Art Photography Book by Eva-Marlene Etzel

Munich Artists loves art books and photography books, Galleries that show art books and the artists willing to create artwork in book form.

This week, Munich Artists met Eva-Marlene Etzel and looked through her photography book entitled  “Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben.”


Book  by Eva-Marlene Etzel pen by Apple (I love both.)


The book we examined is currently the only one and she brought it to me wrapped in bubble wrap.  I loved looking through the book and hearing what Eva-Marlene had to say about her photography, her desire to work full time as a photographer and the ideas she wanted to develop for her fine art photography practice.

Eva-Marlene graduated from art school in Dortmund and now lives in Munich where she is working to develop her book project and build a photography practice.

As most of you know, one of the frustrating parts about being an artist is funding personal art projects.

Eva-Marlene is trying online crowdfunding for her book. Eva-Marlene will be running an indiegogo campaign until March 10, 2017.(Eva-Marlene is printing 20 or so copies of her photography book.)

Here are 8 things you should know about Eva-Marlene’s photography book.

  1. Everyone in the book is a “normal” person. No professional models were used for her shots.
  2. The concept for the book is inspired by Shakespearean lovers. Eva-Marlene will not share which ones so you can have fun looking through the images and trying to guess.
  3. The book gives no answers but deals with emotional love questioning the reality and authenticity of feeling.
  4. Writer Sibylla Hirschhäuser wrote the text in the book inspired by the photographs. (German text.)
  5. Eva-Marlene wants the photographs to be seen in a large format so the book is quite large and professionally bound to stay together. For her exhibition at Das Provisorium on Apri 4, she will be showing her images in a very large format. 1216e459-f7fa-4c74-b896-7c2b039092b4
  6. Eva-Marlene took video during her photo shoots and the video is an integral part of her project.  Eva used stills from some of the videos in her book.
  7. Eva-Marlene loves fashion photography and integrated this type of photography into her personal style.
  8. Eva-Marlene has been winning awards (photo below won an award.)
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel – “Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“


Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“ text by  Sibylla Hirschhäuser

Munich Stories 2016 Book is Now Available for Kindle

Hello!  I’m back online to tell you that you can purchase our Munich Stories for under 10 Euro in most Kindle stores.  The ebook is exclusively on Kindle.  Here is the link to Munich Stories 2016 Kindle page for Germany.  The Munich Stories book is available globally so go for it and click the photo below and support Munich’s Creative community by leaving a wonderful review for the participating creatives.Screenshot 2016-12-27 07.14.53.jpg

What is inside our Munich Stories book?  All the wonderful illustrated Munich Stories that were printed in our November version. Six talented writers and illustrators worked for a month to create short illustrated stories.  The story subjects are diverse and so are the styles (You can read the author bios on the Munich Stories website).

If you want a printed version of the book, an A4 version is currently available on  We hope to have an 8.5 x 11 printed version available on Amazon in January 2017.

Munich Stories 2017

Munich Stories 2017, will start again in July/August 2017.  We are currently looking for a few German writers to write German language stories for the project.  If you are a published German Journalist/writer and would like to participate, please email me 

German writers will be paired with Munich Artist for the challenge. Writers do not have to live in Munich. The book project is based here but the stories are based on themes not on living the city although many stories are set in Munich because writers and artists decided to do that not because I forced them.

Munich Artists will need a volunteer German editorial team. there are too many stories for one person. I need eagle-eyed Germans wanting to edit the 48  German short stories that will make up the German book.

If you want to know about our other 2017 book projects, they are listed on our Munich Artists book projects page.

PS. Because of the illustrations, the kindle book is best viewed on a Kindle Fire, tablet, ipad, or computer.   You will be able to read stories using the basic kindle but the images will not be in colour and in their full glory.


100 for 10 – An Art Book Exhibition

WARNING: I use love in this post.

Hello Munich Artists! I surfaced today from writing offline because Ines Jung called me yesterday and asked if I got her PR package for 100 for 10 an art book exhibition and I thought BOOKS!  I love books, let me dig through my email and look for her PR packet.

You know how I feel about PR packets or just sharing posts about exhibitions like a marketing robot. I dislike regurgitating content second hand but I love books and I decided to write a post about the 100for10 project created in Munich.


100for10 project



Reflektor M is hosting the exhibition of 67 publications that are showcasing works by international artists.  The art books are all available print on demand.  Each book is 100 pages and costs 10 Euro which means you can afford to buy more than one.

The concept has been created by Melville Brand Design. You know, I love books and I love sharing artwork in books and I love making books and  I have been asking for an art book fair in Munich.  This little exhibition is the closest we have gotten so far. (One company making art books does not make an art book fair but it is the seed for one!)

On December 8, 2016 in München at Löwengrube 10 (starting at 1800) you can see all 67 books on display.

 I’m so curious and can’t wait!


100for10 project


The website for the project is 100for10.  I will be at the exhibition to take some photos of the books on the 8th which I will share on Facebook. If you see me there, say hi.


KloHaeuschenSpa Appointments.

If you have not signed up for the KlohHaeuschen Spa, we have a few appointments left. This installation experience has been awesome and I want to thank everyone who has participated and made this possible. It has been great to meet art supporters who are not actually artists.

Munich Artists Cards.

The paper box versions arrived this week. The party decks and the deluxe decks will be available for sale through and you can email me at to pick up a deck at the studio or at the KloHaeuschen Spa or anywhere downtown when I’m not busy making art.

