Manuela Illera “Splaining” Her Painting “Listen to the Flow of Life”

Manuela Illera plunged head first into her painting and surfaced with the following splaining thoughts:

Emmy Horstkamp’s Studio tucked behind the Friday Gallery -Munich, Germany

Thoughts about the process of “Listen to the Flow of Life” art piece

The beginning of an art piece is always a challenge. Sometimes I’ve spend weeks organizing what I need to start a new painting. Lately, this “beginning syndrome” has decreased to about two days of just doing nothing in front of the surface.

For this commissioned art piece my parameters were simple – Positive vibes and nothing pornographic. I started sketching.

Manuela Illera Sketches and first layer of art piece -December 2015

The painting is for Emmy Horstkamp, a writer and an artist and the founder of Munich Artists. Emmy commissioned the work and allowed me to use her studio space – a fantastic spot right in the city center.

The studio is a magnificent atelier with everything needed to create art and when I say everything I mean everything: drawers and shelves filled with tapes, paintings, tools, brushes, sprays, markers, books, papers, pencils and more.

Here I was, working downtown, with my painting clothes and “The Heliocentrics” playing in the back.

With big pieces or commissions there is always some factor that could alter my approach to the artwork. When it comes to sketches and free drawings I flow, I’m like a fish in the water. But when it is something bigger, which is my favorite way to work, some insecurities and fears come out.

Munich Artists – Manuela Illera

Thoughts, emotional states, problems, desires and questions aren’t separate from the painting in that particular moment of creation. Even breakfast and weather will play a specific roll in the feeling of the painting. Sometimes it is really mental; my focus is in the technique, composition, and colors. Sometimes after a joint and a bottle of prosecco it can get rather mystical…

Manueal Illear – Work in Progress

“Listen to the flow of life” is the name I chose for this piece. It just came to my mind in a moment of complete peace and satisfaction, in a moment when the painting and I, were the same thing, when I realized that the canvas was just an extension of my body and my soul.


Painting is like making the puzzle of myself.  The way I organize the pieces and forms to fit them together in the right way, is the same manner in which I make a map of my psyche and my emotions. Just when I’m painting I can see and perceive myself in that particular form.


It is peculiar, but most of the times this feeling of satisfaction comes in the middle of the painting. At the end it is different, at the end a weird suspicion arises, because even a finished piece is still a process of something else, it is one more step towards something that to me, still remains uncertain and unveiled.

Manuela Illera.

Manuela Illera

Emmy’s Comment about the commission & the artwork:

I like Manuela’s work and I’m a big fan of raw canvases so I gave Manuela a raw linen canvas and allowed her to work in my space during the month of December 2015.

You learn a lot about an artist when they work in your space and I could tell it was not easy for Manuela to tackle a large canvas commission.  Many artists find commissions trying which is why I made the parameters simple asking only for an art piece that was happy and free like the smaller pieces that Manuela created at the end of 2015.

After Manuela finished the commission (Which is at the Friday Gallery,)  Manuela created a another piece on an A3 piece of wood.  The smaller piece was a present for a friend and contained an energy that was interesting and drew you into the piece- An energy missing from the larger artwork.  For the smaller piece, Manuela respected the medium and integrated the wood into the art piece allowing her personal artistic style to shine through.  With the A3 artwork Manuela was within her comfort zone and free to be creative without letting doubt creep into the equation.

I’m glad I commissioned the larger piece.  If you would like to see it, it is at the Friday Gallery.

If you enjoy Manuela’s work,  I will have a few more pieces from Manuela to show you in March 2016.


Street Art Collaboration Inside The Friday Gallery

Art Collaboration

This week we started the non video segment of our window installation. The installation will be installed on January 4th at Odeonsplatz, Munich, Germany.  I will make a tiny video showing you exactly where it is so you can visit it on your commute through town.  The two artists creating artwork for this installation are Emmy Horstkamp (me) and Street artist with a cool street art name. ( I don’t have a cool street art name.)

