News from Someplace Else – Taking Empty Spaces and Making Site Specific Exhibitions

No Longer Empty

This morning I read an article on yahoo about No longer Empty, a non profit organisation in NYC that fills empty spaces with site specific exhibitions.  The organisation is given space for free and transforms them for public view.  The exhibitions are free, open to the public and offer a variety of art related events associated with the site and the exhibition theme.  No longer Empty works to inspire a lifelong interest in the arts through access, involvement and inclusion.

Here are a few things that No Longer Empty does for NYC neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhood Maps.  After extensive research, maps are designed to focus on New York City’s diverse trove of neighborhoods. The maps encourage visitors to explore the surrounding areas and interact with creators and locall businesses. No Longer Empty created maps for: Sugar Hill Harlem, Long Island City, the Bronx, West Village.
  • Urban Scavenger Hunt & Walking Tours. Asking visitors to stay and interact with a community in a fun way before or after visiting an exhibition.
  • Storefront Design. The organisation provides creative strategies and art installations to businesses to help them attract attention and hopefully strengthen their opportunities to succeed.
  • New Opportunities. No Longer Empty helps open doors for other creative organisations by establishing channels of communication between property owners and local organizations.

Their Current exhibition is Called “Bring in the Reality” and is focused on the them of Free Speech.  If you are in NYC, the exhibition is open until September 17. 2015.

Here are the details:

Location: Nathan Cummings Foundation, 475 Tenth Avenue, 14th Floor
Viewing Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am–4pm, by appointment only. To view the exhibition, please contact the Nathan Cummings Foundation at

If you would like to get involved as a curator or an artist, here is the link to their website. They have a curatorial program and offer a variety of interesting opportunities to get involved.