The Munich Artists 2018 Pivot

Perfect Cup of Coffee Installation for Munich Artists Window installations
Installation by Storey Tarris – Perfect Cup of Coffee – for Munich Artists

Happy 2018!

I am writing to let you know that Munich Artist’s experiment in collaborative and interactive art is over.  We enjoyed working with you for five years but now are creating works outside of Germany and are pivoting the website in a different direction.

Because of this change, we terminated the exhibition/studio space at Frauenstrasse 18 and the Odeonsplatz display space.

I apologise to all the artists that I did not make a farewell party but the changes in my life in 2017 were life-altering and required an extensive review of my work focus, the usage of my creative energy and the direction I wanted my life to flow and that required time away from Munich, Germany.

I do appreciate your participation in our Munich Artists projects and I hope you will continue to meet and share your creative talents with each other.  Barbara Süßmeier is continuing with collaborative projects and I encourage you to connect with her in Haidhausen if you would like to participate in a project.

Have a wonderful and creative year.


Storey Tarris

2016/2017 Munich Artists Projects and News

All our upcoming projects are located on our 2017 project page. 


  • As you know from this update post, I closed the Facebook group because members were not getting the information they needed and it really bothered me.
    • The group is still on FB BUT THERE ARE NO MEMBERS. I’ve been told that Facebook will eventually delete it but there is no way for me to erase it from the earth.
    •  All the people who were in the group can still be part of Munich Artists, you just need to sign up for our newsletter to get information.
  • One Munich based artist complained that there was now no informal way to connect with artists. The informal way is to come to our events and meet the artists and then connect personally to each other on FB.
  • If you want to share information, please email
  • (Update: The Spas was a success.) If you are in Sendling on Saturday, stop by the Klohaeuschen Spa between 1800 to 2100. We are taking appointments to fill our calendar for the six weeks KloHaeuschen Spa installation.  This is a good opportunity for you to meet Anja and enjoy this creative location in Munich, Germany.  Spa treatments start on November 9th 2016.

Artsy Things To do on July 2nd, 2016

I will be traveling around Munich tomorrow attending some events and wanted to share what is on my Facebook event feed with you.  Please remember that if you have an event and you send me an invitation on Facebook, I will add the event to our Munich Artists event list.  The event must be on Facebook and must be public. If you don’t do those things, I will not be able to share and that is always a sad thing.

The photo above is a photo of the Container collective.  This will be a creative spot over by Ostbahnhof where we hope to visit many creative people and see many creative things. Now, the events for tomorrow.

This weekend I will be going to:

Saturday July 2, 2016


Pop Up 2/ Open art Riemerling – Petra Amstberg Hoffman is the owner and organizer of this space and on Saturday from 1500 to 2200, she will be having an exhibition of atwork from artists who attended the summer academy in Salzburg together.  For the artists involved it is a reunion and for Munich, it is an opportunity to meet Norbert Bisky and Markus Proschek.  If you plan on going, go by car.

(From Petra’s space, I will be heading to the open Studios at Oberfoehringerstr.  I don’t have a Facebook event for this to share, but I will share some photos next week of the artists who allow me to share their work.)

KHBi3 – I live in Sendling so I’m always happy when events are close to home!  The KloHaeuschen will be having their 3rd Biennal on Saturday. It starts at 2000. Go the bathroom before you go, there are no functioning toilets for you to use just art and creative people and some beer.


Sunday July 3, 2016

Odeonsplatz Window – Kult is organizing street artists to create an installation at the window at Odeonsplatz.  If you want to watch them do their magic or, ask them questions, they will be there from 1200 to 1600.  This is your chance to meet the creators of the Neuperlach Zoo and to spot a street artist.   I will be there some of that time and look forward to seeing their work!


My True Self – July 10th we are filming at Odeonsplatz.  I will be making a special post for this tomorrow.  We will be meeting at Odeonsplatz for the filming and I look forward to seeing everyone’s Masks.  2 masks made by you.  One white and one whatever the heck you are willing to put on your face that represents your true self.  More information can be found on our open call for the my true self project.  If you have not made your mask, July 2nd is a good time to make one or two.

Inspired by art book – Brigitte Pruchnow – Artists participating in this first book should be sending me their image files to Please remember that the artwork must be 2 Lateral A4s. If your work is not the right size it will be cropped. There are no white spaces.  I will be sending you all a reminder email in a few days. If you don’t have a scanner, you can bring it to Frauenstrasse and we will scan the work.  This is by appointment only I love you all but I’m not around Frauenstrasse at any specific time during the summer.

500 Artists Play Cards – We will be starting a kickstarter for this project to fund our event in November 2016.  Our goal is to have 500 people playing cards.  I hope you will join us and support our Kickstarter campaign. I’m working on the video now and we will launch the Kickstarter next week.  Artists involved in this project, please send Elizabeth Hughes your artwork ASAP.  We have a printer selected and we want to send the work to the printers. The event is schedule for November 19th.  I’m still looking for a space for us to have this fun event.  If you have a space, you think will work, let me know! Must be int eh city. Must hold 300 to 500 people.

Mingaland –  I’m sorry.  My mother hand a massive stroke and this art project was the one that was not started and therefore shelved for a few weeks.  I will let you know when we are ready to launch.  Hopefully by August 1st.

Lifelines – This is a new project that I am starting this month.  I am finishing the first one now.






