Munich Artists Say Hello 2017

Hello Munich Artists!  It is time for us to think about Munich Artists Say Hello 2017.  

  • DATE:  Saturday April 22, 2017
  • Location: TBD (Somewhere in Munich, Germany)
  • Time: 1400 – 1800 (maybe a bit later depending on the location and how much fun we are having.)
  • Fee: 50 Euro 
  • DEADLINE for Box Submission April 4, 2017.
  • DEADLINE for Payment and RSVP – March 15, 2017.

Say Hello With A Box

This year, you will be using a box.  This specific box.  You can buy the box at the art stores for under 3 Euro. (2,84 Euro) at Gerstaecker.  PLEASE USE THIS EXACT BOX. Do not make your own box.  I want this box which is 16 x12.5 x 4 cm.


Now, what will you do with this box?   There are no rules regarding what you make.  Do whatever you want with this box.

 Whatever artwork you make must not be bigger than this box.

You are allowed to manipulate the box in whatever way you want or make the box your composition for your artwork. The finished art piece may not be bigger than the size of this box.  Finished sculptures may not be bigger than this box. Photographers, you can photograph the box or you can make the box a frame for your artwork.  The finished size of your art piece may not be bigger than this box so if you print a print, the print no matter how you print it may not be bigger than this box. You may make a second print if I have wall space BUT DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT TALKING WITH ME IN ADVANCE!!  

THEME –  Munich Artists/500 Artists Say Hello is a way for you to introduce yourself to me and to the other artists in Munich.  I want this box and that is the only limit I am putting on you.  Do not use the world hello.  I want this artwork to represent your artwork and style and personal self.

All boxes will be photographed and put on the website and also in a book.  If we get the right kind of space, I will make an installation from the boxes.  If no appropriate space can be found for an installation, I will turn Frauenstrasse 18 into an exhibition room to show off the boxes During May and June.   For this exhibition, I will empty out most of Frauenstrasse to give us room to show the boxes (Very exciting.)

Submissions for Event:

50 Euro Payment to:

  • IBAN:  DE88 7015 0000 1001 9508 70
  • StadtSparkasse Muenchen
  • Reference: Munich Artists/500 Artists Say Hello 2017

Bring your Box to Frauenstrasse 18. Last day for box delivery is April 4, 2017.

lookNote I:   This year we will be having 2 Munich Artists Look Books.  The first Look Book will be the artwork from this event.  The second look book will be published in September 2017 and will have a different theme.   I have 2 Munich Artists who have volunteered to help with the Look Books.  If you want to be involved in the development of the Look Books, you can let me know.    We will allow artists to advertise in the look book.  The book will be divided into the artwork part in the front and then the artist ads in the back.  The art ads will be linked to ads on the website.   I will be creating a separate post about the Munich Artists Look book.

The second look book will be published in September 2017 and will have a different theme.

I have 2 Munich Artists who have volunteered to help with the Look Books.  If you want to be involved in the development of the Look Books, you can let me know.    We will allow artists to advertise in the look book in addition to the themed image they share.  The book will be divided into the artwork part which is curated and then the artist ads in the back.

The art ads will be linked to ads on the website.   I will be creating a separate post about the Munich Artists Look book and ads and how we are going to move art news for Munich Artists to a news blog.

NOTE II:   This blog post will be translated into German and will be on the website as soon as Holger translates it into German.

NOTE III:  I will not mail artwork back to you. I will keep the artwork for 1 year. After the year, I will donate any artwork not picked up to charity.  If you would like to participate, please keep this in mind.  I still have artwork from 2016.

LNdMM – Muenchen October 15, 2016 & 500 Artists Play Cards October 16, 2016

Ready? Ready. Ready!  Yesterday we told you about Kunst in Sendling and today we are sharing information about the Long Night of the Museum and 500 Artists Play Cards.

First Event

On October 15, 2016 the 18th Langen Nacht der Muenchner Museen is happening in Munich. (This is a SATURDAY event.)

The 18th Langen Nacht der Muenchner Museen is a city wide event and we have been invited to show the My True Self installation at  the “Alles (ist) Offen”exhibition at Goethestrasse 53 -a designated event site during the evening of October 15, 2016 event. Der Internationale Beratungszentrum in der Goethestrasse 53 is an elegant old building which becomes Galerie 53 for one night. (Stop 91 Bus Stop Goethestrasse.)

The following Artists have been chosen to exhibit their work during the evening:

  • Martin Blumöhr
  • Jaime Gajardo
  • Kerstin Ullsperger
  • Julian Opitz
  • Wolfgang Sreter
  • Oliver Heiss
  • Sima Dehgani
  • Emmy Horstkamp & Munich Artists,
  • Helena Gagern & Maria Heinrich
  • Dennis Matrullo, Melanie Merz & Julia Pleuser
  • Dennis Gebauer
  • out of fabric
  • Vivien Cahusac de Caux
  • Costas Gianacacos
  • Christine Kamm


Second Event

On October 16, 2016 500 Artists Play Cards at Einstein Kultur (This is a SUNDAY event.)

“500 Artists Play Cards” is happening at Einstein Kultur from 1300 to 1800.  We have all three cellar rooms and have the opportunity to share our creative energies and some of our artwork.


Event Details:

  1. Ticket:

Option 1: Buy a deck of cards through our Kickstarter campaign.  The cards are your entrance into our 500 Artists Play cards event. (A deck of Munich Artists Party Playing Cards will be given to you at the event and you will be mailed a deck of deluxe cards to gift for christmas or to add to your collection.)

Option 2: Buy a deck of cards from me.   Email   You will not get any of the bonus gifts from our Kickstarter but you will have entrance into our event. I would love to have you there!

  1. Location: Einstein Kultur – Einstein Straße 42, 81675 München on October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800.
  2. Entertainment: If you want to present a story, a poem, installation theatre piece or play music, please email and I will add you to the schedule.
  3. Food and Drink: (exactly like 500 Artists Say Hello). Please bring something to drink and eat. We will have disposable glasses, plates and cups.
  4. Planning for 2017 Munich Artists Events:  Our 500 Artists events are the pool of artists we choose from first for our projects. It is where I went to first for our current Munich Stories project and where we picked the artists for this year’s Munich Artists Playing Cards.

