Green is the Thing on Day 3 Munich Artists Colour Challenge

Munich Artists 14 Day Colour Challenge

The words for today are Lucky, healthy or jealous, bad…. or, whatever you want because we want you to play with green not get stuck trying to fit green into a word.  I picked the following Green videos to inspire you on day 3.


If you are getting into the swing of the challenge, don’t forget to share your colour image on our Facebook challenge page or in our Munich Artists Facebook group.  If you want to plan for the next 11 days, you can find the colours and associated words on our Challenge page.

Remember, you can use any medium for the colour challenge.  The goal is to finish 14 pieces of artwork that have meaning to you and when you share them, you can say, this piece is entitled “Green…” and it is infused with the energy I felt as I contemplated the word luck/health/jealousy.   I’m using the colour challenge to play with words on my photographs and maybe doodling like on day 1.

Remember, we do splaining posts and if you want to “splain” your 14 day challenge you can let me know by emailing me at

Have fun with Green.