Lenbachhaus Goes Yellow with KiCo

After visiting Lenbachhaus, I handed my daughter a very large yellow book and asked her to take a look. “If you like what you see in this book, I will take you to this exhibition at the Lenbachhaus.”

Zoe is wondering why I have a seriously big yellow book

My daughter is a talented artist who is anti-museum, anti-exhibition, anti-viewing other people’s work in traditional settings.  So far in her young life, she’s agreed to visit one exhibition of Maximilian Lückenhaus’s work in Munich and a few exhibitions in while visiting London.    

I kept my fingers crossed that the Big Yellow Book showing the Kico Collection would convince my daughter to visit another exhibition outside of her preferred viewing space (Instagram.)

Daniel Knorr at Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The heavy yellow book is the catalogue for the KiCo foundations collection which I picked up during the press conference for “Mentales Gelb. Sonnen Höchststand”  an exhibition of artwork from the KiCo Foundation showing at the Lenbachhaus until October 8, 2017.

As I walked through the exhibition, I felt surrounded by artists who were passionate about their art practices— their passion exuded into the museum space and added an energy that made me want to keep walking through the rooms.  I also had an urge to text the artists and send them hand clap emojis and ask them to hang out with me in Munich and create art.  That is how happy I was walking through this exhibition and seeing their finished art pieces.

The creativity, the feeling of immersion and sometimes the humour of the artist is evident in the pieces exhibited and it was exhilarating to walk through the museum with the curator and director who both were overflowing with information and excitement about the pieces from the KiCo Collection.

Olafur Eliasson Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The KiCo foundation works with the Kunstmuseum Bonn and focuses on the use of colour and light.   As we walked through the exhibition with the collectors, you could tell how happy they were with their art collection and, their love of collecting art is a bonus for Germany and the global contemporary art audience who have an opportunity to see the art pieces in exhibitions.

Because Kico began their focus in abstract art focusing on light and colour, the collection and exhibition contain, video, photography, digital prints, painting, installations, sculptures, and even spider webs.   Walking from one room to another, I felt like clapping my hands and cheering with what was chosen to be exhibited.  

Selected Art Pieces

Franz Ackermann

Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

I didn’t realize how much I loved this room until I got home and saw how many photos I took of the artwork.   The big wall shows artwork created by Franz Ackerman and the locations where he has traveled. (A wall travel journal) The smaller artworks are his inspiration for his larger pieces.

Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Wade Guyton

I laughed when I saw this piece because I know what it feels like to print the digital colour field and have it streaked.  This art piece created in 2015 focuses on how a perfect digital piece can be printed multiple times and each time that it is printed it comes out flawed in some way even though the original file is perfect.

On the wall of the gallery, the collection displayed multiple gray colour fields that have all the errors created when the special canvas was put through a large digital printer.

From our own experience, the printing companies ask you not to have colour fields when printing digitally and they told us gray is one of the worst colours.  Knowing this, it was fun to see  Wade Guyton artwork blowing up this flaw in digital printing so we can enjoy the consequences of living in the real world and not in our computer files.


Wolfgang Tillmanns

Gertrud Fassnacht got caught in my shot of Wolfgang Tillmanns’ work. She provides art tours and is involved in the Sendling art scene.

Below are three of Wolfgang Tillmanns Tamayo Lighter art pieces which play with exposing light on paper.

Wolfgang Tillmans- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Wald by Wolfgang Tillmans-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Daniel Knorr

Daniel Knorr -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

This artist has a sense of humour and the exhibited piece makes a statement about  public art pieces that no one remembers why they exist.

Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The museum has masked the Lenbach bust in the lobby and if you go into the garden you can take a selfie with one of the masked sculptures in the garden.  (You have to be kind of tall. I’m too short to take a good one without a selfie stick.)

Daniel covers the faces of the statues to make you pay attention to the sculpture. Who is it? Did you even know that the sculpture was there?  Many of our public art pieces blend into the scenery.  When the sculpture is gone, they know something is missing but they don’t quite remember what it was.  This is what Daniel is focusing on with his masks and the sculptures.   A grouping of Daniel Knorr photographs showcase the forgotten subjects and artists found by the artist.

Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Ceal Floyer

The Ceal Floyer piece combines colour in the electrical cord and light in the projection and the bulb.  A part of the installation is up on the corner of the ceiling and not in this shot (a looping video of hands). Ceal Floyer asks you to take a moment and look for the deeper meaning in the work.    Another piece entitled “Monochrome Till” also asks you to see the deeper meaning.  (The meaning has to do with colour.)


Monochrome Till Receipt (White) 1999 by Ceal Floyer born 1968
© Ceal Floyer, courtesy Lisson Gallery, London

Katharina Gross

Katharina Grosse -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Katharina Grosse -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is the inspiration for many German artists.  The large Glitch art piece to the right was created using a portion of one of his abstracts.

Gerhard Richter-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Gerhard Richter -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Gerhard Richter -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Tomas Saraceno

I know a few Munich Artists obessed with nature and would be fascinated with these art pieces created with spiderwebs.  In this piece below, the artist dipped spider webs in ink. The spider web is inside a box so the artwork doesn’t get damaged by the lights.

Here is a link to more of his spider work. but his focus is not on spiders. the artist is “exploring sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment.”   

Tomás Saraceno at Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Olafur Eliasson

“Round Rainbow” is Lovely.  I could have stood in this room for hours.  I did catch a bit of video of it rotating. you can see that on our facebook page.

Olafur Eliasson-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Olafur Eliasson-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo


When I arrived home, I found the book on the dining room table.  Walking over to my daughter, I unplugged her ear bud and asked if Sunday was a “thing.”  she nodded and put her earbud back in.

The Big yellow book contains all of the artworks in the current foundation and is available for under 40 Euro at the Lenbachhaus bookstore.

Artsy Things to do from July 8 – July 11, 2016

I know as artists you always have something artsy to do in your studios but if you are out and about here are some things you can do over the next few days:


Michael Buthe Retrospective at Haus Der Kunst


Starting this week there is a retrospective exhibition of artwork by Michael Buthe at the Haus der Kunst and an exhibition entitled “Michael Buthe und Ingvild Goetz – Ein Freundschaft,”at Sammlung Goetz.


Nir Altman Gallery is having the opening of their new exhibition on Friday July 8, 2016. The address for the gallery is Ringseissrasse 4 rgb.  It starts at 1900. I will be stopping by after I interview Ms. Wagner about her public art piece but only for a bit so if you are trying to meet me, be there early. I think my max amount of time spent at an exhibition I’m not required to stay at is 45 minutes but mostly I bolt after 15.


Here is the blurb Nir was nice enough to send.

Nir Altman Galerie is proud to present Vered Aharonovitch’s first solo show in Munich.

The concept behind Vered Aharonovitch’s exhibition “The Art Class” grew into being during a period of time the artist spent as an art instructor for teenage youth. This was a meeting point of inspiration and creativity where Vered found herself flowing between a position of authority as the “all­knowing” and experienced supervisor, and a position of identification with her students as they dealt with the nuances of the art world for the first time. The variety and complexity of situations that the artist was exposed to during her time as a teacher are an integral part of this exhibition.


The Wiede Fabrik is having their Summer Open Studio (Offene Ateliers Wiede Fabrik Sommer).  You can head over and see Angela Smets, Simon  James and the other talented artists working in the old factory buildings.  The Event starts tonight but if you are not a party animal then you may be happier browsing through the studios over the weekend. Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Donnerstag, 07. Juli um 19.00 Uhr
Freitag: 19.00 bis 22.00 Uhr
Samstag: 15.00 bis 22.00 Uhr
Sonntag: 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr



Super + Sommerfest – Feldmochingerstr. 7

Gabriele Rothweiler has her studio out there and will be doing a photo event where she will take your photo.  Can’t beat a photo by a professional photographer.  Go later in the day and stay until the evening to enjoy the festivities, the party starts at 2200 (past my bedtime.)  You can totally do this and Kunst im Karee.  Wiede Fabrik is waaaaaaaay on the other side of the city so decide what side of town you want to be on and then go, go, go visit the artists and enjoy a wonderful summer party.

