post makes it harder for me to share the content. Make life easy for me and I will try to share your event with Munich. I also tend to forget to put invitations sent by post into my calendar so, lets use Facebook.



Devanney Claro is the 1st of our 500 Artists Say Hello

Look!  We have our first official Munich Artists entry for the 500 Artists Say Hello event. Because Devanney Claro was the first to submit his work, Devanney  gets to be used as an example of a correct entry for the event.

Below is Devanney’s Hello artwork, his self portrait photograph and his favourite art piece.   Devanney chose to create a monochromatic work because he loves to use colour and he wanted to challenge himself.    Devanny also sent me his word but I will save that for the event.

Devanney will be dropping his art piece and submission fee off at the Friday Gallery tomorrow so I will try and remember to take a photo before we begin chatting, drinking coffee and talking about his upcoming trip to Brazil.

Our second art piece is Jewellery art and it is in the mail on its way to Munich.  The artist lives in Saxony and will be at the event but doesn’t want to make the drive twice. I can understand that, I have a hard enough time driving out to Freising.

What?  An artist that isn’t a Minga. Of course. This is 500 Artists say Hello and as long as the artist is there on April 23, 2015 between 1400 and 1800, and, I don’t need to chase after them,  I’m ok with someone outside of Munich. I want you to meet 500 artists. I want you to have fun. I want you to share your talents.  I want to play with 500 pieces of art.

As you can see, you are welcome to drop off your artwork early at the Gallery but please email me before to make sure I am there and please email me the photos before dropping off the artwork and PLEASE follow the instructions and bring your money so that I have everything I need to make the booklet and the video installation.   Thank you!


Artsy Things to Do in Munich – October 14 – 18, 2015

chris tomas -- wiese backyard scene close to the swiss border digital photopraphy -- 2014 -- 1/10 price on request, depending on size
chris tomas — wiese backyard scene close to the swiss border digital photopraphy — 2014 — 1/10 price on request, depending on size

Lets see, I’m sick so I’m sharing this information so you can go out and have fun and see some amazing pieces of artwork.  I will be at the long night of them museum early in the evening… I think by Saturday, I should not be hacking out a lung (fingers crossed.)

Today – Sunday

Fotodoks.  We talked about this on Day two of the workshop review.

Kunst Wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele
Kunst Wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele

Kunst Wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele

  • October 11 – November 13th
  • Lutherkirche Bergstr. 3 81539 Muenchen
  • Work by Kristina Jordan can be seen in this exhibition.  I don’t have a list of all the artists….


Das Kleine Format – Produzentenausstellung in Diessen

  • October 16 – November 1st
  • Blaues Haus in Diessen Pinz Ludwig Str. 23, 86911 Diessen
  • Opening on Friday October 16th @ 2000
  • Costs 2 Euro to enter.
  • Artists showing work include: Hans Dumler, Hajo Düchting, Angela Eberhard, Annunciata Foresti, Valerie Freyn, Christian Glöckler, Susanne Hauenstein, Rolf Hegetusch, Karl Heinz Kappl, Nico Kiese, Mary Kim, Yeun Hi Kim, Marlen Labus, Angelika Littwin-Pieper, Eva Lüps, Agnese Martori, Gabi Meyer-Brühl, Anh Duc Nguyen, Angela Preis, Cornelia Rapp, Lena Ritthaler, Katharina Schellenberger, Ursula Singer, Johannes Simon, Angela Smets, Harry Sternberg, Ingried Stuckenberger, Nicola von Thurn, Doris Trummer, Dieter Ziegenfeuter und Bernd Zimmer.
  • More information can be found on their website

Westend Open Studios

  • October 16 – 18th.
  • We mentioned this in a post about Christopher Croft.
  • The artists showing artwork in westend include:  Christopher Croft, Heike Schaefer, Markus Mitterer,Petra Magdalena Kammerer,Laetitia Vancon, Susanne Hanus, Nocle Schober, Christine Rath, Burchard Dabinnus, Positive Propaganda ev, Erica Ilacane, Noname, Eva Maria Ertl, Andrea Beikler, K&Vamko, Wolfgang Gebhard, Stefanie Duckstein, Anne Schmidt Design, Gabi Green, Ulrike Gasteiger, Arwed Knospe, gaensheimerdesign
  • westendstudios 2015 program PDF.

