My True Self Installation Will be Presented at the Long Night of the Museum.

Munich Artists!  I had to wait, wait, wait and now I can finally tell you that our My True Self installation will be exhibited during the LNdM at Goethestrasse 53. (Münchner Flüchtlingsrat Goethestr. 53) which is an official location for the shuttle buses and an amazing location to display the My True Self installation.  This is our 3rd year exhibiting during the Long Night of the Museum and I want this installation to be amazing and fun and full of our creative energy.

What will be exhibited?   The video I’m creating of you and the white masks piled under the video and and a video wall of LNdM guests wearing either a white mask or a my true self mask.


  • Please bring your two masks.
    • 1 all white of your face
    • 1 mask that represents your true self.
    • Below is an example by Gabriela Popp.
Masks by Gabriela Popp
  • Please wear all black or very dark blue solid colour clothing as I want people focusing on the mask not the outfit or your body.  NO PRINTS, NO WORDS, Just Solid dark blue or black colors.
  • Please block off 4 hours 900 to 1200 on Sunday July 10th.  Although we may take less time depending on how many times I send you up and down the escalator to capture shots.  The video will show a stream of people going down in a single file so depending on how many people we have I may have you go done a few times in different orders to capture the shots so I can make it look like a streaming line of people or the same person having to go down over and over again.
  • We meet at the odeonsplatz Window where we show our installations near the cash machine, in the underground on the side close to SF coffee.  If you have no clue where the installation window is text me +4915129111465 and I will go find you near the SF coffee.
  • If you want me to use your white mask under the installation, please write your name somewhere on the mask so I know who to give it back to after the October installation.
  • If you want people man handling your “My true self” mask at the Long Night of the museum, I will use it for the display otherwise I will be making masks for this purpose because after 8k people play with them, they may be worse for wear but it will be fun to see lots of people wearing the masks and taking photos so it is up to you if you want them using your art that way.


See you next week!



Event Update for 500 Artists Say HEllO

Hello Munich Artists!

Here is the scoop.

  • Our event is April 23, 2016 from 1400 to 1800 (Middle of the day after you finish your errands and before you head out for your evening activities.)
  • People want to eat so they are bringing food to share.  Bring food to share and napkins and plates and utensils, better to have more than not enough.
  • We have more than 100 artists who have agreed to share artwork for our “500 Artists Say Hello” event so I will be working with more than 100 art pieces for the installation at Quiddestr. 45.
  • Most of the artwork for the installation has arrived downtown.  (Hurray! Only a few stragglers who will be bringing pieces this weekend.)
  • More than 620 people consider themselves Munich Artists.
  • We registered more than 100 artists for the Munich Art Market.
  • If you want to be considered for the Munich Art Market and you are not showing artwork in the installation, you must register at the event. The registration fee is 20 Euro. Registration/application does not guarantee we will accept your work for sale.
  • We want to start looking for group discounts.  To do this, I need to create a database of Munich Artists members.  I want to see if we can get discounts at art stores and those specialty stores I’m hunting down.   To do this, I will be making a Munich Artists ID card. (snazzy) It will be good for one year.   All artists registered for the 500 artists event will get a card on April 23. All other artists/supporters must apply for the card and the fee for the card will be 30 Euro to cover admin costs of creating a discount/membership card.
  • You don’t have to attend the event or be an artist to be a member of Munich Artists. We will have cards for artists and art supporters.  You will need to pay 30 Euro and fill in the application form which will be posted after the event (we will have forms at the event for you to fill in if you come and hang out with us on April 23rd.)
  • I’m working on the booklet this week. I decided to print it using a printer and asked Roy Hessing to let us use the photograph below. I just finished the forward and will be populating the pages with your images and words.  I will be sending it to the printer on Monday.


  • We will be printing some shirts. We will be posting the options next week for Pre-order.  If you have a favourite print shop for shirts please let me know. I want thick cotton and a Vneck shirt option cause I’m a girl. We will only print by demand/order for the event.
  • If you want to “project manage” T-shirts, please let me know.  We will be offering the T-shirts as part of our product line to fund Munich Artists projects so we need to be able to make a bit of profit from the shirts.


  • I need a volunteer to manage the registration table, the food table, the application table and cleanup.  







Hello Oliver Rennen – Maker & Artist in Munich

We have a maker/artist interested in collaborating. I’m not sharing Oliver’s portrait because he will be in our book and you can use the book to find him on April 23rd at our 500 artists say hello event.

What kind of collaborations  does Oliver want?  