Munich Stories 2016

Munich Stories 2016 is downtown.  This is our first book for the project and you can pick up a copy at Frauenstrasse 18 or order one through We will have a digital version out soon so that you can carry it around on your kindle or

We will have a digital version out soon so that you can carry it around on your kindle or ibook.  If you want to be involved in the book creation part of this project, please let me know. I would like to make a limited run of art books for this project next year.







Munich Stories 2016 is off to the Printer

We finished our editing sprint and have sent the Munich Stories book to the printer.

Here is the front cover image:


Munich Stories 2016 – Book Cover designed by Emmy Horstkamp


We ordered a small run and the books will be for sale at the Readery at our book launch on November 12, 2016.  I hope to have one book on display at Maximilianstrasse 33 on December 10th.  The book will sell for 24 Euro and is 152 pages.

You are welcome to email me at to order a copy.

We will expand this project for 2017 to include more artists and writers.  The timeline will be expanded to two months and editors will get one month.  More information will be posted on our munichstories website later this week.   This project is not an open call. Artists and Writers will be suggested to Munich Artists by the current creatives and we will make the final selection.

If you would like to meet the writers or me, you are welcome to come to our book launch organized by Diana Radovan and Lisa Yarger at the Munich Readery on November 12, 2016 from 1900 to 2200.

I would like to thank  Hazel Ang who created the interior layout for the book and Masha Baur and Nina V. Rye for inspiring us to take their personal November project and make it something bigger.



Inspired 2016 Book—Inspired by Brigitte Pruchnow

Munich Artists created an art book called Inspired 2016.

For the first book, artists created an art piece inspired by this artwork by Brigitte Pruchnow.

IMG_2807 (1)
Inspiration art piece by Brigitte Pruchnow

A group of around 26  Munich Artists created art pieces based on Brigitte’s artwork.

The following is the tentative list of artists involved (A final list will be shared on the project page when all artwork has been submitted):

Hazel Ang
Anna Blumenkranz
Devaney Claro
Britta Eriskat
Christine Friebe
Emmy Horstkamp
Elizabeth Hughes
Manuela Illera
Angela Josupeit
Christina Corell
Anette Koch
Maximilian Lueckenhaus
Corinna Naumann
Berit Opelt
Niala Orsmond
Simona Petrauskaite
Brigitte Pruchnow
Elke Reis
Alexandra Ritter
Isidora Romani
Gabriele Rothweiler
Rainer Schmitten
Ines Seidel
ursula Singer
Allun Turner
Michaela Wuehr
The book will be published as an A4 Landscape. If you are interested in a copy of the book, please let me know.  We are only printing a limited number.  You can email me if you are interested. The cost per book will be 50 Euro.  We will only print one run per Inspired book.
If you are interested in purchasing an original piece of artwork from the book, please contact the artists directly.
We will continue working on the inspired series.  For 2017, we will be inspired by a physician’s comment about pain.

Munich Project Updates

This Week’s Project Updates:

  • B/W artists book:

Last Saturday, Munich Artists started a project for an artist’s book focusing on black and white ink on paper.  The artists have now collected their supplies and are in the process of making their art pieces.  As the weeks go by, I will share more images of the artwork.

  • Long Night Of the Museum Connected Installation:

The centrepiece of our installation is a zoetrope which now has a physical form thanks to the Werkbox 3. I will be picking up the skeleton for the zoetrope today and will post an image next week of the finished piece.  Katrin Vogl is currently at the space working on her sculpture and our floor stickers will be printed next week.

If you want to take a peek at what we are doing, you are welcome to stop by and see.  We will be at Frauenstrasse 18 M-F from 830 until 1600 until October 16th.

  • Free Art Friday Munich 

Katrin Klug has been putting her small pieces out every friday.  Last week, Katrin left a piece of art in a cafe and it was snatched up! If you decide to participate in Free art Friday, please do not to put your art in a store or someplace difficult for people to reach.   If you do put outwork out for Free Art Friday, please let us know so we can write about it on the Free Art Friday Munich Facebook Page and on the Free Art Friday Munich Blog.  On new media, we share where each piece of art can be found and the artist’s name if they want to share it.

  • New Projects:
    • 1.  Artists book with Brigitte Pruchnow.  We have set down the parameters for the book and the project will begin in January 2015.  This is a unique project and may turn into a series.  The project will be open to all Munich/Bavarian artists but you cannot apply. each artist is picked by the artist before them. I will only be choosing artists if we end up getting stuck because an artist did not finish their art piece in the designated time.  If you are a Munich artist you may submit your name to the list of standby artists but I can’t promise that you will be picked. I will post the name of the artists as they complete their art piece and show on a map where they are located. This way you can see how the project is working its way around the city and how the artists decide who to pick as the next artist in the chain of artwork.
    • 2. Artists book/zine with Andreas Hirsch.  This project is starting in November 2014. It is open to illustrators and writers.  I must meet you before I will put you on the team.  We are looking for visual artists who love to think outside of the box, have their own illustrative style that is not Manga related and flows well with the other artists involved. For Writers, we are looking for writers interested in a magazine/zine/graphic novel and able to write flash fiction that translates well into English.  All the artists for this book series must want to work in a group, must be able to meet deadlines, and must be interested in long term group project.  We are looking for a group of like minded artists with a sense of humour so that the project stays fun and professional.  We want the first product from this group to leave the nest in March 2015.