Munich Artists Collage Workshop at Art in the Park

Photo to use for collage art piece

Today Emmy Horstkamp will be having a collage workshop at the Art in the Park tent in Sendling.  The workshop starts at 1700 and goes until 1900.   We will supply the photographs and artwork to be cut up and collaged, scissors, glue and pencils/markers.

The image above is one of the CC images we will be using to create an art piece.  There are a variety of images to choose from or you can use the available materials to create an abstract collage piece.   We will be focusing on collage composition and telling a story or sharing an emotion with our collage pieces.

The cost is free.  We only have 8 chairs so bring a folding chair if you are planning to come a bit later.  We have plenty of tables.

We still have workshops on Monday, Tuesday and Wed.  All three will be lots of fun!  More information on the workshops can be found on our art in the park event page.

We got a write up in the SZ paper.  It is exciting to know that people are enjoying what we are doing.  Thanks Munich for your support and we look forward to creating more events to share the talents of Munich Artists.

Artists Hanging Out in the Park – Exhibition and Workshops June 12 – 18th


Here are the list of artists from Munich Artists and Kunst in Sendling that are participating on our joint exhibition and workshops sponsored by the City of Munich, Germany.

Artists involved from Munich Artists:

Emmy Horstkamp |

Suzanna Treumann |

Jenny Schminke |

Ewald Wildtraut |

Brigitte Pruchnow |

Rainer Schmitten | Rainer Schmitten Website

Artists involved from Kunst in Sendling:

Niko Jahn I Malerei I

Katrin Nodop I Fotografie I

Berit Opelt I Transfer-Lithografie I

Christophe Schneider I Fotografie I

Monika Vesely I Schmuck  & Objekte I

Barbara von Taeuffenbach I Schmuck & Objekte