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Storey Tarris.  a London Based Artist and current curator of Munich Artists Website.


Epicentre of the Next Step – Ken Macbeth Knowles Apartment

Some writers struggle to find things to write about while other writers live lives filled with story plots and adventures—enough to fill a book or maybe even a library.

Ken Macbeth Knowles is one of the writers whose life is filled with romantic plots ideas which is a good thing for those romantics around the world who may be worrying that romance is dead. You will be happy to know there is one spot in Munich where love at first sight and true love thrives like a weed.

In a neighbourhood called Bogenhausen in a quiet area of Munich, Ken Knowles loses roommates like some of us lose our socks.  How is this possible? What is happening in Ken’s quiet neighourhood? Why is Ken losing all his roommates?

Love is the problem. or, love is the answer to my question.  Although love can conquer anything it can’t conquer Ken’s roommate dilemma because love is the dilemma.

In a city filled with single people and in a German society where single people keep their own living spaces even when they get married, single souls are moving into Ken’s apartment and falling head over heels in love with their romantic partners leaving Ken in a wake of rose petals and baby talk.

Ken is getting a bit exasperated at the high turnover.  Why are you all falling in love in his apartment? Is Ken is a lucky love charm?  Is Ken is the perfect “friend” for your double blind date?

If this roommate thing happened one to Ken, then we would have nothing to talk about but Ken’s spare bedroom keeps vacating and this turnover has sparked the curiosity of Munich Artists who has been following this dilemma since Ken posted about it last year on his Facebook feed and then wrote this post.

In early 2016, Ken stopped renting to guys, hoping that single women would be less likely to fall in love in his apartment.  Ken hoped this switch in roommate gender would stop the love trend from destabilising his home life but now, a year later, he is back on the hunt for new roommates as the love incubation dilemma seems to be gender neutral affecting both men and women and leaving him once again with an empty room.


Since gender was not a cure, Ken decided that maybe the length of stay would help so he is now looking for short-term roommates who want to hang out in his space and be struck by the love bug.

So, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who is unable to commit maybe a weekend at Ken’s apartment will push them over the edge.  Or, if you are a writer/artist/creative needing a romantic muse, you may find Ken’s apartment the perfect spot to create that love related creative content or get back your creative groove.

You can find Ken’s apartment on those short term rental sites and you can also contact him through his website.

Love is life’s sweetest reward. Set your life on a course of adventure by booking a few nights at this love incubator in Munich. Ken is expecting you.   Don’t delay.


PS. This is not an advertisement. I get nothing from Ken but the amusement that everyone around Ken is falling in love.   If you have a story like this, please let me know. We love sharing the quirky things happening in Munich, Germany.

Art Photography Book by Eva-Marlene Etzel

Munich Artists loves art books and photography books, Galleries that show art books and the artists willing to create artwork in book form.

This week, Munich Artists met Eva-Marlene Etzel and looked through her photography book entitled  “Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben.”


Book  by Eva-Marlene Etzel pen by Apple (I love both.)


The book we examined is currently the only one and she brought it to me wrapped in bubble wrap.  I loved looking through the book and hearing what Eva-Marlene had to say about her photography, her desire to work full time as a photographer and the ideas she wanted to develop for her fine art photography practice.

Eva-Marlene graduated from art school in Dortmund and now lives in Munich where she is working to develop her book project and build a photography practice.

As most of you know, one of the frustrating parts about being an artist is funding personal art projects.

Eva-Marlene is trying online crowdfunding for her book. Eva-Marlene will be running an indiegogo campaign until March 10, 2017.(Eva-Marlene is printing 20 or so copies of her photography book.)

Here are 8 things you should know about Eva-Marlene’s photography book.

  1. Everyone in the book is a “normal” person. No professional models were used for her shots.
  2. The concept for the book is inspired by Shakespearean lovers. Eva-Marlene will not share which ones so you can have fun looking through the images and trying to guess.
  3. The book gives no answers but deals with emotional love questioning the reality and authenticity of feeling.
  4. Writer Sibylla Hirschhäuser wrote the text in the book inspired by the photographs. (German text.)
  5. Eva-Marlene wants the photographs to be seen in a large format so the book is quite large and professionally bound to stay together. For her exhibition at Das Provisorium on Apri 4, she will be showing her images in a very large format. 1216e459-f7fa-4c74-b896-7c2b039092b4
  6. Eva-Marlene took video during her photo shoots and the video is an integral part of her project.  Eva used stills from some of the videos in her book.
  7. Eva-Marlene loves fashion photography and integrated this type of photography into her personal style.
  8. Eva-Marlene has been winning awards (photo below won an award.)
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel – “Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“


Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“
Eva-Marlene Etzel -“Menschen, die behauten sich zu lieben“ text by  Sibylla Hirschhäuser

MA – The Window Begins March 6, 2017

Munich Artists will be at the Window at Odeonsplatz for another year starting on March 5/6, 2017. Here is a link to MA-the window website.

The Window at Odeonsplatz Installations:

  • March 6 – 19, 2017  Inspired by 2016 – This installation is based on our Inspired book project.
  • June 26, 2017 – July 2017— My True Self 2017 –  Uses artwork from the Munich Artists My True Self Event July 2017 and The
  • July- August 2017  – Beginnings  – Uses Artwork created by Munich Artists at the Crown Book Binding Workshop.
  • May 25 – June 25, 2017— Say Hello 2017 (Installation using art boxes created by Munich Artists for Say Hello event.)
  • August – September 2017 – Contour 2017 –  Installation using artwork by Isidora Romani, Gabriela Popp & Emmy Horstkamp)
  • September 15 -Nagel Neu – Group Installation
  • October 2017 – Munich Artists TBD
  • November 2017 – Munich Stories 2017 – Inspired by the stories created for our Munich Stories 2017 Project.
  • End of November -December 2017 – Advent Calendar Installation. Installation made from Christmas Ornaments. Let’s make Frauenstrasse 18 a Christmas ornament salon selling the ornaments displayed in the window.  Ideas on how to do that are welcome.   NOTE: Workshop organizers, let me know if you want to start scheduling workshops for this.  I would also love boxes for the ornaments and cards that fit with the boxes.  Let’s have fun with this one and make it festive, creative & unique.


I am open to working with other art spaces to intertwine art ideas that incorporate the MA Window and another space.  If you have a creative space inside the city limits of Munich and have an installation idea that would allow for a conversation to be created between MA-the Window and an installation in your space, you can email me at

At this point, we have July and October open for collaborative installation projects with other creative spaces.  If you want to collaborate in one of the other months, it has to work with what is posted in the schedule above.

Munich Stories 2016 Printed and For Sale

Our Munich Artists 2016 book is printed.  We used a printer in Bavaria to support the local economy so the books look beautiful but are a tad more expensive than if we printed them in far away lands. For the Munich Stories project, we printed a limited run for 2016 which will be available at Frauenstrasse 18, through our website Munich Artists and at the Munich Readery (on November 12th.)

Book Launch

Our book launch is on November 12, 2016 at the Munich Readery.  Many of the writers and artists will be present for the event. Diana Radovan organised the launch and has scheduled artists to talk about their work and writers to read a one of their stories.

The book price is 24 Euro and is an A4 soft cover book.

The Stories Continue (Update: Idea moved to London)

Kickstarter Extra Treat – A Fifth King.

Important Links

The Story of the Fifth King.

During the creation of our playing card art, we had a tiny little issue and found ourselves without any KINGS.   With no time to find a new artist, we asked the Munich Artists involved to submit extra work and 4 artists volunteered to save the day.

A day before sending the work to the printer to get a proof, we were still missing a king. It was crazy – We needed a king and we did not want to be left empty handed if the missing king did not show up by the end of the day – It was a royal pain for the pair of Es (Elizabeth and Emmy).

With a printed image of King Ludwig II,  Munich Artists ran around shooting several different types of photos so that Elizabeth could select an image for the backup king. Elizabeth picked this photograph for our Fifth King and the deck was complete (just in case the missing file did not arrive.)

Mr. Ludwig waiting and waiting but never will he be a card in our deck.
Mr. Ludwig waiting and waiting but never will he be a card in our deck.

Right before the deadline, Ludwig II arrived in our mailbox and Elizabeth quickly inserted him into the deck to send to the printer.

The Orphan King 

After seeing people donate a Euro to our Kickstarter (It was not a gift option.)  I decided that our kickstarter backers could adopt our extra king and make him feel at home on their smart phones or wherever the backer wanted to display the extra King of Spades.

In this King image, not only do you get a king, but you get penguins and a banana and who doesn’t like Penguins and bananas?

The file for this king will be available to all backers who donate to our kickstarter. A link will be sent to you at the end of our campaign.

Because this is my personal artwork, I, Emmy Horstkamp,  give you permission to use him for any personal use and would love if you share with me where you put his majesty.


Today we are at 71%  which is awesome!  Thank you! Thank you Munich Artists Supporters!

Please share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family.  The more backers we have, the closer we get to printing our deluxe cards and the more fun we will have on October 16th from 1300 to 1800 at Einstein Kultur. ( You must purchase a card deck to attend the art happening. Go purchase your cards through our kickstarter.)

Here is another image that I took of Ludwig (a gay king) which I thought was funny but did not send to Elizabeth.

Processed with Snapseed.
“He Makes me Crazy!”  photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris Creates 4 Munich Artists Playing Cards


Munich Artists – Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris 

We are very lucky that Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris agreed to use her talents to make four Munich Artists playing cards.  I met Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris at a workshop in North Schwabing where she showed us the marbling technique used in Turkey (She was born in Istanbul.) Süyümbike joined Munich Artists at the Food Lover’s Market and 500 Artists Say Hello and now she is one of the first set of artists to create Munich Artists Playing Cards.

If you would like to see more work by this Munich based artist, please visit Suyumbike’s website.




Our Kickstarter for Munich Artists Playing Cards is over 60% funded. We are so happy that people are supporting this project and would love for you to buy a deck of cards and join us at 500 Artists Play cards.  Funding starts at 30 Euro and gets you lots of good Karma points. If you are a performer, you can also attend by sharing your talents.  Email emmy at emmy at kyfio dot com and I will schedule you a time.

Munich Artists Playing Cards

To help us reach 100%, we added the printer proofs to our backer gifts. The proofs are the only ones we will have from the printer for this deck of cards.  We have 1 proof left if you are interested in this type of collectible.  (First proof of the first product by Munich Artists Playing Cards series will be worth something someday.)  I will post a photo of the remaining proof in our Kickstarter so you can see what is still available.