Kunst im Karree is happening this weekend.  This is the open studios in the Schwabing area.  90 professional artists at 56 locations.  July 9 and 10th from 12 to 2000.  Plenty of time for you to go visit Elke Reis at her studio.  Don’t worry if you don’t see everyone, just go see Elke and you will feel like you accomplished something wonderful. (She showed her work at 500 Artists Say Hello and ArtMUC.)

Elke Reis at her studio located at Schleissheimer strasse 62 (Photo by Angelika Moeller)


WEAR A MASK FOR “MY TRUE SELF” – Odeonsplatz Subway 900ish to 1200

Munich Artists will be meeting at the Odeonsplatz Subway to film our “My True Self” masks in motion on the escalators. The video created from the footage will be shown at the LNdM in October 2016 along with some of the masks.   If you didn’t create a mask, you can wear mine since I will be busy filming most of the time.  The more people the merrier. Literally you will go up and down the escalators so there isn’t too much that you have to do but stand and hold a mask over your face.

If you do decide to stop by, please wear black or dark blue clothing or I can’t include your footage in the shoot.  We start meeting from 900 to 100 and filming ends at the latest 1200 because I’m taking a class at the platform and have to run across town.


The Platform is having an academy where experts teach artists things like crowdfunding and how to finance their artsy projects. Here are future workshops you may want to attend. (All the courses are taught in German so if your German isn’t strong enough, send your artsy friend whose German is better.)

  • Seminar 3   Crowdfunding (Referentin: Alka Celic. Ganztageskurs: Sonntag, 10. Juli, 10  → 18 Uhr) SOLD OUT
  • Seminar 4   Kunst- und Kulturfinanzierung – Fundraising, Sponsoring, strategische Kooperationen Grundlagen (Referentin: Barbara Mei Chun Müller. Ganztageskurs: Samstag, 16. Juli, 9  → 17 Uhr)
  • Seminar 5     Kunst- und Kulturfinanzierung – Fundraising, Sponsoring, strategische Kooperationen  Umsetzung (Referentin: Barbara Mei Chun Müller. Ganztageskurs: Sonntag, 17. Juli, 9 → 17  Uhr)
  • contact@platform-muenchen.de  OR call them at 0049.89.3249009-14




The underground filmfest will be having an outdoor screening. If you are interested in going and having a place to sit,  please RSVP at  Info@undergroundfilmfest.tv   The screening starts at 1930 and goes until 2200 at Dal Cavaliere @ weissenburgerstrasse 3, 81667 Munich, Germany (This is their first outdoor event.  Pray for beautiful weather.)


Artsy Things to Do in Munich – May 29 – June 12, 2016

Radio silence is over!   I took off a week because we are going to blast you with content for the next three weeks and I thought we both needed a bit of quiet before the storm.

Today, we are sharing things for you to do for the next two weeks. If you are a member of Munich Artists and sent me an invitation by email I’m apologizing right now if I forget to post it here.  As I have told you many times, I love Facebook events. They make life easy for me.  Please consider using them.

SUNDAY – May 29, 2016 – June 18th  

Installation Odeonsplatz Subway Station – Will God Leave Me Alone? 

TUESDAY – May 31, 2016

Dada Dahoam – This event is open but you need to register so if you want to attend you better email them at get your name on the list. stadtarchiv@muenchen.de

The exhibition is organised by Bernhard Rusch, founder of Applaudissement and there will be artwork by several Munich Artists on the walls. Bernhard will be talking about the 100 years of Dadaism.  If you have not seen the state archive, now is your chance. I will be at this event taking some photos because I love Dadaists especially when they like organizing things!