You want to be in a Munich Artists project for 2017?  Then buy a deck of cards and come visit me on October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800.  What events are we planning for 2017?

Planned for 2017:

  • 500 Artists Draw Lines (January 2017)
  • 500 Artists Say Hello – 3 Dimensional Cubes (April 2017)
  • Munich Artists Look Book (April 2017) A4 Art pieces
  • 500 Artists Under Cover – Umbrella sculptures  – (July 2017 – Outdoors Rain or Shine. Make sure your umbrella stays functional.)
  • Munich Stories – A Fine Art Book Fair & Short Story – Flash Fiction Festival (October 2017)
  • Munich Artists Playing Cards 2017 – New Deck – New Artists  (Printing Scheduled for October 2017)

Artsy Things To do on July 2nd, 2016

I will be traveling around Munich tomorrow attending some events and wanted to share what is on my Facebook event feed with you.  Please remember that if you have an event and you send me an invitation on Facebook, I will add the event to our Munich Artists event list.  The event must be on Facebook and must be public. If you don’t do those things, I will not be able to share and that is always a sad thing.

The photo above is a photo of the Container collective.  This will be a creative spot over by Ostbahnhof where we hope to visit many creative people and see many creative things. Now, the events for tomorrow.

This weekend I will be going to:

Saturday July 2, 2016


Pop Up 2/ Open art Riemerling – Petra Amstberg Hoffman is the owner and organizer of this space and on Saturday from 1500 to 2200, she will be having an exhibition of atwork from artists who attended the summer academy in Salzburg together.  For the artists involved it is a reunion and for Munich, it is an opportunity to meet Norbert Bisky and Markus Proschek.  If you plan on going, go by car.

(From Petra’s space, I will be heading to the open Studios at Oberfoehringerstr.  I don’t have a Facebook event for this to share, but I will share some photos next week of the artists who allow me to share their work.)

KHBi3 – I live in Sendling so I’m always happy when events are close to home!  The KloHaeuschen will be having their 3rd Biennal on Saturday. It starts at 2000. Go the bathroom before you go, there are no functioning toilets for you to use just art and creative people and some beer.


Sunday July 3, 2016

Odeonsplatz Window – Kult is organizing street artists to create an installation at the window at Odeonsplatz.  If you want to watch them do their magic or, ask them questions, they will be there from 1200 to 1600.  This is your chance to meet the creators of the Neuperlach Zoo and to spot a street artist.   I will be there some of that time and look forward to seeing their work!


My True Self – July 10th we are filming at Odeonsplatz.  I will be making a special post for this tomorrow.  We will be meeting at Odeonsplatz for the filming and I look forward to seeing everyone’s Masks.  2 masks made by you.  One white and one whatever the heck you are willing to put on your face that represents your true self.  More information can be found on our open call for the my true self project.  If you have not made your mask, July 2nd is a good time to make one or two.

Inspired by art book – Brigitte Pruchnow – Artists participating in this first book should be sending me their image files to Please remember that the artwork must be 2 Lateral A4s. If your work is not the right size it will be cropped. There are no white spaces.  I will be sending you all a reminder email in a few days. If you don’t have a scanner, you can bring it to Frauenstrasse and we will scan the work.  This is by appointment only I love you all but I’m not around Frauenstrasse at any specific time during the summer.

500 Artists Play Cards – We will be starting a kickstarter for this project to fund our event in November 2016.  Our goal is to have 500 people playing cards.  I hope you will join us and support our Kickstarter campaign. I’m working on the video now and we will launch the Kickstarter next week.  Artists involved in this project, please send Elizabeth Hughes your artwork ASAP.  We have a printer selected and we want to send the work to the printers. The event is schedule for November 19th.  I’m still looking for a space for us to have this fun event.  If you have a space, you think will work, let me know! Must be int eh city. Must hold 300 to 500 people.

Mingaland –  I’m sorry.  My mother hand a massive stroke and this art project was the one that was not started and therefore shelved for a few weeks.  I will let you know when we are ready to launch.  Hopefully by August 1st.

Lifelines – This is a new project that I am starting this month.  I am finishing the first one now.






Artsy Things to Do in Munich – May 29 – June 12, 2016

Radio silence is over!   I took off a week because we are going to blast you with content for the next three weeks and I thought we both needed a bit of quiet before the storm.

Today, we are sharing things for you to do for the next two weeks. If you are a member of Munich Artists and sent me an invitation by email I’m apologizing right now if I forget to post it here.  As I have told you many times, I love Facebook events. They make life easy for me.  Please consider using them.

SUNDAY – May 29, 2016 – June 18th  

Installation Odeonsplatz Subway Station – Will God Leave Me Alone? 

TUESDAY – May 31, 2016

Dada Dahoam – This event is open but you need to register so if you want to attend you better email them at get your name on the list.

The exhibition is organised by Bernhard Rusch, founder of Applaudissement and there will be artwork by several Munich Artists on the walls. Bernhard will be talking about the 100 years of Dadaism.  If you have not seen the state archive, now is your chance. I will be at this event taking some photos because I love Dadaists especially when they like organizing things!

Re-Constructions: Colours – Vernissage starts at 1900


Curator Lulia Grandinaru is having an opening for her new exhibition at the Galerie am Maxmonument located at Thierschstr. 42.  Heike Ratfisch and Roman K. Aivazian are the artists exhibiting abstract and expressionistic paintings.  If you want to read more, Lulia has a short description on her Facebook event written in a very artsy way.

CARMEN CUBANA STARTS TODAY.  I will be seeing it on June 1st.  I’m looking forward to a modern version of the story even if it means I have to venture out after dark.

THURSDAY – June 2nd, 2016

  • ArtMUC Begins.  Here are the hours so you can schedule some time to go take a look.  I will be there on Wed for the press tour and will share some photos with you so you can do a little planning.

Thursday, 02.06.2016 / 19:00 – 22:30 Uhr
Friday, 03.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Saturday, 04.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Sunday, 05.06.2016 / 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr

What artists will be there?  I have no clue really.  So far I have invites from Ines Seidel Bianca Artope, Martina Kolle & Betty Mueller.  I will share more information on Thursday. I do know that ARTMUC digital is curated by Betty Mueller so that will be super fun for me cause I’m a digital kind of girl 50 percent of the time and I like Betty Mueller’s work so I imagine I will like how she curates.

