Munich Artists Playing Cards Artist -Alexandra Ritter – A Pretzel Makes Everything Better Including Our Deck of Playing Cards

You will get this playing card as part of our Munich Artists Playing Card deck.  The Kickstarter where you can buy the playing cards is here.


A Message from Alexandra Ritter

Hi, I am Alexandra Ritter! After finishing my studies in arts, I came back to Munich, where I’ve been living for 4 years. The best thing about Munich is how close it is to the mountains. Hiking in the mountains is one of the most inspiring things for me and I love drawing them using ink and watercolours.
Besides mountains, I practice figure drawing and I love nearly all kinds of printing methods to produce artworks with an illustrating character which I used in my 4 artworks for the Munich Artists Playing Cards.
Four playing cards created by Alexandra Ritter for Munich Artists Playing Card Deck

Buying a Deck of Cards and Getting A Bonus Gift

If you want one of Alexandra’s Cards on an A4 (glicee) inkjet print, you can put in your order at the 50 Euro pledge.   At this time, they are still available.

If you pledge at 80 Euro, the Early Christmas shopper, you get, an A4 print, a poster with all of the cards, the party deck of cards and the deluxe version of the cards.  We have 7 left of this option.

All printed materials will be ordered, printed and shipped after the Kickstarter. It takes 30 days to get the deluxe playing cards printed so shipment will be middle of November 2016.

Buying a Deck of Cards and Going to 500 Artists Play Cards

Please purchase a deck of cards and join us at 500 Artists Play Cards on October 16, 2016.

Current Project: Munich Artists Playing Cards – Kickstarter Starts Today!

Here is the link to our Kickstarter.  You have until October 9th!  Please Help Us Create Some Amazing Cards and Have a Great Event.

With the help of the above group of artists who were selected from our 500 Artists Say Hello Event, Munich Artists will be printing a party set of Munich inspired artists playing cards and a deluxe set of playing cards.   The deluxe version will be ordered after the kickstarter is completed.   The party version will be ordered this weekend.  What is the difference?

The party cards are smaller in size and are being created specifically for the event.  The deluxe version or American poker sized cards and will have that beautiful box that Elizabeth Hughes designed.  Why the two different versions?  Because I want you to play with the cards and you may feel like the deluxe are too pretty to play with at the event.

HISTORY of 500 Artists Play Cards

At the Beginning of the year, Elizabeth Hughes approached Munich Artists about creating a deck of playing cards.  I (Emmy) told Elizabeth, we could create cards as long as we could throw a Munich Artists Play Cards Party/art happening.  She was on board with the larger idea and she joined the project as a project manager for the creation of the card deck.  Over the last few months, Elizabeth chose the artists, curated their artwork, designed the box, the back of the cards and created all the files to send to the printer.

We have had to make a few changes along the way but the cards are almost ready to be printed on paper.  We are very excited!

Here is the Back of the Card design created by Elizabeth for the cards:

The back of the Munich Artists Card Deck

And here are three cards from the deck:


  • Our Kickstarter starts Today September 16th.  To attend our 500 Artists Play Cards Event, you must purchase your cards through our Kickstarter.  Our cards will be for sale at Haeppy Art but the kickstarter bonus gifts are only available on our Kickstarter.   For the event we are ordering a version of the cards called party cards.  they will come in a metal tin.  The deluxe versions ordered after the kickstarter will be in a box designed by Elizabeth Hughes.
  • The Kickstarter has bonus gifts which will not be available ANYWHERE ELSE.  I have permission from the artists to make prints of their work for the Kickstarter and I would love for you to get a print of some of these cards to put on your wall.