Guest Post – Nir Avner – Dog Photography

We love dogs and are happy to share with you Nir Avner‘s dog photography.

Nir sent this group of photographs to Munich Artists when we asked artists to help out during the summer holidays with guest posts.

If you are a Munich Artist and you want to help me out during the winter Holiday season you are welcome to submit portfolios for review.

I would like to focus on photography and print work (screenprinting, lithographs, linocuts, risographs & monoprints.) for the holiday weeks.

You can send photos to emmy at kyfio dot com through a we transfer or dropbox share.  If you are a street artist, video artist or jewellery artist you are also welcome to submit work.   I will share the photos along with your website address.



Maximilian Lueckenhaus – Moons Over Munich – For Munich Artists Playing Cards

Today, I’m sharing the artwork created by Maximilian Lueckenhaus for our Munich Artists Playing Card Deck. (Check out the Kickstarter if you want to buy a deck of cards and some bonus gifts.)

One of the cool things about our Kickstarter is that if you pick the 80 Euro option, you can get a limited edition print of one card printed as a giclee A4 print PLUS a poster of all the cards so that you can enjoy all of our artwork on your wall!

We asked Maximilian a few questions so you can get to know this multi-talented artist (He makes music and comics too!)

  • Who are you? Just Maximilian Lückenhaus
  • Where are you from? Munich
  • What brought you to Munich? first time: my birthday, second time: science
  • What place in Munich fills you with joy or inspires you?
  • high rooftops, deep cellar clubs, and the Isar
  • How would you describe your work?graphical, mysterious, and open-minded
  • Who is your favorite artist? too many of them, such as Richard H Kirk, Marcel Duchamp, Rene Magritte, Lorenzo Mattotti, Max Klinger, Loriot, ..
  • What art supply are you never without? imagination

We presented Alexandra Ritter’s cards in this post so go check out her print work and then head over our Kickstarter and purchase a set of cards and support Munich Artists!


Kickstarter Video #2

Please watch this video.

Now, please go to our kickstarter and pick a backing option. If you need to read the options in German, you can read the backing options in German here.

We appreciate all your help with this project.  You will be getting the link for the Kickstarter tossed at you for 19 more days and then we meetup for the 500 Artists Play Cards event on October 16th.  Then I will gladly switch modes and talk about Munich Stories and all the wonderful illustrators and writers I’m working with right now.

Munich Artists Playing Cards Artist -Alexandra Ritter – A Pretzel Makes Everything Better Including Our Deck of Playing Cards

You will get this playing card as part of our Munich Artists Playing Card deck.  The Kickstarter where you can buy the playing cards is here.


A Message from Alexandra Ritter

Hi, I am Alexandra Ritter! After finishing my studies in arts, I came back to Munich, where I’ve been living for 4 years. The best thing about Munich is how close it is to the mountains. Hiking in the mountains is one of the most inspiring things for me and I love drawing them using ink and watercolours.
Besides mountains, I practice figure drawing and I love nearly all kinds of printing methods to produce artworks with an illustrating character which I used in my 4 artworks for the Munich Artists Playing Cards.
Four playing cards created by Alexandra Ritter for Munich Artists Playing Card Deck

Buying a Deck of Cards and Getting A Bonus Gift

If you want one of Alexandra’s Cards on an A4 (glicee) inkjet print, you can put in your order at the 50 Euro pledge.   At this time, they are still available.

If you pledge at 80 Euro, the Early Christmas shopper, you get, an A4 print, a poster with all of the cards, the party deck of cards and the deluxe version of the cards.  We have 7 left of this option.

All printed materials will be ordered, printed and shipped after the Kickstarter. It takes 30 days to get the deluxe playing cards printed so shipment will be middle of November 2016.

Buying a Deck of Cards and Going to 500 Artists Play Cards

Please purchase a deck of cards and join us at 500 Artists Play Cards on October 16, 2016.

Current Project: Munich Artists Playing Cards – Kickstarter Starts Today!

Here is the link to our Kickstarter.  You have until October 9th!  Please Help Us Create Some Amazing Cards and Have a Great Event.

With the help of the above group of artists who were selected from our 500 Artists Say Hello Event, Munich Artists will be printing a party set of Munich inspired artists playing cards and a deluxe set of playing cards.   The deluxe version will be ordered after the kickstarter is completed.   The party version will be ordered this weekend.  What is the difference?

The party cards are smaller in size and are being created specifically for the event.  The deluxe version or American poker sized cards and will have that beautiful box that Elizabeth Hughes designed.  Why the two different versions?  Because I want you to play with the cards and you may feel like the deluxe are too pretty to play with at the event.

HISTORY of 500 Artists Play Cards

At the Beginning of the year, Elizabeth Hughes approached Munich Artists about creating a deck of playing cards.  I (Emmy) told Elizabeth, we could create cards as long as we could throw a Munich Artists Play Cards Party/art happening.  She was on board with the larger idea and she joined the project as a project manager for the creation of the card deck.  Over the last few months, Elizabeth chose the artists, curated their artwork, designed the box, the back of the cards and created all the files to send to the printer.

We have had to make a few changes along the way but the cards are almost ready to be printed on paper.  We are very excited!

Here is the Back of the Card design created by Elizabeth for the cards:

The back of the Munich Artists Card Deck

And here are three cards from the deck:


  • Our Kickstarter starts Today September 16th.  To attend our 500 Artists Play Cards Event, you must purchase your cards through our Kickstarter.  Our cards will be for sale at Haeppy Art but the kickstarter bonus gifts are only available on our Kickstarter.   For the event we are ordering a version of the cards called party cards.  they will come in a metal tin.  The deluxe versions ordered after the kickstarter will be in a box designed by Elizabeth Hughes.
  • The Kickstarter has bonus gifts which will not be available ANYWHERE ELSE.  I have permission from the artists to make prints of their work for the Kickstarter and I would love for you to get a print of some of these cards to put on your wall.



Balloons Through Munich and Recap of Fill the Void


Yes I am on a staycation from Munich Artists website but that doesn’t mean that I’m on a staycation from art.  This Hiatus meant that I kind of dropped the ball regarding my own art project. Sorry about that. I thought I told you we were going to play with balloons and drink beer but somewhere along the way I did not get this information on the website.

Fill the Void 

On Tuesday August 30th,  I filled the void at Lueckenfuelle with balloons.  We intended to have 1k balloons but  we had a mishap with one our helium gas tanks so I ended up with 500 balloons at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmanstrasse which looked cool but was not exactly what I imagined.  Welcome to the realities of being an artist.

Neighbours stopped by all day and asked what I was doing. I enjoyed meeting the people of this neighbourhood and will plan something for the park across the street in 2017 because this neighbourhood loves artsy things happening around them.

Balloons through Munich

I went back yesterday (August 31st) to pick up my dead balloons and found that 100 or so of the balloons were still in the space and not dead so I started gathering them and realised they would not fit in my car.


I thought about deflating them and then decided to walk to Frauenstrasse 18 with a large bouquet of balloons.

As I started down the street, there was a woman behind me so I tried to get out of her way and she said she loved walking behind so many balloons –  it reminded her of her childhood.   I liked that she was visiting a childhood memory and we exchanged a happy moment with Fill the Void balloons.

Next, I walked down the street and remembered the ring sculpture and decided it needed some company so the balloons and I walked over and I took a shot of the two art pieces together.  When I looked through the camera lens, I realised we had created the letter Q .

I can make a Q out of you.  Photo by Emmy Horstkamp Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Walking past the ring, I saw this salt/sand dispenser and decided we needed a balloon dispenser for emergency purposes.

Emergency Balloons – Sprinkle on any blue day to avoid an emotional meltdown. Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

We continued through Munich and walked through Karlsplatz and down the shopping street resting for a moment on this bench.

Taking a rest downtown and filling a bench.   Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Heading behind Frauenkirche, we did a bit of window shopping checking out the new dirndls for Oktoberfest and the Holiday season.

“We may be too round for you.” Thought the balloon Bouquet.  Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp
Maybe we need to be more green?  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We visited Marienhof because I wanted the balloons to interact with the public art piece located in the Hof.  The piece is land art and right now is full of wild flowers so you can’t really see the big holes in the ground.  Here the balloons are trying to fill one of the holes.

This is art Munich!  Filling a land art piece at Marienhof.   Raw Photo by that head at the bottom of the image.

I saw this man writing on a chair and bothered him. I have a few more photos of him but I liked this one because of the shadows.  The man was trying to have some quiet time and I think balloons are good company for quiet contemplation (maybe not Emmy and the balloons but he was tolerant of my shooting photos around him.)

Keeping a solitary man company.  He was not amused.  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We reached Frauenstrasse 18  a few balloons short (I gave them to anyone who asked for a balloon.)   Now Frauenstrasse 18  is filled with balloons.

Balloons can’t wait to get home.  Frauenstrasse 18

The Future of  Fill the Void Balloons – We walk more balloons on November 5, 2016

I really enjoyed the balloon walk and since I have more balloons, we will be doing another Balloon walk on November 5th, 2016.

We will have teams of artists blowing up balloons and taking their balloons for a walk and then meeting at the KloHaeusen for a party with all of our balloons.   I want you all to know how much fun it is to walk through the city and interact with Mingas. They really do love balloons.

The 5th of November is the opening of the KloHaeusen Spa installation and since it is an interactive installation by appointment, the 5th is just a party to celebrate the start of the installation and could use happy artists with bunches of balloons.

I want you to see the installation space, enjoy a balloon walk through Munich and sign up for one of the installation appointments (if you are in Munich and want to have a paraffin wax mask treatment.)

If you want to be one of the teams walking from Frauenstrasse 18 to the KloHaeusen, please let me know.  The event is open to everyone.   The groups will walk with balloons and will have to help blow up the balloons they will be carrying.  I will provide the materials and you are welcome to donate to the costs if you want.

You must be open to interacting with Munich and the people in Munich you pass by on the way to Sendling.

The balloons will be blue and white balloons (Munich Colours.)

I will post this information again on its own post and on my website and I will send out a notice to artists on my Munich Artists Newsletter.   My email is  and if you want to subscribe to the newsletter for Munich Artists, here is the link.

