Light Up Love With a Lightbox by

Yesterday I went to Zuckerschnuerl.

I pass this store as I drive downtown in my little mini but there isn’t parking in this area of town so I never stop by and check out what is there.  Yesterday, I walked along the Isar and decided to take ten minutes to go inside and see what they offer at this local store with stroller friendly planks on the stairs.


Right near the Isar go by public transport or walk. There is no parking in this area of town and there are two one-way streets.

My initial thought before entering the store was that the zuckerschnuerl would be a cutesy store because the side window is filled with kids things and the name has sugar in it.  Each time I whizzed by in my car, my brain registered “baby store, I don’t have a baby.”

My brain was partly correct.  There are baby things in the store and the store is children and dog-friendly.  A little baby was toddling around touching everything and the owner was not having a meltdown. 

Although there are lots of kids things scattered around the store, the first thing I saw when I entered was the lightbox sign.


Lightbox signs and letters by

The signs come in all different sizes.  I bought the A4 and one package of letters.


I paid for this lightbox to support Munich based stores. If you read this post, please purchase this product through Zuckerschnuerl so she stays in business. She would not let me take her photo. The owner is a very nice woman who speaks English.  We started talking in German and then as always ended up taking in English.  (I call this the Emmy Syndrome.)

What will Munich Artists do with the light box?

First, we made our Instagram posts today for Munich Artists and TrefuChallenge.


Yes that is what I look like with glasses and my hair done nicely at Graham and Graham.  Most days, my hair looks a bit more wild and the glasses are like real glasses so I can read stuff.

Munich Artists Valentine’s Instagram post-2017
Trefuchallenge post for  the 14 day Love is like Challenge
After today, I will make some signs to share on the website and for my own personal art projects.  The letters are printed on plastic that is the same thickness of an overhead projector plastic BUT you could also use the plastic that we used during our print workshop at Gabriela Popp’s studio.  I will try both and share my experiments with you on Instagram and our Youtube channel.


Do you want to make something for my lightbox? The dimensions are:

  • Individual Letters – 3.5cm W x 6.5cm High (for each letter)
  • Each Shelf –  6.5 Cm High x 30cm Wide (to use up the full space )

If you make something, I will meet with you and we will take a photograph with my lightbox.  The box uses batteries so I can go anywhere (ring 1/2) with the box.   You can use the photo for whatever you want.  You do not get the lightbox and it does not leave my control. (I’m a little bit of a control freak.)

As you know, I’m not a fan of the burbs. You can only get me out there when I have nothing to do (never happens) or when there are so many of you that I am compelled by the universe to go say hello.  I will travel to the mountains because I love nature even though I hate getting little stones in my boots but that happens in the city too so no strike against nature but the space in between is not my domain.

If you have questions about the Say Hello 2017 Event, I will be posting a video about the box tomorrow along with some answers to questions I’ve received in my message box.  The answers will only be posted in English. If you are German and want to translate them for me, that would be super cool of you.  I don’t know if Holger has time this week to deal with this. He is super busy doing serious non-artsy work. (He loves Munich Artists but there are some serious people relying on his very smart German brain so he can only dedicate a few minutes a week to this project and I tapped into those minutes for a space proposal.)

If you do visit Zuckerschnuerl, check out this weekly calendar. I almost bought it but wasn’t sure where I would put it.  I could see using something like this. You get 50 sheets. Each sheet is one week. (I don’t remember the price.)


weekly desk calendar available at Zueckerscnuerl.


PS: Bee in My Bonnet this Week:  I’m having issues with the terms concept store and pop-up store. If you are at a location for more than a very short period of time (weeks) you are not a popup store.  For me personally, a concept store shares products in a novel way that adds to the experience of shopping.  When I see a store for a year at a location, it is no longer a popup store.  When I see the same merchandise in a store over and over, then it is not a concept store.   What is your favourite place to find popup stores in Munich?  What is your favourite concept store in Munich?  Do you shop in Munich?  If you have merchandise in a store, let me know so I can share.  You know I like letting people know how they can support Munich-based creatives.