Is White Boring? Questions Asked in the News From Someplace Else

  • Russia VAC foundation will be creating a new site for art and culture.  An estimated 225K square feet will house a library, bookshop, restaurant and auditorium.  Hopefully the site will be ready in 2018.  Here is the article.  Use Google translate if you can’t read Russian… like me.
  • The Mellor Prize for Research on women Artists has been awarded to Jo Applin.   Applin will be researching Lee Lozano who is known for pursuing conceptual projects. Lozano’s first big project involved her dropping out of the art scene and her second big project involved avoiding women (for 27 years.)  I can’t wait to read what Jo Applin writes.  Avoiding 50 percent of the world can’t be easy.
  • Frieze Art Week Started in London.  It’s about contacts and connecting at this fair.  Maybe we can go there next year?  If you are heading over to London, let me know if you go and what art pieces caught your attention. Supposedly there are quite a few installation pieces at the fair.

ReSurfaced - Bar -Shipping Container

Tuesday News From Someplace Else – NYC Artist Evan Desmond Yee Creates Pin Wheel of Death, Berlin Art Week, London Homeless Photographers


When I get an invitation to visit an exhibition in a city that I don’t live in my first response is, “Why don’t I live in (insert city name.)

If you are in NYC, go visit Fueled Collective located at 568 Broadway, 11th Fl | NYC.  The collective has turned one of their conference rooms into an exhibition space for Mr. Yee who will be showcasing his exhibition “The App Store” for the second time. It initially exhibited as “Start-up” at gallery 151. (Just giving you a heads up that it is the same artwork in case you missed the first show.)

This is the second office space we’ve heard about in NYC being turned into a creative space.  If you know of more, please let us know. I like that companies are seeing their conference rooms as rooms for intellectual discourse rather than rooms to drain intelligence. (meetings are productivity killers.)

artist Evan Desmond Yee
iFlip by Evan Desmond Yee
App Store Exhibition by artist Evan Desmond Yee
App Store Exhibition by artist Evan Desmond Yee


What an interesting idea. 100 cameras were given to homeless people to document their version of London.  The film cameras were collected and then the images printed.  A current exhibition showcases some of the work.   A collection of the photographs will be used for a calendar.   Currently funds are being raised through a kickstarter campaign.  Click through to see the pledge options. (With this paragraph, I’m mimicking a robot.)  My favourite pledge option is the A4 photograph with certificate and the calendar. Buy the calendar as Christmas present for a photographer in the family interested in social causes and I will stop writing like a robot.


Berlin art week begins on September 15th.  If you’ve had your fill with Oktoberfest, you may want to head up to the capital for the weekend.  Here is a list of the events.

Photography by Camilo Brau, 2014
Photography by Camilo Brau, 2014

News from Someplace Else – Taking Empty Spaces and Making Site Specific Exhibitions

This morning I read an article on yahoo about No longer Empty, a non profit organisation in NYC that fills empty spaces with site specific exhibitions.  The organisation is given space for free and transforms them for public view.  The exhibitions are free, open to the public and offer a variety of art related events associated with the site and the exhibition theme.  No longer Empty works to inspire a lifelong interest in the arts through access, involvement and inclusion.

Here are a few things that No Longer Empty does for NYC neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhood Maps.  After extensive research, maps are designed to focus on New York City’s diverse trove of neighborhoods. The maps encourage visitors to explore the surrounding areas and interact with creators and locall businesses. No Longer Empty created maps for: Sugar Hill Harlem, Long Island City, the Bronx, West Village.
  • Urban Scavenger Hunt & Walking Tours. Asking visitors to stay and interact with a community in a fun way before or after visiting an exhibition.
  • Storefront Design. The organisation provides creative strategies and art installations to businesses to help them attract attention and hopefully strengthen their opportunities to succeed.
  • New Opportunities. No Longer Empty helps open doors for other creative organisations by establishing channels of communication between property owners and local organizations.

Their Current exhibition is Called “Bring in the Reality” and is focused on the them of Free Speech.  If you are in NYC, the exhibition is open until September 17. 2015.

Here are the details:

Location: Nathan Cummings Foundation, 475 Tenth Avenue, 14th Floor
Viewing Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am–4pm, by appointment only. To view the exhibition, please contact the Nathan Cummings Foundation at

If you would like to get involved as a curator or an artist, here is the link to their website. They have a curatorial program and offer a variety of interesting opportunities to get involved.

Munich Artists 30 Day Drawing Challenge 2015

Drawing skills are important for all artists.   Whether you illustrate like Dora or create large abstracts, keeping a sketchbook can lead to some interesting and inspirational ideas.

This year, we are doing our 2nd 30 day drawing challenge.  If you decide you need to do all 30 drawings in one day go for it, work in the way that makes you happy but don’t post any images before their scheduled day. That is the only rule.  If you scan your work into the computer and animate it or do something cool like collaging your work with photos, I will be happy to share what you’ve created.  If you do spontaneous five minute sketches, I will also happily share your work.  All work shared must be the work of the artist (or their children) and you must give me permission to use the photograph on the website or I will not post it.

In July we will celebrate the end of this challenge and images from the challenge will be exhibited at a the Chilli gallery in Munich, Germany.

All posting of images are done on our closed Munich Artists Facebook group and on Instagram. Please use the hashtags #munichartists and #30daychallenge on Facebook and Instagram and I will find you.

