Open Call Window Installations

Here we go!

Installation 1 – May 31 – July 1

While Our Say Hello Window Installation is at Odeonsplatz, we will have an installation called Goodbye at the window in Haidhausen.  This installation is open to 25 Artists.

Good bye Installation

The installation will use black cloth tote bags.  Claudia Ziersch has ordered our bags and is creating a tutorial for us on what I want you to do with the bag.

Each artist will get a black bag where they must tape a design/artwork to one side.  This side will be exposed to the sun for the month and we will have a gathering at the end of the month to remove the bags from the window and remove the tape from the bags.  The final bags will be photographed and shared on Facebook.

The cost for this installation is 20 Euro and includes the bag.  

The bag deadline will be May 14, 2017.  If you want to be there to watch your piece go up in the window, I will post the exact time we are installing the bags on Facebook.  When I have the tutorial from Claudia, I will post it on Facebook and on this Installations page on Munich Artists.  Artists who participated in Say Hello will get first dibs on this installation.

At the end of the installation, we will have a gathering where the artists get their bags and they will rip of the tape exposing the bleaching done by the sun.  The final art pieces will be shown on the website.  All bags must be priced for sale.  I will create a price for the whole installation. If you want to make 2 bags, you can but we will only hang one bag in the window per artist so that each bag gets enough sun exposure.

Installation #2 – July 1 – July 26

During the Beginnings Installation at Odeonsplatz, we will have an installation in Haidausen called The end.

The End Installation

This is a super fun project and does not have a limit to the number of artists participating.

Each artist will create 4 pieces of artwork that fit in an A4 envelope (Please use enforced envelopes.)  You will address and stamp your envelop to be mailed to an address where you want the enveloped mailed.

The envelopes you mail to me will be displayed in the window during the installation. At the end of the installation, you will be sent your self addressed stamped envelope with 3 pieces of art from a random selection of the other artists.   One piece from each artist will be kept as the installation and will be priced to sell as The End installation.

The cost of this Swap 10 Euro and the one art piece you are leaving with me forever.

Deadline for Art pieces is June 23, 2017 meaning I must have your envelope by this date.   There is no limit to where you live, this is open to every artist everywhere.  If you are not in Germany, please add 10 Euro for postage (so international artists have a total cost of 20 Euro) If you are in Germany, you can add your own postage to your self addressed envelope.

Artwork addressed to me can be dropped off or mailed to:

Munich Artists Frauenstrasse 18, D-80469 Munich, Germany

Installation #3  Your True Self – July 26 – August 23, 2017

During the My true Self installation downtown, we will have an installation called Your True Self  at the Haidhausen window.

Your True Self Installation

This your true self installation will require small mirrors like this one. (Thanks Angelica Zeller-Michaelson for the mirror and the inspiration.)

Attachment-1 (3)

Each artist will be allowed to submit up to 5 small mirrors for the installation. You can put whatever artwork you want on the back of the mirror. If you put something on the front of the mirror, make sure it can handle a month exposure to the sun.

Cost per artist is 10 Euro  (not including the mirrors.)

Installation #3 and #4   Nagel Neu & Don’t Throw Me To The Curb – August 23 – September 27

Nagel Neu Odeonsplatz Installation

At Odeonsplatz, we will create an installation called Nagel Neu.  The artwork shall be created using a new piece of  Book Cardboard that 50 x 50.  The art pieces must be collaged and use 3 colours—Orange, Green and Violet.  I will have the 50 x 50 cardboard cut for the artists. Each artist will have some black lines on the cardboard piece that they will have to incorporate into the final artwork.

The collage work can be digital or traditional collage.  This installation is open to 16 Artists who will be selected from the Say Hello Artists.  All artwork must be priced for sale.  The art piece will be sold as an individual installation piece.  More information will be posted on an installation page on MA-The Window.  The deadline for submissions is July 26, 2017.  

All artwork will remain with Munich Artists as a complete installation. You must price your art piece for me for my records.

Don’t Toss Me To The Curb Installation.

Recycled Cardboard – All art pieces must be up to an A3 in size and created on Cardboard.  The installation will hang in the window and be placed on the floor of the window space.   All paper used in this art piece must be from the recycle bin.

The colours for this piece are also limited to Orange, Green and Violet.   If we have too many pieces for the window, they will be also be exhibited at Frauenstrasse 18.

That’s all for now.  If you want to participate in these events, the sign up sheets will be posted at our April 22, 2017 gathering from 1400 to 1800.


MA -Window Installations Series Begins

Hello Artists.


Starting in May 2017, we have installations at the following locations:


  • From April 26, 2017 until May 26, 2017 Say Hello Installation will be at the window at Elsässer Strasse 19.
  • From May 28, 2017 to June 25, 2017, Say Hello Installation will be at the Odeonsplatz Subway station window.

For the first series of Installations, Say Hello will be at Odeonsplatz and the responding Installations at Frauenstrasse 18 and at Elsässer Strasse 19 will be responses to Say Hello.

If you want to be a part of our Say Hello Installation, boxes are Due at Frauenstrass 18 by April 4, 2017.  More information about the boxes can be found on our Say Hello German and English websites.  (I still have a few left if you need one.)