Oliver is open to ideas and is willing to work with a few of you to create some really cool art using 3D printers, lasers and cool gadgets from the makers space.

Oliver’s Hello Art

Oliver created his art piece using a 3D print file, cutting the different layers and then using a laser to cut hello and the background design into the paper.

In the photo below you can see an extra piece created using this process. Oliver created a software program to help  the laser to cut more than 100 pieces which make up the body of his work.


Artwork by Oliver Rennen – 3d print file/laser cutting

I’m really happy that Oliver will be joining us on April 23rd. We have around 100 artists showing artwork.  If you sent in your application and have not heard from me, please let me know so I can  If you emailed me and do not have a response, please send me a reminder email so I can search my email for missing photos/applications.

For our first 500 artists say hello event, we have:

  • Illustration
  • Oil/Acrylic/Ink Abstracts
  • Oil/Acrylic/Ink Figurative Work
  • Cartoon
  • Photography
  • Sculpture (wood, paper )
  • Dance (in Video format)
  • Music (in Video format)
  • Mixed Media
  • Jewellery

We are creating a website for the 500 Artists project and will show you all the works and the artists on this site.  It has been exciting to see the artwork coming in and the diversity that we have in art here in Munich.  I’m very lucky to get to meet all of you before the event and to share your artwork with the Munich Artists community.

If you are reading this, and you want your artwork included, I’m still working on the booklet so can add a page or three.   Once the booklet is off to the printers, the submission of artwork will end.  You can email me at  if you want to submit late.   If you don’t want to create a hello painting in your style, you can always join our 21 day Hello Challenge.


The First Munich Artists Stammtisch May 2015

Last night we organised our first Munich Artists Stammtisch.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss our current projects and to get feedback from artists regarding our current plans and what they want to achieve over the next year. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our projects on the website and placing open calls for two of them.

The following Munich artists attended our first stammtisch:

Rainer Schmitten
‘Scotland’, mixed media on canvas, 140 x 175 cm, Rainer Schmitten 2015

Rainer Schmitten

Roy Hessing

Roy Hessing

Andreas Hirsch

Andreas Hirsch

Hubert Juranek

Hubert Juranek

Berit Opelt

Berit Opelt

Markus Maria Wendland

Markus Maria Wendland

Chris Tomas

Chris Tomas

Angela Smets-print-2015

Angela Smets

Munich Artists Sonia Boening

Sonia Boening



Julia Rößle


Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Nasser Ash

Florencia Chueke

Ursula Singer


Emmy Horstkamp Plan B Dorothy 2015 collage
Emmy Horstkamp

Artsy Events for Feb 19th – March 2015


  • A play in French… Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. I’m organising a group on Meetup to go to the event.  Here is a link to the event page.
  • Interested in some visual art?  Wander over to Robert Weber Gallery for an exhibition tonight. Galerie Robert Weber Gabelsbergerstrasse 70, 80333  For the exhibition, you will need a QR Code scanner installed on your smart phone – it is one of those kind of exhibitions. I’ve tried making people use those things for an exhibition.. hopefully he has better phone reception at his gallery so things work a bit faster than at my QR Code installation at the Provisorium or the app fail at the Long Night of the Museum.


  • Meditative Workshop – Marbling – Here is a link to the event page if you are interested in marbling paper. Costs around 30 Euro.
  • Sophia Mainka has an exhibition. Milchstraße 4, 81667 München.
  • Manuela Illera, a Colombian artist and new to Munich, will be having an exhibition for one week at the gallery am Isartor.  Remember, the gallery is in the entranceway.  You don’t have to go into the dark club/party room because the art isn’t there but if you go to exhibitions to party, wander in and get a few free drinks.  I walked over on Monday to see the current exhibition and liked not having to go inside.  All the information about the artists is posted in the windows including some of the prices. You can visit the windows whenever you want, they are within spitting distance of the Sbahn exit and you can then wander back away impressed with your dedication to the arts.

Munich Creative Business Week

Here is a link to the Munich Creative Business Week  The Friday Gallery is a Creative Spot during the week and we will be showing an art installation by Birgit Abt.

I will be giving a talk about Regional Branding and Social Media.  If you are trying to figure this out for your specific niche, please feel free to come pick my brain but you must RSVP for this event and pay a small fee. I will be filling your head with all kinds of information which might make you dizzy or sleepy or nauseated at how much you don’t know so I need to make sure I have the right number of chairs for this event.

