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We appreciate all your help with this project.  You will be getting the link for the Kickstarter tossed at you for 19 more days and then we meetup for the 500 Artists Play Cards event on October 16th.  Then I will gladly switch modes and talk about Munich Stories and all the wonderful illustrators and writers I’m working with right now.

Balloons Through Munich and Recap of Fill the Void


Yes I am on a staycation from Munich Artists website but that doesn’t mean that I’m on a staycation from art.  This Hiatus meant that I kind of dropped the ball regarding my own art project. Sorry about that. I thought I told you we were going to play with balloons and drink beer but somewhere along the way I did not get this information on the website.

Fill the Void 

On Tuesday August 30th,  I filled the void at Lueckenfuelle with balloons.  We intended to have 1k balloons but  we had a mishap with one our helium gas tanks so I ended up with 500 balloons at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmanstrasse which looked cool but was not exactly what I imagined.  Welcome to the realities of being an artist.

Neighbours stopped by all day and asked what I was doing. I enjoyed meeting the people of this neighbourhood and will plan something for the park across the street in 2017 because this neighbourhood loves artsy things happening around them.

Balloons through Munich

I went back yesterday (August 31st) to pick up my dead balloons and found that 100 or so of the balloons were still in the space and not dead so I started gathering them and realised they would not fit in my car.


I thought about deflating them and then decided to walk to Frauenstrasse 18 with a large bouquet of balloons.

As I started down the street, there was a woman behind me so I tried to get out of her way and she said she loved walking behind so many balloons –  it reminded her of her childhood.   I liked that she was visiting a childhood memory and we exchanged a happy moment with Fill the Void balloons.

Next, I walked down the street and remembered the ring sculpture and decided it needed some company so the balloons and I walked over and I took a shot of the two art pieces together.  When I looked through the camera lens, I realised we had created the letter Q .

I can make a Q out of you.  Photo by Emmy Horstkamp Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Walking past the ring, I saw this salt/sand dispenser and decided we needed a balloon dispenser for emergency purposes.

Emergency Balloons – Sprinkle on any blue day to avoid an emotional meltdown. Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

We continued through Munich and walked through Karlsplatz and down the shopping street resting for a moment on this bench.

Taking a rest downtown and filling a bench.   Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Heading behind Frauenkirche, we did a bit of window shopping checking out the new dirndls for Oktoberfest and the Holiday season.

“We may be too round for you.” Thought the balloon Bouquet.  Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp
Maybe we need to be more green?  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We visited Marienhof because I wanted the balloons to interact with the public art piece located in the Hof.  The piece is land art and right now is full of wild flowers so you can’t really see the big holes in the ground.  Here the balloons are trying to fill one of the holes.

This is art Munich!  Filling a land art piece at Marienhof.   Raw Photo by that head at the bottom of the image.

I saw this man writing on a chair and bothered him. I have a few more photos of him but I liked this one because of the shadows.  The man was trying to have some quiet time and I think balloons are good company for quiet contemplation (maybe not Emmy and the balloons but he was tolerant of my shooting photos around him.)

Keeping a solitary man company.  He was not amused.  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We reached Frauenstrasse 18  a few balloons short (I gave them to anyone who asked for a balloon.)   Now Frauenstrasse 18  is filled with balloons.

Balloons can’t wait to get home.  Frauenstrasse 18

The Future of  Fill the Void Balloons – We walk more balloons on November 5, 2016

I really enjoyed the balloon walk and since I have more balloons, we will be doing another Balloon walk on November 5th, 2016.

We will have teams of artists blowing up balloons and taking their balloons for a walk and then meeting at the KloHaeusen for a party with all of our balloons.   I want you all to know how much fun it is to walk through the city and interact with Mingas. They really do love balloons.

The 5th of November is the opening of the KloHaeusen Spa installation and since it is an interactive installation by appointment, the 5th is just a party to celebrate the start of the installation and could use happy artists with bunches of balloons.

I want you to see the installation space, enjoy a balloon walk through Munich and sign up for one of the installation appointments (if you are in Munich and want to have a paraffin wax mask treatment.)