Re-Constructions: Colours – Vernissage starts at 1900


Curator Lulia Grandinaru is having an opening for her new exhibition at the Galerie am Maxmonument located at Thierschstr. 42.  Heike Ratfisch and Roman K. Aivazian are the artists exhibiting abstract and expressionistic paintings.  If you want to read more, Lulia has a short description on her Facebook event written in a very artsy way.

CARMEN CUBANA STARTS TODAY.  I will be seeing it on June 1st.  I’m looking forward to a modern version of the story even if it means I have to venture out after dark.

THURSDAY – June 2nd, 2016

  • ArtMUC Begins.  Here are the hours so you can schedule some time to go take a look.  I will be there on Wed for the press tour and will share some photos with you so you can do a little planning.

Thursday, 02.06.2016 / 19:00 – 22:30 Uhr
Friday, 03.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Saturday, 04.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Sunday, 05.06.2016 / 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr

What artists will be there?  I have no clue really.  So far I have invites from Ines Seidel Bianca Artope, Martina Kolle & Betty Mueller.  I will share more information on Thursday. I do know that ARTMUC digital is curated by Betty Mueller so that will be super fun for me cause I’m a digital kind of girl 50 percent of the time and I like Betty Mueller’s work so I imagine I will like how she curates.

  • Werkshau Kunstrefugium

Ingrid Mueller shared this exhibition with me and told me if the weather is beautiful, Nymphenburg Schloss is the most awesome place to be.  The vernissage is on Thursday and starts at 1830 – 2100.  This is not a hop and a skip from ARTMUC but it is a hop skip and a leap across town. (Geranienhaus Schloss Nymphenburg 41.)

Here are the artists showing their work.



Artsy Things to Do this Weekend May 6 – May 8th 2016

If the weather is beautiful this weekend, everyone will be heading to the mountains or a beer garden or the Isar.  Just in case the art force is strong within you, I’m sharing some of the artsy things to do in Munich this weekend.

International Print Day


At Frauenstrasse 18 we will be celebrating international print day from 1400 to 1800 on May 7, 2016. Because it is a Saturday, you will need to ring the Kyfio UG doorbell.  Munich Artists welcomes you to come and create a Risograph print using our Risograph machine.

We are supplying the ink and you must bring your own A4 paper and your own black & white design/artpiece/photograph- it must be your own work and it must be black and white.   Make sure the paper is under 200g but thick enough to suck in some ink.   Max prints allowed will be 20 plus a few to share with the other artists. I will share whatever art is created on the website next week and on our Instagram feed.




This is the 31st  Dok.fest    If you like documentary films, you will love going to see the films during this festival. There are 13 film viewing locations just on Saturday so please go check out the website for more details.  Calendar can be found here. Go look and decide what you are going to watch. I plan on seeing EVA HESSE at the Pinakothek der Moderne on Sunday May 15th but you can see it this Saturday at 1600.

Stroke – The Stroke art Fair goes on until Sunday at the Praterinsel.   We talked about the current stroke here and here.  Munich Artists showing artwork at Stroke this year include:

Brigitte Pruchnow – Triptych Group

Andrea Peipe -Triptych Group

Petra Beeking -Triptych Group

Patrick Hartl – Calligraffiti Ambassadors vs Stroke Artfair

Hubert Juranek  – Munique_Art

Tanja Hirschfeld – Frida Gallery

Susanne Krauss – Sensored

Max Ott – Sensored

Lumenman – Lumenman



Martin Potsch – Martin is having an open studio tomorrow where you can see his glass art pieces.  Martin is a very versatile artist with a great sense of humour. Most of the time I’m showing his painting but Martin really really loves making art objects from glass.  Stop by his studio in Haidhausen and check out his recent creations.  Here is a link to his Facebook event.

Handmade Designmarkt

A market for handmade goods like bags and clothing and things for your house.  Location: Backstage Muenchen – Werk, Hale,Club, Werkstatt/Studio  Reitknechstr. 6 80639 Munich. I’ve never been to this so I have no clue what it is like but they are all over Germany so it should have some good stuff.