  • Werkshau Kunstrefugium

Ingrid Mueller shared this exhibition with me and told me if the weather is beautiful, Nymphenburg Schloss is the most awesome place to be.  The vernissage is on Thursday and starts at 1830 – 2100.  This is not a hop and a skip from ARTMUC but it is a hop skip and a leap across town. (Geranienhaus Schloss Nymphenburg 41.)

Here are the artists showing their work.



Getting Ready For An Artsy Weekend

I gave you a head’s up last week about this week and as usual, artists waited until the last second to send in the information about their shows/popups, events.  Please look at the list below and pick something fun to do over the weekend.


The opening show at the Frida Gallery (Frida Galerie) The gallery is showing artwork from member artists including Tanja Hirschfeld.  The space is located at Baaderstrasse 15.  The event starts at 1800. A cute little gallery space showing artwork by Munich based artists.



Nightshift Popup Store/Exhibition by Christian Bolza and Rene Arbeithuber on Friday November 27, 2015 @ 1800.

Short time Galerie begins their annual Holiday existence at St. Anna Platz showing works by Tanja Hirschfeld, Yeonsoo Kim, Steffen Kern, Martin Sander, Pia Winkenstern, Michaela Wühr, Peter Boerboom & Carola Vogt, Julia Pfaller12295694_861379753930555_1185842875_o

Art Auction – Internationale Kunstauktion on Friday November 27, 2015 Vernissage starts at 1900 and the auction starts at 2000.  Art Goes Underground, Kapuzinerstraße 20  Back Building. 80337 Munich.

Ray Moore is having a party on Friday November 27th at Miao, Dachauerstrasse 14, 80469 Munich, Germany. Maybe he will be wearing his new fashion line and singing his song…

There is also a benefits concert-Munich Musicians for Refugees @ IG Feuerwache, Ganghoferstr. 41, 80339 Munich starting at 1900.



has organised an exhibition at Arthaus Neuhausen showing works from Joachim Lischka, Peter Kohout, Max Ackermann, Stefan Schlotterbeck, Heike Wiebke, Gerd Matschke, Jürgen Bauer, Elwood, Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow, Ulli Schmeling, Peter Adacker, Emmy Ann Horstkamp, Justin Koller, Susanne Nawroth, Manuela Illera,gabriele, Iliana Beshkova, Niko Vartiainen, Knut van Bris, Elzemieke de Tiége, Hazel Ang, Hubertus Breuer, Nina Schmid, Wencke Rowek, stan lafleur, Bobbie Komarek, Stefan Maier, Katrin Klug, Josef Maria Hader, Bärbel Wolfmeier, Christian Engelken, Maud Gravereaux, Knut van Brijs, Tina Schlegel

The exhibition opens with a party on November 28th and artwork will be up on the walls until January 10th.

Party starts @1900 Nibelungenstr.3, 80639 Munich, Germany (very close to the Rotkreuz Platz Ubahn stop).


Hello? What happened to Friday? When I first moved to Munich, the artists kept telling me that you don’t put an event on Friday because no one is in the city.  I guess I proved them wrong with the Friday Gallery.  Look at how many events are listed for Friday.  I wonder if this is just for the holiday season or if this trend will continue into 2016.

If you are a Munich Artist and you have an event and I didn’t post it, it could be because you didn’t invite me on Facebook. Please do not be offended if you are missing from the list. Keep sending me your information and eventually it will click.

The best way to get information posted is to visit me. My studio is at Frauenstrasse 18 and you are welcome to come by and introduce yourself. I like meeting new artists, artists I already know or people who love art.  I speak German but love writing in English (my mother tongue.)

I’m usually around Tuesday, Wed, Thursday from 900 to 1500.  Text me to make sure. Sometimes I have meetings or I’m working someplace else.




Don’t Let the Rain Stop Your Artsy Plans

Today it is raining.

What do you like to do when it is pouring? I like to sit in my kitchen and create art while a soup simmers on the stove.  That is the plan for later this afternoon after I grab a hard drive and start backup my computers for their annual clean.

If you are feeling like buying something artsy instead of creating art, there are a few places to  go this weekend.  You can:

Drive to Regensburg for the Kunstmesse Regensburg from Friday – Sunday.


or stay in town and visit April McGee-Riess and Katrin Klug on Sunday at Selbstgmacht – Die Kreative Dult @ Hofbräukeller München Innere Wiener Straße 19, 81667 Munich, Germany from 1000 to 1900.

Not feeling like shopping?  How about experiencing art in action. On Saturday, Super + Flug Des Phoenix will be in the Pinakothek der Moderne from 1000 until 1400.

Here is some information for next week just in case I don’t post early enough in the week and you need to plan more than a few days in advance.


  • The platform will have an event “Fliegen Retten in Deppendorf” @ Kistlerhofstr. 70, 81379 Munich, Germany.  The event is a talk with Frank and Patrik Riklin and Dr. Reckhaus.
  • Kunstverein München is presenting “Feminist Land Art Retreat, Two Too Serious Ladies” on Monday November 23rd from 7.00pm to 9.00pm Galeriestraße 4, 80359 Munich, Germany


Go see the opening show for the Frida Gallery (Frida Galerie) The gallery is a coop showing artwork from member artists including Tanja Hirschfeld.  The space is located at Baaderstrasse 15.  The event starts at 1800.


Short time Galerie begins their annual Holiday existence at St. Anna Platz showing works by Tanja Hirschfeld I Yeonsoo Kim I Steffen Kern I Martin Sander I Pia Winkenstern I Michaela Wühr I Peter Boerboom & Carola Vogt I Julia Pfaller

Ray Moore is having a party on Friday November 27th at Miao, Dachauerstrasse 14, 80469 Munich, Germany. Maybe he will be wearing his new fashion line and singing his rap song?

There is also a benefits concert-Munich Musicians for Refugees @ IG Feuerwache, Ganghoferstr. 41, 80339 Munich starting at 1900.