  1. Draw your soul
  2. Draw your idea of a Schweinehund
  3. Draw food from your childhood
  4. Draw a still life in your kitchen
  5. Draw a couple
  6. Draw a hat – real or imaginary
  7. Draw your favourite word
  8. Draw feet
  9. Draw Lyrics to a song
  10. Draw candy
  11. Draw a place you want to visit
  12. Draw death
  13. Draw something you finished (a job, a meal, a sentence)
  14. Draw a comic book strip
  15. Draw a new fairytale heroine/hero
  16. Draw a family portrait made up of strangers, objects or symbols
  17. Draw what inspires you (person, place or thing)
  18. Draw a flower or plant
  19. Draw a doodle, automatic drawing
  20. Draw something you have never drawn or someplace you’ve never drawn
  21. Draw something red without using red
  22. Draw something you want
  23. Draw something you miss
  24. Draw something you need
  25. Draw a bench
  26. Draw a mountain (real, imaginary, clothing, paperwork)
  27. Draw something smelly
  28. Draw something with your opposite hand
  29. Draw the first thing you see after reading this post
  30. Draw something in the subway.

Celebrate finishing 30 days of drawing!  


The First Munich Artists Stammtisch May 2015

Last night we organised our first Munich Artists Stammtisch.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss our current projects and to get feedback from artists regarding our current plans and what they want to achieve over the next year. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our projects on the website and placing open calls for two of them.

The following Munich artists attended our first stammtisch:

Rainer Schmitten
‘Scotland’, mixed media on canvas, 140 x 175 cm, Rainer Schmitten 2015

Rainer Schmitten

Roy Hessing

Roy Hessing

Andreas Hirsch

Andreas Hirsch

Hubert Juranek

Hubert Juranek

Berit Opelt

Berit Opelt

Markus Maria Wendland

Markus Maria Wendland

Chris Tomas

Chris Tomas

Angela Smets-print-2015

Angela Smets

Munich Artists Sonia Boening

Sonia Boening



Julia Rößle


Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Nasser Ash

Florencia Chueke

Ursula Singer


Emmy Horstkamp Plan B Dorothy 2015 collage
Emmy Horstkamp

German Students in Mainz Communicate Creatively Using Memes – An Offline Tumblr Installation

What happens when you want to communicate with someone who isn’t on your Tumblr feed or who doesn’t know how to use hashtags or social media?  You get busy and create a real life Tumblr feed where your target audience will see it.  Don’t tell me that Germans are not creative. It may be that their creativity naturally comes out when they are are stressed (This Tumblr installation happened during exams).

Students post Meme’s related to waiting for the technician to fix the broken door.



For more on the Memes, you can check out the website that posted the gallery.


Munich Art Galleries and Museums. Ask Google For an Invitation to Their Art Project So You Can Share Your Art Online. Please. Munich Artists Thanks you.

  • Before we talk about google, please take a moment to look at the works of Architect Frei Otto who passed away on Monday. Mr. Otto designed the Munich Stadium for the 1972 Olympic games and you can see more of his designs on my pinterest board.  If you would like to read more about Mr. Otto, please go here to his Wiki Page and/or listen to this conversation about Otto on NPR.
  • Mr. Otto was a visionary but not an abstract expressionist.  What is an abstract expressionist?  How about using this definition by William C. Seitz:

Abstract expressionist value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose, the unknown over the known, the veiled over the clear, the individual over society and the inner over the outer.

—William C. Seitz, American artist and Art historian
  • Now here is the news about google and art. Google started sharing artwork on Chrome through a specific app.  You can download the app for Google Art Project and start collecting artwork from different museums online.  If you are a gallery or art institution, you can request to open your own online google gallery to share images.  We submitted our request for Munich Artists to be able to share the works of Munich Artists through the app. Keep your fingers crossed. we love being able to share artwork by Munich Artists and hopefully this app will make it easier for us.  Below is a little video describing what the app does.  I started making my own collection from Munich Art on the app but could only fine one museum. If you know of another museum in Munich/Bavaria that is sharing their work on Google, please let us know.

Helmut Lang is a Self Taught Artist – Art News From EveryWhere Else

Dr. Nicholas Cullinan

Dr. Nicholas Cullinan jumps over the pond to become the new director of London’s National Portrait Gallery.  If you are an artist and you don’t know who this is, don’t worry about it.  This is a curation geeky news item that I found interesting and wanted to share.

Helmut Lang artwork

For the artists who are self taught, here is an interesting article in the WSJ about Helmut Lang, Mr. Lang is an Austrian self-taught artist who shares information about his current work created in a barn on Long Island.   What I love most about this article is that he shredded up his past work to create the new.   This seems to be a very strong urge for artists and each time I find one that does this, I must share them with you.  Your past art is your past.  Feel free to destroy it so that you can create something even more wonderful.

Picasso’s granddaughter is getting ready to let go of her past by selling 290 million dollars of her grandfather’s artwork.  Ms. Marina Picasso will not be using an auction house so if you are interested in any of the works, you must contact Ms. Picasso’s representatives and schedule a personal meeting with her in Geneva.

gun totting lego man

In the US, a museum apologised when a firefighter spotted a lego man pointing a lego gun at a lego police station.  According to this article, the offending lego piece was not a part of the original exhibit and may have come from the play area where visitors are encouraged to play with legos (and cause mayhem for museum curators and PR departments.)