If you want to be one of the teams walking from Frauenstrasse 18 to the KloHaeusen, please let me know.  The event is open to everyone.   The groups will walk with balloons and will have to help blow up the balloons they will be carrying.  I will provide the materials and you are welcome to donate to the costs if you want.

You must be open to interacting with Munich and the people in Munich you pass by on the way to Sendling.

The balloons will be blue and white balloons (Munich Colours.)

I will post this information again on its own post and on my website and I will send out a notice to artists on my Munich Artists Newsletter.   My email is  and if you want to subscribe to the newsletter for Munich Artists, here is the link.

Do you think we can gather a  group together on Saturday around 1400?  The installation opens at 1800.  The balloons take 1 to 2 hours to inflate.  A walk to Sendling takes 40minutes.  So I think we start around 1300 and then walk to the installation space, have a drink and play with hundreds of balloons in Sendling.


Fill the Void – E. Horstkamp & Munich Artists Art Happening for August 30, 3016

Munich Artists wrote about Lueckenfuelle last week and then I emailed Maria, one of the visionaries, who suggested we do something before the spaces closes in September 2016.


I decided that I would create with Munich Artists “Fill the Void,” an art happening to fill the space and say farewell to the creative meeting point that will become a construction site in the next few months. (2 week turnaround… lets see how many people we can unearth during the holidays and drag out of their living rooms from the surrounding apartment buildings.)

Important Details to know:

Date: August 30, 2016

Location:  The corner of Rottmannstrasse and Schleissheimerstrasse, Munich Germany ) Very close to Stiglmaierplatz Ubahn just the other side of Dachauerstr. you will see a triangle park. the empty lot is behind it. You will see HNRXs big sausage high up in the air.

Time: 1900 to 2100 (I will be filling balloons earlier in the day so you are welcome to come and help me if you want but you don’t get a balloon until 1900.)

Action:  Artists/creatives fill a void.  I want to visually show how artists and creatives in Munich fill the void.  Artists love empty walls, empty spaces and are the first to see the potential for changing something with their creativity.   I want people of Munich to get to know the artists of Munich and to know that we can help fill that void in their lives with our energy, our art and ourselves.  There are thousands of us here, step away from your art practice or day job for two hours and let everyone know that you are a creative in Munich.


  1. Attendance.  If you are in the Munich area and you can be there on August 30, 2016 from 1900 to 2100, I would love to have you there holding a balloon and talking with other creatives and residents of Munich. You do not need to bring anything but pocket change in case you want to buy a beer or a drink at the local Vietnamese restaurant that will sell it to you for 1,50Euro.  There are tables at the location so if you decide you need to bring food, you can do that too.  The park across the street has lots of places to sit.
  2. What Void do you fill?  “I fill the void” will be written on all the balloons.  If you want, please write how you fill the void on a ballon.  Not necessary but it would be cool if you shared some positive life purpose.  If you don’t have one, you can use on of mine “I fill the void by creating art” or ” I fill the void by sharing positive energy with others.”
  3. Optional – Business Card or Visiting Card or Post Card –  I have a scanner app and i will use it to share your information.  If you are there and you let me take a photo of you with your balloon, I will use your balloon and contact details in my art project.  Here is an example of the “my True Self” happening portrait from our july 18th happening at the Odeonsplatz Subway.  These portraits will be shared at the”My True Self” installation at the long Night of the Museum:
  4. Permission – I’m a conceptual artist and I make videos and photographs.  Please, if you come I want you to be ok with me taking your photograph and capturing you on video.  If you come with children, I will ask permission before taking individual photographs. If your children are in the space during the event, they will have their photograph/video taking with the group. All individual photographs of people will be used for an art project but may also be shared on social media and on the Munich Artists and Emmy Horstkamp websites and may be published in the Installations book I’m creating for the year.
“My True Self” Art Happening Odeonsplatz Ubahn July 2016 mask created by Verena Friedrich worn by Marie Friedrich

After the happening, please keep your balloon and take a spare balloon to give to someone but please do not let the balloons go. I love that idea but we will have a lot of balloons and that won’t be good for the environment if we let them go.