Free Art Fridays In Munich

I try things in Munich and then when I find myself doing things alone or only with Katrin Klug, then we just kind of putter out after awhile because we love doing things together but with projects like Free Art Friday, the point is to have lots of artists, not just two.

This year, I was putting out photos for Free Art Friday, and then my mother had her stroke, and I took some time off and then I found out that I was the only cheerleader in Munich and that just kind of sucked so I took an even longer vacation from encouraging artists and that long break confirmed that it did not seem to matter to most artists, so I wondered what was the point of working so hard to create something in Munich. (Examining your life happens when dramatic life changes occur.)

Because I was feeling this way, I focused on finishing my current art projects, tried not freaking out about my mother’s 4k a month medical bill, took a step back to see how many projects were not in line with my passions and started steering Munich Artists in a direction that fit with my life circumstances and the new strain to my pocketbook.

It is now November, and I am almost done with this year’s projects, and I thought I would spend the next two months isolating myself so I could focus on writing but, an email showed up in my mailbox yesterday that made me think about Free Art Fridays.


Kimi Te found this Free Art Friday Gift.


The email was from Kimi Te  who was in Munich for Jewellery week and found one of my photographs.  I know that a few Munich Artists have found my work around the city and that a few Mingas have my work but it was nice to see that someone living in Italy has a photograph of mine from the Free Art Friday project.

Getting this email made me smile.  I enjoy giving small gifts of artwork so I decided to do a Free Art Advents Calendar 2016.

This is not a formal Munich Artists Project.   I want to focus on writing two books during November/December so I will spend no time organizing artists for collaborations. Instead, you can contribute by dropping off artwork on a hook on the board on the day you want to share it. (Lots of ons in that sentence.)

This is a drop off and share good karma kind of project.  Each day I will have my artwork as a present on the Advent’s board and I would love for you to add yours.

The advents calendar will be outside our Frauenstrasse 18 studio.  I am there from 1000 to 1500  M,T,Th, Fr so if you want the art piece but don’t want to interact with me, you can show up after 1500 and before the front doors closes at 1900 to see if there is some artwork is left. I will keep you informed on Facebook when art pieces are picked up.

I will keep you informed on Facebook and Instagram when art pieces are picked up and whether there is artwork still to be picked up before I leave the studio.

I will post a photo of the board next week so you can see my Munich Artists Advents Calendar that will holding the parcels.

If you are an artist and you want to put a present on the board hooks feel free to stop by and add one. Please make sure the present is wrapped securely in plastic so that it doesn’t get wet and that it can hang from a hook. I will leave presents on the board until they are taken and I will be posting each wrapped present on Facebook so our Facebook fans can have a first crack at getting the packages left by Munich Artists.

Thank you Kim Te for reminding me that the little things are cherished as much as the big. This advent calendar is a nice compromise for me since I canceled the art swap.


If you are near the Munich Readery tonight, stop by and say hello. We are celebrating the launch of the Munich Stories 2016 book tonight starting at 1900. There is a limited amount of seating so come early. We may be doing a second book reading in December/January depending on how many people want one.  We will be publishing a Kindle/ibooks version of the book once the hard copy is back from the printer (We had them, sent them back and are waiting for the reprint.)




Munich Artists Sketch Book Project 2017

I forgot this project on our project list and will add it today!

We enjoyed the sketchbook project  so much this year that we will be doing it again in 2017 EXCEPT that we will keep the original in our Munich Artists Space and share it online on the Munich Artists Website.

Because we do not have to ship it to the US, we are going to be using a 21 x 21  Hardcover sketchbook for the group sketchbook with thicker paper to avoid bleedthrough.

This year, the Munich Artists sketchbook project has two parts.

PART I – Group Sketchbook

We will be doing exactly like last year. I will have a sketchbook at Frauenstrasse 18 and you will be welcome to come to the studio and do a sketch in the sketchbook during the whole year of 2017.

I will be at the Frauenstrasse by appointment and since we will have working out of the space, I will be at Frauenstrasse on Fridays from 1000 to 1600 (Except for Holidays) and Saturdays from 1300 to 1600.