After reading the short post, I thought the following:

  • Should they not also remove the lego gas truck?  The lego gas truck could be considered a potential bomb located right in front of the lego police station.  If you remove the lego gunman, you should also remove the lego gas truck and the lego trashcan.  Both are very dangerous to lego police station safety.  A lego barricade would also be a good addition to the display for added safety of the lego policemen.
  • Good Job Museum!  Not only did you make sure your website offered a contact email address that could be easily found but you responded promptly to your museum patron and resolved his issue.
  • Good job firefighter!  You took your daughter to a museum.  You looked closely at the displays.  You interacted with the museum staff using technology.
  • This would not happen in Germany. A German firefighter would have seen the character and then started discussing it with his daughter.  Was the lego character a commentary of American culture referencing American wild west history and liberal gun laws?
  • If I was at the museum, I would have asked my daughter if the little gunman was an undercover policeman running back to the police station for backup after having jumped out of the gasoline truck on his way back from saving a huge airliner that was targeted by lego terrorists at the lego airport. (Bonus points if you get the pop culture reference.)



photo of pablo picasso

photo of newspapers

Art News From Everywhere Else – Science Proved That You Need Art…

  • You have to watch out for research studies.  A new study found that a brief lunchtime visit to an art gallery seemed to de-stress workers. Does that mean that art is the de-stresser? I don’t think so. Galleries are quiet, uncluttered spaces made to appreciate art.   A person could go into any art gallery around the world and the same conditions would be present: A quiet climate controlled room with natural light (artifical but daylight not florescent), a comfortable bench to sit and no interruptions from technology or other people.  According to the study, it takes five hours for someone to have the same decline in their stress hormone levels as it takes from a lunchtime visit to the museum.  Maybe this study is a good marketing device for interior designers, decorators and DIY stores.  Maybe more people should be changing their living spaces into art gallery spaces so that they can reduce their stress levels rapidly.   What do you think?
Banksy Art piece
  • Holiday Gifts for Art Lovers? How about a gift certificate for art? You can contact me at if you want one for Munich Artists. If you want a Banksy, you might be able to get a deal on one of his recent pieces this Christmas season. According to this article and this one, People with Banksy artwork have been getting greedy and the pieces are not selling for the asking prices. Another problem owners are having is that some of the pieces have not been authenticated by Pest Control – a company that issues paperwork for genuine Banksy artwork. Without the paperwork, you can’t authenticate that the piece is actually by Banksy and no museum wants artwork without proof that it is really by the artist.
  • After a short commercial you can watch this video, about online art auction site Paddle 8 which is all about selling established artists. If you want to read about what is happening with the two biggest auction houses, go read about their latest drama here.
  • Some rich people buy artwork while others buy passports.  This is an off-topic article I found in my search for art news is  a gentle reminder that art is not for everyone but personal freedom is something that everyone wants when they have the money to buy it.

Photo Credit for passport stamps

Art News From Everywhere But Munich – Can Your Art Last Half a Million Years?

First piece of art was Graffiti

How did a piece of art last half a million years without being in a museum? The artwork was on a shell that is how.  So artists Go!  Run out and buy some shells or add shells to your artwork. That way you know your work will last more than a hundred years even if your name may fade into oblivion.  According to the article, the first “artists” etched zigzags onto shells. How do we know this wasn’t done by a monkey?  This image also makes me think. Maybe this shell originally was painted like the Greek Statues and over the centuries the paint flaked off.  Maybe this art piece was covered with jewels or, maybe, those zig zags were created by a child waiting for its mother to finish cooking oyster soup.

Would you recognize this missing masterpiece? I’m guessing the art historian’s child really liked watching this film about a little mouse.

Thank you set designers for having good taste and sharing it on the big Screen.  One US set designer found a missing Hungarian masterpiece which was “discovered” by an art historian while watching the movie Stuart Little.  In the Article,  it states that the missing art piece was purchased for 500 USD at a local antique store by a set designer. Now it is in the hands of a collector who returned the art piece to Europe where it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. With this nice story attached, I’m thinking the art piece will be sold for much more than 500 USD.

Art Basel Miami

What are you still doing here? You should be on a plane for Art Basel in Miami. Here are some parties you may want to attend or crash if you are down in the southern US where it is hot and muggy and filled with people looking for your artwork (which is stored in Munich, Germany).

I will be hanging out in Munich with Michaela Wuehr and Martin Potsch on Friday showing images of recycle bins.  I’m sure they would sell well in Miami but the cost of the flight and hotel would be more than the art pieces combined.  Better to stay in Munich and bring Art Basel here don’t you think?

Gerhard Richter Interview with the WSJ

Gerhard Richter, an artist who rarely interacts with the media, decided to have a conversation with the WSJ. Here is a link to the interview.

Mr. Richter touches on some interesting topics but my favourite is the idea that art is connecting to the spiritual.  It is an idea that has always been found in Asian art and seems to be making its way back into Western mainstream contemporary art.