Applaudissement has organised an exhibition at Arthaus Neuhausen showing works from Joachim Lischka, Peter Kohout, Max Ackermann, Stefan Schlotterbeck, Heike Wiebke, Gerd Matschke, Jürgen Bauer, Elwood, Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow, Ulli Schmeling, Peter Adacker, Emmy Ann Horstkamp, Justin Koller, Susanne Nawroth, Manuela Illera,gabriele, Iliana Beshkova, Niko Vartiainen, Knut van Bris, Elzemieke de Tiége, Hazel Ang, Hubertus Breuer, Nina Schmid, Wencke Rowek, stan lafleur, Bobbie Komarek, Stefan Maier, Katrin Klug, Josef Maria Hader, Bärbel Wolfmeier, Christian Engelken, Maud Gravereaux, Knut van Brijs, Tina Schlegel

The exhibition opens with a party on November 28th and artwork will be up on the walls until January 10th.

Party starts @1900 Nibelungenstr.3, 80639 Munich, Germany (very close to the Rotkreuz Platz Ubahn stop).

Enough already? Enough already.  Put these dates in your calendar and I look forward to seeing you at some of them.  Just remember, I’m an early bird so you will rarely see me hanging out til the end of anything except when I’m the hostess with the mostest.

Have a great weekend.

PS I will explain Applaudissement in a post tomorrow. Promise.  Not that you were worried or wondering but I think you should know about it and support it and maybe even buy an issue of this tiny art magazine Bernhard prints them.




1st Edition of Triumph Inspires

I will be at the Triumph Inspires Luncheon tomorrow. If you flip through the book, you will see a photo of me with a short blurb that says I organise Munich Artists and that I was a kindergarten teacher.

When did that happen?

After working as a lawyer and before working as a features writer,  I worked as a kindergarten teacher. This was a conscious decision by a single mother in Germany – It was not an accident.

As a single mother, I needed a job that fit a single mother’s life in Germany (a decade ago) and teaching children fit the bill.

Although studying law prepared me for the business side of art, teaching kindergarten prepared me for the challenges of working with adult creatives. Teaching children showed me the sheer creative force of a group not restricted by assumptions and layers of social norms. It showed me how to deal with someone immersed in a passionate pursuit and how to live in the present moment.

Teaching kindergarten is the reason I keep poking at German artists hoping to stretch their creative muscles and increase their productivity. I’m grateful I taught kindergarten but I’m also grateful everyday that I no longer teach kindergarten. If you want to know why, ask me.

Artsy Things to Do in Munich for October 26 – November 1st

Are you ready? The marathon art month that is October is about to draw to a close.  Munich Artists is getting ready for a holiday in NYC but if you are staying in MUC, how about checking out some of the following artsy events this week:


  • Do you like “old” art? (as one artist at Stroke ltd called it.) If you do, hand over your money for a ticket to visit the Kunst-Messe Muenchen at the Postpalast Wredestraße10, 80335 München.  Open daily from 1100 to 1900 until Sunday.  No impulse buying at this fair unless your commuter car is a Bentley.  Galleries are from Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • International Art Fair – Brunnenhof der Residenz – 19 international art dealers. Ditto from above.  The Bentley crowd.  I can see some entrepreneurial Munich Artists trying to sneak in and sell their art but you better save your energy.  Those galleries will not be interested in unknown contemporary artists. Please keep your portfolios at home.
  • Reflektor M – Talk + Party  Talking about Opening and Closing of Alternative Exhibition spaces in Munich.  Talk. Talk. Talk. Will their talking match what I’ve experienced? Lets all go find out.  Round Table discussion with Tuncay Acar (Import Export / Kreativquartier), Diogo da Cruz + Jesaja Rüschenschmidt (Künstler – Roundabout Collective), Anna McCarthy (Künstlerin), Amedeo Polazzo (Künstler), Laura Sanchez Serrano (Kuratorin / Netzwerker).  If you have the energy, @22 they will have a DJ and the party begins. (I don’t have the kind of energy on a Wed.)
Marienplatz Subway
Marienplatz Subway
  • The Marienplatz Subway.  Go there with your camera before it gets all grimy from daily use.  One day there was scaffolding everywhere and the next, there is an orange glow and lots of room to walk.  I’m happy they finally have this part of the renovation completed.  I find it very artsy like the public art piece over by MEAG

This video doesn’t exist



SATURDAY IS HALLOWEEN. Do you have a costume?  Do you celebrate this American holiday in an artsy German way or do you shun this American invasion of costumes and candy on the last day of October?  I will be in NYC with my daughters Walking in costume in the Halloween parade because, my German/American daughter has never celebrated halloween in any real sense of the word. We decided to do it big this year by surrounding ourselves with lots of crazy Americans costumed and parading through NYC.  IF you are in NYC, we will be dressed as zombies. Look for us or join us or ignore us. I’m ok with any of that.

Sunday November 1st


If you have an event next week, please send me the invitation as a Facebook Invite. If you are not on Facebook, why not? Think of it as your yellow pages.  You don’t have to pour out your personal life onto the internet, just make it easier for us to find you – The artist you… not the accountant/banker/lawyer/doctor/art critic you.

Review of Fotodok Raw Workshop Day 1 in Munich

Keep the Door Always Closed
What? Says the Artists at Belgrad Raw Workshop


I’m a sucker for a workshop and when a workshop combines two things I love, I’m smitten. Yesterday, I attended the first day of the Belgrade Raw workshop in Munich, Germany where we combined street photography and art books.

The Belgrade Raw workshop focuses on showing your city in a new way using documentary street photography.  The artists from Belgrade explained their interest in creating unexpected compositions to help viewers see photography and their city in a new light.

It is not an easy task for an artist to edit down 130 photos to 25-40. It is an even more difficult task when 12 artists with different aesthetics, ideologies and levels of professionalism put on their editing hats.

Luckily, the artists present at day 1 of the workshop were up for the challenge of jointly editing the photographs and shaping 12 views of Munich into one.

Some artists clung to their favourite photo compositions and asked to keep them in a specific way while other artists relished in removing photos from the white paper field as long as they were not their own.  It kind of felt like we were in a sociological test, a feeling that was enhanced by having a sociology PHD student sitting next to me during the workshop.