PART II – NEW!  Individual Sketchbooks

We will be doing individual sketchbooks based on our Munich Artists Challenges.  For 2017, I will be doing a 365 Day Munich Artists Challenge. If you have been doing any challenges so far, you know that they are fun and we share our work on Facebook .  The sketchbooks will be ordered next week and will be for sale the third week in November 2016.

You are welcome to join the sketchbook challenge for the 7, 14, 30 day  challenges or for the full 365 day challenge.

The Sketchbooks will fit in an A5 box that we are ordering.  I will post the box when it arrives. I will post the book when it arrives. All products will be for sale through Munich Artist’s and our Amazon store.



Munich Stories – Our September Project

Today I had a great conversation with a Munich Artist by the name of Masha Baur who came to visit Frauenstrasse 18. It was a nice mid afternoon break from LifeLines in Red art production.

Surrounded by lots of wet ink, Masha showed me her current projects and we talked about some of her collaborative work with a writer living in Canada which she called the November project. I loved her November project so much that I asked if we could do it as a Munich Artists project but, in a different month.  Masha agreed to be one of the illustrators for this project which we will be doing in September and calling Munich Stories (or a similar domain name… I have to check what we have.)

The stories and their illustrations will be created from September 15th to October 15th.

Details of this project:

I will be picking 3 writers and 3 artists who will then each pick a writer or an artist they want to work with for the project.  If I ask you to write and you don’t know artists, you can pick one of the 100 Artists Say Hello Artists.  There will be no photographic art in this project.

The artists and writers will each create two pieces of artwork each week for the month for a total of 8 pieces of art.  All the artwork and stories will be combined into a book, and published under our Kyfio UG publishing ISBN. After costs, the involved artists will share 60 percent of the proceeds from the book which we will publish before Christmas.

There will be 30 topics.

Each week, the artist teams will pick two topics.  The artist will create an illustration from the first choice and the writer will write a story based on the second chosen topic.  In the middle of the week, the artist and writer will swap artwork and then create their second piece based on the piece they got from the other artist.

This means you will have 3 days to complete a piece and at the end of the week you will have four completed pieces of art, two visual and two written.

We will be printing this book in an A4 portrait magazine style so artwork must fit this dimension.  The story length is maximum 1500 words.    All participating artists will sign a contract allowing me to publish the book and , if we make any cash off of the artsy book, we will share it 60/40.  Artists together receiving 60 percent, me as the person doing all the backend work gets 40 (well kyfio UG gets 40 percent.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works!

Note: Five more days before we start guest posts. If you sent me one, I am uploading them tomorrow so I will email you with a thank you and tell you the approximate day it will be published. If you do not get an email from me tomorrow, please email me.

Until then,  I may try to write everyday to make up for the  2 week silence…. I have so much information to share… so much and time just slipppppppppps away into LifeLines which is what I thought would happen and why I’m doing the staycation.

Be prepared to create when you get back from VACATION.






Munich Artists Project Update June 2016


Toot. Toot. Toot my own  horn.

I own and spend lots of time writing about other artists but I’m also Emmy Horstkamp, the artist.  Keeping my distance and not making Munich Artists my own personal PA system is important but so is sharing my artwork and making sure the artists who work with me don’t get overlooked as I try to walk that tightrope between Munich Artists the group and Emmy Horstkamp the Munich Artist developing the Munich Artists Brand.

This year,  you will be seeing my name on lots of posts along with Munich Artists who are collaborating with me on different art projects including:

The Odeonsplatz Window Installations

My True Self,

500 Artists Play Cards

Inspired art book

Now, let me give you a tiny update about the projects before the posts in the next few weeks.

My True Self Installation Event

My True Self is a collaborative installation between myself and a group of Munich Artists. On July 10th, we will be filming Munich Artists wearing their masks  at the Odeonsplatz Subway. If you are a Munich Artist who is participating, please let me know. I will be making a specific post about this project next week.  If you want to be involved, make two masks as explained in the open call!