 KLUB7. Behind the Block  (This exhibition made a video. )


Die Lange Nacht Der Muenchner Museen – The long night of the Museum.

  • Please visit us at Goethestrasse 53 which is on the bus route Stop #17.  I will be there until 2130. Hope to see you as you wander around all of Munich’s art institutions.

Kunstproject Barlow 8 – (This seems to be going on for several weeks but starts on Saturday.)

  • Opening of StreetArt on October 17 @ 1400
  • Location: Barlowstrasse 8  Sbahn stop Englschalking
  • Street Art Workshops scheduled for October 17 & 18.  You can find more information about registering on their website.  Another set of workshops are scheduled for Ocober 24/25th.
  • Vernissage on October 26th @1600
  • Artists included in this exhibition are: Evi Schneider, Maria Vinuesa, Elke Reiss, Bea Stroppa, Rose-Marie Altrogge, Polly Werner, Miebet deBrauw-Klotsche, Michael Holzinger, Beate Stoelzel, Robert Wesch, Christian Keller,


Talk – Belgrade Raw and Der Grieff @ Fotodoks Festival Headquarters.

  • Lothringerstr. 13, 81667 München – In the bookstore.  
  • Starts at 1400.
  • Belgrade Raw and Der Greif will present the final results of their workshops.

Hopefully you will brave the rainy weather and head out to see art and enjoy something artsy this week/weekend. I will be at Goethestrasse 53 on Saturday and I will try and see Klub7 on Friday. On Sunday, I will be at the presentation of BelgradeRaw’s workshop book.  Say hi if you see me, I always like meeting new people and connecting with Munich Artists.


Artsy Events for October 9,10 & 11 – Get Your Sneakers on for a Marathon Weekend of Art

I don’t know why they do this…. have so many open studios in one weekend in October before the long night of the Museum but they do and I’m always scrambling to see as many as I can. Hopefully you will have time this weekend to visit some Munich Artists studios and see their current work.


Here are a few Munich Artists showing their work in Sendling this weekend.


  • Ulli Schmeling will be showing some of her photography and sculptures at Kidlerstrsse 3.
  • Katrin Nodop will be at the SPD Bürgerbüro located at Daiserstrasse 27.

Einladung KiS 2015

  • Berit Opelt will be showing her artwork at the SPD Bürgerbüro in der Daiserstrasse 27

After you run around Sendling, head over to Neuhausen and check out the artists opening their studios for the weekend.  Here are a few of the Munich Artists showing their works in Neuhausen:

Brigitte Pruchnow Swimmer

  • Brigitte Pruchnow will be showing her artwork at München leuchtet, Landshuter Allee 39, 80637 München


For a full list of artists showing their work, download the Kunst in Sendling Flyer and download a flyer for Kulturen in Neuhausen here.

Einladung LANDLUFT-1
C. Kirmse, Elsass & B. Auspitz, Chiemsee
  • If you like landscapes, you will enjoy this exhibition of Contanze Kirmse’s artwork at Vergolderei Ehmer, Notburgastr. 6, 80639 Munich, Germany.  Constanze and Brian Auspitz will be showcasing their artwork starting this Friday October 9, 2015 until January 2016.  The vernissage starts at 1830 and goes until 2100.
  • On Sunday, if you can still see straight, sit down and have a chat with Dinkela and Corinna Naumann, they will be having an artists talk on Sunday @ 1600.

If you are an artist and you want me to share your events, please make a Facebook event and invite Munich Artists or Emmy Horstkamp and I will add you to our event list. Make sure the event is public. I can’t add private events or events on private pages. (Create an art page for your art practice please.) I try and add the events to the website but that is a hit or miss depending on how busy my week is and how zen I am finding data entry.  This week data entry is a nice excuse to get away from the “Made Your Bed” installation which is overtaking my living space while I figure out the best way to “install” it.