All the photographers on day 1 enjoyed arranging small versions of everyone’s photographs and creating compositions. The initial edit spanned over the entire table and reminded me of a disjointed jazz piece heavily influenced by the Dusseldorf School of Photography.  As a German/American raised in the US and influenced by American photography, the Dusseldorf aesthetic is a bit hard to absorb but I get it and have no problems playing along for two days.

Belgrade Raw Munich Workshop first Edit
Belgrade Raw Munich Workshop first Edit

Our workshop book will be three A3 pages in size so all those photographs spread over the table needed to be reduced down to a few compositions. Below, you can see the artists working diligently to bring some storyline to the compositions.

Munich artists FotoDoks Raw Workshop Book Designing

The general consensus among all the artists was that any photograph that screamed Munich would be set aside – Off went photographs of Oktoberfest, men in feathered hats and specific landmark buildings -Nothing too Munich or easily identified with the city would remain.

Munich Artists FotoDoks Raw Workshop Discarded Photos
Munich Artists FotoDoks Raw Workshop Discarded Photos

Figuring out a beginning and an end was problematic. The photographers faced the same problem writers face when deciding what should be the first line. The beginning of any art piece must be strong enough to keep people following through until the end.

As the hours passed, photographs were moved around the table and rearranged and rearranged again and new photos were added from the discarded pile or tossed off with regret.

Individual Compositions

During the workshop, each artist created a composition based on the photographs they submitted to the Fotodoks Belgrade Raw team.  This composition allowed the artists to see what could be done with their photographs. Below, two instructors and two artists played with the photographs of one artist trying to strengthen the initial layout.

The FotoDoks Workshop Team
The FotoDoks Workshop Team Critique a composition

The Belgrade Raw idea of  a photo documentary reminds me of film where you have clips that lead you into the scene and that add to the main shots – photos that strengthen the storyline. I submitted 15 main shots and no fillers. Now I know I should have sent in 10 filler photos and 5 main shots.

Below are the final 7 photos edited down from my initial 15. The Belgrade Raw team arranged the photographs to create an overall composition that tells a story of the city.  What does this composition tell you about Munich?

I will be using this idea to create weekly galleries for the Munich Artists website from the photos I take each week.  If you want to work on doing some of these, you can let me know.

Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Photodoks Raw Workshop final composition
Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Photodoks Raw Workshop final composition

Below are the photos I submitted to the workshop. You are welcome to print them out into business card sized images and figure out how to arrange them in a Belgrade Raw way. Use your own filler photos to beef up the story.  Please do not use the photos below for any other reason. If you do try to do this and send me your composition, I will share it in a gallery on Facebook.

Please note that I’m giving you permission to play with my photographs. These photos are NOT in the Creative Commons, they are photographs from my art series.

Below are members of the Belgrade Raw team cutting up the photographs used during day 1 of the workshop. More information about the team and day 2 will be posted tomorrow and next week, I will also post some photos of the poster/art book from this workshop.

The FotoDoks Raw Workshop Team
The FotoDoks  Belgrade Raw Workshop Team

Munich will be hosting the Fotodoks festival from October 13-18th @ the MaximiliansForum, Munich City Museum (Muenchner Stadtmuseum) and at Lothringerstr. 13 RGB 81667. I will sharing images from the festival next week on our Facebook page and on our Instagram feed. I hope you will have time to see some of the documentary photography being exhibited in Munich before you visit me at the long night of the museum.


I personally would have each artist create their own book using the group photos so that each artists different style and idea of the city could be represented.  12 versions of the book using everyone’s photos would have been interesting. So, Munich Artists, please be prepared to do something like this in 2016 probably as a workshop during Munich Creative Business Week.

Artsy Events for October 9,10 & 11 – Get Your Sneakers on for a Marathon Weekend of Art

I don’t know why they do this…. have so many open studios in one weekend in October before the long night of the Museum but they do and I’m always scrambling to see as many as I can. Hopefully you will have time this weekend to visit some Munich Artists studios and see their current work.


Here are a few Munich Artists showing their work in Sendling this weekend.


  • Ulli Schmeling will be showing some of her photography and sculptures at Kidlerstrsse 3.
  • Katrin Nodop will be at the SPD Bürgerbüro located at Daiserstrasse 27.

Einladung KiS 2015

  • Berit Opelt will be showing her artwork at the SPD Bürgerbüro in der Daiserstrasse 27

After you run around Sendling, head over to Neuhausen and check out the artists opening their studios for the weekend.  Here are a few of the Munich Artists showing their works in Neuhausen:

Brigitte Pruchnow Swimmer

  • Brigitte Pruchnow will be showing her artwork at München leuchtet, Landshuter Allee 39, 80637 München


For a full list of artists showing their work, download the Kunst in Sendling Flyer and download a flyer for Kulturen in Neuhausen here.

Einladung LANDLUFT-1
C. Kirmse, Elsass & B. Auspitz, Chiemsee
  • If you like landscapes, you will enjoy this exhibition of Contanze Kirmse’s artwork at Vergolderei Ehmer, Notburgastr. 6, 80639 Munich, Germany.  Constanze and Brian Auspitz will be showcasing their artwork starting this Friday October 9, 2015 until January 2016.  The vernissage starts at 1830 and goes until 2100.
  • On Sunday, if you can still see straight, sit down and have a chat with Dinkela and Corinna Naumann, they will be having an artists talk on Sunday @ 1600.

If you are an artist and you want me to share your events, please make a Facebook event and invite Munich Artists or Emmy Horstkamp and I will add you to our event list. Make sure the event is public. I can’t add private events or events on private pages. (Create an art page for your art practice please.) I try and add the events to the website but that is a hit or miss depending on how busy my week is and how zen I am finding data entry.  This week data entry is a nice excuse to get away from the “Made Your Bed” installation which is overtaking my living space while I figure out the best way to “install” it.

NOTE: I will be at the FotoDoks Munich Raw workshop this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link to Fotodoks. They will be having a documentary photo festival from the 13th -18th October. I will make a separate post later this week. I’m so excited about this workshop.  They have a waiting list so it is too late for you to apply (I did mention this earlier … maybe just on social media.. which is another reason for you to join us on Facebook.)  Fotodoks offers other workshops that may interest you. Let me know if you sign up for one.