Gehard Richter
Gehard Richter “Flow”

Why Would Tree Art Cause an Uproar? Art News From Everywhere Else

Tree art installation in Paris by US artist Paul McCarthy
  • People in paris were upset over the erection of an abstract artwork called “Tree” by Paul McCarthy, which is an art piece based on a joke about a sex toy.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, someone in Paris attacked the artist on the street while they were installing the art piece saying McCarthy wasn’t French.  Not only was the artist attacked but during the night, people cut the cords holding the art piece in place.  The art piece will not be reinstalled. Paris is trying to show that it can handle cutting edge art but this attack on an American artist and piece shows that Parisians don’t quite get the American sense of humour. Maybe this art piece would have been the next Eiffel Tower tourist attraction.  In Germany, on the street where we have our gallery space, there are two adult sex toy shops.  The newest one will be opening in a few days. Viktualianmarkt fought against the new adult store and lost.  I think Paul McCarthy should plant his plastic tree on the corner between Viktualianmarkt and the sex shop to symbolising that eating and having sex are both basic human needs and should coexist.  I also think Germans would get a kick out of a sex toy that is taller than most of the buildings in downtown Munich.  From the image, it looks like a children’s toy so I don’t understand such anger from a cosmopolitan city.
Capture Your Dreams on a Piece of Art
  • Sharonna Karni Cohen is offering an online platform where people can have their dreams interpreted by artists.  A nice twist on commissioned artwork.  Here is a link to her platform.   I encourage the Munich Artists who are into surrealism to check out the site. Certainly an novel idea for Christmas presents (If you are a planner).
a new Banksy girl with pierced eardrum
Girl with Pierced Eardrum – New Banksy Art
Michelle Grabner named one of the 100 most important art-world women (From Wisconsin USA)
  • Artnews just shared their list of the 100 most powerful women in the art world.  There are a few Germans on the list including Susanne Gaensheimer (Art Historian), Isa Genzken (German Artist), Karen Boros (Collector)
  • Are you a working artist?   In America many art graduates are not working as artists.  Here are some interesting facts from the Artists Report created by BFAMFAPHD.
    • Only 16 percent of working artists have an arts related bachelors degree.
    • Of the 715,000 working artists who do have bachelor degrees, 27 percent have an arts related degree.
    • 23 percent of arts graduates work in professional or managerial occupations.
    • 7 of the top 10 most expensive schools (after financial aid is taken into consideration) are art schools, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education.
    • Arts graduates’ debt loads are higher than those of non-arts graduates.
    • Women make up 60 percent of arts graduates but only 46 percent of all working artists.
Tear art off the walls in Seattle, WA USA


  • Our new art challenge started yesterday.  The challenge is 14 days long and focuses on emotions. Here is the link if you want to follow along.  If you are a Munich artist, join our closed Facebook group to share your work.

Munich Artists did an Internet Hunt – We Found the Band Cobario and Met a Hong Kong Protestor – Jackpot!

Yesterday I met a protestor from Hong Kong who showed me her protest ribbon and explained that she worked all day at a very serious job and then went out and protested after hours.  As you know, I’m preparing for the Long Night of the Museum…How in the world did I meet a Hong Kong protestor in Munich?

This is how.

A few months ago a business woman from Hong Kong sent me a very polite email through asking me to find a band that she saw playing on the streets of Munich during one of her business trips.  Because I have a very small staff (Myself and HK) I’m limited in my efforts to find artists but I love the challenge of digging through the internet SEO debris for hidden gems so I emailed her back saying I would see what I could do.

Using this image taken by the Asian business woman (SK), I turned on my computer, tapped my honed hunting skills and Googled for a band that represented Germany for SK. 

After a few days of internet hunting, I decided that the band she fell in love with must be Cobario, an Austrian band that happened to be playing in Munich, Germany on the weekend when the photograph was taken.

Here is a video of them playing. 

SK was excited to have the information and contacted the band. Last night over a celebration dinner, SK informed me that the band will be playing music on the streets of Hong Kong in November wearing the German fashion label.  It isn’t everyday that a band goes from a gig in Munich to one in Hong Kong. I would love to be there taking some video of Austrian men playing to the citizens of Hong Kong and getting their reactions. Maybe the band will do an impromptu concert for the protestors. Is there a German/Austrian protest song or umbrella song that would work?

I’m sharing this example of my extraordinary hunting skills so that you know that it is in my nature to hunt for good design, art and innovation but I will hunt down anything that peaks my curiosity even a band from a tourist photo. If it is on the internet, I will find it.  Sometimes I can share this information with you (band hunt) but most of the time my hunting expeditions are for projects so I am unable to share on the Munich Artists website but I love doing this kind of work and will gladly offer my expertise for a fee or amazing perks/dinner/art/apartment/car/jewellery. 


Note: I mentioned that SK is protesting in the umbrella revolution. If you don’t know about what is happening in Hong Kong, here is a link to the current protests. SK said that the police like to tap you on the shoulder and then spray you with mace. To avoid getting sprayed, the protestors have been building umbrella shelters by hand.  From our conversation last night, I get the impression that Hong Kong would like to have the opportunity to pick a leader of their own choosing not from three mediocre candidates.  Unlike other countries who protest against the government with a specific figure head to stand behind, the people of Hong Kong have just an idea that they should get to pick their representative but there is no one person representing the idea. Maybe if there was one well respected politician/business person in Hong Kong willing to step forward and be their choice, the protestors would be happy and China could accept the person as a valid choice. The citizens of Hong Kong just want the opportunity to make a valid choice and I guess the protestors will sit under umbrellas in Hong Kong until a valid choice is offered.  Here is an image of one of the very creative umbrella tents.