Response Installation #1 at Elsässer Strasse 19 

Artists may create an art piece for Elsässer Strasse 19 for an installation that will be from May 28, 2017 to June 25, 2017.

The installation will focus on the end of a conversation.  How to say Goodbye.  For the installation,we will be using black bags.   The bags have been ordered and Claudia at the Hands Gallery will be making us a tutorial about fabric sun bleaching which I will post on the blog when it is completed.

Response Installation #1 at Frauenstrasse 18

Artists may create an art piece for Frauenstrasse 18 for an installation that will be from May 28, 2017 to June 25, 2017.

The installation at Frauenstrasse 18, we will be focusing on internal thoughts upon meeting someone new.

All artwork for the response installations must be available for sale and must be submitted to Frauenstrasse 18. Please read the open calls on this blog post.






Open Call: ARTMUC 2017

I got an email from Iva with the open call for 2017.  If you don’t know ARTMUC Art Fair, Here and Here are posts we did from the last few years. This is the 4th year of this fair and it is morphing into two.

In 2017, ArtMUC will have an event in the fall and one in the spring so you can show twice as much artwork and amaze Munich with your creative talent.   



Ausstellung Do, 25.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Fr., 26.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Sa., 27.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

So., 28.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 18 Uhr


Ausstellung Do, 19.Oktober 2017 18 Uhr bis 22 Uhr (Vernissage) Fr., 20. Oktober 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Sa., 21. Oktober 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

So., 22. Oktober 2017 12 Uhr bis 18 Uhr


Start: 01. November 2016 / Ends: 31. January 2017 at 12 Uhr / The ARTMUC team will let you know on  16. February 2017  whether you get to show at the ARTMUCs. Here is the application process.

If you have questions about ArtMUC art fair, please ask Iva Vasileva or Raiko Schwalbe. They are the organizers.  If you want to apply, use the link above. If you want to talk to Iva, use the information below.

Good luck to everyone submitting their applications.

For 2017,  I will be visiting the spring fair but will miss the fall version because we are publishing books and I will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair promoting Munich Artists and Munich Stories.


If you have an art project and you have an open call for artists, you can send it to me. I will make a post like this for your open call and if you are in Munich, we can meet to talk about your idea.

I don’t care where your project is as long as Munich Artists can participate.  I will share information as long as the dates of your project don’t conflict with Munich Artists projects Symbiotic projects are encouraged.  The more the merrier because I want Munich to have an art scene that people can SEE!

If you have an art group and want to do something bigger I’m open to working with you as long as it does not conflict with what I’m doing and you don’t mind it becoming a Munich Artists project because that is what will happen.   We work fast and look for results.  We do not do things by committee. If you as a group have something you want to develop, you must have the completed idea ready and have one person with the ability to speak for the group so that we can move like lighting!


Lueckenfuelle – A New Meeting Point in Munich Looking for Art Events (Actions)

Oh Hello. Did you forget about me already?  I’m still on Staycation but Munich doesn’t grind to a halt just because most of the artists have left for vacation. The Art must go on so when you get back into the groove of Munich living, go visit Lueckenfuelle before it gets turned into a construction site.

Lueckenfuelle is located at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse.  It is a temporary idea space where artsy ideas can become artsy realities.

Lueckenfuelle – Gespraeche in der Stadt – Gespraeche fuer die Stadt (Translation: Discussions in the city – Discussions for the city) is a corner where you can go meet and be creative and share your creations.  This is NOT a graffiti corner so don’t bring your spray cans. The mural created by HNRX was by invitation and shall not be morphing into anything else anytime soon unless approved by Lueckenfuelle.

Here is a photo before the HNRX mural…

13833253_1373360992680872_1881834375_o (1)
Lueckenfuelle – Munich, Germany Art Spot (photo thanks to HNRX)

Here is a photo after the HNRX mural…

13844069_1377149628968675_484247641_o (1)
New artsy meeting spot in Munich Germany  Schleissheimerstrasse/Rottmannstrasse (photo by HNRX)

I could give you all the artsy language of why this space exists but the nitty gritty is that a group of Minga architects decided that the empty lot was a horrible thing to have in this neighbourhood and they decided to do something about it.

IMG_7105_2 (1).jpg
The visionaries for Lueckenfuelle

Maria, Leila, Sophie & Nick are the main contacts for the space and the visionaries who decided that this neighbourhood could have a cool space to meet and share art, conversation and ideas with other Munich residents.

If you are a planner and a creative with something to share, the space is currently looking for art events “actions.

If you  have:

  • An temporary art installations involving film or music or sculpture
  • A idea for an outdoor lecture
  • A book readings, poetry slam, flash fiction evening
  • A public concert
  • An art gathering of super cool creatives
  • An idea not mentioned above that would fit within the confines of a neighborhood corner space and would be interacting with the neighbours in a creative and positive way.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • The neighbourhood has lots of children and young families.
  • The architect quartet made wood furniture in the space that is modular and can be moved around but, it is always in the space. If you wanted an empty corner, you should have made your way over there before they created Lueckenfuelle.   Please plan your idea using the furniture that is in the space.  Don’t be a diva. This is not the neighbourhood for divas.
  • The location is near Stiglmaierplatz. Easy to reach from all areas of Munich. (Subway U1)
  • It is an outdoor space.  Please plan for an outdoor space.  Please remember it is outdoors.  There is nothing to shelter you and your art from the elements. Did I mention it was outside?