Creating Photographs/ Videos/ Sketches/ Art

You are welcome to take photos of the balloons and videos of the balloons. You are welcome to make sketches of the balloons. You are welcome to dance and sing with the balloons.  After I’m done taking photos of the balloons, the balloons are fair game for your awesome creativity BUT please do not let them go up into the air because, as I stated before, that will make me very sad and may end up in the guts of some poor bird.

If you share your pics on social media Please use  #munichartists and #Fillthevoid when you share your photos.  If you are on Facebook like our Munich Artists page and let us know when you share your photos so we can share the public post. (I can’t share private posts.)


Want to help fund this art happening?   You can email if you are quick on your toes with making decisions.  I would love to have a Sponsored by ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: on the balloons.  If you come after the balloons are created, we can add a card to the balloons and I will let everyone know on the website. Thousands of people will know you helped an art idea become reality.

Want to create an art happening with Munich Artists?  We are open for great locations and money for expenses.  Give us a space and we will make something happen. 







Feb Installation Day 1 Process Video

2016 is the year of installation for Munich Artists and the Friday gallery .

We started the year with at installation by Emmy Horstkamp & TMNK at Odeonsplatz and continue our exploration of collaborative installations with Ines Seidel and Allun Turner at the Friday Gallery.

We will be sharing Their creative process As They work within the Friday Gallery space.

All the videos will be on our website for you to watch and, I want to edit them together at the end of the installation. This is not a classic documentary but a recording of how the three of us are dealing with the creations process within the Friday Gallery – two artists and the owner of the space.

Now, please watch Ines Seidel & Allun Turner talking and creating art.


“Crush” Installation by Emmy Horstkamp & TMNK January 2015

We installed the artwork  by Emmy Horstkamp and TMNK “Nobody” at Odeonsplatz this week.

Crush Installation January 2015
Artwork by Emmy Horstkamp and TMNK ” Nobody”
TMNK “Nobody” in front of Crush Installation

There are a total of four art pieces on paper and a video art piece included with this installation.  Ideally, the back two pieces will be seen slightly through the front artwork. This worked perfectly when I tried it at the studio but, the lights in the display window are scorching bright so the LEDs don’t have a chance.

I debated turning off the overhead lights but the window is in the subway and the brightness of the window does draw your attention to it and the pieces tucked inside.

I discussed with TMNK moving the back pieces but I’m leaving the two back pieces where they are behind the two individual figures because the images change the Crush story if they are shown next to the individual figures instead of behind them.  Below are the two TMNK pieces which are not really visible but are on the walls at the subway:

All artists want their art in front of the public but street artists only get this opportunity for a short period of time before the art piece is covered over by another art  piece or painted over white/gray/beige.  Sometimes when you walk by a graffiti wall you see a fragment of what was there before but the viewer has no way of flipping the front piece up to look what is behind.

In the Crush installation, the front pieces could be flipped up if presented in a gallery space.  The viewer knows there is another piece and will be tempted to look at it. I know from a prior experience with multiple layers of canvas that viewers will flip to see what is behind even when the art piece is presented in a gallery space and there is no signage saying flip or keep your hands off.

TMNK Adding to Emmy’s Artwork

TMNK  is known for marking over other artist’s street art with his X, Crown and Love.  I found the following manipulation of another artist’s street piece in my photos from November 2015.


Although artists are creating street art which is “temporary,” there is a feeling of ownership even though the piece is not legal. The owner of this piece would be the city of NYC.  Neither TMNK  nor the Pandabear artist would be able to say, “it’s mine” because the canvas they chose to use was not owned by them… such a lovely legal argument regarding intellectual property and property rights. In my conversations with TMNK, he admitted that artists got upset that he changed their work but that possessive energy belong only in the gallery on personally owned art materials, not on the streets.

Experimenting with this idea, I asked TMNK to work on top of my photographs in a continued effort to bring a sense of reverence to my digital photography.

Here is an example of the two pieces he created last week:


The artwork has the feel of graffiti from the streets but is totally legal because I allowed TMNK to manipulate my photographs. This is unlike the other American artist who forget to communicate with the photographer before  using his artwork. TMNK cares about how other artists feels in the studio and he asked before drawing on the photos. I wasn’t sure how I would feel when he was done but at the moment I offered, I was curious and happy to experiment BECAUSE IT WAS A PRINT OF MY DIGITAL artwork and I could print another.