NOTE: I will be at the FotoDoks Munich Raw workshop this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link to Fotodoks. They will be having a documentary photo festival from the 13th -18th October. I will make a separate post later this week. I’m so excited about this workshop.  They have a waiting list so it is too late for you to apply (I did mention this earlier … maybe just on social media.. which is another reason for you to join us on Facebook.)  Fotodoks offers other workshops that may interest you. Let me know if you sign up for one.

It’s the Weekend! Here are Some Things to do around Munich


back from venice saevar karl

open art



Some Artsy Things to Do This Weekend in Munich, Germany and Next Week (For the Planners Among You.)

Friday August 14, 2015

  • Open Air Theatre at the Viehof.  Tumblingerstr. 29 80337  München
  • Movie: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2
  • Doors open at 2000.
  • More information on the viehof kindo website

  • Will be at the Rathaus Galerie until  September 4, 2014
  • Rathausgalerie Marienplatz 8, 80331 München
  • Today from 1100 to 1900

Saturday August 15, 2015

  • Hans Sachs Street Festival (25th year) Location: Hans-Sachs-Str. 12, 80469  München
  • 13:00 clock: Happy Beginning
    15:00 clock: Opening
    15:15 clock: There is something on the horns
    16:00 clock: Live on Stage – Jörg Olsson (Part I)
    17:00 clock: Musicals by Sissy from Munich Maiprinzessin Ray
    18:00 clock: Live on Stage – Jörg Olsson (Part II)
    19:40 clock: Munich Maiprinzessin Ray leads us to the Wörthersee
    20:00 clock: Seelig moment
    23:15 clock: Last call
    23:25 clock: final waltz main stage
    23 : 30 clock: music end, serving end
    clock 00:00: end of the event

Within Driving Distance of Munich

  • 25th Pottery Arts and Crafts market  at Fuerstenfeld Fürstenfeld 12, 82256  Fürstenfeldbruck
  • 1000 until 1800 Saturday and Sunday.  
  • 100 ceramic artists will be showing their creations at this festival exhibiting handmade goods made ​​of ceramic, leather, wood, textiles, glass, gold and silver.  For more information, check out this website.

Sunday August 16th  Puppet theatre workshop at Lebenbachhaus.

So, August 16th  12 – 17.30  Can join at anytime but it will take about 2 hours.  The Material costs: 2,50 euros Please book through the museum to make sure you have a space. 


abstract art workshop

Thursday August 20, 2015 

Friday August 21, 2015 Inge Frank

    Inge Frank, painting, Helmuth Hager, paintings, sculptures, installations. Opening: 21:08:15 / 19.00 clock, the artists will be present. Introduction Dr. Hajo Düchting.
  • Landsberg am Lech, SÄULENHALLE, Schlossergasse 381, next to the Municipal Theatre
  • 22 08. 2015,  14 to 18 clock “

Saturday August 22, 2015 Marion Weigel – 1800 to 0025

  • Marion Weigel Photo Vernissage and “Yoga for Singers” Book Presentation
  • Presenting “Carnival in Venice” Prints and Catalogue, “Living Music in San Francisco” Photo Book and “Yoga for Singers” eBook. Sceening Rush, Arty Flouxe’s ​​short film.
  • Balanstr. 34, 81669 Munich (Rosenheim Plz)

Wiede – Fabrik Open Studios Summer 2015

July 2 – July 5, 2015

I went to the party last night and survived.  As a natural introvert, it goes against my nature to seek out large groups of people drinking alcohol and mingling.  I’m more of a coffee in the morning kind of person but the weather forecast made the decision for me.  If I wanted to see the artwork at the Wiede -Fabrik, I would need to head over while the heat was tolerable and my resolve strong.

Snaking along the street to find an available parking space, I squeezed my car into a small space and walked carefully back to the Wiede -Fabrik.  Upon entering the first studio I was surprised to find:

Artist Andrea Matheisen

I live in Munich and my  lovely apartment filled with dogs does not make a suitable environment for sculptures or ceramics. As I wandered around Andrea’s sculptures, I was tempted by the birds to make the two work.  The small sculptures start around 1k Euro and are birds carrying people on their backs – people who look like they are having an awesome time.  On Facebook yesterday, Hazel Ang, a Munich Artist at large,  shared this photo of an Eagle carrying a crow.