Do you think we can gather a  group together on Saturday around 1400?  The installation opens at 1800.  The balloons take 1 to 2 hours to inflate.  A walk to Sendling takes 40minutes.  So I think we start around 1300 and then walk to the installation space, have a drink and play with hundreds of balloons in Sendling.


Fill the Void – E. Horstkamp & Munich Artists Art Happening for August 30, 3016

Munich Artists wrote about Lueckenfuelle last week and then I emailed Maria, one of the visionaries, who suggested we do something before the spaces closes in September 2016.


I decided that I would create with Munich Artists “Fill the Void,” an art happening to fill the space and say farewell to the creative meeting point that will become a construction site in the next few months. (2 week turnaround… lets see how many people we can unearth during the holidays and drag out of their living rooms from the surrounding apartment buildings.)

Important Details to know:

Date: August 30, 2016

Location:  The corner of Rottmannstrasse and Schleissheimerstrasse, Munich Germany ) Very close to Stiglmaierplatz Ubahn just the other side of Dachauerstr. you will see a triangle park. the empty lot is behind it. You will see HNRXs big sausage high up in the air.

Time: 1900 to 2100 (I will be filling balloons earlier in the day so you are welcome to come and help me if you want but you don’t get a balloon until 1900.)

Action:  Artists/creatives fill a void.  I want to visually show how artists and creatives in Munich fill the void.  Artists love empty walls, empty spaces and are the first to see the potential for changing something with their creativity.   I want people of Munich to get to know the artists of Munich and to know that we can help fill that void in their lives with our energy, our art and ourselves.  There are thousands of us here, step away from your art practice or day job for two hours and let everyone know that you are a creative in Munich.


  1. Attendance.  If you are in the Munich area and you can be there on August 30, 2016 from 1900 to 2100, I would love to have you there holding a balloon and talking with other creatives and residents of Munich. You do not need to bring anything but pocket change in case you want to buy a beer or a drink at the local Vietnamese restaurant that will sell it to you for 1,50Euro.  There are tables at the location so if you decide you need to bring food, you can do that too.  The park across the street has lots of places to sit.
  2. What Void do you fill?  “I fill the void” will be written on all the balloons.  If you want, please write how you fill the void on a ballon.  Not necessary but it would be cool if you shared some positive life purpose.  If you don’t have one, you can use on of mine “I fill the void by creating art” or ” I fill the void by sharing positive energy with others.”
  3. Optional – Business Card or Visiting Card or Post Card –  I have a scanner app and i will use it to share your information.  If you are there and you let me take a photo of you with your balloon, I will use your balloon and contact details in my art project.  Here is an example of the “my True Self” happening portrait from our july 18th happening at the Odeonsplatz Subway.  These portraits will be shared at the”My True Self” installation at the long Night of the Museum:
  4. Permission – I’m a conceptual artist and I make videos and photographs.  Please, if you come I want you to be ok with me taking your photograph and capturing you on video.  If you come with children, I will ask permission before taking individual photographs. If your children are in the space during the event, they will have their photograph/video taking with the group. All individual photographs of people will be used for an art project but may also be shared on social media and on the Munich Artists and Emmy Horstkamp websites and may be published in the Installations book I’m creating for the year.
“My True Self” Art Happening Odeonsplatz Ubahn July 2016 mask created by Verena Friedrich worn by Marie Friedrich

After the happening, please keep your balloon and take a spare balloon to give to someone but please do not let the balloons go. I love that idea but we will have a lot of balloons and that won’t be good for the environment if we let them go.

Creating Photographs/ Videos/ Sketches/ Art

You are welcome to take photos of the balloons and videos of the balloons. You are welcome to make sketches of the balloons. You are welcome to dance and sing with the balloons.  After I’m done taking photos of the balloons, the balloons are fair game for your awesome creativity BUT please do not let them go up into the air because, as I stated before, that will make me very sad and may end up in the guts of some poor bird.

If you share your pics on social media Please use  #munichartists and #Fillthevoid when you share your photos.  If you are on Facebook like our Munich Artists page and let us know when you share your photos so we can share the public post. (I can’t share private posts.)


Want to help fund this art happening?   You can email if you are quick on your toes with making decisions.  I would love to have a Sponsored by ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: on the balloons.  If you come after the balloons are created, we can add a card to the balloons and I will let everyone know on the website. Thousands of people will know you helped an art idea become reality.

Want to create an art happening with Munich Artists?  We are open for great locations and money for expenses.  Give us a space and we will make something happen. 







Lueckenfuelle – A New Meeting Point in Munich Looking for Art Events (Actions)

Oh Hello. Did you forget about me already?  I’m still on Staycation but Munich doesn’t grind to a halt just because most of the artists have left for vacation. The Art must go on so when you get back into the groove of Munich living, go visit Lueckenfuelle before it gets turned into a construction site.

Lueckenfuelle is located at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse.  It is a temporary idea space where artsy ideas can become artsy realities.

Lueckenfuelle – Gespraeche in der Stadt – Gespraeche fuer die Stadt (Translation: Discussions in the city – Discussions for the city) is a corner where you can go meet and be creative and share your creations.  This is NOT a graffiti corner so don’t bring your spray cans. The mural created by HNRX was by invitation and shall not be morphing into anything else anytime soon unless approved by Lueckenfuelle.

Here is a photo before the HNRX mural…

13833253_1373360992680872_1881834375_o (1)
Lueckenfuelle – Munich, Germany Art Spot (photo thanks to HNRX)

Here is a photo after the HNRX mural…

13844069_1377149628968675_484247641_o (1)
New artsy meeting spot in Munich Germany  Schleissheimerstrasse/Rottmannstrasse (photo by HNRX)

I could give you all the artsy language of why this space exists but the nitty gritty is that a group of Minga architects decided that the empty lot was a horrible thing to have in this neighbourhood and they decided to do something about it.

IMG_7105_2 (1).jpg
The visionaries for Lueckenfuelle

Maria, Leila, Sophie & Nick are the main contacts for the space and the visionaries who decided that this neighbourhood could have a cool space to meet and share art, conversation and ideas with other Munich residents.

If you are a planner and a creative with something to share, the space is currently looking for art events “actions.

If you  have:

  • An temporary art installations involving film or music or sculpture
  • A idea for an outdoor lecture
  • A book readings, poetry slam, flash fiction evening
  • A public concert
  • An art gathering of super cool creatives
  • An idea not mentioned above that would fit within the confines of a neighborhood corner space and would be interacting with the neighbours in a creative and positive way.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • The neighbourhood has lots of children and young families.
  • The architect quartet made wood furniture in the space that is modular and can be moved around but, it is always in the space. If you wanted an empty corner, you should have made your way over there before they created Lueckenfuelle.   Please plan your idea using the furniture that is in the space.  Don’t be a diva. This is not the neighbourhood for divas.
  • The location is near Stiglmaierplatz. Easy to reach from all areas of Munich. (Subway U1)
  • It is an outdoor space.  Please plan for an outdoor space.  Please remember it is outdoors.  There is nothing to shelter you and your art from the elements. Did I mention it was outside?

Contact:  Please email your idea to

NOTE: International artists and ideas are welcome. Come to Munich and be super creative in this new artsy Munich space. Lueckenfuelle will be happy to receive your email and have you share something that fits with their concept.

Please don’t forget to tell me if your idea gets accepted. I want to make sure we keep this little space filled with creative talent from around the world or maybe just around Munich but around the world would be amazing for me and Munich Artists!









Ines Seidel – Ways To Wear the News – Munich, Germany

Ines Seidel worked with Allun Turner on an installation at the Friday Gallery in February during Munich Creative Business Week & Munich Jewellery Week entitled “The Talk.”

For the installation Ines Seidel created several large organic pieces that she playfully wrapped around herself as we were installing them in the space.  I told her that when the weather was warmer, we should have a walk around Munich with her creations and yesterday, we realised this idea.

“The Talk” Ines Seidel

For the walk, Ines turned her Talk artworks into a wearable garment.

Ways To Wear the News – Ines Seidel – photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Here are a few shots from our photo/video shoot through Munich.

One thing that surprised me during our morning out and about the city, was how many people loved what we were doing and were willing to ask us questions.  I don’t know if it was the art piece, the fact that we were two female artists or the absolutely beautiful day that created such a positive energy filled experience but we were very grateful for the kind words and positive feedback.

I’m doing a computer upgrade while I’m away so videos for this project will be available when I return in September.   I look forward to sharing with you Ways to Wear the News.

Ines Seidel- Ways to Wear the News Walk through Munich July 19, 2016 photo by Emmy Horstkamp

PS… If you are not in our Facebook group you may not know  that we will have guest posts for six weeks while I’m working on Lifelines. 

Guest posting starts on August 1st and ends on September 12, 2016.  During this time, I will be posting Munich Artists Posts from artists involved in our 500 Artists Say Hello Project.  If you were involved and would like to make a guest post, please email me at   All guest posts must be submitted to me by July 30th so I can upload them to the website and schedule them to publish.

I will still be posting on our instagram account and answering questions on Facebook and posting in our August Munich Artists photo challenge so away is not really away but as close as it’s going to get for now.

If you are going to be in Munich during August and want to meet, we can do that, I just won’t be at Frauenstrasse 18 since I’ve agreed to have a Spanish artist during the month using the space for an installation and studio space.





Susanne Wagner – A Conceptual Munich Artist Creating Public Art -Inklusionspunkt

“Emmy, what is that art piece at Viktualienmarkt?”

“I don’t know but I want to know  who created that cool piece of art up on the wall!  How did they get it up there? It is official right, that isn’t street art?  What are those round circles made out of? Why is there a new piece of art on the wall downtown? Why only until November?”

See, this is the mind of this Munich Artist.  Something new shows up and my brain starts spinning and asking questions and wanting to know the answers.  For the art piece at Viktualienmarkt, the city helped answer some of the questions by putting out a utilitarian yellow box that screamed official paperwork rather than get your cool artsy info here.

Because I was hunting for information about the art piece and, I’ve lived long enough in Germany, I knew that I needed to read the label on the box and there it was.  The artist’s name was Susanne Wagner and the name of the art piece was Inklusionspunkt.


But, when I looked up Susanne Wagner on the internet, I found a website full of really well made video art and no sculptures.

Was the video artist Susanne Wagner, the sculpture artist Susanne Wagner? I sent her an email to find out and a few days later, I had my answer.  Yes!  Susanne Wagner is a conceptual artist working in video and 3 dimensional objects.