Monday Thoughts – Installation updates and Fair Use in Germany

Welcome Monday. I’m so glad you are here and that I don’t have to be wait for you anymore.  Here are some links and thoughts about art from the weekend and why I am saying fair use is an American fairytale based in no German reality.

  • Creating floor stickers takes twice as long as I estimated. In my project timeline for the long night of the museum, I reserved two days for the sticker creation but the process is taking four days. We will be printing the floor stickers today. They look great at 6 inches but will the artwork look great at 1.5 metres?
  • I don’t know what two sculptures look like for the installation. (No reference shots from the artists and no time to go check them.)  Should this drive me crazy?  The artists have set rules that the pieces must be 2 metres high, vertical and light fixtures but I’ve left it open how they created the piece so that it would reflect their style and whatever ideology/process they wanted to highlight. When I walked into the gallery space this morning, I found Katrin Vogl’s piece waiting to be transported to the exhibition space. Katrin’s sculpture fits perfectly with her focus on Afghanistan and is very different from and Malte Dinkela’s art piece or mine.  This is what I wanted and the reason we have a floor sticker to bring the art pieces together as an overall art idea hopefully reflecting what I wrote about the installation.

Here is a photo of Malte Dinkela’s sculpture which he posted on his blog

Malte Dinkela - Sculpture Long Night of the Museum
Malte Dinkela – Sculpture for Long Night of the Museum

For the installation, we have videos which will be available through augmented reality and on a screen in the space (In case people are unable to access the online version.) One of my videos focuses on Russia and I wanted to have it timed with the light in my sculpture so that the light moves with the music on the video. Because it is not part of the overall installation, I can’t play the music out loud but the lights will be moving to music you can’t hear unless you are standing next to me and I turn on the phone sound up loud enough for you to hear.


  • Below is the initial music I wanted to use for the light dance. It is available on youtube for remix but because the performer did not email back and the composer has not been dead long enough, I decided it was safer to use a Billie Holiday song available through the Creative Commons for the online video.
  • Although the song by Paul Ben Haim is exactly what I wanted, I’m not interested in complicated licensing for this installation or dealing with a German artist who may not want their work remixed. The reality of being an artist in Germany is that fair use is not a feasible option like it is in America. In Germany you must pay or have explicit permission to use another artist’s work.
  • I watched the video below so that I could comment about it while discussing street artists. If you would like to talk about it, please watch the video and then meet me so we can discuss street art hype and what should still be considered street art.

News From Everywhere Else – Go Sell Your Art On EBay’s Art Portal

Ebay’s online art auction portal is now open for business.  A select group of galleries are selling artwork from a few thousand to more than 100k USD on the platform which uses live online auctions.   The site still does not have Sotheby’s and there has been no statement as to when Sotheby’s will be going live. For more info go here to the NY Times Post.

12 labours of Putin

12 labours of Putin.  I didn’t realise that Putin was that old or that he would allow his image to be used in this way.  If you run out of ideas for Christmas presents, how about creating digital prints of the 12 pieces on wood blocks and creating a leaning tower of Putin.

Banksy Art in NYC

What happens when owners of Banksy art pieces get greedy?  The work doesn’t sell. The article here.

Rothko #21

Schlumberger art collection is estimated to sell for about 85 Million USD at auction. The sale includes The Rothko No. 21 (Not the red one)  85 Million could buy a lot of Munich Artwork. Here is an article about the Sotheby sale and the artwork that will be sold at auctions on November 4 and November 12th.



Munich Project Updates

This Week’s Project Updates:

  • B/W artists book:

Last Saturday, Munich Artists started a project for an artist’s book focusing on black and white ink on paper.  The artists have now collected their supplies and are in the process of making their art pieces.  As the weeks go by, I will share more images of the artwork.

  • Long Night Of the Museum Connected Installation:

The centrepiece of our installation is a zoetrope which now has a physical form thanks to the Werkbox 3. I will be picking up the skeleton for the zoetrope today and will post an image next week of the finished piece.  Katrin Vogl is currently at the space working on her sculpture and our floor stickers will be printed next week.

If you want to take a peek at what we are doing, you are welcome to stop by and see.  We will be at Frauenstrasse 18 M-F from 830 until 1600 until October 16th.

  • Free Art Friday Munich 

Katrin Klug has been putting her small pieces out every friday.  Last week, Katrin left a piece of art in a cafe and it was snatched up! If you decide to participate in Free art Friday, please do not to put your art in a store or someplace difficult for people to reach.   If you do put outwork out for Free Art Friday, please let us know so we can write about it on the Free Art Friday Munich Facebook Page and on the Free Art Friday Munich Blog.  On new media, we share where each piece of art can be found and the artist’s name if they want to share it.