When he finished drawing, I liked what he did and decided to take the idea one step further. I asked TMNK to work over two of my digital prints on canvas from my Project T series.

TMNK “nobody” Working over my T Series art pieces

How did I feel when he worked over the pieces which were digital with a bit of my own original artwork?  I felt happy.  No issues whatsoever.

BUT, I realised that I didn’t want TMNK touching my Plan B Dorothy art piece in the installation window. In fact, I didn’t let him see it until I was getting ready to hang the piece.

Why do I have this gap in my emotional attachment to my different art forms?  When I create the artwork with my two little hands, I’m very possessive of the piece and I don’t want it altered unless I trust the artist to complement my style and not overwhelm it.

After watching TMNK work on the four art pieces for the installation, I realized that his style was not really adding but reinventing the piece and taking it over.  By taking it over, it was no longer mine or ours… it was just his and that made me possessive of Plan B Dorothy.

I did not have this feeling with my digital work.  When I look at the above image of our combined work, I see them as our combined work and  I’m happy with what he decided to create. I had no say in what he created except by offering him the initial composition of Project T Banker and Project T Intellectual.

I especially love what TMNK decided to create with my street photographs.  Those images made me very happy. I’ve been trying to get Munich Artists to think like TMNK in regards to my photographs but they can’t. The idea of drawing all over my photographs is very stressful for a German artists and only Brigitte Pruchnow has been able to do it.

If you are interested in seeing what TMNK created while he was in my studio, please visit the Friday Gallery.  All his works created during his visit to Munich will be for sale at Frauenstrasse 18 which looks like this now:


The Gallery will be officially reopened next week on January 11, 2016.  I still have to put a coat of white paint on the walls but all my studio materials are now contained and separated from the gallery space by these lovely dividers.


Street Art Collaboration Inside The Friday Gallery

Art Collaboration

This week we started the non video segment of our window installation. The installation will be installed on January 4th at Odeonsplatz, Munich, Germany.  I will make a tiny video showing you exactly where it is so you can visit it on your commute through town.  The two artists creating artwork for this installation are Emmy Horstkamp (me) and Street artist with a cool street art name. ( I don’t have a cool street art name.)

Initially, the installation was planned as a continuation of the madeyourbed series, but on Monday, I had a surprise visit from an American Street Artist at the Friday Gallery and after an interesting conversation my plans for the installation changed.

I didn’t tell the street artist what I was calling the installation nor did I tell him what to draw on the different segments of the installation.  I wanted the pieces to feel like the a graffiti wall and be filled with a collaborative synergetic energy.

To inspire him, I made the first layer by transferring my photographs of Munich  onto the paper so the paper was no longer blank. From the abstracted shapes on each art piece, the street artist began painting with black and red ink using his iconic motifs to fill the space.

Below you can see the street artist adding the second layer of drawing to one of the art pieces.


A friend helped us by adding some colour to one of the art pieces. (Bonus for hanging out with us for HOURS.)

This week I will begin layering the  paper pieces at the Friday Gallery to see how they overlap and where I need to make cuts and add encaustic medium.

I want to make sure that the top layer integrates our styles and the feeling of a graffiti wall so I will be adding shadows around the main figures, some stencil work and some collaging … along with the word CRUSH.

The idea of this installation is to share the feeling of a graffiti wall dissected.  The artwork of some of the pieces will not be fully visible as if the artwork was done on a graffiti wall.

Wax will be used to add structural elements to the pieces and also to make the paper translucent so you can see parts of what is on the piece behind. Without being backlit, the wax will just add a texture to the piece.  With backlighting, the paper will be see through allowing you to see the piece behind.

I started cutting holes in the pieces and will walk by Tumblingerstrasse all week to get inspired by the layered graffiti and street art so that I capture the graffiti wall feeling in the installation.

I decided to name the installation CRUSH to represent not only the the love themes of this street artist but the actual crushing of artwork by layering the pieces closely together, pushing them together and crushing two very different art styles into one space.

The video part of the installation  will share a word story called Crush.