If you are a Munich Artist or are an art/design/cultural/hipster/urban event organizer  and I didn’t put you down on this list, then we must have not met or you did not tell me you were doing something this weekend.  If you want me to put you on the list, make sure we meet and send me a press release so I know you know about this website.  Also, Facebook Public Event invitations are always great if you want to get on the event list on Facebook.  We only focus on artsy things on Munich Artists but if you have something Munich related and want to participate in Mingaland, let us know.

What Are Your Artsy Plans For the Weekend? April 29 – May 1, 2016

The rush of artsy things has begun.  Today I will be going to the dance performance I AM REAL LIFE that  we talked about earlier this week.  I will take some photographs of the artwork created by TMNK.  The dance Performance is today and tomorrow at the Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theatre Musik Dachauer Strasse 114, Munich Germany.

Women’s Work – If you are not into dance, maybe you are into meeting women artists at the Frauenforum.(In a platonic way of course.) A few Munich Artists including Lidia Cordeiro, Bobbie Dunn, Nutan Jaeger, Julie Olsson and Angelica Zeller-Michaelson will be showing select pieces on the theme Women’s work. Their vernissage starts at 1900 today. Here is the Facebook page for the event. The show is open for a few weeks in case you are unable to make it to the party.


Artup Store is happening at the FRIDA GALLERY.  You can enjoy Whiskey and Art together for one day more because today is the last day for this Whiskey Art Mix.  The artwork on the wall is Leonie von Carnap, Tanja Hirschfeld and Christoph Grothgar. The event page says it goes on until Friday at 2300 so swing by and take a swig of whiskey and check out the art.  Baaderstrasse 15, 80469 Munich, Germany. (Please note this is not the Friday Gallery but the Frida Gallery like the artist a few blocks away from the Friday Gallery like the day.)

Deadline Urban Art Festival is always a good choice too if the weather stays nice.  We talked about the festival here.

Curator Lulia Gradinaru has organized an exhibition at Galerie Am Maxmonument Thierschstraße 42 D-80538 München.  I don’t know the opening hours for this weekend but I’m sure Ms. Gradinaru will tell you if you ask nicely.


UAMO Festival 2016 “Fortress” is going on this weekend.  Their image tells what is exactly going on. If you can’t read the tiny type, you can visit their Facebook page.  I plan to see that art battle on Sunday at 1500.


Art Garage on Wilhelm Riehl Strasse 13 will be having the annual exhibition of the Blende 1 Fotoclub e.V.  This is the 27th time so that is something to celebrate! Their vernissage is today at 1900 in the Westend.  They will have a whole lineup of events happening on April 3oth so check out their Facebook event page for details.


See, what did I tell you… so many things to do on a Friday.  Now on to Saturday…


Diessener Ateliertage April 30 & May 1st.  This is an open studio event  outside of the Munich City limits. You will love heading into the Bavarian countryside and enjoying an artsy weekend outing to Diessen. Here is a link to the Ammersee art website for more information.

Ateliertage web


If you have an event this weekend and I didn’t put it onto our Facebook page listing did you send me an invitation to a public event on Facebook?  I add events that are open to the public and when I have time, I make a post like this for the weekend that are art related.  If you give special discounts to Munich Artists, you may get an individual post about your event. Note: Sending me an email invitation or an invitation by post makes it harder for me to share the content. Make life easy for me and I will try to share your event with Munich. I also tend to forget to put invitations sent by post into my calendar so, lets use Facebook.



Artsy Things to Do – April 18 – May 19, 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve told you what to do. Did you miss that? If you did, you will like this post about the artsy events happening in the next month.