Friday – Oktoberfest & Artsy Things to Do Around Munich

Ingrid Klaus Exhibition


Franco’s Crazy Bar  – Exhibition opening by Ingrid Klaus, artwork by Freddy Vogt, Andrea Tuerk, Inge Frank, Conny Krakowski, & Klaus Freese.  Starts at 1930 in Diessen.

Mixed Art – Erika Cremer Str. 8 / 3rd floor The Circus Leopoldini and Wizardry Andreas Maier  Admission 7 €  starts @19:30 Doors 20:00 the evening starts.  You can reserve your ticket here.



Finnisage for Julia Bergmeister, Sabine Decker, Milos Nenkovic at  Feierwerk colors Laden Hansastr. 31, 81373 Munich, Germany starts at 1900.

Oktoberfest starts.  Are you ready to get your camera out and snap some street photography or reference shots to play with during the rest of the year? Here are some events you may want to check out:

For more information about this year’s oktoberfest, you can check out the official Oktoberfest portal here.

It’s the Weekend! Here are Some Things to do around Munich


back from venice saevar karl

open art



It’s Friday and August and You’re Stuck in Town – What to do, what to do….

I’m guessing you already have an idea but if you are up in arms as to what you might be able to do on a beautiful weekend in Bavaria, here are a few suggestions:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Poetry Festival in Erlangen.  I write for a living so this sounds pretty cool. I’m not sure I would get all the word play in German but 80 creatives sharing their work sounds ideal.  The festival goes on until August 30th so if you can’t make it tonight, you can go over the rest of the weekend.  Here is a link to the event schedule.

For Tonight, this is what is going on (click on the more link to get more information on the specific event).

  • 09:00 clock  –  18:00 clock  / The translators come Twelfth Erlanger Translation Workshop Markgrafentheater, Bühnenhaus  –  Free admission!»More
  • 11:00 clock  –  19:00 clock  / Exhibitions Paradise is a polonaise – Adolf book conductor” Divine Comedy “Thursday, 27 to Sunday, August 30. University Library opening times: daily 11-19 clock University Library  –  Free admission! »more
  • 11:00 clock  –  19:00 clock  / Exhibitions Nicolas Mahler – Party fun with Kant Thursday 27 to Sunday, 30th August Kunstverein – New Gallery opening times: daily 11-19 clock Kunstverein – Neue Galerie  –  Free admission! »more
  • 18:00 clock  / exhibitions reception in the exhibition: Party fun with Kant Kunstverein – Neue Galerie  –  free entry» more 19:00 Clock  / The translators come Erlanger literary award for poetry as a translation Orangerie in the castle gardens  –  Free admission! »more
  • 19:00 clock  / special eventsTillmann Examiner: Saint Bruno. The incredible story of my great-grandfather on Kilimanjaro Palais Stutterheim  –  Admission: 6.00 / ERM . 4,00 € – tickets at the box office or in advance at the box office of the Palace of Art “more
  • 20:30 clock  / The portraits The portrait: Alice Schwarzer Markgrafentheater  – Admission: 5.00 / reduced from 3.50 to 10.00. / reduced 8,50 Euro. »more
  • 22:00 clock  / Special Events Nicolas Mahler – Draw intentionally so bad? Theater in der Garage  –  Admission:. 9,00 / reduced 7,50 Euro» more
  • 22:00 clock  / Film program The alte Affe Angst Lamm-Lichtspiele  –  Admission: 8,00 / reduced 6,00 Euro. »more

Bavarian Market at Wittelsbacherplatz. The market started on August 22 and goes on until September 6, 2015. What will you find there?  A beer garden, some Bavarian crafts, music, traditional costumes.  If you are going to skip the Oktoberfest craziness, this may be a good alternative.

Lea Lublin Retrospective at Lenbachhaus

Lea Lubin Retrospective – Lenbachhaus. There is a movie that accompanies the exhibition.  The next screening of the movie is Thursday, September 3, 2015, @ 19 clock “The proletariat of the sexes: Feminist Positions of the 1970s”.  The exhibition is at the Kunstbau annex (Near the subway).


Fantasy Film Fest at the CinemaxX starts at 1430 today.  Check out there website for film times and more information. I’m not into scary movies so I would have to be very very careful.  If you are into scary this may be just what you need for the weekend.

underground film festival

(Friday only) The underground film festival and afterparty is also tonight.  The festival starts at 1815 at Museum Lichtspiele Lilienstr. 2 81669. You need to make reservations on the cinema’s website.

(Saturday only)

ice cream market munich

From 1200 to 2000 at the Pratelinsel 3-4, Munich, Germany.  I think there will be fashion there too…..  I will go and take some photos and give you feedback. They are doing this event in four different cities.

If you would like me to share your artsy/designy event on Munich Artists, just sent me an email and invite me on Facebook. I like sharing as long as there is some tether to art in any form.  If I miss your event, please do not get offended, A gentle reminder is always a good thing.

Have a great Bavarian weekend!

Some Artsy Things to Do This Weekend in Munich, Germany and Next Week (For the Planners Among You.)

Friday August 14, 2015

  • Open Air Theatre at the Viehof.  Tumblingerstr. 29 80337  München
  • Movie: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2
  • Doors open at 2000.
  • More information on the viehof kindo website

  • Will be at the Rathaus Galerie until  September 4, 2014
  • Rathausgalerie Marienplatz 8, 80331 München
  • Today from 1100 to 1900

Saturday August 15, 2015

  • Hans Sachs Street Festival (25th year) Location: Hans-Sachs-Str. 12, 80469  München
  • 13:00 clock: Happy Beginning
    15:00 clock: Opening
    15:15 clock: There is something on the horns
    16:00 clock: Live on Stage – Jörg Olsson (Part I)
    17:00 clock: Musicals by Sissy from Munich Maiprinzessin Ray
    18:00 clock: Live on Stage – Jörg Olsson (Part II)
    19:40 clock: Munich Maiprinzessin Ray leads us to the Wörthersee
    20:00 clock: Seelig moment
    23:15 clock: Last call
    23:25 clock: final waltz main stage
    23 : 30 clock: music end, serving end
    clock 00:00: end of the event

Within Driving Distance of Munich

  • 25th Pottery Arts and Crafts market  at Fuerstenfeld Fürstenfeld 12, 82256  Fürstenfeldbruck
  • 1000 until 1800 Saturday and Sunday.  
  • 100 ceramic artists will be showing their creations at this festival exhibiting handmade goods made ​​of ceramic, leather, wood, textiles, glass, gold and silver.  For more information, check out this website.