I will post an update of the installation at the end of next week. If you have any questions, you can email me


Our Feb Installation will be Ines Seidel and AllunTurner entitled “The Talk”which they will start at the beginning of Feb and will be ready for  Jewellery week at the end of Feb beginning of March 2016.

If you have a window you want to share with Munich Artists for an Installation, please let me know. We are looking for a space for March 2016.













“Splaining” Let’s Go home – Photograph

I am working on an idea that would be  a continuation of the installation I created for the Long Night of the Museum.

As I sat down in the subway car, I tried looking out the window and noticed it was terribly dirty but dirty in a beautiful way so I snapped a photo and there was my self portrait.

“Let’s go home.”  December 2015 by Emmy Horstkamp

I was not in the mood to look at myself especially when it was an unintentional selfie showing a woman who was tired and wanted to go home.  I took another shot and another until I got a shot without anyone looking out the window and without my reflection.

Reflecting on a Friday by Emmy Horstkamp December 2015


I fell in love with this composition.

I edited the photo slightly and placed it in my portfolio. It represented for me a moment of time in Munich captured with my iphone 6 plus. It was created because I saw how a dirty window made an interesting composition.



“Splain” is an oversimplified explanation of the process of artists in Munich.  If you want to read about splain, you can read about this new word here.

Art pieces for sale at the Arte Caliente fest on Saturday at in Munich,Germany 

I was asked to create an “erotic” art piece and this is what I created using encaustic on wood. The grooves to the left are for you to run your fingers through… Both hands no thumbs.  The wax begs to be touched so I wrote the words giving the viewer permission to put their fingers on the surface of the piece. I stroked the wax all the way up to Schwabing. It feels soft like warm marble. I would love for you to get to experience the same thing. The surface can be wiped with a cloth cause it is encaustic= wax/resin. The art piece is on display at in Schwabing, Germany.

Artist: Emmy Horstkamp Title: “Touch Me.”  Material: Encaustic on wood. 40 x 40 cm Date:  August 2015. Price 450 euro.

The festival starts at 1600 on Saturday. Occamstr. 7 80802 Munich, Germany 

Manuela illera is organizing the fest which will also showcase fine art films. Here are two interior shots of the space so you can see what it looks like before art and movies.

 Dan one of the owners said the movies will be shown in the back room so you can sit up front, outside or in the darkened movie room. serves fusion food and still has that new smell (they opened in December 2014.) I will be there early on Saturday. Come have a drink with me and check out some art.

Day 9 String – Finding a Nicer Way to Say With String

Sunday morning and I need to do a self portrait with string. I decided to focus on my weakness. I’m not so good at telling people to *uck off so I played with string to see if I could make it more palatable. 

"With string on Top" Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp
“With string on Top” Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp

"With string on Top II" Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp
“With string on Top II” Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp
Here are a few more examples of how other Munich Artists, explored the theme of string and self portraits.

Day 8  Good Morning. Good night. – Munich Artists 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

I hope you enjoy  our candid shots taken when artistic brains are not working at 110 percent.

Waking up to a stream of photos, I thought about the following phrase, “Because you know what I can do with my little finger.”  This is a pop culture reference to the talent of the artists in the Munich Artists group.   The classic quote would be Munich artists have more talent in their little fingers then ———- have in their whole bodies. Those are fighting words which is why I did not designate any particular city because Munich Artists are too laid back and happy to start having an ego fight about their talent and the talent of other artists.   Munich Artists would rather create art and then go to the beer garden or down to the Isar or climb into a comfy bed.

If you feel like joining in on our photo challenge, you can find the themes here.   For today, you can still take a photo of yourself before going to bed or if you are in America, waking up!

Today,  I have to drive to the mountains so I can’t give the artists until noon but if they are getting up at noon, I know they are laid back enough not to care.    Stay cool and create some great art today.

Day 3 mirror reflections

For Day 3 of the Munich Artists  Self Portrait Challenge, Go find a reflective surface and use it for your self portrait.  Here is an example.  I only look at the mirror in the morning when I’m getting ready so I decided to take photographs during my morning routine.

In the first photograph, I used my iphone as my mirror by reversing the camera so that it is photographed me instead of what was in front of me.  This allowed me to use the phone as a mirror and I applied my mascara.