Initially, the installation was planned as a continuation of the madeyourbed series, but on Monday, I had a surprise visit from an American Street Artist at the Friday Gallery and after an interesting conversation my plans for the installation changed.

I didn’t tell the street artist what I was calling the installation nor did I tell him what to draw on the different segments of the installation.  I wanted the pieces to feel like the a graffiti wall and be filled with a collaborative synergetic energy.

To inspire him, I made the first layer by transferring my photographs of Munich  onto the paper so the paper was no longer blank. From the abstracted shapes on each art piece, the street artist began painting with black and red ink using his iconic motifs to fill the space.

Below you can see the street artist adding the second layer of drawing to one of the art pieces.


A friend helped us by adding some colour to one of the art pieces. (Bonus for hanging out with us for HOURS.)

This week I will begin layering the  paper pieces at the Friday Gallery to see how they overlap and where I need to make cuts and add encaustic medium.

I want to make sure that the top layer integrates our styles and the feeling of a graffiti wall so I will be adding shadows around the main figures, some stencil work and some collaging … along with the word CRUSH.

The idea of this installation is to share the feeling of a graffiti wall dissected.  The artwork of some of the pieces will not be fully visible as if the artwork was done on a graffiti wall.

Wax will be used to add structural elements to the pieces and also to make the paper translucent so you can see parts of what is on the piece behind. Without being backlit, the wax will just add a texture to the piece.  With backlighting, the paper will be see through allowing you to see the piece behind.

I started cutting holes in the pieces and will walk by Tumblingerstrasse all week to get inspired by the layered graffiti and street art so that I capture the graffiti wall feeling in the installation.

I decided to name the installation CRUSH to represent not only the the love themes of this street artist but the actual crushing of artwork by layering the pieces closely together, pushing them together and crushing two very different art styles into one space.

The video part of the installation  will share a word story called Crush.

I will post an update of the installation at the end of next week. If you have any questions, you can email me


Our Feb Installation will be Ines Seidel and AllunTurner entitled “The Talk”which they will start at the beginning of Feb and will be ready for  Jewellery week at the end of Feb beginning of March 2016.

If you have a window you want to share with Munich Artists for an Installation, please let me know. We are looking for a space for March 2016.













Friday Gallery Version 3.0 Application, Rules, Details


We tried showing artwork online every Friday and leaving it open to all artists to send in their work.  What we found was that the same artists sent in their artwork which was nice but it didn’t represent the artwork of Munich. Although we liked their artwork, we didn’t want to showcase only a few artists or have the same type of artwork every Friday.

We tried offline exhibitions for artists at the Friday Gallery at Frauenstrasse 18 but what we found that for whatever reason it doesn’t work.

Now, we decided for the next 12 months to offer 52 artists the opportunity to show their artwork on Munich Artists in an Online Gallery on Fridays for one week.

The Details:

  • Starts August 28, 2015
  • Online Friday Gallery Application.  Mail it to
  • Once accepted, all files must be provided in a dropbox folder to Do not send files until your week has been delegated/accepted.
  • All files must be labeled like this :  name of artist – name of artpiece – year of art piece – munichartists.jpg  so like this  emmyhorstkamp-planbdorothy-2015-munichartists.jpg
  • The dropbox must contain 20-30 images I will count.
  • The dropbox must also contain an Artists statement (in English), CV, list of the artworks and their prices, full contact details.  This reduces how much data entry I must do.
  • You must give me permission to use the images for use in a Friday Gallery Book and on the Munich Artists website and social media channels. We will make a book for the Friday Gallery at the end of the 52 weeks.   All images must be  3,008 x 2,000 300 DPI.   I will reduce the images you give me for online display but you are also welcome to provide me with a file of images sized for the internet.