  • 500 Artists Say Hello event.  
    • April 23rd, 2016 from 1400 to 1800.
    • Quiddestr. 45 Neuperlach (they say it is like Munich’s Brooklyn. We are going there because the space was cheap and near an subway stop. I think Sendling is Munich’s Brooklyn but Sendling is no longer cheap… just like Brooklyn.)
    • More than 600 people say that they are Munich Artists and I wanted to see them. I’ve organized a time and a place and artists are bringing food and their artsy selves, their dance shoes and some guitars.  We are also:
      • Focus on talking, brainstorming, sharing and getting to know more Munich Artists.
      • Showing an art installation of Hello artwork.
      • Picking artists to work on the playing cards that will be used for the 500 Artists Play cards scheduled for November 19th.
      • Picking artists for Brigitte Pruchnow’s artbook project – We will be creating artwork based on an art piece she created. Her art piece will be the cover of the book. This is a first in a series.. if this works out.
      • Signing up artists for our Risograph book project. We are printing limited edition art books using a risograph with limited colors (I only have black, blue, red & Purple.)
      •  Application for Munich Art Market. We will accept applications only at our 500 Artist events. The Munich Art Market is curated marketplace. (30 Euro application fee.)
      • Formal membership cards for Munich Artists (membership 20 euro fee)
      • Voting for artists to be featured on the website during the rest of 2016.
      • Brainstorm projects and signup to work on projects scheduled for this year.
  • Deadline Urban Art Festival


  • April 28 – April 30th
  • Tumblingerstr. 29, 80337 Munich

This is near my house so I will be there but if you live in another area of town, plan to visit Tumblingerstr. and enjoy the new street art created during the festival.   The event starts this weekend so head over there after the 500 Artists Say Hello  for the evening party.  It would be fun to take hundreds of artists from one end of Munich to the other. Shall we do that?

Here are the hours:

Monday – Thursday 16:00-23:00 Uhr
Friday 16:00-00:00 Uhr
Saturday 23.04.2016 16:00-00:00 Uhr
Saturday 30.04.2016 11:00-00:00 Uhr
Sunday  13:00-21:00 Uhr

There is a free concert, a beer garden, free children’s program and crafts fun.  Street art is for everyone so go enjoy yourself and take your kids.

  • Stroke Art Fair


We all love Stroke. It used to be all street art and design but now it is a mix of contemporary, street art and design.  There are lots of Munich Artists showing their work at Stroke and I promise to share their work with you after I attend the press tour.

Did you have a whopping big event that I didn’t post here?

We post art events on our Facebook page in the events section. If you have an exhibition you want people to know about, send me a Facebook invitation to a public event and I will add it to the page.  I can’t add private events and I don’t always have time to transfer invitations sent to to me by email or snail mail.

If you are organizing a big whopping event let me know. I like knowing those kinds of things and sharing if it is art related.


Artsy Things to Do in Munich for October 26 – November 1st

Are you ready? The marathon art month that is October is about to draw to a close.  Munich Artists is getting ready for a holiday in NYC but if you are staying in MUC, how about checking out some of the following artsy events this week:


  • Do you like “old” art? (as one artist at Stroke ltd called it.) If you do, hand over your money for a ticket to visit the Kunst-Messe Muenchen at the Postpalast Wredestraße10, 80335 München.  Open daily from 1100 to 1900 until Sunday.  No impulse buying at this fair unless your commuter car is a Bentley.  Galleries are from Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • International Art Fair – Brunnenhof der Residenz – 19 international art dealers. Ditto from above.  The Bentley crowd.  I can see some entrepreneurial Munich Artists trying to sneak in and sell their art but you better save your energy.  Those galleries will not be interested in unknown contemporary artists. Please keep your portfolios at home.
  • Reflektor M – Talk + Party  Talking about Opening and Closing of Alternative Exhibition spaces in Munich.  Talk. Talk. Talk. Will their talking match what I’ve experienced? Lets all go find out.  Round Table discussion with Tuncay Acar (Import Export / Kreativquartier), Diogo da Cruz + Jesaja Rüschenschmidt (Künstler – Roundabout Collective), Anna McCarthy (Künstlerin), Amedeo Polazzo (Künstler), Laura Sanchez Serrano (Kuratorin / Netzwerker).  If you have the energy, @22 they will have a DJ and the party begins. (I don’t have the kind of energy on a Wed.)
Marienplatz Subway
Marienplatz Subway
  • The Marienplatz Subway.  Go there with your camera before it gets all grimy from daily use.  One day there was scaffolding everywhere and the next, there is an orange glow and lots of room to walk.  I’m happy they finally have this part of the renovation completed.  I find it very artsy like the public art piece over by MEAG