500 Artists Play Cards

Elizabeth Hughes is the project manager for the card creation and I’m one of the artists and managing the 500 Artists Play Cards event on November 19, 2016.

14 Munich Artists have been chosen and are creating a playing card deck which will be printed and then used during the event on November 19, 2016.   We ask you to reserve the date November 19, 2016 to be in Munich, Germany for this event.  (We are still looking for a location that can hold 500 Artists sitting down to play cards.)

The cost of this event depends on the location. If we need to take this into a hotel setting, the cost will be 150 Euro per seat (expensive option) If we use a public cafeteria, the event will cost 60 Euro and include a set of cards.  More information will be posted in two weeks as we get ready our Kickstarter campaign. The more funds we raise, the more options we will have for event locations.

Inspired Art Book

Brigitte Pruchnow wanted to create a sketchbook that traveled between artists. The artists would draw an art piece based on the art piece on the page before theirs.  I really liked this idea but managing the project would have taken two years so I altered the idea and now, 28 artists have been chosen to create artwork based on a Brigitte Pruchnow’s first art piece.

The book will be an A4 and will be published later this year.  The book will cost 50 Euro or less depending on how many orders we receive.  If you would like a copy of this book we will be sharing a few images and taking pre-orders later this summer. I will post the list of artists next week so you know who is involved and how many books you need to buy.  We may do a kickstarter campaign for this project so that we can have an exhibition of the original works.






Installation: Leave Me Alone? Emmy Horstkamp Installation

You have five more days to see  the first Munich Artists Summer Window Installation at Odeonsplatz.  The installation vacates the window on Sunday/Monday for the next Munich Artists Window Installation called Absolute Truth by Michaela Wuehr and Emmy Horstkamp.

The current installation was created by me, Emmy Hostkamp,  and is based on a story called “On Death” by Diana Radovan.

I created the installation and then experienced a near death situation with my mother which made writing about planning for your death and not being a burden a little too much like realty.   Neither one of my parents were planners and to create the artwork, I dug into my relationship with my own father and then, after it was installed, experienced my mother’s unexpected health crisis.

I’m feeling a little bit like I’m in some kind of twilight zone where the expectations of a Colombian/German child to take care of her parent are in conflict with her personal feelings.  I’ve followed my social/cultural obligation just like the daughter in the story and now, this piece resonates even stronger with me than it did before I created it.

The installation has two video components which have not been shared on the website but you can see them in this photo.


If you would like to read more about the installation, you can read about it on the Will God Leave Me Alone installation page.





Current Sketches for Munich Artists Sketchbook For Brooklyn – 3 Pages Left

I will be mailing out the sketchbook on Monday morning so if you want to sketch in it, you can still come by today and Thursday between 100 and 1500 & Saturday between 1100 and 1500.

Any pages that I do not have sketches on will be filled with a sticker from my remember series so that there are no empty pages.

This has been a really fun project and we will be doing something similar for our own fun in the next couple of months using a piece of Brigitte Pruchnow’s artwork (She will pick the artists to sketch in that project.)

Here are the Munich Artists Artwork from the current Brooklyn Sketchbook Librarary sketchbook (NOT in order, just how I snapped them yesterday before leaving the studio):

Brigitte Pruchnow
Florencia Chuecke
Yelena Vakker
Choco Bot
Ines Seidel
Angelica Zeller Michaelson
Maximilian Lueckenhaus
Petra Winter
Manuela Illera
Penelope Richardson
Berit Opelt
Katrin Klug


A little bit of this. A little bit of that. A whole lot of Munich Artists.

2016 Projects

I’ve submitted four proposals to the city of Munich for our 2016 projects. I have a fifth project which has not been submitted because I’m thinking it will be able to support itself but we will need lots of artists who like doing workshops and a big enough space to hold the event and there will be a charge to artists and to workshop participants to cover fees and materials.

For our 2016 projects, we asked Munich for funding and assistance and some resources because we need a place to plunk down installations & popup studios. Keep your fingers crossed that Munich says yes.  We would love to be able to offer Munich Artists the opportunity to share their artistic talents and create some participatory artwork and Installations and experiment with how artists can interact more openly with Munich.