Walking into the studio and seeing all of the people on top of birds, this photograph flashed through my head. Unlike the photograph, which depicts an aggressive act by the smaller bird, the sculptures by Andrea Matheisen felt light and full of joy.  This feeling is enforced by the outstretched hands and the whimsical interpretation of the fowl.  Having visited the Kunst Kiesserei, I know how expensive it is to cast a sculpture in bronze and how much effort it takes to make this kind of artwork.

Andrea is a guest artist at the studio of Claudia Groegler and her Bronze sculptures filled the room with their presence.  Luckily all the pieces displayed could fit inside a Munich Apartment.  If you can’t make it to the Weide- Fabrik to see her work, her studio is located at Von-Erckert-Str. 30, 81827  and Andrea Matheisen’s website offers more examples of her work.

Peter Riss  

A few months ago, a big storm rolled through Munich killing many trees.  During the cleanup, I gathered a bunch of broken branches for a sculpture.  It looks like Peter Riss also found some branches that fascinated him.   Peter Riss’s sculptures looked dipped in Resin and are fastened to the wall with braces.  The two sculptures are not small space friendly.  They are like Rose bushes that need space all to themselves. I didn’t talk with the artist so I don’t know what the motivation is behind the coloured pieces.  If you are interested, stop by and chat with him this weekend and find out.

Simon James

We love Simon Jame’s work and I was happy to see new pieces on the walls.

simon james wiede fabrik summer 2015
simon james wiede fabrik summer 2015

I forgot to take an overall shot of the river bed piece but you can see two detail shots of it below. Simon layers gesso on Canvas and Board to create his art pieces. On the river bed piece, Simon sanded the gesso until it loosened from the canvas but before it fell off. (Simon said the glue is strong enough to hold the gesso in place.)

As you know, I worry about how things will hold up. Will a digital print fade, will those pieces of sand stay on, can you combine those mediums to last more than a few years?  Will this gesso chunk remain in place?

Simon said this piece is so heavy that he can barely lift it which means that it is moving away from a painting to more of a vertical sculpture.  At this time, there is only one piece in his studio like this so bring a moving company if you decide you need to have it. Both of the closeup shots are close to the colours of the piece.

The first shot is a closeup of the cracks near the centre which have a darker brown top layer and the second shot is from an area where the top layer is more reddish brown.  The piece really does look like a dried up river bed.   Simon said the piece was originally purple before going brown. Try to find the purple when you look at the piece.  I personally would love this piece with a black ebony on top or a reflective mirrored surface.  Oh all the different ways he can go now that he has let the gesso let go of the canvas.

Angela Smets

Angela has been working like a fiend on a series of prints using a new technique where she layers small screens created from her drawings.  She takes these screens and combines them into these limited prints (I think there are three to each series.)  The price range of this art work starts in the mid 300s and each print comes matted and framed. I really like this change in her work and I hope you have time to go see her new series in person.

Anja Bolata

Anja’s studio is tucked away in the back sort of like grandmother’s cottage in Little Red Ridinghood. Luckily there isn’t a big bad wolf inside.  Walking into the space you are surrounded by her delicate paintings of animals, feather, fruit and other nature themed still life paintings and drawings.

The atmosphere of her studio is very calm and serene like her artwork.

anja wiede fabrik

Milan Mihajlovic

Would the other artists be upset if I say Milan is the head honcho of the Weide Fabrik?  Maybe. Milan’s studio is one of the first when you walk into the space and most of his work is large scale.

I do really like the painting at the entrance when you walk into the studio. I think it is the piece he worked on during the world cup exhibition? I’m not a big football fan but even I would hang this work in my house but not next to my Simon Jame’s piece.  Maybe next to Jenny Schminke?

Milan's studio

Oliver Diehr

I love Oliver’s work.  Everytime I go to the Wiede Fabrik I photograph it.   I really like when artists let the raw canvas show itself. I’m not living in a make believe world where the art is not on a canvas.  Art is art and I don’t mind being reminded of it.   This trend is a nice contrast to photo realism.  Maybe photo realists should add raw canvas to their repetoire. It would add a kick and be a bit of a shock for the eye maybe making the pieces more interesting for art historians.

