Lets Lilypad Ourselves for the Sake of Art

Don’t be scared artists.  Today I’m talking about a Lilypad which is a piece of technology not a plant.  If you are adventuresome, the maker community would love to have you experiment with this form of technology and your artwork.  If you don’t have any idea how in the world you could use such a device, here are two examples.

Kobakant – She created a crying dress.



Anouk Wiprecht Wearable Art


With this type of open source technology, you can create artwork using digital text, LED lights and various sound devices.  The website for Arduino has hundreds of projects you can work on to learn the process before tackling a bigger and more intricate art piece.




On Saturday, I went to the Platform in Obersendling and attended a workshop organized by Mira Sacher and taught by Stefanie Wuschitz from Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory.  Do you remember Saturday?  It was a beautiful day full of blue skies and warm weather but I restrained myself from getting the “Bavarian Blue Sky Sickness” and headed over to the Platform for my first introduction to this hardware/software art tool.

Because I run on Colombian time, I arrived at the workshop five minutes late and saw a table full of electronic supplies and creatives with laptops.

Taking the last open chair, I opened my laptop with the Arduino software installed opened the software and froze.  This was not an intuitive so I would have to pay extra special attention to the German explanation.  Yes, I continue to take workshops at the Platform even though they are in German. So far, the value of the workshops overwhelms my natural inclination to avoid learning new things in German.

Four hours later, I bought my lilypad and brought it home so that I can make something really cool for an installation.  If you are interested in learning more about lilypads, you can make a trip to Vienna and visit Steffi Wuschitz. I know they would love for you to visit their female-focused Maker’s Lab.


munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_5196
Lilypad Under 30 Euro




munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_5714
First tutorial taught us how to turn on a blinking light
munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_3970
The more things you want to have the lilypad do, the more connections you make.
munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_3339
You use something called a breadboard while working to make sure your connections are correct.



munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_4758
In one of our tutorials, we added a switch where we could turn up and down or on and off the light/sound we were experimenting with in the workshop.
munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_5719
This is the little sound maker that you can hook up to the Lilypad
munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_6607
One of the students was busy trying to solder her wires onto the disc for sound.
munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_9801
setting up the wires to be connected with solder

munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_9534



munich artists attend Platform Lilypad WorkshopIMG_9855
With the lilypad we used these alligator clamps while making sure everything worked


The platform will have two more workshops in their feminist Maker’s series.

Here is information for the next workshop in German:


“Sniffin’ Glue” – Ein Zines-Workshop mit dem beißpony Artwork Team in Kooperation mit Archive Artist Publications

02. Juli 2017 → 14 – 17 UhrHalle der PLATFORM
Kistlerhofstr. 70 → Haus 60 → 3. Stock
81379 MünchenIm Workshop Sniffin’ Glue werfen wir einen Blickbehind the zines.
Zines sind selbst gemachte Hefte, die sich als kritisches Gegenstück zum Medienalltag der Massenkultur verstehen. Nicht selten sind sie außergewöhnlich gestaltet, mit eigenwilligem Layout und offen für Formate jenseits des DIN-Korsetts. Sie werden kopiert, untereinander ausgetauscht, über Buch- und Plattenläden, den Postversand und im Internet als E-Zines verbreitet.

Der Workshop mit Stephanie Müller, Gründerin des Kunstprojektes rag*treasure und Gewinnerin desFörderpreis Musik gibt gemeinsam mit dem Münchner Maler und Filmemacher Klaus Erich Dietl einen Überblick über die Geschichte, Spezifika und Vielfalt des Mediums und stellt einige Beispiele von Grrrl Zines vor.

Die Teilnehmer*innen haben Gelegenheit, im gemeinsamen Austausch miteinander gestickte Botschaften, genähte Zeichnungen, kurze Texte oder Miniatur-Hefte zu entwickeln. Eine Auswahl an Recyclingmaterialien (ausrangierte Zeitschriften, Postkarten, Warnwesten, Gitarrenplektren, Bandagen, Filmbänder, etc.) steht beim Experimentieren zur Verfügung. Gerne können auch eigene Dinge zum Umgestalten mitgebracht werden.
Der Workshop findet im Rahmen der Ausstellung Münchner Independent Magazine aus dem Archive Artist Publications (Hubert Kretschmer) statt.

Unkostenbeitrag 15 € (bitte bar mitbringen)

Bitte meldet euch an:


A Back Room Gallery – Kunsthandel Anne Uhrlandt – An Artsy Place

Walking through the open front door, I meandered past a jeweler busy at work and found myself in a cozy gray room filled with artwork by Nicolas Confais.

The room is filled without being stuffy and it was pleasant to sit down on a low bank and have a chat with Anne about her project and her aspirations for the future.