If funding is approved, the open calls for our projects will be posted in November. Made Your Bed, Up in the Air, Life of a Munich Artist and Popup Studios are very different projects with different motivations.  I have an art historian curating the Made Your bed installation series, so please do not send me emails. All information will be on the website in November and we will be choosing 10 of the 12 artists in December 2015.

All projects will have Kickstarter campaigns and if you know someone who wants to help support our projects, please ask them to email me at (We asked for assistance from the city but their help will not cover all the costs.)

Munich Artists Made Your Bed Installation Series.

Munich Artists Installation “Up in the Air”

Pop Up Art Studio

Life of a Munich Artist – Photo Art Book Series

Art Challenges

Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Daisy

We have two challenges coming up. One challenge is in November 22nd at my studio.  This will be a chance for artists to come together and create something in one day as a group.   (Note: This has been cancelled. )

The second challenge will be for Advent so it will be 24 days long. It is a bit different than our other challenges because you can take a photograph or do the tutorial and share the results. I will be posting the themes for the 24 days when I return from NYC so you have a few weeks to prepare for the start of the challenge.  This challenge will go public on December first, but if you want to try working on them ahead of time, you can email me and I will share access to the page with you.

Why do a challenge? Why not ask Nina Schmid about her self portrait challenge photos.  Nina Schmid just quite a few of her Munich Artists photo challenge portraits at Stroke Ltd and is super happy about the work she created in 30 days. Below are a few of the photos from the challenge.

Munich Artists Membership

We will offer membership options for artists and people who appreciate Munich Artists. More information will be posted in December (so you can buy a gift card for your Artist friends.)

Munich Artists Monthly Artist Gallery

Artists are allowed to submit an application to have a gallery of their artwork on the front page of the website. The artwork is curated and must be from working artists who are located in Bavaria.  The slots are filled until early 2016.    We also have a gallery of artwork by artists in their different neighbourhoods. email if you are interested in being one of the artists.

While I’m Away, Munich Artists Will Play

I will be gone next week hunting for street art in NYC so Munich Artists have volunteered to share their work with you for one week.  Each day an artist will share their work.  I will be having one writer in the mix so If you like having some English fiction to read, let me know and we can add a bit more in 2016.

Made Your Bed

Emmy Horstkamp - Installation - Made Your Bed
Emmy Horstkamp – Installation – Made Your Bed

Below is the installation website.  On October 17th, the site will go live. The installation includes an audio/video component and an opportunity to share with me your story of a bed you made.   I look forward to sharing this art piece with you and hope you can visit me at the Long Night of the Museum.  Goethestrasse 53  Stop #17 on the bus route.   More information about the Long Night of the Museum can be found here.

Artist: Emmy Horstkamp

Installation – Made Your Bed

Metal, paper, Encaustic medium, Wood, Ink, Digital Prints, Video, website.


Click here to visit the Installation Page – Installation begins on October 17, 2015.

Wanting to be one of the dancers – artwork by Suzanna Treumann for January 2015 art installation piece

In January 2015, Munich Artists invited artists to draw on a black line created on the walls of the the Schwere Reiter theater.  the art installation was displayed during the theatre performance “Ground(s) – Diptychon” by Jasmine Morand with David N. Russo.  It was wonderful to have a great group of artists creating art on site but we realised that one artist, Suzanna Treumann, went one step beyond the rest by camping out at the theatre and creating a temporary studio on the floor of the main theatre room.  For several days, Suzanna worked and immersed herself in the life of the dancer.  If you would like to read her thoughts, here is a link to her blog.  Below are a few images of Suzanna’s inspiration and creations.