WED Feb 25th  

Regional Brand Development in a Social Media Society is   the exact title of my talk.  Here is a link to the event page. The talk will be at the Friday Gallery frauenstrasse 18.  I changed the date from March 26th to the 25th because I’m going to be giving a speech at an exhibition and can’t physically be in two places at once.  You can email me at emmy@ if you have any questions.


The Behance Portfolio Show.  I will be giving a speech for about 15 minutes.   Here are theartists showing work during the exhibition.The artwork on the announcement is by Moran Haynal who combines his Jewish faith with Hebrew calligraphy to make his artwork.

Kerstin Klein

Moran Haynal

Sara Otterstaetter

Ralph Kretschmann

Mr. Woodland

The topic of my speech for the 26th?  Artists in Munich, their creative inspiration, art production and the challenges of being a foreign/German artist in Munich, Germany from a foreign/German point of view or now, I’m thinking about talking about outsider art.   I will let you know next week.

 FRIDAY Feb 27

Saturday Feb 28th @1400  

Creative Meditation  at  Atelier&Galerie PunktPunktKommaKunst Donnersbergerstraße 48, 80634 Munich, Germany

Mark Your Calendar for March 2015

Schmuck 2015 – March 11 – 17th  Jewellery artists are coming to town! We will have guest artists at the Friday Gallery and also at Kunst-Werkstatt-MUC.  Please feel free to stop by and see some innovative jewellery art.


Open Call for January 2015 Munich Artists Project – Art Installations for David Russo and Jasmine Morand Theatre Production

Remember me?  Remember getting together in December? Lets start 2015 with a bang by creating some art together. Here are LOTS of details:

Date: 13.1.2015 through 18.1.2015

Location: Schwabing/Maxvorstadt Munich at a Theatre Complex

Invited Artists: Munich Artists Group organised by Emmy Horstkamp

Project: Art Installation in association with David Russo and Jasmine Morand Theatre production

Information about David Russo’s and Jasmine Morand’s theatre production

Name: Grounds (s) Diptychon – Ground(s) is a diptych. Two pieces which exploit novel technologies in order to bring out specific atmospheres through the relationship between gesture and image, where motion, light and graphics operate in an inter-dependent and symbiotic way.

Underground –  Underground is an installation inspired by peep shows and danced in real time by a woman and a man in a confined, intimate space. Set in a semi transparent structure with diagonal slits through which you can see clearly, the piece is inspired by Japanese bondage art. Inside the structure, a man and a woman move slowly, maintaining distance at first, restraining their energies until their bodies are finally confronted with each other. The tangled bodies move slowly at first, then gently crescendo into a frenetic pattern, where fragments of full- blown eroticism can appear, perceived as quasi subliminal images. The action unfolds in almost complete silence, where any noise from the dancers triggers the lights to switch off. This effect enforces a strangely breathtaking kind of intimacy, where people are invited to watch something which is both minimal and aesthetic, while being witness to something truly intimate, humanistic.

Playground – Three dancers are involved in a reflex game with increasingly complex rules which eventually turns into war-like conflict when an “object of desire” is introduced.Playground is at the cross-roads between performance and dance, using fully interactive video-mapping as a dynamic scenic tool, combining gesture, sound and image in a synergetic way.

At first, the piece developed as a simple reflex game between three dancers. Slowly the rules become more complicated, and transform the dynamics between the characters. The “playground” itself evolves and becomes a terrain where other, new rules develop and take over. Amid this, a cylindrical element is introduced and becomes an object of desire for these dancers and, naturally, the source of tensions and conflict. Invisibly, the playground becomes a war-game. The goal becomes to possess, win, to impose, to triumph. Gradually, as the alliances between the dancers are in turn made and undone, the fight for victory takes on more importance in the dynamic. As the rules and original causes of the conflict vanish from the game, the ultimate victory is taken by the dominating light and graphics which fight a war of shadows across the whole stage, dwarfing the embattled dancers by sheer size and intensity, underlining the absurdity of the conflicts unfolding on stage.

The video projections and sound-scape are influenced by the cylindrical element’s position in space, and react dynamically to movement. The graphics created and used in giant video projections were loosely inspired by the geometry of a chessboard and the constant opposition of light and darkness.

What happens when you take a popular game that everybody knows and modify one single element? Ryota Kuwakubo

Information about the Munich Artists Visual Artist Project

Munich Artists will create an art installation on the walls of the theatre foyer and the hallways leading to the two performances located in two different areas of the building.

All artists will be invited to come into the space on Tuesday and Wed to create artwork for themselves while the theatre artists are doing dress rehearsals.  The directors want you to be inspired by their artists and the theatre performances.