It is All About Loving Art

Anne Uhrlandt started her gallery project in 2014 because she missed dealing directly with art.  Taking the plunge, she asked seven artists if they would allow her to represent them and they all said yes.

The seven artists represented by her gallery have very different art practices and range from a recent art school graduate to a well-established modernist. ” I think it is important that my gallery is able to provide a collector with a variety of art to choose from instead of just one art genre.”


artwork by Nicolas Confais (Made from Pig Bones)


Munich Artists doesn’t know much about what is “Normal” for a German gallery so we asked Anne if this was normal.  “Absolutely not.  The traditional way for galleries in Germany is to focus on a specific type of artwork so that they can become known for that area of art.  Carrying a group of artists whose work is diverse is my way.”

For Anne Uhrlandt’s Kunsthandel, the focus of the gallery is threefold: Find the perfect art pieces for collectors; Support artists with her business/art trade knowledge; Curate interesting exhibitions.

This mix is being developed at her Schwabing Space, exhibitions in public spaces around Munich and at a recent showing at the CologneFineArtFair (COFA).


Collaborative artwork between Nicolas Confais and Jakob Weiß


Although Anne enjoys taking artists to art fairs, she decided this year to focus on solo shows for the artists and build up her gallery’s vitamin C (Connections to collectors).

According to Anne, it takes ten years to build up a gallery and she has every intention to keep working on her project until everything clicks and she can afford a bigger space. (The Munich Artists dream!)

With a background working as an art sleuth* for The Art Loss Register,  Anne became very familiar with art fairs and art galleries in Germanic speaking countries. What she didn’t expect was that she would have to change people’s perception of her when she decided to stop being an art sleuth and become an art gallerist.   With a little bit of effort, the change happened and established art galleries welcomed her with hand kisses and open arms.


Anne has a very close relationship with her artists and likes building strong relationships with the artists associated with her gallery.    Anne’s focus is not just on selling artwork but on making sure that the artwork is shown in the best way and that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Her first solo exhibition in her small gallery space drew a whopping 80 people which she said was amazing. “People were too close to be distant.” Munich artists thinks this is an excellent side effect of a small space and is to be encouraged.  Get closer creatives! Lets not be so distant.


Gallery Exhibition at Kunsthandel Anne Uhrlandt

If you would like to visit this tiny gallery, it is open whenever the jewelry shop is open. If you want to meet with Anne, you can find her at the gallery at the following times: Wed 17.30-19.00 & Sat 13.00-15.00 & by appointment.

  • I made up the title Art Sleuth. Her job was to hunt down forgeries and make sure everything sold at an art fair was legitimate in every way… so you can see Anne’s situation when she moved over to the Gallery side of the equation.


Art Photography Book by Eva-Marlene Etzel

Munich Artists loves art books and photography books, Galleries that show art books and the artists willing to create artwork in book form.

This week, Munich Artists met Eva-Marlene Etzel and looked through her photography book entitled  “Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben.”


Book  by Eva-Marlene Etzel pen by Apple (I love both.)


The book we examined is currently the only one and she brought it to me wrapped in bubble wrap.  I loved looking through the book and hearing what Eva-Marlene had to say about her photography, her desire to work full time as a photographer and the ideas she wanted to develop for her fine art photography practice.

Eva-Marlene graduated from art school in Dortmund and now lives in Munich where she is working to develop her book project and build a photography practice.

As most of you know, one of the frustrating parts about being an artist is funding personal art projects.

Eva-Marlene is trying online crowdfunding for her book. Eva-Marlene will be running an indiegogo campaign until March 10, 2017.(Eva-Marlene is printing 20 or so copies of her photography book.)

Here are 8 things you should know about Eva-Marlene’s photography book.

  1. Everyone in the book is a “normal” person. No professional models were used for her shots.
  2. The concept for the book is inspired by Shakespearean lovers. Eva-Marlene will not share which ones so you can have fun looking through the images and trying to guess.
  3. The book gives no answers but deals with emotional love questioning the reality and authenticity of feeling.
  4. Writer Sibylla Hirschhäuser wrote the text in the book inspired by the photographs. (German text.)
  5. Eva-Marlene wants the photographs to be seen in a large format so the book is quite large and professionally bound to stay together. For her exhibition at Das Provisorium on Apri 4, she will be showing her images in a very large format. 1216e459-f7fa-4c74-b896-7c2b039092b4
  6. Eva-Marlene took video during her photo shoots and the video is an integral part of her project.  Eva used stills from some of the videos in her book.
  7. Eva-Marlene loves fashion photography and integrated this type of photography into her personal style.
  8. Eva-Marlene has been winning awards (photo below won an award.)
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel – “Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“


Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“ text by  Sibylla Hirschhäuser