Here are a few examples of Susanne’s Videos:

For Susanne’s video art, she focuses on portraits of herself and other people.  The first video is Susanne, the second video is a video of an abstract artist, and the last video is about a stuntman falling down lots of stairs.

Susanne does not shoot her own videos or throw her own ceramics.  Susanne Wagner hires craftsman to help realise her sculptures and cameramen to shoot her videos.

For the last few years, Susanne has been creating different types of sculptures including a few Alters for Bavarian churches. In my hunt for Susanne Wagner, I found this interview with her which added to my confusion. Was she a religious artists?

Luckily for Munich Artists, Susanne had time to stop by Frauenstrasse 18 for a chat and she explained that she enjoyed making videos but was drawn to making sculptures and commissioned alters (she has made 3).   No matter what idea she is working with, her main focus is conceptual so she does not feel confined to a specific medium.

For Inklusionspunkt, Susanne Wagner worked with a ceramic studio to create circular ceramics that hang in a circular pattern on the wall near Viktualienmarkt.


The art pieces on the wall is temporary and all of the disks are for sale for 290 Euro each on the Inklusionspunkt website.

Because Susanne was paid to create the art piece, she decided that the funds from the sale of the individual ceramic pieces would go to fund Including WG am Kegelhof which is a housing development where young people with disabilities will live with young people without disabilities.

If you have not seen the art piece, you have until November to make your way to Viktualenmarkt 6 to see the disks colouring the wall.

Now, the question is, will they make this firewall a rotating exhibition space with different artwork every year?

If that is not the idea,  I think the public art piece by Susanne Wagner would make an excellent addition to the downtown area and should remain. Maybe people can buy the individual disks and then they just remain on the wall (Like when you buy a star in the sky.)

Susanne was telling me that they can make more disks to sell and raise money for the housing facility.  I thought Susanne Wagner should take her disks around to other cities as a traveling public art piece.  She could make different size circles depending on the space given to her by the host city.  Wouldn’t that be cool? If you have a city with a blank wall that you would like to use to host an Inklusionspunkt, let Susanne Wagner know. You will need to fund the creation of more disks and maybe Susanne’s time to create the new installation to fit your special wall.

I can see Inklusionspunkt being a “thing” can’t you?


500 Artists Say Hello Installation Artwork 2016

We celebrated our first 500 Artists Say Hello event on Saturday April 23, 2016 and are proud to share with you the installation artwork displayed at Quiddestr. 45.  Thank you to all the artists, family, friends and supporters who attended our gathering yesterday and thank you to Art in Motion and Paata (Nino Khundadze’s husband) for performing during the afternoon event.

We will be organising another 500 artists evening event on November 19th to celebrate the creation of our artists playing cards…so save the date!

If you would like to see the installation, the location will be open on Wed, Thurs. & Friday of this week from 1500 to 1900.  If you would like our Hello 2016 booklet, you can email me at Emmy The booklets is 10 Euro.

Pizza Delivery by Michaela Wuehr? What’s in the Box?

While I worked on the booklet for our 500 Artists Say Hello event,  Michaela Wuehr knocked on my door and walked in with a pizza.

“Pizza!  I love pizza but I thought you wanted to go have a juice?” I said jumping up to grab a piece of “Buena Pizza!”

Pizza delivery by Michaela Wuehr

“No, Emmy. There is no pizza.”

No Pizza? Lunchtime hunger clouded my eyes.  I looked suspiciously at Michaela as she smiled and lifted the lid. The smell of oil paint hit my nostrils.


oh! It’s a 500 Artists Say Hello art piece!

500 Artists Say Hello art by Michaela Wuehr.  The above piece was still wet and Michaela wanted to make sure the piece stayed safe as she made her way from her studio in Maxvorstadt to my space at Frauenstrasse.

I love it!  The packaging was so urban just like the NYC scene depicted in the art piece. They belong together. I promise, if you buy her piece, you can take home the pizza box.

I told Michaela she needed to incorporate pizza boxes into her marketing plan cause I loved getting her art piece in a pizza box.

Michaela also had a cool idea where she would say the box was her piece and that orange was blue and green was black – mix it up a bit. I love that idea but I am really happy she decided to make an oil painting for our event.

Hopefully I will have a surprise for you tomorrow/Wed. Please feel encouraged to find fun ways to surprise Munich Artists. We enjoy positive surprises especially when we are stuck on the computer working all day.

Artwork by Michaela Wuehr (Oil painting)

Moran Haynal Will Be Saying Hello on April 23, 2016

Munich Artists has members who are young and young at heart.  Moran Haynal is an artist living in Neuperlach and who submitted a”Hello” art piece for our 500 Artists Say Hello Installation Event.  I would love for you to meet him on April 23rd to say “Hello.”

Here is a video of Moran’s studio and his work.


Current Sketches for Munich Artists Sketchbook For Brooklyn – 3 Pages Left

I will be mailing out the sketchbook on Monday morning so if you want to sketch in it, you can still come by today and Thursday between 100 and 1500 & Saturday between 1100 and 1500.

Any pages that I do not have sketches on will be filled with a sticker from my remember series so that there are no empty pages.

This has been a really fun project and we will be doing something similar for our own fun in the next couple of months using a piece of Brigitte Pruchnow’s artwork (She will pick the artists to sketch in that project.)

Here are the Munich Artists Artwork from the current Brooklyn Sketchbook Librarary sketchbook (NOT in order, just how I snapped them yesterday before leaving the studio):

Brigitte Pruchnow
Florencia Chuecke
Yelena Vakker
Choco Bot
Ines Seidel
Angelica Zeller Michaelson
Maximilian Lueckenhaus
Petra Winter
Manuela Illera
Penelope Richardson
Berit Opelt
Katrin Klug


Do You Want To Meet Munich Artists?

I do.

Someone asked me if there were 500 artists in Munich.  I smiled at the question.  Of course there are 500 artists, there are thousands of artists hiding in the crevices of Munich corporations, institutions and private studios along with the 3k people registered as artists in the region and who have joined art groups and art associations.

The real question is whether 500 artists are willing to come together for an afternoon.  I’m hoping the answer is yes and I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool people who consider themselves artists living in Munich.

Our 500 artists say Hello event is the perfect opportunity for you to meet other artists living and working around Munich, Germany.  It will allow you to see their work and find artists who are creating art that resonates with you.  Maybe you will find someone to collaborate with on an art project or who will be a sounding board for your creative idea.

We encourage you to submit your own original artwork based on our open call for the 500 artists event. our open call for the 500 artists event.  If you do not have time, Munich Artists will post on the 11th of March a way for you to participate and be involved in a fun way.

Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Today, I wanted to share the artwork of Maximilian Lueckenhaus.  We shared a post over the weekend about the comic exhibition at the Oktoberfest museum and today we are sharing his artwork for our 500 Artists Say Hello Event.

Maximilian works as a creative director, has a family and creates art.  This is Maximilian’s chosen path and I would love for you to talk with him and share your path with him on April 23.


If you have questions about the open call, we created a FAQ post and have shared a few of the images from other artists.  If you still have questions, you are welcome to stop Frauenstrasse 18 between 1200 – 1500.

Meet with Munich Artists 

I’m not nocturnal so if you would like to meet me, please feel free to visit me at Frauenstrasse 18 between 12 -1500.  I’m not always there so texting me is really optimal my mobile is +4915129111465.

Meet Munich Artists Risograph Machine

Penelope, a Munich artist told me she bought a Risograph and after doing some research, I decided a Risograph would be an interesting way for Munich Artists to create our coloring book series.  At this point, we only own a black drum which is perfect for creating coloring books and we are thinking about buying a few more colors so that we can print graphic and fine art books. (we have a publishers number and ISBNs to attach to books.)

If you know artists already creating Risograph artwork and books in Munich, please let us know who they are.  We would love to meet with them.



Oktoberfest Museum Exhibition – Beer – All About the Thirst

Munich Artist Maximilian Lueckenhaus invited me to the Oktoberfest museum to see his artwork showing with a group of talented artists in a comic book exhibition.  The book for the exhibition can be purchased here.

Below are a few snapshots I took this evening (I apologize for the horrible lightening and glare.)  If you have time, I would suggest you pay the four Euro and go to the tippy top floor of the museum to see the artwork.  Please do not be confused when you walk into the space and see a pub. Just turn to your left and you will see what looks like a closet but is actually the entrance to the museum. You will spiral your way up through the building and through many small rooms and find yourself in the attic space which is housing the comic book exhibition.

The address for the Oktoberfest museum is Sterneckerstrasse 2. 80331 Munich, Germany. The museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 1pm – 6pm and they have special fees for families and groups of more than six people.

Art in Munich by Berit Opelt

Berit Opelt is the head of Kunst in Sendling and Berit’s art website can be found here.  I  asked Berit to share her current work with us during the month of March.  If you have any questions about Berit’s art work, please ask her.  If you are too shy to contact her, Berit will be with us at the 500 Artists Say Hello event in Munich on April 23, 2016 (She is making a blue piece just for Munich Artists!)

The Talk Art Jewellery Installation by Ines Seidel and Allun Turner

Allun Turner and Ines Seidel have been working on an installation at the Friday Gallery during the month of February 2016.

The artists were asked to develop an installation that incorporated their art jewellery and the idea of a conversation.

Over the month, the two artists emailed, met in person, worked in their own studios and at the Friday gallery.   Emmy Horstkamp videotaped the artists discussing their installation and their artworks and asked the artists to share how the other artist influenced their work in the space.

If you would like to visit the gallery, one of the artists will be there each day from  900 to 1700. Please remember that the Friday gallery is in the courtyard. You will need to push open the green doors and walk into the courtyard where you will then see a big pink sign designating the Friday Gallery as one of Munich Jewellery Week’s galleries.


Patrick Hartl – Exhibition until Feb 28th

Today I stopped by Patrick Hartl’s exhibition. You have until Feb 28, 2016 to go snatch up a piece of his current work.

Farbenladen München
Hansastraße 31 | 81373 München

The opening days and hours are:
Fridays 16:00-20:00
Saturdays 16:00-20:00
Sundays 16:00-20:00

If you are interested in seeing more works by Patrick, he will be exhibiting  starting Feb 16th at Ueblackerhaeusl.