Installation : Group Wall Collage

The artists who decide to participate will be encouraged to drop some artwork into a box (box is part of the theatre concept) and those artworks will be collaged and hung on one wall where the book will be located (A very big wall.)  The artwork dropped off ideally will be created based on the visit to the space but artists will be encouraged to bring in old sketch books, art pieces, or found art to be ripped up and used for the collage.   All artists will be offered the opportunity to collage and add layers until the performance ends on Sunday.   All artwork brought to the theatre must be paper or canvas so that it will be light enough to hang from the wall without too much support.

Artists will be allowed to paint and draw on the collaged pieces. The only limitation for this collaborative art piece is that the subject matter must relate to the performance and whatever you add must make sense to the rest of the collage. (no bandstanding, advertising or tagging.) We will do minimal curation to remove inappropriate materials.

All supplies must be supplied by the individual artists.  If you want to paint on the collage, please use acrylics. NO spray paint or oils.  If you are a messy painter, bring a drop cloth. You will not be able to keep your selected art piece on the collaborative collaged piece.  all collaged art becomes part of the whole and will not be returned specifically to you.

Installation: The Black Line

Selected artists’ artwork will relate to a black line that will be taped across all the walls and will connect the theatre rooms. The line will be continuous but not straight. The black line must be incorporated into the art pieces of the selected artists.  The artists who create artwork off the line will be able to take their artwork home with them. All rights remain with the artists creating the pieces coming off the black line.

This part of the project is not open to all artists. If you want to be one of the ten artists working along the black line, please send an email to  emmy (at)  (If I don’t know you, please add a link to your portfolio.)  We started choosing artists to fill the space and I will make the final decisions over the weekend based on how the artwork will flow together through the available space. (If you want to work as a team that is ok but you must show me artwork that you created already as a team of artists.)

All artwork should relate to the ideas described above about the play.  Please do not use already created artwork. The directors want the energy to be from this specific site and performances.

Artists Book

Each registered artist (who comes in during the week) will be allowed to add a finished art piece based on the performance to a book which will be on display during the weekend.

The book will be a gift to David Russo and Jasmine Morand who are the theatre performance originators.  All pieces attached to the book will be no larger than an A4 size (or will have to be folded up and inserted into the book).  The artwork attached can be high quality digital prints of a piece created by the artist during the week or an original art piece. No art pieces attached to the book will be returned.  No exceptions.

The book and the wall collage will be open to all Artists but you must register to work on the art piece and get access to the theatre space. Sign up sheets will be posted on the website on January 6, 2015.

Please do not go to the theatre unless you have signed up for a specific day.  Please do not fret if I don’t pick you for one of the walls, you can work on the collage and put an individual art piece in the book for people to see. Please respect the performers preparing for their show. This is a stressful time for them and we are lucky to have this opportunity to invade their space.

Tentative Schedule

13.1.2015 Tuesday -Artists create art in space, add artwork to book and work on collage wall

14.1.2015 Wed –  Artists work on their selected spaces, create artwork based on the performances, work on collaged wall.

15.1.2015 Thursday – Art Exhibited

16.1.2015 Friday – Art Exhibited

17.1.2015 Saturday – Art Exhibited

18.1.2015 Sunday – (Take Down Art Pieces)


I will be making signup sheet where the artists will need to sign up for the days they would like to come in and do work. That way we know who is showing up and how many artists will be participating.  I will post the signup sheet tomorrow January 6th 2015.

The theatre will open up early on performance days so people can come see the artwork before the show. (If your friends and family want to see the artwork but do not want to attend the theatre event.)

For the ten artists working on the black line, All artwork must be removed at the end of the performance on Sunday. If you want to take your artwork home, please reserve this day to take it down otherwise you release your rights to the art pieces you created and I can toss it or keep it.  I will not hold artwork for anyone. (The space is just too big and I have a small car.)

If you want part of the group collage, I will be cutting the collage up into squares.  All artists who participated in the event can have a square but they must be registered and leave a physical address for the piece to be mailed.  No unregistered artists will receive recognition or a piece of the collaged artwork.  No exceptions.

The hallway leading up to the peep show needs to encourage viewers to be quiet.   This is a challenge for the artists given these walls to display their artwork.

I will be posting photos on January 6th of the space so you can see the walls we are working with for this installation.

Once you sign up for the project, you will be giving the location of the theatre.

David will have a press conference for the event and will talk about the artwork in addition to his theatre performance.

If you have any questions, please email emmy (at)


Emmy Horstkamp