Anyways, back to Oliver’s work.

My favourite of the three pieces on display is this image of two girls with their packages which are not quite baggage.  Get it… the two girls are not filled with disappointments that they have to carry around.  My words not Olivers. I may just be reading way too much into the composition.

I have no clue what Oliver was thinking about when he made this painting and right now I don’t care because I like my interpretation and I want to keep it. As I mentioned before, I’m finding this disconnect between my viewing an art piece and how the artist desired it to be interpreted disconcerting. I sometimes wish I had the ability to mind meld.

The Vernissage Obeservation

It was ok going to the party.  I may even do this again if I can get there after the speeches.   While mingling around Angela Smet’s studio, I met a lawyer and she made the following observation:

“Did you notice how many women there are?”

I looked around and she was right, we were swimming in women.

“If I were a man,” she said, “I would be chatting them up.”

I didn’t realise that this kind of event was a women thing.  Up to this point, I avoided the vernissage openings of an exhibition/open studios because of my introverted personality but now I’m trying to be more proactive in getting photographs to share with you so that you can go see the artwork while it is on display which means I must leave my studio and go out and see the exhibitions/vernissage/studio openings and swim in a sea of women. Good lord, as a single straight woman, that is kind of a nightmare. I will keep you posted if this is a fact of vernissage life or if this was just an anomaly.

As I waited to say goodbye to Angela, a man in bicycle shorts and a helmet walked into her studio and immediately started asking questions about the prints on the wall.  Angela showed him the price list and then he contemplated the prints some more honing in on a few of my favourites.   A good sign for this new series by Angela who will be taking this body of work to Hamburg in November for the Affordable Art Fair.

I think that is enough for this post, don’t you think?  If you want to go to the Weide- Fabrik, you can get their easily by bike, car or Sbahn.  The address is Rambaldistrasse 27, 81929 Muenchen


start off with a profile shot and end with a profile shot.

Munich Artists Event Planning Stammtisch – Friday July 17th

Life - Drawing without an eraser by photo Emmy Horstkamp


Our next Stammtisch will be on July 17, 2015.   We will have mockups of the first colouring book (binder with artwork organised before I send the file to the printer) for comments.  I will talk about deadlines for various book projects and I will take suggestions for the series of colouring books.  The second book will be dealing with street notes left around Munich. If you want to participate in this, you better get cracking!  I posted the #letsplayagame on Instagram. Do you follow our Instagram feed? The game is to print the photo I’m posting online and then tape it somewhere in the city and snap a cool photo.   I don’t care if you leave the image there or take it home with you.  I’m interested in the photograph you snap.  Please if you play this game and send me a photo, you must give me permission to print it for commercial use. It must state this specifically in the email you send me or I will not use it.

The third book subject is up for grabs.  I want these books to be coming out each month starting sometime in August.  The books will be a hybrid “bookzine” because we are making them print by demand and I don’t want to date the content. I was thinking it would be fun to have an Oktoberfest book for September.   What do you think?

November 15th Art Event

We are organising an art event for November 15th (tentative date).  I’m submitting the request this week to see if we can secure the location for the event/exhibition and get Munich’s blessing and cooperation.  Think Stand for your Art but 10x as many artists and no standing but lots of opportunities to have fun which should clarify nothing which is the point… I don’t have permission yet so can’t go into details.  (Because of the size, there will be a cost between 100 to 300 Euro per artist.) We will be making a book from this project and we will have a dedicated website where all participating artists will be showcased.

I need organised individuals willing to be in charge of various parts of this project because it is too big for me to handle alone.  Here is the beginning list:

  • Publicity
  • Entertainment
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsorship/Donations
  • Workshops (8 hours)
  • Sales (Be in Charge of the two sales locations)
  • Book/Catalogue
  • Marketing materials
  • Participatory art  project (2)
  • Food

These are not paid jobs…. just like me, you will be wearing a volunteer hat.  If we get enough sponsorship, there may be some compensation but you can’t take on these roles thinking about that.   It will be really cool and hopefully we will be able to repeat this kind of exhibition on a yearly basis and attract the sponsors we need to pay you for your time.