The Rules:

  • You get one week.
  • All artwork that is shown must be currently available for sale.
  • All artwork must be created between 2014 – present.
  • There must be a theme to the artwork.  A purpose.  A raison d’etre.    Just like the artwork that is shown in a gallery space, the artwork shown in the Friday Gallery must make sense. Maybe not to me but there better be an artist’s statement and some kind of focus even if it is just focusing on the lint in your bellybutton.
  • 15 art pieces. You must send 20 -30 pieces and we will pick 15 from the 20.
  • For a Fee, we will share this gallery online through our social media feeds with ads.  This costs money so the artists will have to pay for this if they want to use it. We share photos from our website on social media but photographs that I’ve taken.  If we use your photos, you must give us permission to use them.  Fees can be discussed and must be paid upfront for FB ads/Good Adsense.
  • While the artwork is on our site, it cannot be in an offline exhibition. You are welcome to exhibit it before or afterwards.  For the week that we are showcasing your work, it can’t be for sale anywhere else because this annoys my business partner who is not an artist and does not care if you need to pay your bills – He wants to pay bills. Once your gallery is down, you can have an ad on for your exhibition. If you have an ad, we will provide the link to your gallery page for them to see your work.
  • There are more than 500 artists in our Munich Artists group and we can only have 52 Friday Galleries.   Priority will be given to the artists who were supposed to have exhibitions at the physical Friday Gallery. I cancelled their exhibitions and because I was heartless and selfishly took the space for my studio.  These artists will be allowed to pick which week they want to show.  The remaining weeks will be available but artists must provide three different weeks just in case there is a scheduling conflict.
  • If you work closely with another artist, we can show your artwork together.  Studios are welcome to showcase their work together, best friends, husband and wife teams… the more the merrier.  I will not be coordinating this.  Maybe you can have an open studio during the same week?  You will still only get 15 images and must send me 20 – 30 pieces to choose from. I can say yes or no to this group show online idea. You can’t question my decision and I will not explain if I don’t like the group concept.  Munich Artists cannot be the name of the group.  For any small gathering, you must have a unique group name.
  • Because it is an online gallery, we can showcase digital artwork, films, gifs, and all kinds of fun artwork that isn’t so easy to show in an offline gallery.
  • Your artwork will provide a theme for my articles the following week.  I will use examples from your gallery if they fit but there are no promises.

I will not accept all artists or artwork. Sorry.  I will not showcase the following in the Friday Gallery:

  • Bondage artwork – I’m not sure how to showcase this to an audience of all ages so it will not be showcased at this time.
  • Selected Erotic Artwork –  The audience for our website starts at preteen.  I want our site to be a resource for artists, art students and art teachers.  Although I believe erotic art has value, I will be selective in the type of art that we show so that it remains a pg 13 site.
  • Artwork that doesn’t make sense.  If you are from a small dorf and are creating artwork showing guns and gang violence or you have not ties to a specific culture and are creating artwork within that genre, I will say no.
  • I don’t like artwork with guns or violence as a primary theme. I also don’t like fish even if they are really well drawn but I will show fish if there is a good reason.  I will not show violence unless it is from a personal story line. Rape victim, survivor of violence… etc. They are working through something and it will show up in the artwork.
  • Selected Digital Artwork –  I’m a digital artist so I have an extremely high standard when it comes to digital artwork.  I have the knowledge to see how someone created a piece so not being able to explain your digital work to me and how you created it will automatically put you in the no category.
  • Artwork where the artist forgot to put themselves in the artwork- if you have not found your voice, I will not show your artwork.  If you think you are in this category, please do not send me an application. If you are not secure in your artistic abilities, please do not send me an application.  If you are not nice to me in person, please do not send me your application.  If you are not in Bavaria, please do not fill in the online Friday Gallery application.  

