Munich Artists Sketch Book Project 2017

I forgot this project on our project list and will add it today!

We enjoyed the sketchbook project  so much this year that we will be doing it again in 2017 EXCEPT that we will keep the original in our Munich Artists Space and share it online on the Munich Artists Website.

Because we do not have to ship it to the US, we are going to be using a 21 x 21  Hardcover sketchbook for the group sketchbook with thicker paper to avoid bleedthrough.

This year, the Munich Artists sketchbook project has two parts.

PART I – Group Sketchbook

We will be doing exactly like last year. I will have a sketchbook at Frauenstrasse 18 and you will be welcome to come to the studio and do a sketch in the sketchbook during the whole year of 2017.

I will be at the Frauenstrasse by appointment and since we will have working out of the space, I will be at Frauenstrasse on Fridays from 1000 to 1600 (Except for Holidays) and Saturdays from 1300 to 1600.

PART II – NEW!  Individual Sketchbooks

We will be doing individual sketchbooks based on our Munich Artists Challenges.  For 2017, I will be doing a 365 Day Munich Artists Challenge. If you have been doing any challenges so far, you know that they are fun and we share our work on Facebook .  The sketchbooks will be ordered next week and will be for sale the third week in November 2016.

You are welcome to join the sketchbook challenge for the 7, 14, 30 day  challenges or for the full 365 day challenge.

The Sketchbooks will fit in an A5 box that we are ordering.  I will post the box when it arrives. I will post the book when it arrives. All products will be for sale through Munich Artist’s and our Amazon store.



Then KULT Joined in on the Fun – Sketchbook Project 2016

Kult (A Munich based street artist) texted me that he would like to add some art to our sketchbook. Since it was in the envelope and not mailed, I jumped at the chance to have some street style added to the cover and a few empty spots.

Here is Kult’s cover artwork:


and here is a video of our whole filled to the brim sketchbook.

I would like to thank the following artists for participating (Listed in the order appearing in the book):

  • Kult
  • Manuela Illera
  • Angelica Zeller Michaelson
  • Florencia Chuecke
  • Allun Turner
  • Katrin Klug
  • Petra Winter
  • Dora
  • Berit Opelt
  • Penelope Richardson
  • Michael Pitschke
  • Choco Bot
  • Rainer Schmitten
  • Maximilian Lueckenhaus
  • Angela Smets
  • Brigitte Pruchnow
  • Ines Seidel
  • Yelena Vakker
  • Emmy Horstkamp (Thanking myself all the time.)

I will make a post when the next sketchbook project is ready to go.

Current Sketches for Munich Artists Sketchbook For Brooklyn – 3 Pages Left

I will be mailing out the sketchbook on Monday morning so if you want to sketch in it, you can still come by today and Thursday between 100 and 1500 & Saturday between 1100 and 1500.

Any pages that I do not have sketches on will be filled with a sticker from my remember series so that there are no empty pages.

This has been a really fun project and we will be doing something similar for our own fun in the next couple of months using a piece of Brigitte Pruchnow’s artwork (She will pick the artists to sketch in that project.)

Here are the Munich Artists Artwork from the current Brooklyn Sketchbook Librarary sketchbook (NOT in order, just how I snapped them yesterday before leaving the studio):

Brigitte Pruchnow
Florencia Chuecke
Yelena Vakker
Choco Bot
Ines Seidel
Angelica Zeller Michaelson
Maximilian Lueckenhaus
Petra Winter
Manuela Illera
Penelope Richardson
Berit Opelt
Katrin Klug


What Did You Miss? A Great White Bear and M.E.

Friday is a good day for sketching

Yelena Vakker stopped by my studio on Friday to work on our Sketchbook. It is exciting to see our little sketchbook filling up with artwork.

If you are interested in working on the book, please email We have six spots left.

Yelena working on her sketch.
Yelena’s  sketch for the sketchbook upside down. She did the last page and is looking at it, but it is an abstract so you can enjoy it from both directions.

As you can see from the photos, I’m still working on the space at Frauenstrasse 18.  Hopefully it will be finished this week. I will keep posting photos so you can keep track of the transformation process.

Sunday I Missed A Big White Bear but Found A Few Munich Artists Keeping Warm in Haidhausen

Oh yes, I can miss something this big. Thank goodness I was by myself and not dragging someone along to look at urban art.