Open Call: 500 Artists Say Hello

German Version of Open Call

500 Artists Say Hello

Hi my name is Emmy Horstkamp and I’m the founder of the Munich Artists Group.

In 2013, I decided to create Munich Artists so that I could meet more artists who wanted to collaborate on projects and have fun being artists, while building a serious art practice and developing a unique artistic voice.   Over the years, I’ve worked to find ways to connect with fellow artists and celebrate their art creation in motivational and community building ways. This year we are having 500 artists say hello.

Save the Dates:

  • April 22 – May 2nd Exhibition
  • April 23rd Munich Artists Event from 1400 to 1800

Open Call: 500 artists say “Hello”


As the name suggests, “500 artists say Hello,” will show 500 participating artists. The selected artists will be featured on the Munich Art market website for the whole year 2016 and beginning of 2017.  This opportunity will facilitate artists to connect and be visible within the city structure.

The directory will only be open to artists who attend the event so admittance to this directory will happen once a year. I will have forms for you to fill out at the exhibition event.  Only these forms will be accepted for the art market website.  Munich Artists will add photos of your work we photograph throughout the year to this site.  The cost is 20 Euro.

Here is how the “500 artists say hello” art event will work:

All artists will create an art piece 30cm x 30cm which says hello in your art style. It can be a photograph, painting, sculpture, ceramics, video, art jewellery, flash fiction etc.  The art piece will be blue, shades of blue or monochrome (black and white).  I will not accept pieces with other colours.  Your piece must be mostly blue. You may use black, gray & white as the neutrals.  The colour blues you use is up to you.

Your art piece can use the words “Hello” in any language and in any medium or symbol that says hello for you personally or abstract that is entitled Hello. It can be sculpture, ceramic or video but please keep in mind that the space we will not insure your at piece. If you use a video screen it must be photo frame size. (I have four at the studio we can use.) 

The 500 art pieces will be used as part of an installation. If someone asks to show the installation again, you must allow us to use your art piece in the installation.  

How to apply

By March 10, 2016, you will send the following content by email:

  • Two 300 DPI images of your original artwork:
    •  1 of your hello art piece
    • 1 of your favourite art piece.
  • A photo self portrait – Front view so people can see your face please like driver’s license or a profile photo. (for the video so people can see you. If you are unsure, look at my Mingapill portrait I used in the video. (It was shot with my ipone.)
  • A word you feel represents you.  One word.

Artists will be contacted by Email.  The accepted artists will deliver artwork to the Friday Gallery by March 20th:

The Art piece must be maximum 30cm x 30cm. Larger pieces will not be accepted. If you frame it the piece must be a maximum of 30cm x 30cm

The artwork must hang on a wall and must be finished to hang on a gallery hanging system.

You will bring your artwork to:

  • the Friday Gallery, Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich, Germany.  
  • Monday – Friday 10 until 1500.  Saturday 1 – 1500.  
  • I will be take the work to the exhibition space and hang it.
  • The curatorial responsibility for how the artwork is shown remains with the organizer (Munich Artists) for the sake of the exhibition/installation unity.

The German version of this post will appear on Sunday/Monday.   

The cost:  20 Euro per artist paid at the time the artist brings their artwork to the gallery.

PS.  I have the Odeonsplatz window again in July and will be creating a video installation using your artwork photos, words and self portraits.  Because it will visible to many people I want to make sure you pick:

  • your favourite art piece,
  • your favourite self portrait
  • Your favourite word. (You can explain if you want.)

Only the 500 artists from the exhibition/installation will be included in the video installation.


  • The total size of the piece is 30 x 30 including framing if framed.
  • If you frame, use black/white/gray/blue. No browns will be accepted.

Studio Riemerling – Visiting Britta Eriskat & Petra Amtsberg Hoffman

DSC00613I agreed to visit Britta Eriskat at her studio space on the other side of town where I thought I had been but where I have never been and today I was thankful for GPS to lead the way to Studio Riemerling.

After parking my car, I walked across the street and started looking for art studios (I’m always surprised where art studios are hiding.)


I walked passed this dumpster around the building and into the garden and saw this tire swing. That could belong to an artist….


Passing the swing,  I saw ten kids running through the grass and knew that I was not going in the right direction. Turning around, I headed back to my car to check the address. Friedrich-Hofmann-Str. 8.  The number was written very big on the building but the people in the window in front of my car were busy cooking and the back side was a kindergarten with a bunch of kids.

I opened the door to the kitchen, walked in and asked the two men sitting at a table, “Do you know where the artists are?”

The boss looked at me and said, “I’m an artist.”

His employee rolled his eyes and walked me outside and guided me to a church like building and told me to walk around it.


Rounding the corner, I saw Britta in a window but I had no clue how to enter the building. Britta realised this and came out into the yard to get me and brought me into the studio. (They are in the process of making directional signs to help future visitors get to the front door (which is tucked into that white part of the building.)



Here are works by Britta Eriskat:

Britta Eriskat work in progress 2016
Britta Eriskat Work in Progress 2016
Britta Eriskat Work in Progress 2016
large work ink on paper – Britta Eriskat – 2800 Euro (2M or larger ask Britta for exact measurements )
Britta Eriskat Ink/paint on photograph (I love this one.)

Britta rents her studio space from Petra Amtsberg-Hoffmann who is an artist and the owner of the whole darn building including the church, land & garages.  Here are some photos of the complex:

Studio Riemerling view of inner courtyard
Studio Riemerling backside of church
Studio Riemerling – they have their own bell
Studio Riemerling Inside – large walls to display large artwork
Studio Riemerling Outside entrance area
Studio Riemerling – Church
Studio Riemerling – Inside courtyard
Studio Riemerling – Inside balcony area
Studio Riemerling – lower level
Studio Riemerling – Lower level

Petra rents studio spaces to artists of any field so the building is full of musicians, craftsmen and painters. She does not have empty studio spaces but Petra is willing to host some Munich Artists events so what shall we do?  A summer festival/picnic/art sketching/ just for us? Some Land art?  A Weekend workshop series? Bring your ideas to the Stammtisch on Feb 23rd. This offer came in today so lets do some brainstorming with Petra and figure out something cool at the end of July before everyone leaves for vacation.

Petra’s studio building will be hosting a high profile exhibition the first weekend in July and Norbert Bisky will be in attendance. Petra will be sending more information in a bit and I promise to share.

Artwork by Petra Amtsberg Hoffman image 2
Artwork by Petra Amtsberg Hoffman image 3
Artwork by Petra Amtsberg Hoffman image 5
Figurative artwork by Petra Amtsberg Hoffman – 2016
artwork by Petra Amtsberg Hoffman – 2016
12640461_10207381164400104_2848287409033096344_o (1)
Photo by Petra Amtsberg Hoffmann of Emmy Horstkamp, Petra Amtsberg Hoffmann and Britta Eriskat 2016

FYI – Both Petra and Britta live on the other side of town.  Britta takes the Sbahn out to the studios from near Sendling and Petra from a little further out. I’m very impressed that they make the commute for their art.

Ingrid Mueller is a Munich Artist Exploring “Home”

Ingrid Mueller with a two sided screen -Original artwork mixed media acrylic and paper collage on canvas – For Sale: 1500 Euro inc. VAT

Yesterday I visited Ingrid Mueller at the Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum to see the exhibition space that Munich Artists will be using from April 20 until May 5, 2016 for a TBA group exhibition/party.

The space is located in Neuperlach in a deserted shopping center.  My first thought was “How cool! I want a studio here.” That was a gut reaction without my brain joining in on the discussion because I live in Sendling and work near Viktualienmarkt so a studio in Neuperlach would make no sense whatsoever but, I do have a car and a love of oldish buildings where I can make artsy messes and where I can see street art everyday.

This building reminds me of my deluxe lego set which I played with for hours building square buildings with little windows for my matchstick cars.  The building also feels hipster and cool and a great place to kick back with a coffee and a camera and a few Munich Artists. (Bring your own thermos because the place is empty except for art studios and the gallery spaces. There are no hipster coffee shops here BUT maybe we can do a popup Foodie event on the evening of our gathering?)

Heading to Kunstreff-Quiddezentrum
Quiddezentrum – balconies perfect for coffee drinking or Graffiti art.


an artists studio at Quiddezentrum
Inside Kunsttreff

Getting out of my car, I glimpsed this art piece on the side of the building:

street art Neuperlach

and then this one:


and then this one!


After snapping the three art pieces, I wondered where the other street artists were hiding? Why was this building naked? In other cities this building would have been coated with art because the walls can be reached without a cherry picker and everybody knows the building is eventually going to be torn down.  Hello? Street artists? Anybody wanting to go pimp this building before the exhibition in April?  The building is going to be torn down this year. Time is running out!

Ingrid Mueller

Ingrid Mueller is a Bavarian artist. Here is all the bio stuff that might interest you. Her website is called “Moments of Human experience.”  Don’t Google for an Ingrid Mueller website because that does not belong to this Ingrid Mueller and I don’t want you to be confused between the two Ingrids.  The bavarian Ingrid Mueller has a website entitled “”

I met Ingrid Mueller at the Kunsttreff to see the exhibition space and then we walked over to her studio and she showed me her current work which is very different from her prior work. (I took not a single photo of her older work.)

The photos below are of my favourite piece. It is two sided and Ingrid used acrylic on canvas with these cutouts she made from books.  The cutouts on this piece are cut from the text of an art encyclopedia.  I like that German artists are treading into old book manipulation & using them as raw art material. Books are much more valuable to Germans than to Americans so this seems to mean more for some reason. German artists are now willing to destroy a book to make something new from it.  I wonder what dark and dingy trail art historians will go down from this observation.


I really like these monkeys


I love these monkeys.  They are my favourite part of this panel.


Here are a few more pieces in this mixed media style:

Looking at Ingrid’s older works, I could not believe it was the same artist.  I asked her if she had some kind of epiphany but she just shrugged.  That is an ok answer for me. Who really cares why an artist goes from straight figurative to exploring “Heimat” in a mixed media format in a flat two dimensional way that has nothing to do with “real life” figures as long as it is the same artist and it is a pivot in her art production/style development and she continues to explore her theme without falling back into her safety zone classic figurative artwork.

Ingrid has a few pieces where the artwork is based on the text of the book she destroyed. one art piece has Kafka’s cockroach story which I figured out (kind of) because I saw a transformation from human to something else but I didn’t get the cockroach until she mentioned Kafka.