Contact:  Please email your idea to

NOTE: International artists and ideas are welcome. Come to Munich and be super creative in this new artsy Munich space. Lueckenfuelle will be happy to receive your email and have you share something that fits with their concept.

Please don’t forget to tell me if your idea gets accepted. I want to make sure we keep this little space filled with creative talent from around the world or maybe just around Munich but around the world would be amazing for me and Munich Artists!









Open Call: My True Self Event and Installation for Odeonsplatz Subway Station Window

Open Call Deutsch is here.

English Version is below:

My True Self – Art Event – Installation 
Filming Event – Sunday July 10, 2016
Window installation at Odeonsplatz – July 17th – July 31st

Ines Seidel shared a video with me today and it inspired an idea for an installation so now I have an opportunity for you to participate in another installation/event that will use up two of the available window weeks.

Exhibition of video installation: July 17 – July 31st. Installation using masks at the Window at the Odeonsplatz Subway stop for two weeks.

Sunday July 10th from 1000 to 1400 we will meet for the installation video taping.

Installation Brief

My True self is a video installation / Event.

Artists will create two masks.  A tutorial video will be uploaded to the website within the next two weeks and we will have a workshop at the Friday Gallery on June 4, 2016 where you can make a form from your own face to make the masks. (50 Euro for supplies and Allun’s time.)

MASKS: The first mask must only be white on the outside. It represent Fear/security/conformity.  You can do whatever you want to the inside of the mask which represent your inner desires/feelings/self but no colour must show through or be seen when the mask is on.

The second mask will represent the inner self/desire/feelings being shown outwardly – Courage.  You will make this mask similar on the inside and outside to represent what you feel is your true self – the one that you may be hiding or feel unable to express.

For the video installation, we will wear the white masks going down the escalator at the subway station.  This will be our outer persona going down into our subconscious and tapping into our true selves.  Upon reaching the bottom, you will take off the mask pause for a second, and then put on the second mask and go up the escalator.

Our faces will be painted so you don’t have to worry that someone will recognize you. You can paint your face anyway you want or leave it just white. I like the idea of the inner part of the mask being a transfer from your face but I will not force you to do this for the video.

We will have a video camera at the bottom of the stairs filming the masks descending and we will film the masks going up the stairs. So the filming will have everyone do a loop between the two escalators at Odeonsplatz – the escalators that are in front of the window where the installation will be displayed.

All artists are welcome to participate in the creation of masks and the installation video.   If you want to offer me your white mask to place on the bottom of the window box, I will pile the white masks under the video.  It would be cool to have 100 masks at the base of the video.   All masks will be returned after the installation is finished.

What do you think?

I’m announcing this to you today and you have until May 30th to say Yes I will make 2 masks.

  • Deadline for submitting photos of your masks is June 20th.
  • Installation filming will occur on July 10th. 
  • The installation video will run from  July 17 – July 31st 
  • You do not have to wear your mask. You can have a volunteer wear your mask.
  • All masks must be hand made. If you don’t want to create your own form, you can visit me at Frauenstrasse with your materials of choice and make masks using my face. I’m having my form made next week so that we can make a tutorial video on how to make the form… we are also having the workshop by Allun Turner on June 4, 2016.


  • 20 Euro fee for Artists in Bavaria
  • 40 Euro for artists outside of Bavaria
  • Fee waived for artists already on the list.

Your costs to create the masks are not covered by Munich Artists. We will help you make the mask forms if you don’t know how at Allun Turner’s workshop (50 Euro) or on a video we are posting this week on our website (free video tutorial.)

The installation will be added to my installation book. The book will not include photos of all the individual masks except when placed in the window installation.  I will take photos of all masks and create a PDF which will be added to the website as I did with the Hello 2016 book.

I look forward to hearing from you at Reference line must say  Masks so I don’t miss your email.

Deutsch: Open Call for My True Self Event & Installation

Hello Mingas!  Here is our next Installation project. There are two parts to this one.  An Event which will be videotaped and then a window installation.  Here is the German Open Call – English in another post.

