Snowden Flood Offers Munich Artists London Inspiration

London is a great city to visit for inspiration.  As we walked down the Thames, we found Snowden Flood‘s studio store at OXO.  Snowden (that is her real name) is an artist in London who decided that visitors to London should be able to find higher end gifts designed and created in the UK.

Snowden Flood in her studio store at OXO

At first, Snowden thought she would use the space at OXO as her studio/store but just like many Munich Artists, Snowden found that a combined studio/store space doesn’t quite work because, no matter how much you plan, the store always interrupts your efforts to be creative.

Now, the OXO space focuses on selling artwork/designs created by Snowden Flood and select UK artists that fit in with Snowden’s overall design/art concept.

Snowden’s Flood’s store is located on the 1st floor of OXO (one floor up from the ground floor.) and is one cosy room with plenty of room to walk around and see the merchandise.


This is the view into her shop space.

View of Snowden Flood’s store from the outside.
View of Snowden Flood’s store from the inside.
Dishes designed by Snowden Flood
Cups designed by Snowden Flood

The prices of Snowden Flood’s mugs start at 12 GBP per cup or 70GBP for a set of six. Snowden said that the mugs sell really well and that buyers are both local residents and international guests to the city.

Snowden has a few screen printed designs on aprons and tea towels and we purchased an “Extremely Nice” apron for the studio for 12 GBP.

Packaged Apron designed by Snowden Flood
Front detail of Screen printed Apron designed by Snowden Flood
Cookbook  written by Jenny Linford and published by Metro Publications

I purchased the London Cookbook because it felt like a neighbourhood cookbook instead of a posh city guide to London Food.

I liked the focus on London residents and small businesses rather than famous restaurants or people. From Mrs. Lim’s Singaporean Laksa to Sini’s Cinnamon Buns from the Nordic Bakery, the book is filled with international people working and living in London and leading London lives.

Interior of The London Cookbook
The London Cookbook Tea Time
The London Cookbook Soho Stories
The London Cookbook London Bakeries

I would have preferred larger photographs or more white space but the colour saturated pages didn’t deter me from purchasing the book and enjoying the contents.

If you would like to visit Snowden’s store, you can find her at the OXO Tower Wharf. You can also purchase her designs online from the Snowden Flood’s Store.