There were lots of A3 collages with animals and flowers done on paper. I thought these would make good collaboration pieces for other people to work on using Ingrid’s piece as a starting point. I also thought Ingrid could work with her husband on these type of collaged art pieces using his nature photography and her new style.

I enjoyed visiting with Ingrid and practicing my German. If you like to see Ingrid’s work or want to meet her at her studio, you can connect with her at the following :

Atelier Müller

Quiddestraße 45, 81735 München

Visiting Munich Artists at ISPO Trade Fair

This morning I went to ISPO.  What is ISPO?  It is sports and business connected and it took up six exhibition halls for a few days in Munich.


I went to see the installation in exhibition hall 6 because Ines Seidel gave me a ticket. In her instructions, Ines told me to come through the East entrance but I entered through the entrance near the shopping mall and walked through all 6 exhibition halls to reach the cloud installation. Six exhibition halls full of visual stimuli trying to attract buyers prepared me for an art booth filled with clouds.

Do you believe me?

It was easy to spot Ines’s artwork because it did not look like sport equipment nor did it flash at me or try to get me to try it on (even though it was on a hanger.)  After checking out Ines’s new work I headed over to the installation and then

Artwork by Ines Seidel – January 2016

I approached the Artist Miquel Panadero who was busy working on one of his installation pieces. We didn’t talk in art speak but rather spoke like artists and talked about the logistics of creating with a group of five, the execution of an installation in a relatively open space and getting an idea working in reality.  Those are topics you too can ask Miquel when he returns to Munich later this spring.

Miguel Panadero is very happy to be creating art in Munich for a few days before heading back to the Canary Islands (I’m jealous except my Spanish sucks right now so I’m just a little bit jealous but not jealous enough to move to Spain.)


Miquel Panadero and Moreno Tapia have been creating installations at ISPO for three years.  The first year, they created one just by their lonesome – a big birdlike creature that rose high into the sky.  After a successful first installation,  the Spanish artists decided to try working with more artists. (I think because they are two men who like a challenge and are not into siestas.)

This year, five artists created an installation piece of clouds in the front of the exhibition booth space and then displayed their artwork in cloud like formations on the walls surrounding the installation.

The artists for this year’s installation are:

  • Adam Harthshorne (UK)
  • Majilina (Italy)
  • Miguel Panadero
  • Moreno Tapia (Spain)
  • Ines Seidel (Germany)

The installation developed during the exhibition so if you arrived on the first day, you would have seen just white clouds and if you arrived today, you would have seen the installation as I photographed it below.   The installation pieces will be auctioned off to benefit Movember so if you want a piece, please ask Miquel Panadero, Moreno Tapia or Ines Seidel where to bid on the pieces. I have no clue so don’t ask me.

Here is the full installation in monochrome:DSC00175

Here is the installation in colour:DSC00225

Here are two pieces created by Ines Seidel for the installation:

installation art piece by Ines Seidel
Installation art piece by Ines Seidel



Miquel Panadero is an artist with many interests.  Although he was showing his installation and illustration skills at ISPO, he also works with paint and clay and other mediums to realise an idea.  Miquel uses his brain database to create his illustrations and to express himself in art form. Photography was not one of his mediums… yet.

Miquel works in a studio in the Canary Islands and flies all over to show his work so if you love his artistic style/installation/name/Spanishness, just let him know and he will fly to you if he can fit it in his schedule.


Moreno is the other artist who hatched the idea for the installation and managed its creation.

Here are Moreno’s smaller works: DSC00182

Here are Moreno’s larger works ….and his shoe.

Here are Moreno’s larger works and his foot.   Munich Raw Fodder.

So here is the deal with the big pieces.  The pieces were hanging on the wall (by chance right behind the installation.)  People ignored the art pieces thinking they were part of the installation but they were not.  The artworks were large art pieces by Moreno – A waterfall of mixed media abstracts.

Now, we visitors are sometimes sheep and our brains have a hard time adjusting.  All the other artists had cloud formation for their artwork so, logically his whole wall piece did not fit into the equation of cloud formations and therefore was not an artists specific work.  Naughty brains.

Seeing the problem, Moreno took down his large waterfall piece and hung up a cloud formation like the four other artists and that made sense to visitors. People stopped and asked him if they could buy some of the cloud.

The downfall of taking the work off the wall was that Moreno had to rollout his waterfall for me to see it and it is kind of hard to see a waterfall in the horizantal (It was a river with a rapids at the end just like my photographs show you.)

Moreno loves old newspapers and old papers and he also loves to take his older works and rework them into his current artworks.  At the installation space, Moreno had a stack of abstract art pieces under his cloud. I think you can get the feel of his abstracts by looking at the waterfall spilling all over the installation floor.


Adam Harthshorne

Adam was sweet to answer my one question about his work.  I only asked one.  I’m blaming the lack of questions on a lack of caffeine and my meeting all of the artists at the same time. (This is never a good idea.)  Adam uses different techniques to make his images. A little bit of this print/transfer technique a little bit of that. I did not write them down but you are artists so you should be able to tell from looking at his work how he made it. (No screen prints, that was my one question.. Sorry Adam, I will ask you more questions next time.)




The fifth artist contributing to the installation is Majilina, an Italian artist. I didn’t ask her any questions nor did I remember to take a photo of her work (which I liked, I just did not take a photo.)  Luckily, I texted Ines and she forwarded me this photo to share with you.

Here are Majilina’s animal clouds:

artwork by Majilina


Ines told me there was more artwork at ISPO in a big black box so we walked down the exhibition hall and found the box and walked inside and met Lumenman a/k/a Bernhard Rauscher.

As we sat down on the wood benches, I expected a video installation to begin but Bernhard said, “You are my first model of the day!”




After about ten minutes of watching Bernhard set up his equipment, he asked me to stand up and strike a pose. Ines suggested that I fly (into the cloud) so I threw my arms up into the air and Bernhard did his magic, circling my body with his light wands as his camera took the image.

Bernhard asked me to stand very still… if you have met me, you know that standing still is not something I like to do, but, I did accomplish it for the length of his photograph and someday, in the near future, I will have a light piece to show you.  For now, you can look at the light pieces on his website and the one below that Lumenman made for the colour turquoise (part of our Munich Artists challenge).  I will have a few more photos from Lumenman for you in a post tomorrow.

Artwork by Lumenman for the Munich Artists  14 day Colour challenge. January 2016

NOTE: We are nearing the end of the colour challenge. If you want to play along, you can find the colours on the 14 day colour challenge page.




Manuela Illera “Splaining” Her Painting “Listen to the Flow of Life”

Manuela Illera plunged head first into her painting and surfaced with the following splaining thoughts:

Emmy Horstkamp’s Studio tucked behind the Friday Gallery -Munich, Germany

Thoughts about the process of “Listen to the Flow of Life” art piece

The beginning of an art piece is always a challenge. Sometimes I’ve spend weeks organizing what I need to start a new painting. Lately, this “beginning syndrome” has decreased to about two days of just doing nothing in front of the surface.

For this commissioned art piece my parameters were simple – Positive vibes and nothing pornographic. I started sketching.

Manuela Illera Sketches and first layer of art piece -December 2015

The painting is for Emmy Horstkamp, a writer and an artist and the founder of Munich Artists. Emmy commissioned the work and allowed me to use her studio space – a fantastic spot right in the city center.

The studio is a magnificent atelier with everything needed to create art and when I say everything I mean everything: drawers and shelves filled with tapes, paintings, tools, brushes, sprays, markers, books, papers, pencils and more.

Here I was, working downtown, with my painting clothes and “The Heliocentrics” playing in the back.

With big pieces or commissions there is always some factor that could alter my approach to the artwork. When it comes to sketches and free drawings I flow, I’m like a fish in the water. But when it is something bigger, which is my favorite way to work, some insecurities and fears come out.

Munich Artists – Manuela Illera

Thoughts, emotional states, problems, desires and questions aren’t separate from the painting in that particular moment of creation. Even breakfast and weather will play a specific roll in the feeling of the painting. Sometimes it is really mental; my focus is in the technique, composition, and colors. Sometimes after a joint and a bottle of prosecco it can get rather mystical…

Manueal Illear – Work in Progress

“Listen to the flow of life” is the name I chose for this piece. It just came to my mind in a moment of complete peace and satisfaction, in a moment when the painting and I, were the same thing, when I realized that the canvas was just an extension of my body and my soul.


Painting is like making the puzzle of myself.  The way I organize the pieces and forms to fit them together in the right way, is the same manner in which I make a map of my psyche and my emotions. Just when I’m painting I can see and perceive myself in that particular form.


It is peculiar, but most of the times this feeling of satisfaction comes in the middle of the painting. At the end it is different, at the end a weird suspicion arises, because even a finished piece is still a process of something else, it is one more step towards something that to me, still remains uncertain and unveiled.

Manuela Illera.

Manuela Illera

Emmy’s Comment about the commission & the artwork:

I like Manuela’s work and I’m a big fan of raw canvases so I gave Manuela a raw linen canvas and allowed her to work in my space during the month of December 2015.

You learn a lot about an artist when they work in your space and I could tell it was not easy for Manuela to tackle a large canvas commission.  Many artists find commissions trying which is why I made the parameters simple asking only for an art piece that was happy and free like the smaller pieces that Manuela created at the end of 2015.

After Manuela finished the commission (Which is at the Friday Gallery,)  Manuela created a another piece on an A3 piece of wood.  The smaller piece was a present for a friend and contained an energy that was interesting and drew you into the piece- An energy missing from the larger artwork.  For the smaller piece, Manuela respected the medium and integrated the wood into the art piece allowing her personal artistic style to shine through.  With the A3 artwork Manuela was within her comfort zone and free to be creative without letting doubt creep into the equation.

I’m glad I commissioned the larger piece.  If you would like to see it, it is at the Friday Gallery.

If you enjoy Manuela’s work,  I will have a few more pieces from Manuela to show you in March 2016.


Friday is For Finding Something Purple

Day 5 and the color is purple.  I played with my camera and made something with purple. This is not high art. There is no deep meaning other than taking an ugly stylized fish from the side of a building and adding some color and playing with my iphone and finishing today’s challenge. It is an example of how you can use your creativity just to play and have fun because…

Sometimes this girl just wants to have fun and playing with my iphone is fun and a great way to start the day.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out our 14 day Colour challenge here. 