Anne Trieba’s Exhibition at the Friday Gallery – Mädchen und andere Leute”

Anne Trieba will be showing her new series of oil portraits, drawing of Munich street life and a few of her illustrations at the Friday Gallery at an exhibition entitled “Mädchen und andere Leute” starting on April 27th.  We showed Anne’s work late last year at the Friday Gallery and are happy to show her work for a second time. If you missed Anne’s first show, we encourage you to come to the Friday Gallery on April 27th at 1900 to see her work incorporating oil paint, raw canvas and fibre arts.

anne trieba - girl with dog

Anne Trieba will also be sharing a variety of her drawings based on her impressions of different areas of Munich and her illustration work.  If you are on Facebook, please join the vernissage event page. If you are not a Facebooker, please let me know by emailing me at


For 2015, Munich Artists is exhibiting artists at the Friday Gallery.  The idea is to offer a few Munich artists the opportunity to share their work with Munich, Germany in a gallery setting.

Although we loving seeing paintings in a classic gallery style, Munich Artists will switch to more interactive installations for 2016 so we can tap another vein of Munich Artists.

Munich Artists Friday Gallery for June 27, 2014

I’m lucky to have a great selection of work this week from graffiti to jewellery created by artists in Munich. I spent the morning visiting Anne Trieba’s studio. Very talented woman and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the coming months.

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Stroke Art Fair 2014 Recap

This was the first year that the Friday Gallery invited artists to share a booth at the Stroke Art Fair.  Here are some immediate thoughts about our experience:

  • It was very smart to have a talk with the creative director of Stroke about how we should use our limited space with five artists.  His advice was excellent and very helpful to a novice art fair booth organizer.
  • I’m very happy we showed original work. The artists were able to sell originals which brought in more cash. I would have loved to have limited edition prints of Mr. Fox and will focus on having limited edition prints of our showcase piece next year.  It was funny to hear people say “There he is!” as they rounded the corner and saw the fox painting.  People were happy to see the fox and we enjoyed hanging out with him for the fair.
  • There was no price point that sold best.   The artwork displayed ranged from 170 to 800 and we sold artwork at all price points.  We found the grid installation worked really well for each artist.
  • Each artist that actively participated sold their work.   Michaela Wuehr, Brigitte Pruchnow, Jenny Schminke and Emmy Horstkamp sold work, were present everyday and were happy to talk with people interested in their artwork. (most of the artists are introverts so talking to strangers for five days was a big thing.)

  • The buyers really liked being able to go pick up artwork at the artists studios.  Only two people picked up artwork at the fair.  Most the other buyers put down deposits and made appointments with the artists to pick up the artwork.  

  • Five days at stroke meant five days away from the computer. This made it difficult to share information about Munich Artists especially from a concrete cellar.  Sorry about the internet silence.  Hopefully next year we will have staff who can help report back on a more regular basis.
  • I must remember that we live in Germany.  I ordered a catalogue for Stroke within the appropriate amount of time but forgot the holidays which closed down business for many days.  The catalogs arrived today which is two days after Stroke.  The catalogs are nice and I have a large box of them sitting in my living room waiting to be sent out to collectors and anyone else who we think might be interested in a catalog.
  • We plan to attend Stroke 2015.  I’m looking forward to organizing Munich Artists for more events like this. If you know of an event that we should attend, please email me at with the subject line: Possible Events
  • Here are a few of the images we took during Stroke:

BCA Munich Friday Gallery November 29, 2013

This week BCA Munich rented an office space!  In January, we will start showing selected artwork from our weekly gallery at Frauenstrasse 18, 2013. The artwork will only be displayed for a week and most of the pieces will be for sale at auction.  If you see an art piece in our Friday gallery and would like to see it in person, just let us know by emailing emmy at kyfio dot com.

(Gallery on Facebook page).

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BCA Munich Friday Gallery November 23, 2013

Munich is getting ready for the holiday season.  Christmas markets are under construction and the Christmas tree corrals are up.   Are you getting into the holiday mood?  If not, maybe this week’s Friday gallery will help.

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