This video doesn’t exist



SATURDAY IS HALLOWEEN. Do you have a costume?  Do you celebrate this American holiday in an artsy German way or do you shun this American invasion of costumes and candy on the last day of October?  I will be in NYC with my daughters Walking in costume in the Halloween parade because, my German/American daughter has never celebrated halloween in any real sense of the word. We decided to do it big this year by surrounding ourselves with lots of crazy Americans costumed and parading through NYC.  IF you are in NYC, we will be dressed as zombies. Look for us or join us or ignore us. I’m ok with any of that.

Sunday November 1st


If you have an event next week, please send me the invitation as a Facebook Invite. If you are not on Facebook, why not? Think of it as your yellow pages.  You don’t have to pour out your personal life onto the internet, just make it easier for us to find you – The artist you… not the accountant/banker/lawyer/doctor/art critic you.

Artsy Events for October 9,10 & 11 – Get Your Sneakers on for a Marathon Weekend of Art

I don’t know why they do this…. have so many open studios in one weekend in October before the long night of the Museum but they do and I’m always scrambling to see as many as I can. Hopefully you will have time this weekend to visit some Munich Artists studios and see their current work.


Here are a few Munich Artists showing their work in Sendling this weekend.


  • Ulli Schmeling will be showing some of her photography and sculptures at Kidlerstrsse 3.
  • Katrin Nodop will be at the SPD Bürgerbüro located at Daiserstrasse 27.

Einladung KiS 2015

  • Berit Opelt will be showing her artwork at the SPD Bürgerbüro in der Daiserstrasse 27

After you run around Sendling, head over to Neuhausen and check out the artists opening their studios for the weekend.  Here are a few of the Munich Artists showing their works in Neuhausen:

Brigitte Pruchnow Swimmer

  • Brigitte Pruchnow will be showing her artwork at München leuchtet, Landshuter Allee 39, 80637 München


For a full list of artists showing their work, download the Kunst in Sendling Flyer and download a flyer for Kulturen in Neuhausen here.

Einladung LANDLUFT-1
C. Kirmse, Elsass & B. Auspitz, Chiemsee
  • If you like landscapes, you will enjoy this exhibition of Contanze Kirmse’s artwork at Vergolderei Ehmer, Notburgastr. 6, 80639 Munich, Germany.  Constanze and Brian Auspitz will be showcasing their artwork starting this Friday October 9, 2015 until January 2016.  The vernissage starts at 1830 and goes until 2100.
  • On Sunday, if you can still see straight, sit down and have a chat with Dinkela and Corinna Naumann, they will be having an artists talk on Sunday @ 1600.

If you are an artist and you want me to share your events, please make a Facebook event and invite Munich Artists or Emmy Horstkamp and I will add you to our event list. Make sure the event is public. I can’t add private events or events on private pages. (Create an art page for your art practice please.) I try and add the events to the website but that is a hit or miss depending on how busy my week is and how zen I am finding data entry.  This week data entry is a nice excuse to get away from the “Made Your Bed” installation which is overtaking my living space while I figure out the best way to “install” it.

NOTE: I will be at the FotoDoks Munich Raw workshop this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link to Fotodoks. They will be having a documentary photo festival from the 13th -18th October. I will make a separate post later this week. I’m so excited about this workshop.  They have a waiting list so it is too late for you to apply (I did mention this earlier … maybe just on social media.. which is another reason for you to join us on Facebook.)  Fotodoks offers other workshops that may interest you. Let me know if you sign up for one.