The reason I’m not going heavy duty with purple is because I’m preparing my installation for the Odeonsplatz Window for February 2016.  My inspiration for this installation is Alice in Wonderland (rabbit’s hole), the Matrix (red/blue pilll) & This display at a sock store.


The installation is titled “You pierced my heart and shattered my soul.”  My tribute to Valentine’s day.  I will give a “splaining” of the piece after it is created.  Right now, I’m experimenting with hanging the pieces at the Friday Gallery and figuring out how to deal with those bright lights in the space.

There are 23 pieces in the process of creation but maybe I will reduce it or mold it into one assembled piece.  We will figure that out when the artwork is installed on January 31st. (Great Sunday Morning activity.)  I still have not decided if I want to add a video component to this installation but I might experiment with how to add it this weekend when I take a break from Alice.

The Friday Gallery will be closed until February 1st as I use the gallery space to work on the installation. If you need to meet with me, please make an appointment.

Friday Gallery February Installation

Ines Seidel and Allun Turner will begin installing their “Talk” installation at the Friday Gallery in February. I will post the days that they are at the gallery installing pieces.  The gallery will be open Monday – Saturday from 1100 to 1500 during February so you can come see their installation and I will post when they add new elements along with an explanation of their talk.


You have one more week to see the January Crush Installation at Odeonsplatz.  In a few days it will be crushed into storage tubes and moved to the Friday Gallery.

Here is a video of the installation( In case you have no desire to visit Odeonsplatz but are curious about our first installation of 2016.)  Want to read a little about this installation, you can go visit the Crush splaining page.




Orange You Happy to be Creative?

Take a Pill -Photography by Emmy Horstkamp 2016

Orange is the color of the day and the words to think about are vibrant or courage or timid or fear.

I posted on Instagram this morning a photo of Petra Winter and her sketchbook page from our Munich Artists Sketchbook project because she used orange and it fit with the theme of the day.

My own personal photo is from this morning as I walked to the Crush installation at Odeonsplatz.  I walked by it this morning and it was right in my face.   I decided to have bikes disappear into the orange but when I went into my editing program, I desaturated (as I like to do with most vibrant photos) and I loved the image and wanted to show the two side by side.  Like here is your courage pill, here is your chill pill.   I will be taken this and making something out of it. I absolutely love it and am really happy that I’m a creative and that today’s colour is orange.

If you would like to share your challenge images with us, please join our challenge group on Facebook.  If you need to play catchup, you can find the list of colours on our 14 day colour challenge page.



Green is the Thing on Day 3 Munich Artists Colour Challenge

Munich Artists 14 Day Colour Challenge

The words for today are Lucky, healthy or jealous, bad…. or, whatever you want because we want you to play with green not get stuck trying to fit green into a word.  I picked the following Green videos to inspire you on day 3.


If you are getting into the swing of the challenge, don’t forget to share your colour image on our Facebook challenge page or in our Munich Artists Facebook group.  If you want to plan for the next 11 days, you can find the colours and associated words on our Challenge page.

Remember, you can use any medium for the colour challenge.  The goal is to finish 14 pieces of artwork that have meaning to you and when you share them, you can say, this piece is entitled “Green…” and it is infused with the energy I felt as I contemplated the word luck/health/jealousy.   I’m using the colour challenge to play with words on my photographs and maybe doodling like on day 1.

Remember, we do splaining posts and if you want to “splain” your 14 day challenge you can let me know by emailing me at

Have fun with Green.

The 14 Day Colour Challenge Begins with Blue

A little Blue – photograph by Emmy Horstkamp 2016

Today is the first day of our first 14 day challenge for 2016.  The colour for day 1 is blue.

As stated on the challenge page, I would like you to focus on the meaning behind the word blue as you take the photo or create your art piece in blue.

Here are the words to incorporate:

Positive:  Intelligence or Trust

Negative: Doubt or Ignorance

You can incorporate all of the words or just one of them but I do need you to focus on the feeling that you want to express with the colour not just the shade of blue you are going to use.

The photo above was taken Saturday Morning.  I will be working on a drawing in blue today focusing on Doubt or maybe take another photo if I see something on the way to Frauenstrasse 18.

Another Way to Play with Blue

I took the photo below in 2014 of a blue Munich tram and blue paper recycle trash cans. People who live in Munich knew the photo was a vibrant blue even though there was no blue in the desaturated shot. It was a gray day and I wanted the photo to feel that way but the objects I photographed are so blue that people’s brains filled in the colour and saw a photo filled with blue.

A Little Bit of Blue – photograph by Emmy Horstkamp 2014

This type of mind trick only works if you know the items are supposed to be blue so only people who live in Munich see blue, everyone else in the world sees a gray shot.  You can play with colour this way too if you want because, our challenges have no rules except that you challenge yourself and share your work with me (which can be a challenge for artists.)

Please post your challenge photo in our Facebook group or as a response to the post on our Facebook page if you are not living in Munich.

We also have a challenge group in case you are not comfortable sharing your challenge work with hundreds of artists.  The people in the challenge group share only images from the challenges I promise to populate both for you in case you hang out only in the small group.

REMINDER.  The challenges are not for art critique. I will not provide constructive criticism during a challenge.  The challenges are only for creativity and art production.  Art challenges are about getting yourself to create everyday so that you get over that idea that art is only for when you have time or, when you are inspired.   Art inspires me and sparks the creative process. I believe art will help you be more creative and appreciative of your life.

Happy Creating!



The Friday Gallery 3.0 – Exporting the Munich Artists Brand


This week will be the first week that the Friday Gallery has a distinct space separate from my studio.  See below, behind that wall of curtains is my desk and storage shelves and creative energy.


In 2016, the Friday Gallery 3.0 will focus on exporting the Munich Artists Brand overseas. The physical space at Frauenstrasse 18 will host installations and exhibit our current projects & ideas.

The Friday Gallery will no longer hold vernissages or Finissages.

Our current Installation exhibition is in a Window at Odeonsplatz and our February Installations will be in the window & at the Friday Gallery. (We will have two in February).

Here is the Friday Gallery Information:

  • Opening Hours – Tuesday through Friday from 1300 until 1600 or by appointment.
  • Phone – +4915129111465
  • Email –



February Installation: Ines Seidel and Allun Turner

I invited Munich Artists Ines Seidel and Allun Turner to create an installation called “The Talk” during Feb. 2016.  Both artists create art Jewellery and I asked them to incorporate art jewellery into the installation.

If the artists get into the swing of things, their artwork & jewellery will interact and expose how the different sexes use jewellery to communicate ideas, emotions, status etc.

I will be documenting the installation and sharing it with you on the website. The two artists have started working on an idea and I can’t wait to hear/see/experience their “talk.”

Munich Artists Ines Seidel
Munich Artists Ines Seidel


Some Art You Might Never See – Rainer Schmitten Pixels

Here are two pieces of artwork you will not see at a Munich art fair, a Munich exhibition or at the Friday Gallery after December.

Rainer Schmitten

The first piece is by Rainer Schmitten.  It is very expensive.  It takes up the whole wall of his hallway.  It is way too big for his house.  It deserves a new home with lots of room to actually see the image.

When I walked up the stairs, I saw blocks of colour but I could not tell what the image was. Rainer suggested I take a photo.

When I looked at the photo, I was surprised, “Oh my goodness, It’s a woman licking her lips.” The only artwork I’ve seen from Rainer were his abstracts and some pen and ink illsutrations. Rainer said he thought about doing something more intimate but now he is glad he didn’t because he has two small children and he wants to keep his house appropriate for children.

The approximate size of the piece is 3 M x  3 M. Rainer lives in a traditional Bavarian styled house with three levels and no huge rooms or walls except in the narrow hallway. This piece deserves to be showcased on a wall and appreciated from the right distance.  Do you have a big house with large enough walls to hold a 3M piece of art?  If you do, contact Rainer and buy this piece.  For around 25k Euro, it can be yours.

Rainer Schmitten with his Pixel Painting.

Jenny Schminke

12351322_939422236112924_482068808_o (1)
Jenny Schminke Portrait Series

I met with Jenny Schminke last week and bought  a set of animal portraits which are now residents at the Friday Gallery.  This is  one of the pieces dismantled.

If you are interested, stop by the gallery and have a peek. Manuela Illera is also at the gallery painting during the month of December. I asked her to paint a painting and she is painting a painting.  I will post photos in the splaining section after she sends me her 500 word post about her process.

Here is my schedule for the rest of this week:

Wed – 900 – 1500 at Frauenstrasse 18

Thursday – Visiting an artist. If you want to see me on Thursday, I will be working in Sendling after my meeting with a talented Munich artist.

Friday – 900 – 1400 at Frauenstrasse 18

NOTE: If you have an art piece that is too big to exhibit in a Munich gallery but you want people to know about it, please let me know and I will talk about it.  I will only post photos with price tags.  Don’t make me guess about the piece. give me exact information including a price. If the collectors love it, they will pay what you are asking or negotiate you to a price they are willing to pay.   You can also send me some cash if a collector buys it because Munich Artists wants your money to do creative things (like the stuff on our projects page.)

PS  The last time I talked about Rainer and Jenny in the same post was during our Art in the Park project last summer.

PSS.  Do you know the story of the poster of the dog in my feature shot?  She has been missing since 2014 and her poster was everywhere for almost a year.   Man’s best friend lost in Munich.



“Splaining” Let’s Go home – Photograph

I am working on an idea that would be  a continuation of the installation I created for the Long Night of the Museum.

As I sat down in the subway car, I tried looking out the window and noticed it was terribly dirty but dirty in a beautiful way so I snapped a photo and there was my self portrait.

“Let’s go home.”  December 2015 by Emmy Horstkamp

I was not in the mood to look at myself especially when it was an unintentional selfie showing a woman who was tired and wanted to go home.  I took another shot and another until I got a shot without anyone looking out the window and without my reflection.

Reflecting on a Friday by Emmy Horstkamp December 2015


I fell in love with this composition.

I edited the photo slightly and placed it in my portfolio. It represented for me a moment of time in Munich captured with my iphone 6 plus. It was created because I saw how a dirty window made an interesting composition.



“Splain” is an oversimplified explanation of the process of artists in Munich.  If you want to read about splain, you can read about this new word here.

Artothek & Bildersaal- Rosental 16 – Munich 

This morning, on my way to Frauenstrasse 18, I walked by this exhibition by Sarah Pelikan and a big green sign promoting the art space.