The event will be juried by artists.  I will be asking established artists to take on this role.  Those artists will automatically be included in the event.  You can suggest an artist you respect to be one of the jury members.  I will select the list of artist jury members to be involved by the end of July 2015.

The theme of this event will be the prismed zeitgeist.  You can read about it on this post talking about prismed zeitgeist.  Artists will be asked to create new works based on idioms that don’t translate from German to another language.  Here is an example:

Tomaten auf den Augen haben.

A more detailed explanation which is being sent to the city will be posted here.  Once our idea has been approved, we will be making an open call for artists to exhibit for the event.  Because it is being juried, please do not be upset if your artwork is not selected. You are welcome to participate in another way.  We will have workshops & participatory art as an integral part of this event and will need artists who love to deal with people interacting with the public. You can hand them as many business cards as you want as long as they don’t end up in the art projects.

We will discuss the idioms on July 17th, how many we should have because this will determine how we organize the artwork.  Also, I need feedback about the location (which will be announced one we hear back from the city).

We are submitting our application this week but I need to know how much “work” an artist is willing to do for a one day event or if they are willing to pay for security to make it a two day event. (Sat/Sunday)  Once we have city approval, I can give more information about the exhibition. For now, please reserve July 17th for the planning meeting “Stammtisch” and November 14 and 15 as the tentative date(s) for the event ( Saturday/Sunday).

Have a Great Monday.  A newsletter shall soon be following.





Artsy Events for Feb 19th – March 2015


  • A play in French… Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. I’m organising a group on Meetup to go to the event.  Here is a link to the event page.
  • Interested in some visual art?  Wander over to Robert Weber Gallery for an exhibition tonight. Galerie Robert Weber Gabelsbergerstrasse 70, 80333  For the exhibition, you will need a QR Code scanner installed on your smart phone – it is one of those kind of exhibitions. I’ve tried making people use those things for an exhibition.. hopefully he has better phone reception at his gallery so things work a bit faster than at my QR Code installation at the Provisorium or the app fail at the Long Night of the Museum.


  • Meditative Workshop – Marbling – Here is a link to the event page if you are interested in marbling paper. Costs around 30 Euro.
  • Sophia Mainka has an exhibition. Milchstraße 4, 81667 München.
  • Manuela Illera, a Colombian artist and new to Munich, will be having an exhibition for one week at the gallery am Isartor.  Remember, the gallery is in the entranceway.  You don’t have to go into the dark club/party room because the art isn’t there but if you go to exhibitions to party, wander in and get a few free drinks.  I walked over on Monday to see the current exhibition and liked not having to go inside.  All the information about the artists is posted in the windows including some of the prices. You can visit the windows whenever you want, they are within spitting distance of the Sbahn exit and you can then wander back away impressed with your dedication to the arts.

Munich Creative Business Week

Here is a link to the Munich Creative Business Week  The Friday Gallery is a Creative Spot during the week and we will be showing an art installation by Birgit Abt.

I will be giving a talk about Regional Branding and Social Media.  If you are trying to figure this out for your specific niche, please feel free to come pick my brain but you must RSVP for this event and pay a small fee. I will be filling your head with all kinds of information which might make you dizzy or sleepy or nauseated at how much you don’t know so I need to make sure I have the right number of chairs for this event.

WED Feb 25th  

Regional Brand Development in a Social Media Society is   the exact title of my talk.  Here is a link to the event page. The talk will be at the Friday Gallery frauenstrasse 18.  I changed the date from March 26th to the 25th because I’m going to be giving a speech at an exhibition and can’t physically be in two places at once.  You can email me at emmy@ if you have any questions.


The Behance Portfolio Show.  I will be giving a speech for about 15 minutes.   Here are theartists showing work during the exhibition.The artwork on the announcement is by Moran Haynal who combines his Jewish faith with Hebrew calligraphy to make his artwork.