Open Call for January 2015 Munich Artists Project – Art Installations for David Russo and Jasmine Morand Theatre Production

Remember me?  Remember getting together in December? Lets start 2015 with a bang by creating some art together. Here are LOTS of details:

Date: 13.1.2015 through 18.1.2015

Location: Schwabing/Maxvorstadt Munich at a Theatre Complex

Invited Artists: Munich Artists Group organised by Emmy Horstkamp

Project: Art Installation in association with David Russo and Jasmine Morand Theatre production

Information about David Russo’s and Jasmine Morand’s theatre production

Name: Grounds (s) Diptychon – Ground(s) is a diptych. Two pieces which exploit novel technologies in order to bring out specific atmospheres through the relationship between gesture and image, where motion, light and graphics operate in an inter-dependent and symbiotic way.

Underground –  Underground is an installation inspired by peep shows and danced in real time by a woman and a man in a confined, intimate space. Set in a semi transparent structure with diagonal slits through which you can see clearly, the piece is inspired by Japanese bondage art. Inside the structure, a man and a woman move slowly, maintaining distance at first, restraining their energies until their bodies are finally confronted with each other. The tangled bodies move slowly at first, then gently crescendo into a frenetic pattern, where fragments of full- blown eroticism can appear, perceived as quasi subliminal images. The action unfolds in almost complete silence, where any noise from the dancers triggers the lights to switch off. This effect enforces a strangely breathtaking kind of intimacy, where people are invited to watch something which is both minimal and aesthetic, while being witness to something truly intimate, humanistic.

Playground – Three dancers are involved in a reflex game with increasingly complex rules which eventually turns into war-like conflict when an “object of desire” is introduced.Playground is at the cross-roads between performance and dance, using fully interactive video-mapping as a dynamic scenic tool, combining gesture, sound and image in a synergetic way.

At first, the piece developed as a simple reflex game between three dancers. Slowly the rules become more complicated, and transform the dynamics between the characters. The “playground” itself evolves and becomes a terrain where other, new rules develop and take over. Amid this, a cylindrical element is introduced and becomes an object of desire for these dancers and, naturally, the source of tensions and conflict. Invisibly, the playground becomes a war-game. The goal becomes to possess, win, to impose, to triumph. Gradually, as the alliances between the dancers are in turn made and undone, the fight for victory takes on more importance in the dynamic. As the rules and original causes of the conflict vanish from the game, the ultimate victory is taken by the dominating light and graphics which fight a war of shadows across the whole stage, dwarfing the embattled dancers by sheer size and intensity, underlining the absurdity of the conflicts unfolding on stage.

The video projections and sound-scape are influenced by the cylindrical element’s position in space, and react dynamically to movement. The graphics created and used in giant video projections were loosely inspired by the geometry of a chessboard and the constant opposition of light and darkness.

What happens when you take a popular game that everybody knows and modify one single element? Ryota Kuwakubo

Information about the Munich Artists Visual Artist Project

Munich Artists will create an art installation on the walls of the theatre foyer and the hallways leading to the two performances located in two different areas of the building.

All artists will be invited to come into the space on Tuesday and Wed to create artwork for themselves while the theatre artists are doing dress rehearsals.  The directors want you to be inspired by their artists and the theatre performances.

Installation : Group Wall Collage

The artists who decide to participate will be encouraged to drop some artwork into a box (box is part of the theatre concept) and those artworks will be collaged and hung on one wall where the book will be located (A very big wall.)  The artwork dropped off ideally will be created based on the visit to the space but artists will be encouraged to bring in old sketch books, art pieces, or found art to be ripped up and used for the collage.   All artists will be offered the opportunity to collage and add layers until the performance ends on Sunday.   All artwork brought to the theatre must be paper or canvas so that it will be light enough to hang from the wall without too much support.

Artists will be allowed to paint and draw on the collaged pieces. The only limitation for this collaborative art piece is that the subject matter must relate to the performance and whatever you add must make sense to the rest of the collage. (no bandstanding, advertising or tagging.) We will do minimal curation to remove inappropriate materials.

All supplies must be supplied by the individual artists.  If you want to paint on the collage, please use acrylics. NO spray paint or oils.  If you are a messy painter, bring a drop cloth. You will not be able to keep your selected art piece on the collaborative collaged piece.  all collaged art becomes part of the whole and will not be returned specifically to you.