Neue Installation
My True Self – Mein wahres Ich
Kunst Event – Installation
Videoaufnahme am 10.Juli 2016
Präsentation des Videos vom 17.-31.Juli 2016
Ines Seidel hatte mir gestern ein Video gezeigt, das mich auf die Idee zu einer neuen Installation gebracht hat. Nun habt Ihr die Möglichkeit, Teil dieser Installation zu werden, die wir vom 17.-31.Juli in unserem Schaufenster am Odeonsplatz präsentieren wollen. Wir werden uns am Sonntag, den 10.Juli von 10 bis 14 Uhr zur Produktion des Videos am Odeonsplatz treffen (den genauen Treffpunkt werden wir noch zeitnah bekannt geben).
Was haben wir vor:
Video Installation “Mein wahres Ich” – Munich Artists Event
Jede Künstlerin / jeder Künstler wird zwei Masken kreiieren. Eine Anleitung dazu werden wir in den nächsten Wochen auf unserer Munich Artists Webseite posten. Zudem werden wir einen Workshop in der Friday Gallery am 4.Juni 2016 anbieten, wo wir den teilnehmenden Künstlern beim Abdruck der Maske helfen werden (Teilnahmekosten tbd).
Eine der beiden Masken muss außen komplett in weiß gehalten sein (weiße Maske); sie repräsentiert unsere Ängste, aber auch unsere Sicherheit, die wir uns über Konformität “erkaufen”. Auf der Innenseite der Maske haben die Künstler hingegen freie Hand; die Innenseite der “weißen Maske” reflektiert die inneren Wünsche, Gefühle, das wahre Ich. Wichtig dabei ist jedoch, dass die Farben der Innenseite nicht sichtbar sein dürfen, wenn die Künstler die Maske auf dem Kopf haben – es darf nur weiß sichtbar sein.
Die zweite Maske (farbige Maske) ist genau umgedreht. Sie soll die inneren Wünsche, Gefühle, das wahre Ich auf der Außenseite zeigen – und damit den eigenen Mut repräsentieren, diese auch zu zeigen. Diese Maske (farbige Maske) sollte idealerweise genauso aussehen, wie die Innenseite der ersten Maske (weiße Maske). Zudem sollte die farbige Maske auch auf der Innenseite das gleiche Design und die gleichen Farben haben wie auf der Außenseite und damit vollständig das wahre Ich repräsentieren.
Für die Video Installation werden die Künstler die weiße Maske auf der Rolltreppe in die U-Bahn Station nach unten tragen. Sie wird die nach außen hin gezeigte Pesönlichkeit der Künstler darstellen, die “auf dem Weg” (nach unten / nach innen) in ihr jeweiliges tieferes Inneres ist. Am Ende der Rolltreppe sollen die Künstler für ein paar Sekunden innehalten, dann die weiße Maske abnehmen und die farbige Maske aufsetzen und die Rolltreppe wieder nach oben nehmen, um damit auch den Prozess des Hinabsteigens in das eigene Innere und den Prozess der Zuschaustellung (auf dem Weg nach oben) der wahren Persönlichkeit zu symbolisieren.
Wir werden die Gesichter der Künstler anmalen, so dass keiner der Teilnehmer erkannt werden wird. Jeder Künstler kann sein / ihr Gesicht nach gusto anmalen oder einfach komplett in weiß lassen. Grundsätzlich würden wir uns freuen, wenn das Gesicht ein Spiegel der Innenseite der weißen Maske wäre. Für die Videoinstallation ist es aber grundsätzlich nebensächlich. Auch kann jede Künstlerin / jeder Künstler einen Stellvertreter für die Video-Produktion senden, sollte sie / er nicht selbst teilnehmen wollen.
Wir werden eine Kamera am unteren Ende der Rolltreppe (auf dem Weg nach unten) und am oberen Ende (auf dem Weg nach oben) positionieren. Alles soll in der U-Bahn-Station am Odeonsplatz stattfinden.
Die Installation ist offen für alle Künstlerinnen und Künstler. Wir würden uns zudem freuen, wenn wir für die Präsentation des Videos im Schaufenster am Odeonsplatz auch die weißen Masken dort ausstellen könnten. Selbstverständlich werden wir alle Masken nach Ende der Installation (ab August) an die teilnehmenden Künstlerinnen und Künstler zurückgeben.
Ihr habt bis zum 30. Mai Zeit, mir zu sagen, ob Ihr Euch beteiligen wollt und 2 Masken sowie das Video macht.
Deadline für die Design-Vorschläge (Photos, Zeichnungen) Eurer Masken ist der 20.Juni.
Die Video-Produktion wird am 10.Juli stattfinden.
Die Video-Installation läuft vom 17.-31.Juli.
Grundsätzlich ist es auch möglich, nur die Masken zu designen und einen Stellvertreter für die Videoproduktion zu senden.
Alle Masken müssen individuell (in Handarbeit) gefertigt werden. Wen Ihr keine Maske nach Eurem Original-Gesichtsabdruck machen wollt, dann könnt Ihr auch gerne mit Eurem Material zu mir ins Studio in der Frauenstrasse 18 kommen und einen Abdruck von meinem Gesicht nehmen.  Zudem wird es – wie schon oben erwähnt – auch einen Workshop am 4.Juni geben, den Allun Turner in der Friday Gallery abhalten wird. (Fee 50 Euro including material for form.)
  • 20 Euro Anmeldung  (This fee does not apply to early bird artists.)
  • Materialkosten für die Masken
Zudem wird die Installation auch Teil des Munich Artists Buchs am Ende des Jahres werden, wo wir alle Munich Artists Momente und Ereignisse nochmals zusammenfassen wollen. Allerdings werden wir hier nicht die einzelnen Masken zeigen, dies würde nur im individuellen Installations-Buch gezeigt werden.
Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Tag und würde mich freuen, von Euch zu hören.  Register at  For the event & the Mask creation.
group installation my true self

Do You Want To Meet Munich Artists?

I do.