Sunday August 16th  Puppet theatre workshop at Lebenbachhaus.

So, August 16th  12 – 17.30  Can join at anytime but it will take about 2 hours.  The Material costs: 2,50 euros Please book through the museum to make sure you have a space. 


abstract art workshop

Thursday August 20, 2015 

Friday August 21, 2015 Inge Frank

    Inge Frank, painting, Helmuth Hager, paintings, sculptures, installations. Opening: 21:08:15 / 19.00 clock, the artists will be present. Introduction Dr. Hajo Düchting.
  • Landsberg am Lech, SÄULENHALLE, Schlossergasse 381, next to the Municipal Theatre
  • 22 08. 2015,  14 to 18 clock “

Saturday August 22, 2015 Marion Weigel – 1800 to 0025

  • Marion Weigel Photo Vernissage and “Yoga for Singers” Book Presentation
  • Presenting “Carnival in Venice” Prints and Catalogue, “Living Music in San Francisco” Photo Book and “Yoga for Singers” eBook. Sceening Rush, Arty Flouxe’s ​​short film.
  • Balanstr. 34, 81669 Munich (Rosenheim Plz)

Friday in August. What Artsy Thing Will I Do This Weekend in Munich?

Nina Schmid – Produce photos for Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

What to do. What to do.   Here are a few things that you can do over the weekend.

Friday August 7, 2015

fountain fest viktualienmart
fountain fest viktualienmart

Annual Fountain Festival at Viktualienmarkt. – Starts at 1100 to 1700

Decorated Fountains and Singing Musicians.  ( I love Munich in the Summer. This is definitely a reason to be at Viktualienmarkt at 1100 today. I will take some photos and post them later!

A Walk in the Park Exhibition – Schloss Nymphenburg 43, 80638 Munich, Germany

The two painters Barbara Schricke and Florian Weingärtner show recent works in geraniums house in Nymphenburg Palace Park. The contrast between the abstract (Schricke) and figurative painting (tenants) of artists, both with studies among others, Markus Lüpertz, shows very different positions in the debate with color and canvas but also with the translation of experiences and emotions, and the appearance of these. Thus creating the two painters an interesting tension in the light-flooded exhibition space of geraniums house, right next to the Castle Cafe at the Palm House of the Nymphenburger Palace. Opening the exhibition is open daily from 10-18 clock. The artists are alternately present. Vernissage, Friday, 08.07.2015 18-20 clock associated with the invitation to a sundowner.

Showing the Unsayable. Artists as Warner and Wiitnesses – First exhibition at the New National Socialist Documentation Center “Show the unspeakable.” 120 works by well known and unknown artists.

City Museum  – Stadtmuseum – New York 60s – Sepp Werkmeister – From 31st July to 27th September 2015  St.-Jakobs-Platz 1 80331 München

An exhibition just opened at the Munich City Museum “Muenchner Stadtmuseum” As a street photographer, I’m super happy to see an exhibition of Sepp Werkmeister’s work from the 60s and 70s.  The museum always has interesting photography exhibitions and I’m sure this one will be just as Fab.  I plan on going next week. Because the weekend is going to be so warm, I would suggest seeing the exhibition and then having a cool drink in the outdoor cafe found right outside the museum doors.

Saturday August 8, 2015

arte caliente fest

Art Caliente Fest

SO.CAL Drink & Dine is hosting the event Which unites local and Latin American artists.

Three young filmmakers will present Their Short Films – two premieres and a piece selected at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2013. The art exhibition will feature artists from Germany, the United States, Chile, and Colombia.

Gastronomy, arts, and music meet to create in intercultural environment with film in the afternoon and food and drinks at night. Arts, California cuisine, and cocktails together make a perfect evening!  € 5 with a frozen cocktail.

PROGRAMOPENING EXHIBITION ARTISTS: Andreas Hirsch, Alejandra Hernández, Brigitte Pruchnow, Emmy Horstkamp Jessica Dettinger, Manuela Illera, Miguel Canal, Santiago Figueroa, 

SHORT FILMS 17h LOS VIAJES DE JUNIMARÉ El Sueño Del Chontaduro Mama film / 21 min / 2015 (BOG) A SOLAS Valentina Romero & Esteban Rivera / 30 min / 2013 / (BOG) RIOTLoida García, Ariadna Lagarsi & Javier Grajales / 15 min / 2015 / (BAR) DJ GONZÁLEZ 100% vinyl! (Kúmbale, electropical label)

Munich Radlnacht starts at 1700 at Odeonsplatz.  Thousands of cyclists will be touring the city starting at Odeansplatz.  The tour goes around the old town ring which is about 12km.   This is an excellent opportunity to take your camera and photograph bikes, people, Munich and a summer evening.   I will share with you some of the photographs I take after the Art Caliente Fest.


cindy sherman red

Goetz Collection
Oberföhringerstr. 103
81925 München
Tel. 089-95 93 96 90
Fax 089-95 93 96 96 9

  • Thursday & Friday: 2 – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Here is the Press Release:

The staging of female role models is the central theme of Cindy Sherman’s work, in which the American artist explores stereotypes of the collective visual memory in a media-driven society. With her photographs, Cindy Sherman (born 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, U.S.) has had a lasting influence on 20th century art. Much like an actress, she portrays herself in different roles before the camera. Although Sherman’s photographs are self-portraits in the traditional sense, they do not reveal much about the artist’s personality. Rather, her primary concern is the deconstruction of gender roles and stereotypes. Sherman developed early in her childhood an obsession for disguise and masquerade, which she further pursued at the Art Academy in Buffalo. The artist became known with her black and white series, Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980), in which she embodied stereotypical female characters from fictional scenes of the 1950s. Later, she created large-format color photographs, which explored topics such as fashion photography, fairytale characters, horror scenes and society ladies. The Goetz Collection has extensive work groups from nearly all phases of Sherman’s artistic career. With approximately 60 works, the retrospective, which was designed in close collaboration with the artist and is presented in the Gallery Building, provides an excellent overview of her entire work.

