News From Munich Artists


Andrea Peipe, Emmy Horstkamp and Susanne Krauss are Competing for the Emerging Talent Award. The competition accepts all types of photography which means that there are hundreds of interesting photographs in different genre’s to look through.

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Elasse won the Ignite Creativity contest on Instagram sponsored by Huawei Device Competition.  Here is an example of light paintings:

Munich Artists 30 day Drawing challenge ended. We will be posting the galleries over the next couple of days.   An exhibition of selected drawings will be at Chilis in Neuhausen.  We will have a party on July 17th, 2015. Since we are supposed to have a Stammtisch on the 17th, I suggest we just incorporate that into the speech part of the party.  You are welcome to come meet the artists who drew their hearts out during the month of June and check out some of the projects we are developing for Munich Artists.  All Artists and art lovers are welcome.  A formal event will be posted on Munich Artists Facebook page.

Munich Artists Post Card Series

I’m working on a postcard series for those postcard racks that I have for the markets.   If you are interested in making postcards, let me know.  I’m looking for whimsical, Munich focused, hipster feeling art.  People love photographs so a combination of photography and illustration would be great.I don’t want anything sappy or generic or just photographs of your artwork. Street photography or graffiti cards would be cool too.

The artist will be compensated on the sale of the cards and whatever work you provide us must not be used someplace else.  Like I don’t want to see it in every store.   If we like the artwork you provide, we may also suggest having limited edition prints made available etc.

Parts of these images from the postcards will also be used in our colouring books.   We are calling them Bookzines because they are not magazines but they are not books. They are something combined.   Each book will have a theme. The theme of the first book is the fact that it is the first Munich Artist’s Bookzine.


We have been invited to do an indoor market on July 18th where we will sell our postcards and have photographs available for purchase.  Bookzine will not be ready.   If you are an artist and would like to showcase your work at this market, please let me know. I will not be taking original art pieces except for my own but you are welcome to bring your own original artwork and hawk with the best of them.  I will connect you with the organiser so she can arrange a table for you.


We are on instagram.  Please follow us to get bonus photographs as silliness that I send out throughout the day.  It is a fun place where we can play with street art and have a chat.   You are talking directly to me (Emmy) on Instagram so keep it Vanilla and friendly. I blush easily and I don’t like heavy handed flirting.

More tomorrow. I’m being kicked off my computer by my daughter who won a Bavarian prize for art today so I must bow down to the winner and give her time to practice her art skills on my Wacom drawing board.