Someone asked me if there were 500 artists in Munich.  I smiled at the question.  Of course there are 500 artists, there are thousands of artists hiding in the crevices of Munich corporations, institutions and private studios along with the 3k people registered as artists in the region and who have joined art groups and art associations.

The real question is whether 500 artists are willing to come together for an afternoon.  I’m hoping the answer is yes and I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool people who consider themselves artists living in Munich.

Our 500 artists say Hello event is the perfect opportunity for you to meet other artists living and working around Munich, Germany.  It will allow you to see their work and find artists who are creating art that resonates with you.  Maybe you will find someone to collaborate with on an art project or who will be a sounding board for your creative idea.

We encourage you to submit your own original artwork based on our open call for the 500 artists event. our open call for the 500 artists event.  If you do not have time, Munich Artists will post on the 11th of March a way for you to participate and be involved in a fun way.

Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Today, I wanted to share the artwork of Maximilian Lueckenhaus.  We shared a post over the weekend about the comic exhibition at the Oktoberfest museum and today we are sharing his artwork for our 500 Artists Say Hello Event.

Maximilian works as a creative director, has a family and creates art.  This is Maximilian’s chosen path and I would love for you to talk with him and share your path with him on April 23.


If you have questions about the open call, we created a FAQ post and have shared a few of the images from other artists.  If you still have questions, you are welcome to stop Frauenstrasse 18 between 1200 – 1500.

Meet with Munich Artists 

I’m not nocturnal so if you would like to meet me, please feel free to visit me at Frauenstrasse 18 between 12 -1500.  I’m not always there so texting me is really optimal my mobile is +4915129111465.

Meet Munich Artists Risograph Machine

Penelope, a Munich artist told me she bought a Risograph and after doing some research, I decided a Risograph would be an interesting way for Munich Artists to create our coloring book series.  At this point, we only own a black drum which is perfect for creating coloring books and we are thinking about buying a few more colors so that we can print graphic and fine art books. (we have a publishers number and ISBNs to attach to books.)

If you know artists already creating Risograph artwork and books in Munich, please let us know who they are.  We would love to meet with them.



FAQ for 500 Artists Say Hello Event

Hello Everyone!  Here is a reminder of our open call:



Here are some questions people have asked me:

Q: How big can I make my art piece?    

A:  30cm x 30cm framed.

Q: What colors can I use?   

A: Any Shade of Blue, Black, White

Q: Does my artwork need to be framed? No. You do not have to frame your artwork BUT I must be able to hang it on a a gallery hook.  I cannot use nails.  Please make sure it is ready to hang using a gallery system like the one shown in the photo below.


Q: Why do I have to be there on April 23, 2016?   

A: The purpose of the 500 artist event is:

  • To meet other Munich Artists
  • To see artwork of other Munich Artists and pick artist you want to work with on collaborations.
  • To allow curators to see your work.
  • To Allow our project managers to see your artwork.
  • To show us you are interested in larger projects in the future. (Like a 500 artist exhibition where you exhibit art for sale.
  • To have the opportunity to be added to the Munich Art Market.

Q: Does my artwork have to use the word Hello?  A: No.  Your artwork does not have to say Hello. It must be an art piece that represents hello for you.  For example, my art piece is a photograph of rain.  I welcome rain and as a street photographer, rain says “Hello Emmy come out and take some cool photos.”

Q: Does my self portrait have to be a passport type photo?  A: I would prefer a passport photo/cv photo so people can find you at the event. If you are artistic with the photo I will still use it but people may not recognize you.

Q: Do I need to live in Munich?  A: No. Munich Artists is a fluid group of artists. I don’t care where you live as long as you are in Munich on April 23, 2016, follow all the rules for this event and are willing to be in Munich for whatever projects we plan for the next year.

Q: Do I need to be a professional artist?  A: You need to accept “artist” as your identity. If you work in another occupation to pay your bills, I will not hold that against you.

Q: Can I suggest an Idea for Munich Artists to develop? A:  We will have an idea box at the event.  You are welcome to submit an art idea with your name and contact details. We currently have ideas we are developing for 2016. I prefer to know the artist and have them manage the project they propose so, if you drop an idea in the jar, you better be prepared to meet me, manage the project you suggest and work hard to see it realised (help raise the money for the idea and build the team.)

Q: Will there be a catalogue for the event?  A: Yes. I am making an art book for this event. It will be black and white and maybe blue. It will be artsy. Each of you will get one copy and if you want, you will be able to buy more (If you like it.) It will have an ISBN number because Munich Artists has a publisher’s number. If you want to work on this book, you can let me know.

Q: Where do I drop off my art?  A: Frauenstrasse 18 at Munich Artists/Friday Gallery between 900 and 1500. The doorbell says Kyfio UG. You must walk through the green doors and into the courtyard. The Munich Artists name is written on the door in pink pen.

I will post on our Facebook pages the hours each week just in case I have to be away for a meeting.  You can email me and let me know you plan on visiting.  I will be at the gallery on Saturdays from 1300 to 1600.

Q: Where and When do we meet on April 23, 2016? A: Quiddestrasse 45, 81375

Between  1400 – 1800.  The location has the name Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum. Very easy to get to by car and public transportation.