Installation: The Black Line

Selected artists’ artwork will relate to a black line that will be taped across all the walls and will connect the theatre rooms. The line will be continuous but not straight. The black line must be incorporated into the art pieces of the selected artists.  The artists who create artwork off the line will be able to take their artwork home with them. All rights remain with the artists creating the pieces coming off the black line.

This part of the project is not open to all artists. If you want to be one of the ten artists working along the black line, please send an email to  emmy (at)  (If I don’t know you, please add a link to your portfolio.)  We started choosing artists to fill the space and I will make the final decisions over the weekend based on how the artwork will flow together through the available space. (If you want to work as a team that is ok but you must show me artwork that you created already as a team of artists.)

All artwork should relate to the ideas described above about the play.  Please do not use already created artwork. The directors want the energy to be from this specific site and performances.

Artists Book

Each registered artist (who comes in during the week) will be allowed to add a finished art piece based on the performance to a book which will be on display during the weekend.

The book will be a gift to David Russo and Jasmine Morand who are the theatre performance originators.  All pieces attached to the book will be no larger than an A4 size (or will have to be folded up and inserted into the book).  The artwork attached can be high quality digital prints of a piece created by the artist during the week or an original art piece. No art pieces attached to the book will be returned.  No exceptions.

The book and the wall collage will be open to all Artists but you must register to work on the art piece and get access to the theatre space. Sign up sheets will be posted on the website on January 6, 2015.

Please do not go to the theatre unless you have signed up for a specific day.  Please do not fret if I don’t pick you for one of the walls, you can work on the collage and put an individual art piece in the book for people to see. Please respect the performers preparing for their show. This is a stressful time for them and we are lucky to have this opportunity to invade their space.

Tentative Schedule

13.1.2015 Tuesday -Artists create art in space, add artwork to book and work on collage wall

14.1.2015 Wed –  Artists work on their selected spaces, create artwork based on the performances, work on collaged wall.

15.1.2015 Thursday – Art Exhibited

16.1.2015 Friday – Art Exhibited

17.1.2015 Saturday – Art Exhibited

18.1.2015 Sunday – (Take Down Art Pieces)


I will be making signup sheet where the artists will need to sign up for the days they would like to come in and do work. That way we know who is showing up and how many artists will be participating.  I will post the signup sheet tomorrow January 6th 2015.

The theatre will open up early on performance days so people can come see the artwork before the show. (If your friends and family want to see the artwork but do not want to attend the theatre event.)

For the ten artists working on the black line, All artwork must be removed at the end of the performance on Sunday. If you want to take your artwork home, please reserve this day to take it down otherwise you release your rights to the art pieces you created and I can toss it or keep it.  I will not hold artwork for anyone. (The space is just too big and I have a small car.)

If you want part of the group collage, I will be cutting the collage up into squares.  All artists who participated in the event can have a square but they must be registered and leave a physical address for the piece to be mailed.  No unregistered artists will receive recognition or a piece of the collaged artwork.  No exceptions.

The hallway leading up to the peep show needs to encourage viewers to be quiet.   This is a challenge for the artists given these walls to display their artwork.

I will be posting photos on January 6th of the space so you can see the walls we are working with for this installation.

Once you sign up for the project, you will be giving the location of the theatre.

David will have a press conference for the event and will talk about the artwork in addition to his theatre performance.

If you have any questions, please email emmy (at)


Emmy Horstkamp

Munich Project Updates

This Week’s Project Updates:

  • B/W artists book:

Last Saturday, Munich Artists started a project for an artist’s book focusing on black and white ink on paper.  The artists have now collected their supplies and are in the process of making their art pieces.  As the weeks go by, I will share more images of the artwork.

  • Long Night Of the Museum Connected Installation:

The centrepiece of our installation is a zoetrope which now has a physical form thanks to the Werkbox 3. I will be picking up the skeleton for the zoetrope today and will post an image next week of the finished piece.  Katrin Vogl is currently at the space working on her sculpture and our floor stickers will be printed next week.