Emmy Horstkamp - mascara-iphone as mirror Next, I recorded myself using the mirror to put on my foundation.  The problem with this shot is that my toothbrush is in there glowing like it is nuclear active. Very strange and a bit distracting.


When I was done in the bathroom, I sat in my hallway and snapped a few photographs leaning against the mirror in the hallway. I liked this shot because it reminded me of the German idea of people having a chocolate side.  The sweet side.  I titled the photograph, “Which is your chocolate side?” and I’m using it as my photograph for day 3.   For your day three, experiment with reflections and how you use mirrors or interact with glass during your day and keep snapping photos even after your done with your first idea, you may like the unplanned shot more.

Which is Your Chocolate Side Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp
Which is Your Chocolate Side? Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp


Day 10 – Candy – 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Emmy Horstkamp Jaw Breaker

For day 10, we asked creatives to draw their favourite candy.  I don’t have a favourite grownup candy so I dug into my past and found my favourite childhood candy.  Jawbreakers.  Did they have Jawbreakers in Germany?  If you don’t know them, Jawbreakers are a candy that barely fits into your mouth and they are so hard that you can’t crack them with your teeth.  We used to buy them out of a candy machine and sucked on the them until the layers started appearing. You needed patience with this candy or a hammer to crack them open.  I think that is my favourite thing about Jawbreakers.  The outside is boring and tasteless but the inside is visually amazing.

This is also how I feel about Munich. Unlike NYC, London or Berlin, the art scene in Munich is not in your face.  Art and artists are flowing like an underground river through the city and once you find the path down to its banks, you can dip in your toes or jump into the stream and join the fun.  Munich Artists love art but they also love the mountains, travel, family, business, friends, dancing , writing and even cleaning.  All those things to experience in only 24 hours ,365 days and who knows how many years means that being a “scene” is the last things artists are thinking about in Munich.

Don’t come to Munich for a weekend and expect to jump into an art scene. Mingas don’t jump into anything even if it might be amazing and so worth their time. Mingas wade into projects just like they wade into a mountain lake so that their hearts don’t explode from the shock.  Munich artists also know that creating art does not require a three ring circus but a studio, passion, time and effort.  Munich Artists want to be remembered for their art not great parties or antics.

I’m not a born Minga. I was taught to be a jumper and a smasher and a shaker so I smack away at assumptions, stereotypes, ethnocentric ideologies and the artists in Munich watch as I create opportunities with my behaviour. I create and Mingas hold my hand as we wait for things to grow.

I know that I will not have a slew of jumpers behind me. This is a Bavarian maybe even a German mentality – prepare for the worst. This means Minga artists are doing extensive planning and toe dipping as they wait for me to surface and shout that the water is fine and everything will be OK.

PS If you are a jumper, please let me know. I could use a jumping buddy.

Day 11 Raw Photo Challenge – Boxed in with Fences, Gates and Walls

Today’s challenge is a trifecta (If you are up to the challenge).  I’m going to spend an hour this afternoon looking for a good shot downtown but you don’t have to focus on all three. Pick a fence, a wall or a gate and take a good composition.  Think about why someone would want to see what you are seeing.  Is there something really cool hidden behind or is the object just really well designed?   We all love stories -let your photograph tell one.

Internet Art and the BCA Munich Newsletter are not the Same Thing

BCA Munich Artists Emmy HorstkampI know. Munich artists and our newsletter are both located on the internet but both would not be considered internet art… yet.

What would be considered internet art?

Internet art depends on the internet for its existence. If an art piece can exist outside of the internet it isn’t internet art.  Artists who create internet art can create art pieces using domains and then art collectors can own the domains which form the art piece if they are for sale.   The main point to remember is that internet art pieces are created using the internet and will not exists offline.

Would you like to see examples of internet art? Check out these website hosting what would be considered internet art.




If you want to see more digital art, you can go through this directory and see what artists are creating on the world wide web.


BCA Munich Friday Gallery November 23, 2013

Munich is getting ready for the holiday season.  Christmas markets are under construction and the Christmas tree corrals are up.   Are you getting into the holiday mood?  If not, maybe this week’s Friday gallery will help.

[easymedia-gallery med=”1650″ filter=”1″]