Q: Why Quiddezentrum? A: Because it was cheap, big and available.  We are creating an event not an exhibition.  This event is for artists to meet artists. We can all get there for 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon and get home in time to hang out with our friends and family.

Q: Why is there a fee? A:To cover the costs of printing the book and organizing the event (room rental, person sitting in space, admin costs, gallery hooks)

Q Will there be food? A: There will be no food. If you need something to drink or eat, please bring something with you. (a picnic basket is a good idea.)

Q: How long will the artwork be showing?  About a week.  We have hired someone to be at the center while it is open Thursday through Sunday.  Because of the May 1st holiday, we will take the work down over the May 1st weekend.

Q: What do accepted artists need to bring with them on April 23rd?


  • Yourself.
  • A friend.
  • Food and Drink.
  • Business cards.
  • Digital Portfolio  (optional).
  • Camera (optional).
  • A pen to write notes.
  • Sense of Humour

Q: What is the Munich Art Market? A curated showcase to sell artwork and related services and whatever else seems to work under the name Munich Art Market. (We are flexible if you are.)

(Feature Image by Agnes Mayer for 500 Artists Say Hello)

Reasons To Say Hello on April 23, 2016

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Artist Anni Riek photo by Roland Schmid

Dear Munich Artists, here are a few reasons to join the 500 artists say Hello:

  1. You will get to meet Anni Riek who created a 30x30cm box with her artwork tucked inside!  See, you can put put your artwork in a box… just make sure I can hang it with gallery hooks and that everything is securely inside. We have liability insurance but your piece is NOT insured (if you want insurance, please insure it yourself.)
  2. You get a chance to show your work to 500 other artists and be part of an event that has everything to do with being an artist, being creative and talking with other creatives and seeing what they make.

We will be picking artists for specific projects including:

  1.  Munich Artists Book – We will pick 75 artists and you will be picking 25 for a total of 100 artists to be featured in the book.
  2. Munich Art Market (You must be actively selling and looking for clients/commissions and consider art something you could never live without as in, you would die if you did not make art. That is who we want on the Munich Art Market.
  3. Friday Gallery installations.   A few of you will get to hang out with me for 30 days as you create an installation based on an idea of mine or one of the curators I know.
    • Ideally one guy and one women or a collective of artists
    • Not sure? Ask Ines Seidel and Allun Turner how much fun they are having working together  on “The Talk” installation at my downtown space.
  4. ArtSeeTalk – We have been approached by curators who want to curate you. We will let them hunt for artists at the event and then help them get the exhibition off the ground. We will also let them talk about art stuff on (a domain we own.)

Those are some very good reasons to join us on April 23, 2016. If you need some more, I will think up some more reasons and give them to you next week.  Look forward to seeing your submissions.  Mail them to Re: Hello Event. If you forgot what the hello open call says, here is the link to the open call.