If you want to take a peek at what we are doing, you are welcome to stop by and see.  We will be at Frauenstrasse 18 M-F from 830 until 1600 until October 16th.

  • Free Art Friday Munich 

Katrin Klug has been putting her small pieces out every friday.  Last week, Katrin left a piece of art in a cafe and it was snatched up! If you decide to participate in Free art Friday, please do not to put your art in a store or someplace difficult for people to reach.   If you do put outwork out for Free Art Friday, please let us know so we can write about it on the Free Art Friday Munich Facebook Page and on the Free Art Friday Munich Blog.  On new media, we share where each piece of art can be found and the artist’s name if they want to share it.

  • New Projects:
    • 1.  Artists book with Brigitte Pruchnow.  We have set down the parameters for the book and the project will begin in January 2015.  This is a unique project and may turn into a series.  The project will be open to all Munich/Bavarian artists but you cannot apply. each artist is picked by the artist before them. I will only be choosing artists if we end up getting stuck because an artist did not finish their art piece in the designated time.  If you are a Munich artist you may submit your name to the list of standby artists but I can’t promise that you will be picked. I will post the name of the artists as they complete their art piece and show on a map where they are located. This way you can see how the project is working its way around the city and how the artists decide who to pick as the next artist in the chain of artwork.
    • 2. Artists book/zine with Andreas Hirsch.  This project is starting in November 2014. It is open to illustrators and writers.  I must meet you before I will put you on the team.  We are looking for visual artists who love to think outside of the box, have their own illustrative style that is not Manga related and flows well with the other artists involved. For Writers, we are looking for writers interested in a magazine/zine/graphic novel and able to write flash fiction that translates well into English.  All the artists for this book series must want to work in a group, must be able to meet deadlines, and must be interested in long term group project.  We are looking for a group of like minded artists with a sense of humour so that the project stays fun and professional.  We want the first product from this group to leave the nest in March 2015.



Munich Artists Projects – Long Night of the Museum Installation

The following artists are working on the Munich Artists installation which will be showcased at the  Büro des Münchner Flüchtlingsrates, Goethestr.53 Erdgeschoß.

Emmy Horstkamp

Florencia Chueke

Martin Stonard

Corinna Naumann

Malta Dinkela

Karin Vogl

The installation focuses on the connection and disconnection of asylum seekers representing the asylum seekers symbolically through video, augmented reality and sculptural art forms.

There will be six videos placed in an augmented reality images.  Each video will represent a country of an asylum seeker.  Each sculptural pieces will represent ideas associated with asylum seeking as interpreted by the above artists.  We are letting the visual artists pursue their ideas on 2 m lighted columns and we will share their artists statements online and in a brochure so that you can understand each sculptural piece and how it relates to the overall theme of the installation.

I’ve asked the artists to keep the artwork in column form but they are welcome to manipulate the light element, the height (must be a minimum of 2m), and the materials used for the column.

Only a small percentage of the population knows how to use augmented reality.  We are using this technology in the exhibition to show the struggles asylum seekers face learning new skills needed to integrate into German society.  Augmented reality also points to the need for specific tools to connect the asylum seekers to German society.

A WordPress site will house the images of the sculptures and the videos so visitors can see the different elements of the installation together online.    

The exhibition will be organised as a circle of columns that represent trees.  The outer five trees will represent German society towering and rooted.  The middle column will be shorter and have no roots.  It will be images/words whitewashed to represent a new start and will contain a Zoetrope showing a simple scene. The zoetrope will need to be hand spun to work.  You must pass through the other sculptures to reach it.

This zoetrope sculpture represent the asylum seeker who is sheltered by Germany but has not roots and no German story yet to tell/show.  All is within the Asylum seeker and one must look closely to see what is inside. The zoetrope is a simple scene representing one of the needs requested by valid asylum seekers in Germany.

We will continue posting information about the installation each week. Next week, I will share some images of the different elements of the installation.

Here is our page for the Long Night of the Museum Exhibition Connected- October 18th, 2014 (Lange Nacht der Museen October 18 2014) which will be posted under Munich Artists Projects.