  • New Projects:
    • 1.  Artists book with Brigitte Pruchnow.  We have set down the parameters for the book and the project will begin in January 2015.  This is a unique project and may turn into a series.  The project will be open to all Munich/Bavarian artists but you cannot apply. each artist is picked by the artist before them. I will only be choosing artists if we end up getting stuck because an artist did not finish their art piece in the designated time.  If you are a Munich artist you may submit your name to the list of standby artists but I can’t promise that you will be picked. I will post the name of the artists as they complete their art piece and show on a map where they are located. This way you can see how the project is working its way around the city and how the artists decide who to pick as the next artist in the chain of artwork.
    • 2. Artists book/zine with Andreas Hirsch.  This project is starting in November 2014. It is open to illustrators and writers.  I must meet you before I will put you on the team.  We are looking for visual artists who love to think outside of the box, have their own illustrative style that is not Manga related and flows well with the other artists involved. For Writers, we are looking for writers interested in a magazine/zine/graphic novel and able to write flash fiction that translates well into English.  All the artists for this book series must want to work in a group, must be able to meet deadlines, and must be interested in long term group project.  We are looking for a group of like minded artists with a sense of humour so that the project stays fun and professional.  We want the first product from this group to leave the nest in March 2015.



Make Big Art and People Will Think Your City Is Forward Looking And Fun

  • Public Art will make your city feel more forward looking and fun Says this article about Boston public art.
Invisible art? Spoof on you.
app switches ads for art

What’s Happening with Munich Artists – September 17, 2014

This morning, I wondered what ransom I would need to pay to get the sun back from the fog. As I walked over the Isar, I saw this moody image of Munich and decided that the sun could stay away for a bit longer.

Art Challenge News:  Munich artists are doing a collage challenge. There were some images here but when I moved the blog they disappeared.  Maybe, someday, I will find them again.  If you want to look at our challenge work, please visit the challenge page.

We will be showing several of the collages on Friday at the Friday gallery in combination with Emmy Horstkamp’s T-project.   If you don’t know Emmy, come and visit the gallery on Friday and say hello.

Munich Artists News:

Munich Artist Brigitte Pruchnow is having a busy autumn.  Last weekend she attended the Rotterdam art fair and she has been accepted into a gallery in Japan (The gallery will be taking her artwork to a Tokyo art fair in the spring).  If you want to see Brigitte’s work, her art is scattered around Bavaria in group exhibitions like this one and she will be having a solo exhibition at the Friday gallery in 2015.

Roterdam Art Fair

If you have time this weekend, plan a trip to Landsberger Lech to visit the long night of art which starts at 1800 and goes until 2300. If you would like a brochure which includes a map you can download it by clicking 140825 Flyer Kunstnacht 2014.

Gabriele Rothweiler will be one of the 70 artists displaying work during the evening.  Her paintings will be on display at Asam-fashion in the Schlossergasse 376.  Gabriele will also have her artwork on display at her gallery during the open studios in Neuhausen if you don’t want to leave Munich this weekend or have made other plans for this Saturday.

Emmy Horstkamp will be showing the Title pages from her T-project at the Friday gallery starting on September 19th. The series is based on the idea that women like to see their romantic partners as projects to be fixed up or manipulated. The title pages are the initial architectural idea of what each man should be.  The series continues with a blueprint for each man and then the final man created in a mixed media format which may be nothing like the ideal (Just like the difference between what the architect designs and what the builders actually create.   The art pieces are made using photography, digital printing and acrylic paint on art paper and canvas.

Moscow Art Fair Cancelled and Other News From Far Away

Art Moscow
Artist: Gerhard Richter at the Art Institute Chicago
Poor Bunny taken down by a chainsaw
  • Watch your Chainsaw around Giant Bunnies.  The colossal bunny named “Moon Rabbit,” was put on display in Taiwan at the Taoyuan Land Art Festival by the Dutch artist and builder Florentijn Hofman. While taken the piece apart, a spark ignited and all that was left was a few limbs.
  • Singaporeans are collecting contemporary SEA oil paintings. Remember this fact if you are wanting to take your art to Asia. Also remember that Singapore is humid and hot all year round which can be a nightmare for conservation of delicate watercolours and other less sturdy art pieces when the AC fails.
  • Regeneration – an interesting PDF that talks about how to build a stronger art community.  Please read it and share what you think Munich needs to add to the art scene.

photo and photo

Art News from Everywhere Else – Rothko, Miley Cyrus, Hunk and Moo

The Red Rothko involved a legal battle.
  • A battle over the sale of A Rothko ends. After a four year legal battle, the only liable party seems to be the art gallery. Here is the article.
Hunk and Moo Anderson donate art to Stanford
Miley Cyrus Art

Mily Cyrus is dabbling in fine art. She creates her art while high on weed and other substances.  Here is the article.

Another app to sell art online

Here is an article about this app trying to change the way people buy art. I’m curious if these app creators collect art or know the pain points in the art market.  Buying art is not the pain point boys. Artists and Art galleries bend over backwards to throw art at collectors.

Art News from Someplace Else – Do you like bad art?

bad art map


How About a City Wide Art Gallery Using Billboards?

Tova Lobatz, Luke Groesbeck billboards around SF

A day late but not a dollar short is our motto today.  I’ve been working on a commission which means being off the internet.  Now that I’m back, I want to share these links with you.