Deutsch: Open Call 500 Artists Say Hello

Hallo, mein Name ist Emmy Horstkamp und ich bin die Gründerin von Munich Artists.
2013 habe ich mich entschieden, Munich Artists zu etablieren. Ich war auf der Suche nach lokalen Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die mit mir bei Projekten zusammenarbeiten, die Spaß an Installationen haben und die versuchen, ihre eigene künstlerische Identität zu finden und dieser Gehör zu verschaffen. Über die vergangenen drei Jahre hatte ich die Freude mit vielen von ihnen zu arbeiten und gemeinsam eine künstlerische Gemeinschaft in München und Umgebung mittels Munich Artists zu schaffen.
In diesem Jahr werden wir nur eine einzige öffentliche Ausstellung organisieren. Diese Ausstellung wird 500 lokale Künstlerinnen und Künstler beinhalten. Die ausgewählten Künstler werden auch präferiert für andere Projekte und Installationen angesprochen und werden exklusiv von April 2016 bis Februar 2017 in unserem Künstlerverzeichnis Munich Art Market ( vermarktet.
Öffentliche Ausstellung “500 Künstler sagen Hallo”
Wie der Name schon sagt, werden wir 500 Künstlerinnen und Künstler präsentieren. Die 500 ausgewählten Künstler werden zudem für ein Jahr im Munich Art Market unter exklusiv vermarktet. Die Ausstellung wird es den Künstlerinnen und Künstlern ermöglichen, sich untereinander zu vernetzen und sich in München (weiter) bekannt zu machen. Das Künstlerverzeichnis (Munich Art Market) zur Ausstellung wird im ersten Jahr nur die teilnehmenden Künstlerinnen und Künstler beinhalten und einmal pro Jahr neu aufgelegt. Formulare dafür werden beim Ausstellungsevent ausliegen. Nur diese Formulare werden akzeptiert – es gibt keinen anderen Weg zur Aufnahme in den Munich Art Market. Munich Artists wird zudem weitere Fotos von Kunstwerken von den betreffenden Künstlerinnen und Künstler hinzufügen.
Warum findet diese Ausstellung statt?
Networking, Visibiltät für die teilnehmenden Künstlerinnen und Künstler und die Vorstellung eines neuen Ausstellungsraums.
Wie funktioniert die “500 Künstler sagen Hallo” Ausstellung?
Alle Künstlerinnen und Künstler werden ein Kunstwerk in der Größenordnung 30cm x30 cm erschaffen, dass “Hallo” in der jeweiligen Kunstform sagt. Es kann alles von Fotografie über Gemälde, Skulpturen, Keramik, Video, Schmuckkunst bis hin zu Flash Fiction etc. sein.
Das Kunstwerk kann das Wort “Hallo” in der jeweiligen Muttersprache beinhalten oder durch ein (persönliches) Symbol dargestellt werden, dass für den jeweiligen Künstler das Wort “Hallo” repräsentiert. Egal welche Kunstform gewählt wird, das jeweilige Kunstwerk wird NICHT versichert sein. Sollten Sie Video als das gewählte Medium nutzen wollen, dann bitten wir darum, die Größe eines entsprechenden Bilderrahmens (30cm x30cm) nichts zu überschreiten.
Die Kunstwerke müssen in Blautönen oder Schwarz-Weiß erstellt werden
Das jeweilige Kunstwerk wird Teil einer größeren Installation sein. Dies bedeutet, dass jede Künstlerin und jeder Künstler seine Bereitschaft abgeben muss, das jeweilige Kunstwerk bei Bedarf und Nachfrage für eine weitere Ausstellung dieser Installation zur Verfügung zu stellen.
Wie bewirbt man sich?
Bewerbungsschluss ist der 10. März um 18 Uhr. Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt sind folgende Unterlagen per Email an einzureichen.
  • zwei 300dpi Fotos: eines von dem vorgeschlagenen “Hallo” Kunstwerk und eines vom (eigenen) Lieblings-Kunstwerk der jeweiligen Künstlerin oder des Künstlers.
  • ein Selbstportrait Foto
  • ein einziges Wort, das die jeweilige Künstlerin bzw. den Künstler am besten beschreibt – ein einziges Wort
Alle Künstlerinnen und Künstler werden per Email kontaktiert. Die für die Ausstellung ausgewählten Künstler müssen das Kunstwerk bis zum 20.März in der Frauenstr.18 in München bei Munich Artists einliefern.
_ das Kunstwerk darf maximal 30x30cm sein
_ das Kunstwerk muss hängend an der Wand angebracht werden können
Bei Abgabe des Kunstwerks müssen die Künstlerinnen und Künstler ein Formular ausfüllen und unterschreiben, dass den Namen und die Kontaktinformationen beinhaltet als auch eine Bestätigung, dass das jeweilige Kunstwerk bei Bedarf und Nachfrage für eine weitere Ausstellung dieser Installation zur Verfügung steht.
Die Kosten für die Ausstellung und die Aufnahme in das Künstlerverzeichnis Munich Art Market betragen 20 EUR. Dieser Betrag ist bei Abgabe des jeweiligen Kunstwerks zu bezahlen.
Wir werden uns um das Aufhängen und die Anordnung der Kunstwerke im Ausstellungsraums kümmern. Die Kuration der Kunstwerke obliegt ausschließlich Munich Artists, die Künstlerinnen und Künstler haben hierbei kein Mitspracherecht.

Open Call: 500 Artists Say Hello

German Version of Open Call

500 Artists Say Hello

Hi my name is Emmy Horstkamp and I’m the founder of the Munich Artists Group.

In 2013, I decided to create Munich Artists so that I could meet more artists who wanted to collaborate on projects and have fun being artists, while building a serious art practice and developing a unique artistic voice.   Over the years, I’ve worked to find ways to connect with fellow artists and celebrate their art creation in motivational and community building ways. This year we are having 500 artists say hello.

Save the Dates:

  • April 22 – May 2nd Exhibition
  • April 23rd Munich Artists Event from 1400 to 1800

Open Call: 500 artists say “Hello”


As the name suggests, “500 artists say Hello,” will show 500 participating artists. The selected artists will be featured on the Munich Art market website for the whole year 2016 and beginning of 2017.  This opportunity will facilitate artists to connect and be visible within the city structure.

The directory will only be open to artists who attend the event so admittance to this directory will happen once a year. I will have forms for you to fill out at the exhibition event.  Only these forms will be accepted for the art market website.  Munich Artists will add photos of your work we photograph throughout the year to this site.  The cost is 20 Euro.

Here is how the “500 artists say hello” art event will work:

All artists will create an art piece 30cm x 30cm which says hello in your art style. It can be a photograph, painting, sculpture, ceramics, video, art jewellery, flash fiction etc.  The art piece will be blue, shades of blue or monochrome (black and white).  I will not accept pieces with other colours.  Your piece must be mostly blue. You may use black, gray & white as the neutrals.  The colour blues you use is up to you.

Your art piece can use the words “Hello” in any language and in any medium or symbol that says hello for you personally or abstract that is entitled Hello. It can be sculpture, ceramic or video but please keep in mind that the space we will not insure your at piece. If you use a video screen it must be photo frame size. (I have four at the studio we can use.) 

The 500 art pieces will be used as part of an installation. If someone asks to show the installation again, you must allow us to use your art piece in the installation.  

How to apply

By March 10, 2016, you will send the following content by email:

  • Two 300 DPI images of your original artwork:
    •  1 of your hello art piece
    • 1 of your favourite art piece.
  • A photo self portrait – Front view so people can see your face please like driver’s license or a profile photo. (for the video so people can see you. If you are unsure, look at my Mingapill portrait I used in the video. (It was shot with my ipone.)
  • A word you feel represents you.  One word.

