Pixelschickeria -My Desk is Cooler than Yours or is it?

If you want to see my desk, you have to see our Instagram feed where I shared today’s avalanche perched next to my Imac.

Pallet Desk Stopped Munich Artists in Their Tracks

As you know from previous posts, I have a tendency to walk through open doors and ask what is going on.  I’m not sure if this is my American upbringing or if I have a magnet inside of me that is drawn towards open doors of opportunity but yesterday I annoyed my best friend by walking through an open door and throwing us off schedule.

As I walked from Sendling to Frauenstrasse 18, I passed Maistr. 20, where Pixelschickeria has their office.  I did not know it was their office.  All I knew was that I glanced into the space as I walked by and then backed up to take a peek inside at this desk arrangement.

Pallet desk used Pixelschickeria in Munich, Germany

I asked the three men in the room if I could take a few photos and the Boss, Yves Rham, said I could.

The Boss man at PixelSchickeria

I did not take a photo of all of the desks (there are a few more on the other side of the room.  I just wanted to record how cool the desks were and I was kind of distracted by my best friend outside who hates waiting and having me stop every five minutes to take a photo or talk to someone and I was doing both.

I must have looked very happy to see the desks and not stressed by the walk delay because Mr. Rham said I could buy the desks. I don’t need two desks but maybe you do?  If you are interested in one of these pallet desks for your office or art studio, contact Pixelschickeria immediately.  

Here is another photo of the two desks made out of pallets.

Pixelschickeria employee enjoying his pallet desk.

We are constantly looking for ways creatives are reusing materials.  If you upcycled something in your own office let me know. I will try to make a visit.


Since Pixelschickeria was nice enough to let me snap a few photos of their space, lets talk about them for a second.

Pixelschickeria makes films and they do all kinds of other things.  According to their website, they will help you take an idea and make it a reality so if you have an idea and have no clue how to realise it, talk to them.  I’m assuming it is a visual design idea but check out their website and see if the area you need help is covered.

I can have tunnel vision when it comes to cool design and art so I didn’t think about asking what they did or who they were.  I went into their space because the door was open, they looked happy in their neighbourhood not too far from Nir Altman’s gallery and I can’t stop myself from walking through open doors.

Film/Video is a good place to be right now. 39% of video watching is happening on Facebook and almost 50% is on Youtube.  (Forget Vimeo artists, no one watches Vimeo.)   I posted the graphic with exact statistics on Instagram if you want to see it and get the exact percentages. I drew the numbers above out of the air because I read the statistics when I was in London and I have to get back to work now and don’t want to get sucked into my Instagram feed.  You are welcome to go dig and leave me a comment and tell me the exact numbers. I always appreciate being corrected especially when I’m making it clear that these numbers are air numbers shared by an artist focusing on a pallet desk.

Now, if you want to see lots of work, visit the Pixelschickeria website.  Below is one example I downloaded from their Vimeo feed.

This video doesn’t exist

Ok. Go back to creating art or to your day job.  Don’t forget. I start the kickstarter this week.  I will need you to buy cards because artists get sad when you don’t support their creative projects.  Be nice and buy a deck of cards or 100 for all your friends and reserve October 16, 2016 so that you can join us at  500 Artists Play Cards.  I want 250 Munich Artists /Creatives having fun.  We have a cool space for the day, lets use it and have a great time on a Sunday afternoon.

PS Here is the video data…