  • A project in SF wants to turn all the outdoor advertising signs into a city wide art gallery.  I could see doing this in Munich.  We have lots of signs with really ugly ads.  What would be cool is to rent the ads over by Tumblingerstrasse and have the street artists collaborate with artists who have no clue how to paint with spray cans or stencils.
  • I’m excited about a frame which will let you purchase and install digital artwork using your phone.  A Japanese designer by the name of Yugo Nakamura created it and an American startup called electric objects launched a kickstarter campaign to bring this product to the masses. It is basically a big picture frame that allows you to show both still and moving art.   Not a new idea but certainly one of the bigger photo frames I’ve seen.
  • The top ten living artists continue to make money and expand their market.   Don’t you want to be one of those top ten?  Here they are:

Gerhard Richter: $32,127,829
Cy Twombly: $10,716,969
Jasper Johns: $8,625,096
Frank Stella: $8,392,128
Ed Ruscha: $7,335,674
Agnes Martin: $6,037,900
Tom Wesselmann: $5,880,799
David Hockney: $5,135,596
Zao Wou-Ki: $5,133,200
Damien Hirst: $5,084,114 The article by Bloomberg gives some great data so go read it. —- Photo of billboard

Vagina Boats and other Art News

Megumi Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko

  • Would you like a Vagina Boat?  Megumi Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko created a vagina boat and then emailed a copy of the 3d scan of her vagina to her supporters (the people who paid for the boat to be created). She was arrested for sending the images.   Don’t blowup doll companies make 3d scans of vaginas? Next time she needs to label it educational. Everything seems to slide when labeled educational.   Maybe a Vagina boat will be the new status symbol for women.  I also could see her vagina being modified into a sidecar for a motorcycle.  As far as I know, there are no Vagina artists in Munich but I do know a 3d scanner company and a 3d printer company who may help you if you are tempted to try this idea of crowdsourcing 3d scans of your private parts.
  • I love this quote:

“Turns out the nude models were from Simplicity dress patterns and clippings of bathing beauties from Look magazine or newspapers. He just mentally took the clothes off them,”  and “Although an electrician by trade, he was an artist for life.” (source)

Christies breaking records

Here are some facts from the article:

  •  24 percent of all Christie buyers in the first half were new to the house.
  •  They have a 70 percent increase in online activity.
  •  Their new clients represent15 percent of the sales total for the first half of 2014

Is this why Sothebys is partnering with Ebay?   Watch out little art E-commerce startups, the giants are going to squash you.  There is one online auction art site Auctionata based in Berlin.  I’m curious who this will affect their business model.


Ai Weiwei collaborates in New Mexico

Art Collaboration:

Ai Weiwei pull of the moon

Dear Munich artists, don’t be afraid to ask an artist to collaborate.  Artnet reported that Ai Weiwei agreed to paticipate in a collaboration with artist Bert Benally.   Here is an interview with Ai Weiwei explaining in detail why he decided to do the work.

If you are passionate about your art, don’t be afraid to ask other artists to collaborate (Maybe Ai Weiwei will pick a Munich artist next time.)

Auction Sale:

Tracey Emin's Bed Sold for 2.5 million GBP

At a recent Christie’s auction, Tracy Emin’s Bed installation, which sold initially for 150k GBP, auctioned off for 2.5 Million GBP.  Ms. Emin created the piece after spending four days in bed after breaking up with her boyfriend.  The Japanese tried destroying this piece when it was shipped to Japan for an exhibition which tells you how unhealthy her breakup was.

Kurt Schwitters Sold at Auction

Kurt Schwitters mixed media work Ja – Was? sold for €17,463,125 which was four times the estimate for the piece.

Battles in the Art World

Helge Achenbach Art Dealer Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf based art adviser Helge Achenbach was arrested recently on suspicion of fraud. It seems one of his very wealthy billionaire clients is not happy with him and had him arrested when he returned from a business trip to Brazil.  Mr. Achenbach is famous in the German art scene and was considered a major player in the Dusseldorf Art Scene.

Not all press is good press for an artist.   Rolf Harris was convicted in the UK and the prices of his works have fallen.  There are some collectors who have put his work up on Ebay just in case you were looking for a good deal.

Artwork By Rolf harris

A German Janitor Strikes Again – This time throwing away student art

In Germany, the general population likes to keep things clean which is why you will see signs in the Deutsche Museum asking people not to clean the artefacts.  This need to clean means that sometimes in an effort to keep Germany clean, the cleaners step over the line and destroy pieces of art.

This week In Dusseldorf, a janitor removed student artwork from the building and threw it in a dumpster. Unlike the Italian janitor who mistook a piece of art by Paul Branca for garbage,

Cleaning lady threw out the trash but it wasn’t trash… it was contemporary art.

or the German cleaning lady who decided to scrub clean a piece of art by Martin Kippenberger,

German Cleaning Lady removed a “stain” on this contemporary art piece by Martin Kippenberger

the janitor at the Dusseldorf art school was told to take the pieces out of the building. The school asked students to remove the artwork from the building because it was causing a fire hazard.  After the warning, the janitor removed the remaining pieces and threw them in the dumpster.

According to the school it was a miscommunication between the school and the janitor. The artwork should have been left in the courtyard for pickup not mangled and thrown into the dumpster.

Mangled art at the Dusseldorf School of Art

Although German janitors may take cleaning to the extreme, paintings do catch on fire and burn down buildings.

Glaskow School of Art - Fire damage of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh masterpiece.
Glaskow School of Art – Fire damage of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh masterpiece.

The lessons learned for showing art in Germany:

  • Make sure your artwork is properly labeled.
  • Put up a sign asking people not to clean your art piece.
  • Don’t leave your artwork in the hallway of any buildings.
  • Get insurance on your artwork if you are selling it to make a living. (You need receipts showing at least three sales to get your work insured.)
  • Be nice to the janitor.


[yellow trashcan used with cc permission from Jes