What is Artothek & Bildersaal?  I went in there a few years ago to see if we could get more Munich Artists into the art rental section of this project but the person working at the desk informed me that the art is chosen every year through a competition.

The artwork I saw in stock was not my taste but it might be yours. If you are interested in renting some art from this project, you can find the rental prices here and more information about the type of artwork they collect. According to their page on, they have about 1500 pieces of art in their rental collection.

The gallery exhibition space is not for rent.  The group choses the artists they will show and sometimes they will show Munich based artists but don’t pester them, they have plenty of artists to pick from.

The opening hours for the space are:

  • Wednesday from 14:00 – 18:00 clock,
  • Thursday from 14:00 – 19:30 clock
  •  Friday from 14:00 – 18:00 clock
  • Saturday from 9:00 – 13:00 clock

Unfortunately, I never walk by when the space is open. I pass by the space on my way from Marienplatz or Sendling Tor to Frauenstrasse 18 and I’m always in a hurry to get home when I’m done at the studio.

Luckily, the windows at Rosental 16 are large so I could take a few shots of Sarah Pelikan’s work exhibited inside.

Sarah Pelikan – Munich Academy trained artist. She was not standing in the space when I was walking by, this photo is just to show you who she is…she lives outside of Bavaria and is just exhibiting in Munich.

Main window for Rosental 16


For this current exhibition, the room is filled with images of soccer balls.  According to Sarah Pelikan’s Wiki Page, Sarah paints with acrylics and works with Formica focusing on intense colours. You can find more information about the soccer ball exhibition entitled “You Paint What You Love,” on the website.

Sarah Pelikan has a passion for football which I don’t share.  I’m passionate about art and keeping my sanity. If you share Sarah’s passion for soccer (football), go visit this exhibition before it ends on December 30th.

A passing thought was that maybe we could recruit Sarah to champion the idea of adding an art competition to the World Cup or resurrecting the Olympic art competition (like Bernhard ressurected Applaudissement). I’m not kidding there used to be an art competition associated with the olympics but you had to be an amateur* to compete. Art historians are trying to find the artwork, but because the artists were considered amateur* many of the works were lost because not everyone likes to hang on to family memorabilia or be the family historian.

*Amateur v. Professional is such a touchy subject with artists especially in Munich where the cost of living means many artists need a regular job to support themselves.




Wolfratshausen Artists – Ceramic & Paper

I recently went to Wolratshausen to visit Liuba Nosova. I’ve never been to Wolfratshausen so Liuba showed me around the town and we stopped by Tina Pause’s studio to check out what was on display.12248338_929427763779038_1278709445_o12227973_929427590445722_976986006_o12255212_929427677112380_1735982184_o12227349_929427693779045_1029628815_o

Liuba Nosova and Tina Pause discussing ceramics (Liuba’s wolf is down at the bottom of the photo)
Liuba Nosova adding the hands to my clock so I could take it home with me.
Sketches by Liuba Nosova – The Story of Lilith


Sketches by Liuba Nosova – The story of Lilith
Wall of Sketches by Liuba Nosova – the story of Lilith


Wall of sketches by Liuba Nosova
Liuba Nosova’s Workspace.  Liuba is explaining to me the storyline of the sketches.

If you want to know more about the story on the wall, you can read about Lilith here.


Next to Tina Pause’s ceramic studio is the paper artist Anna Hoessle.  Anna’s artwork hangs abundantly from the ceiling and on the walls.




Guest Post: Manuela Illera – The Gardner

Franco -The Gardener
I’ve met a lot of people here in Germany, the most of them always give me nice comments about my art.
The other day some months ago, speaking in my primitive german, I showed the gardener my work while he was working on the plants. He liked it a lot and insisted he wanted a portrait of himself. That day I took a picture of him.
The time passed, I got busy and forgot to paint him. Some days ago he came back and insisted he wanted to buy the painting. He told me he knew that “art costs” and he wanted to give me “ein bisschen geld”.
I met his family, he helped me installing some things for one of my exhibitions, he has two small girls and I can tell he works really hard.
Of all the people I’ve met, I believe he’s a person that really knows the meaning of sowing, patience and flowering. And to me that sounds like art. I gave him the portrait as a gift last week, “kein geld” I said. He was very happy, and me too.
Munich Artists Manuela Illera Portrait Gardner
If you would like to see more of Manuela’s work, please like her Facebook page.

Guest Post by Ines Seidel – Home Work

A half finished house has been dangling from the lamp in my studio for weeks now. This delicate construction made from wire, newspaper and, well, space is meant to continue the series of wire homes I made since 2014. But while the hand sized versions stand upright quite naturally, this larger one does not. This is the reason I had to hang it on the ceiling. And there it remained, swinging in and out of my consciousness, until this week.

I am constructing makeshift houses to explore what makes up a home. Stability is part of the „home“ fiction, not something any place can deliver. Yet, I finally accepted that a larger home needs more support. Would additional layers of words on paper increase steadfastness? I wrapped more local news and international headlines around the structure , but the house would still fall flat as soon as I let it off the hook. Evidently, introducing more information cannnot stop a frail house from breaking down.

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel 1_wip_1_600x
Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

My next approach was adding sticks from a hazel tree. They certainly made this home more solid. Nevertheless, it still tilts and bends when I touch it. Yet, the responsiveness and uncertainty seems honest to me. This home doesn not pretend to be anything but transient.

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel
Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

Luckily, the structure is stable enough now to take a walk with me. Carrying this weird piece around town, early in the morning, is the funniest part of this project, and, to be honest, it makes me feel more at home in the place I am currently living in. I take pictures until my camera needs recharging. I’ll have to go out and take more pictures later. For now it is back to the studio with this home. And maybe, I will rework it again, make it a bit more stable, again.

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel
Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel

Munich Artists -Ines Seidel 1_wip_1_600x


Guest Post: Peter Untermaierhofer – Lost Italy

Below are photographs from Peter Untermaierhofer’s Lost Italy Series.  If you are interested in seeing more of Peter’s work, visit his website.

Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer
Munich Artists Peter Untermaierhofer

Peter published a book and a calendar sharing his photography (calendar is available for 20 Euro plus shipping from his website.) Peter’s book may be purchased here.

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Guest Post: Cafestadt by Steve Toase

CaféStadt could be navigated by scent alone.
Most places in the south held to the tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen. None followed it with the religious fervour of CaféStadt. Not the real name of the small river bound settlement, but real names count for nothing. Given names have old magic.
Arriving by train was different than anywhere else in the Free State. Most central stations, Hauptbahnhof in the local language, hung thick with the death reek of oil, the burning of diesel or sparks scorching the air. In CaféStadt oil stood no chance. The platforms were thick with two competing aromas. The beginning and the end.
The beginning was the rich cracking of the roast, coffee beans toasted deep in the fireboxes. The end was above. The vast boilers of the trains, stoked on their journeys across the alps, in any other principality would be filled with water to be wasted. Here their work was doubled by crushed arabica, taps on the side of the engine to fill grande and venti cups held by weary travellers. This was mass production, weak and vague. The only richness came from bulk rather than refinement.
The streets piped out from the station, ribbons of craftsmen, working fruit and flavours into small hearts of pleasure to be consumed after the sun had peaked. Each street housed bakers specialising in different confections. Running down toward the main bridge the street was lined with pâtissier specialising in pâtisserie flavoured with flower petals. Though rivals they avoided too many conflicts by each only using a single flower. Herr Bansett owned the shop nearest the top of the road. He made his concoctions only using the flowers of the honeysuckle. Once picked they hung to dry above his doorway for three days.
On the fourth day he picked the best flower heads letting the others fall into the gutter. Across the road his estranged brother, Herr Bansetter, made the same recipes, only using Jasmine. It was not clear if his choice of scent was the reason or result of their feud. One opened only during daylight hours, the other between dusk and dawn. Further down, rosehips and violets suspended from racks, petals picked off in the breeze. No matter what time of day a visitor walked down the street their boots crushed the skin of petals into the cobbles refreshing the air with tones of forgotten gardens and childhoods hiding in bushes.
The pâtissier had no need of adverts. Visitors carried the taste of their cakes enwrapped in their clothes if not within their stomachs. Running cardinal opposite was a different kind of street. LuitpoldStrasse only sold one type of torte, each MeisterBäcker claiming to make the best. The finest in CaféStadt if not the nation. In the morning each MeisterBacker would send his apprentices down to the river to buy the best apricots from the morning’s barges. Each seller would hand around a sample of their cargo. Each apprentice would examine the fruit in turn. Test the firmness, run their fingers over the hair. Bruise the skin and scent the fruit on their fingers.
The MeisterBäckerei of LuitpoldStrasse did not choose their apprentices for their baking prowess, but their speed and aggressiveness in the street. The route from the docks to LuitpoldStrasse ran with blood every morning, and it was said the poorer quality PrinzeRegenteTorte tasted more of iron than Apricot. In the alleys, behind the main street narcotic bakers, used purple apricots, but anyone tasting them was sworn to secrecy on pain of drowning.
Across town were the coffee yards, each one a self contained world where the fumes were cycled back in to try and prevent rivals from guessing at the blends each tribe of Baristas used. Some yards were vast complexes, walls so stained with caffeine it was said to touch one would absorb enough through the skin to burst a person’s heart. Others were nothing more than a single chair in front of a single table that held a single espresso cup.
Reservations were passed down generations like green eyes. They called it The Death of Drinks, because when the flavours filigree’d over your tongue every beverage afterwards paled to ghosts. In the centre of the city sat the House of Geshmackpassenden, whose experts wore cloaks of pure dew to keep their skin free from the fragrance of the city and blindfolds to mark their devotion to taste. Each spent a lifetime finding the perfect pairing of cake to each blend of coffee and their word was sacrosanct.
Steve’s Bio:
Steve lives in North Yorkshire, England, and occasionally Munich, Germany. His stories tend towards the unsettling and unreal, dealing with revenge, loss, faery, chess playing bears, and ancient gods.

His work has appeared in Cabinet de Fees’ Scheherezade’s Bequest, Pantheon Magazine, Innsmouth Magazine, Jabberwocky Magazine, Sein und Werden, and Cafe Irreal, amongst others. In 2014, his story “Call Out” was published in The Best Horror Of The Year Anthology 6.

Steve is currently working with Becky Cherriman and Imove on a commissioned project called Haunt.