Sunday August 9, 2015

It is going to be warm this weekend I plan on creating art. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do in Munich on a Sunday, go to the Museums between visits to the cafes and beergardens.

It’s Friday. In Case You Have Not Made Plans, Here Are Lots of Artsy Things to Do

It is going to be another sweltering weekend so it will be hard to be indoors.  If you are determined to see art and be with artists, you can do the following:

Friday July 17, 2015Party at Chilli Gallery Neuhausen. The party starts at 1830.  Nymphenburger Str. 151, Munich, Germany

If you would like to see some of the drawings that Munich Artists created during the 30 day challenge, stop by and say hello.   Neuhausen is very easy to reach by U1 Ubahn.

3_ Food from Childhood

Jahresausstellung Klasse Oehlen A01.05  (the whole academy is having their yearly exhibition) Akademiestraße 2 – 4, 80799 Munich, Germany

Opening times for exhibition:

Eröffnung: 17. Juli 16 – 21 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 18. – 26. Juli
Montag – Freitag: 11 – 21 Uhr
Samstag + Sonntag: 14 – 21 Uhr

kunst akademy austellung

SATURDAY July 18, 2015

Strassenfest Kreittmayerstrasse with #OldBraunfels  I don’t know how much art will be here but Ken Knowles is part of Munich Artists and he will be playing his music at the festival on Saturday from 1500 to 1700.

ken knowles

Indoor Outdoor Somerfest at the Haecki Market. Saeulenhalle Muenchen. Arnulfstraße 62, 80335 Munich, Germany  This is the first time they are doing this market. There will be art for sale, food and music. Munich Artists will not be there because I’m busy making books and cards but April Mcgee will be selling her jewellery there and there will be other Munich based artists selling their wares.    One of the organizers for the event is Nuraan Arnold.  Go check out the event. Hopefully with the high ceilings, the space will stay kind of cool to match the people hanging out outside/inside.


SUNDAY July 19, 2015

Japanfest!  If you love Japanese things you will enjoy the Japanese festival in the English Garden by the tea house. Location: Japanisches Teehaus Kanshoan, 80538 Munich, Germany. The event starts at 1100 and goes until 1800.   Ramona Romanu will have her artwork on exhibit with the German-Japanese Society.   Go check out her Geishas and Koi fish.

Ramona Romanu Geisha painting

If I missed an event, sorry!  I’m dragging through my Facebook event calendar for events to share with you.  If you have an event, you can email the invitation or announcement to  Next week, we will try to get this out on Wed.

Have a great weekend and try to stay cool.

Hats over Munich – Maximilian Lückenhaus


This is one of the images on display at the Chilli Gallery in Neuhausen.  Sonia’s gallery hours are from 1200 to 1800.  We will be celebrating with a party at the gallery on Friday starting at 1830.   The address for the gallery is : Nymphenburger Str. 151, Eingang Blutenburgstr., 80634 München

Art and Food Trucks at MMA on July 11 & Popcorn and Art on July 24, 2015

As if there isn’t enough to do this weekend!!!!   Here is another option which will satisfy your foodie tummy and maybe your artsy soul.


A bit of food, a bit of shopping. What more can you ask for?  If you are an artist, you can rent a space to sell your goods at the market.  Here is a link to the rental page.   Around 20 Euro to rent a small space without a table. If you don’t own your own table, you can rent one from them for a small fee.  If you are a hipster artist with stuff ready to go, go for it!   I want to go wander around so if you are in the area on this evening, let me know and I will stop by and photograph you.  Here is the address:

Modeflohmarkt Midnightbazar – MMA (Mixed Munich Arts)
Saturday, 11.07.15
MMA, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a1
80333 München

11411712_794716723981126_7178104561430443427_oThere are probably other art things going on this far into the future but I just wanted to mention this one because it highlights works by Mr. Woodland and Patrick Hartl.  Nothing like a big bit of urban art to make you want popcorn?  I can’t eat popcorn so I will be there just for the art and to see the movie “Hello, my name is – German Graffiti” and maybe a hotdog and maybe a hug from Ray Moore.


Here is the address:

City Kinos München

Sonnenstraße 12, 80331 Munich, Germany

Munich Artists Installation at the Off Festival Munich June 19 – 21, 2015

Today is day 2 of the Off Festival.   Munich Artists will be represented by Dora who will be bringing our installation back to Arnulfstrasse 62 starting at 1800.  The exact address is:

Die Säulenhalle
Arnulfstraße 62
80335 München

Dora and Ursula Singer Represented Munich Artists during day 1 of the festival.  The two Munich Artists invited people to get down on the floor and doodle and draw their dreams with them.   Here are a few photos from Friday’s installation:

Munich Artists Going to the MUC Food Lovers Market on Sunday Feb 15, 2015

On Feb 15, 2015 from 1100 to 2000, Munich Artists will be at the MUC food Lovers Market.  The following Munich Artists will be showcasing their artwork and interacting with visitors doing participatory art projects (projects will cost between 7 to 20 Euro).

  • Gabriele Rothweiler (Photograper/Painter) – Gabriele will have people jump on a trampoline and take photos of them flying. For Sunday, she will be printing them right on the spot with her portable printer for a small fee.  Here is an example of her work.
  • Andreas Hirsch is a creative working in various mediums. He will be selling screen prints and watercolours at the market but will be making buttons with visitors. Here is an example of one of his screen prints:

Angela Smets will be selling her illustrative blocks and small charms.

Emmy Horstkamp will be selling her original art magnets.

Manueal Illera will be displaying her linocut prints and charcoal drawings.


Join the International Sketch Crawl


On Saturday, Munich Artists will be getting together for a sketch crawl as part of the International Sketch Crawl.   On Saturday (If it isn’t raining) We will be meeting at Frauenstrasse 18 (BCAMUNICH) and heading across the street to sketch Viktualianmarkt for a few hours.  We will meet at 1400.  Please RSVP to Sofia @ Munichartists . com so that we can exchange contact information in case you arrive and we have already headed out to draw. Open to everyone who loves to draw.