Kerstin Klein

Moran Haynal

Sara Otterstaetter

Ralph Kretschmann

Mr. Woodland

The topic of my speech for the 26th?  Artists in Munich, their creative inspiration, art production and the challenges of being a foreign/German artist in Munich, Germany from a foreign/German point of view or now, I’m thinking about talking about outsider art.   I will let you know next week.

 FRIDAY Feb 27

Saturday Feb 28th @1400  

Creative Meditation  at  Atelier&Galerie PunktPunktKommaKunst Donnersbergerstraße 48, 80634 Munich, Germany

Mark Your Calendar for March 2015

Schmuck 2015 – March 11 – 17th  Jewellery artists are coming to town! We will have guest artists at the Friday Gallery and also at Kunst-Werkstatt-MUC.  Please feel free to stop by and see some innovative jewellery art.


Artsy Things to Do in Munich, Germany From Feb 12 – Feb 26th, 2015

Wow. We have so much to share that I had to take the events out of the newsletter and put it into a blog post.

Here we go:

This weekend Feb 12-15, 2015


  • Haus der Kunst. The Limits of Tolerance: Insult or free speech?  A Panel discussion in English and German with Hito Steyerl, Joachim Bernauer, Okwui Enwezor and Matthias Lilienthal. Starts at 19:30 clock.

FRIDAY Feb 13th

  • Poetry reading at Kuenstler Haus which is part of an exhibition. The reading is at the tippy top part of the building and begins at 1700.   This poetry reading is in German.  A copy of the invitation is in our newsletter because the jpg didn’t want to be uploaded to the blog. (Tried three times)


  • Have some time during the day?  There is a photowalk for Valentine’s day.  Here is a link to the event page.  Theme… Love is in the air. The walk starts at 1500 and the group will be meeting at tram stop Nyphenburg.

SUNDAY Feb 15th

  • MUC Food Lovers Market – Munich Artists invited five artists to the market.  We listed them here.  Our Facebook Event page has photos of some of the work that will be going to market.  The event organiser asked that the artists be entertaining but not like circus animals.. I’m thinking we will be more like the colourful guests at a dinner party.

TUESDAY Feb 17th

  • Feb 17th, Dora will be celebrating her first gallery show at the Friday Gallery.   Here is a link to her event page on Facebook.  Dora works mainly with pen and ink on paper and with surrealist motifs. On Tuesday, Dora will give a short talk about three of her paintings and explain the symbolism.  There are still several pieces available for sale and we will be offering limited edition prints of her work.



  • Meditative Workshop – Marbling – Here is a link to the event page if you are interested in marbling paper. Costs around 30 Euro.

Munich Creative Business Week

Here is a link to the Munich Creative Business Week  The Friday Gallery is a Creative Spot during the week and we will be showing an installation by Birgit Abt.  I (Emmy Horstkamp) will be giving a talk about Regional Branding and Social Media.  If you are trying to figure this out for your specific niche, please feel free to come pick my brain on Feb 25th.

WED Feb 25th  

Regional Brand Development in a Social Media Society.   The exact title of my talk.  Here is a link to the event page.  The talk will be at the Friday Gallery on the 25th.  I changed the date from March 26th to the 25th because I’m going to be giving a speech at an exhibition and can’t physically be in two places at once.  You can email me at emmy@ if you have any questions. (Next year I will just loop a video speech that lasts all week long and stop trying to pick a date to do a workshop/Lecture.)


The Behance Portfolio Show.  I will be giving a speech for about 15 minutes.   Here are the artists showing work during the exhibition.  The artwork on the announcement is by Moran Haynal.

Kerstin Klein

Moran Haynal

Sara Otterstaetter

Ralph Kretschmann

Mr. Woodland

The topic of my speech for the 26th? Artists in Munich, their creative inspiration, art production and the challenges of being a foreign/German artist in Munich, Germany from a foreign/German point of view.

 FRIDAY Feb 27

Saturday Feb 28th @1400  

Creative Meditation  at  Atelier&Galerie PunktPunktKommaKunst Donnersbergerstraße 48, 80634 Munich, Germany


Bee photo by Johanna Schreiner

It isn’t so easy to draw a bee and a flower without it being cutesy. I was happy to get this in my mailbox this week.  Thanks Johanna!