Artists will be contacted by Email.  The accepted artists will deliver artwork to the Friday Gallery by March 20th:

The Art piece must be maximum 30cm x 30cm. Larger pieces will not be accepted. If you frame it the piece must be a maximum of 30cm x 30cm

The artwork must hang on a wall and must be finished to hang on a gallery hanging system.

You will bring your artwork to:

  • the Friday Gallery, Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich, Germany.  
  • Monday – Friday 10 until 1500.  Saturday 1 – 1500.  
  • I will be take the work to the exhibition space and hang it.
  • The curatorial responsibility for how the artwork is shown remains with the organizer (Munich Artists) for the sake of the exhibition/installation unity.

The German version of this post will appear on Sunday/Monday.   

The cost:  20 Euro per artist paid at the time the artist brings their artwork to the gallery.

PS.  I have the Odeonsplatz window again in July and will be creating a video installation using your artwork photos, words and self portraits.  Because it will visible to many people I want to make sure you pick:

  • your favourite art piece,
  • your favourite self portrait
  • Your favourite word. (You can explain if you want.)

Only the 500 artists from the exhibition/installation will be included in the video installation.


  • The total size of the piece is 30 x 30 including framing if framed.
  • If you frame, use black/white/gray/blue. No browns will be accepted.

Are you an Artist under 33 Interested in Craft / Jewellery? Apply for TALENTE 2016 – Open Call

TALENTE 2016 is a competition for international artists. If you are under 33 (crafts) and under 35 (technology), you can register for the competition here.

You must register with the HWK to access the registration form. If you have questions, you can contact  michaela.braesel @ or eva.sarnowski  @ (jewellery).

Munich Artist Stammtisch and other News for Artists and Designers

For the next phase of Munich Artists, I’m asking artists to step forward and actively help organise events under the Munich Artists Umbrella.  The events must be approved by Munich Artists before using our name or social media resources and must meet the overall concept of promoting artists and artwork from Bavaria.

The Stammtisch is an opportunity for artists to approach Emmy Horstkamp with suggestions and to hear about projects that are being organised.   We will be having one Stammtisch a month for this purpose.   The first Stammtisch will be at the Friday Gallery, Frauenstrasse 18 on Friday May 29, 2015.  I will have food, please bring your own alcohol.

Topics for Discussion:

• An exhibition of 500 artists to show the prismed zeitgeist of Munich.

• An exhibition called “Kimono Project” which is a project with a Japanese/Singaporean creative.

• Art in the Park for 2016. Art in the Park will be on June 12 -18th in Sendling during the City Festival. (This is a test to see if Munich likes this kind of concept)

• Munich Art Market – This is a website we want.  For this project we will be having an open call for locally produced products by artists and designers for the Munich Art Market website. The website will NOT focus on original art pieces.

If you are an artist/designer/art historian who would like to work on the organising side of these projects please attend the Stammtisch.  If you are an artist or designer with a project idea please attend the meeting. (Ideas must be related to Germany we are not interested in projects focusing on other countries).

Organising does not mean you will be picked for the Kimono project or Prismed Zeitgeist.  These two projects will be juried and open to German based artists (Kimono Project) and Munich based artists (Prismed zeitgeist -Munich).


  • Because of the way our group is evolving, we feel that our resources are better used for a monthly Stammtisch. We have asked artists this year to create their own parties for the exhibitions hosted at the Friday Gallery which we share in the closed Facebook group and on our social media accounts.   The remaining exhibitions for this year include:
    • Andreas Hirsch May 22nd – June 11th. Vernissage May 22 @1900
    • Nina Schmid June 19th – July 8th Vernissage June 19th @1900
    • Gunther Meliton – July 9th – 23rd, 2015
    • Katrin Klug – August 16th – September 3rd
    • Julie Olsson September 10 – 24
    • Christ Tomas September 25 – October 7
    • Ines Seidel October 8 – 22
    • Munich Artists Book – October 23 -November 5
    • Andrea Peipe – November 6 – 17
    • Jenny Schminke November 18 – December 3
    • Munich Artists Christmas Market – November 27 – December 18
  • In 2016, the Friday Gallery will be focusing on installation work which will be broadcasted online on our website with a webcam and through social media.  We will only pick artists we feel are up for this challenge.  You are welcome to submit an installation idea. There will be 12 installations in 2016 which will be group installation and individual depending on the idea. This is not open to all artists and we will only pick ideas that I can handle living with for a month (I am working in the space full time now).
  • Our newsletter has been on hiatus while we make changes to Munich Artists and shuffle around where content will be shared. The newsletter will start again on June 1, 2015 with a new look and purpose.
  • Starting in July 2015, our Munich Art Market will be opened for artists to sell their designs/products.   This market is not open to original artwork. We will continue to share original artwork on Munich Artists and the Friday gallery but our e-commerce site focuses on selling items between 10 -800 Euro.(retail price) We will be placing an open call once the website is completed. All work must be manufactured in Germany and be designed by artists living and working in Bavaria.