Mister Woodland sent me the address last week but I was unable to get out of the studio to go meet him so when I walked into the courtyard on Sunday and saw his name on the wall, I thought “Hmm, that is smaller than I expected,” and I went ahead and snapped the following photos of his mural at the back of the children’s playground. (The under the sea mural is to the left of the “Polar Safari” piece.)

This morning, I posted the under the sea image on Instagram and Mister Woodhouse asked if I saw the other work. What other work? I was sneaking around a very quiet courtyard and it never occurred to me to walk around the building.  Now I have to head back to take some photos of “Polar Safari” located at Trogerstrasse 24 – Way in the back.

If you go visit the artwork, please be respectful. This is a residential building with a kindergarten so no snapping photos of kids or people.

Selling Artwork on a Sunday Afternoon

I stopped by to say hello to a few Munich Artists selling their wares at a local craft market.

April Mcgee selling her Jewellery.  I love the use of the suitcases. 
Katrin Klug selling her Kategos Series


If you are a Munich Artist and you are going to be selling your work at a Christmas Market, please let me know. I will be making the rounds to the Christmas markets and telling people where you are.   Email me at or send me an invitation through Facebook so I can share the information on my weekly post of things to do.   I will try to make a page for the Christmas market information but if I don’t I will share photos of you and your wares on Instagram and on my daily posts.


Hello Munich Artists – The Sketchbook Project Begins. Lets get sketching.

This sketchbook project is based in Brooklyn, NY.  We heard about this sketchbook project from Hazel Ang

Page from Hazel Ang’s Sketchbook

Katrin Klug,

Sketchbook page from Katrin Klug’s Sketchbook

and Kerstin Klein

I loved looking through the digital sketchbooks and decided this would be a fun project for Munich Artists. The sketchbook project digitalises the sketchbook so you can share the link to the sketchbook/artwork with everyone you know.

As you can see, I had to pay an enormous amount of VAT for two sketchbooks sent from the US to Munich, Germany.  I had no clue 23 Euro would be added to the price of this project.  Luckily, I am not passing this cost on to you.  All you need to do is decide if you want to invest a few hours sketching in our joint sketchbook.

Here are the two sketchbook packages that I purchased. (One is for me personally).    
I’ve chosen Memoir as the theme for the Munich Artists sketchbook. 17 Munich artists can create a sketch over two pages based on this theme.  Two/three artists can work together on a two page spread if they want.  Each artist who works on the sketchbook shall create the artwork at my studio so that I can keep track of the book and post it off to Brooklyn by the deadline. (It can go offsite but only with lots of planning.)

I posted this once in our Facebook group and now, I’m going to start making the list of artists.  I’m keeping the sketchbook at Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich.  You are welcome to work on the sketchbook During the week (between 900 and 1500 or over the Weekend.  You can come any T,W,TH or on an available weekend:

  • November 14/15
  • November 21/22 Manueal Illera
  • November 28/29
  • December 5/6 Penelope Richardson
  • December 12/13
  • December 19/20 Theresa Birkner
  • January 9/10
  • January 16/17 Brigitte Pruchnow
  • January 23/24 a. Echevarria
  • January 30/31 Choco Bot
  • Feb 6/7 Maximilian Lueckenhaus
  • Feb 20/21  Emmy Horstkamp (I’m going to fill in any gaps)

If you want to be one of the 17, please email or message me on Facebook. I will add your name to the following list:

  1. Emmy Horstkamp
  2. Manuela Illera (done)
  3. Brigitte Pruchnow
  4. Katrin Klug
  5. Yelena Vakker (done)
  6. Rainer Schmitten
  7. E. Echevarria
  8. Penelope Richardson
  9. Petra Winter
  10. Angelica Zeller Michaelson
  11. Edina Fischer
  12. Bobbie Komarek
  13. Choco Bot
  14. Dora
  15. Theresa Birkner
  16. Tanja Hirschfeld
  17. Maximilian Lueckenhaus

You can work during any of those weeks at my studio. I will gladly meet you at your art studio on one of the weekends for a four hour window as long as the studio is within spitting distance of Munich.  If you want longer than four hours, you’ll need to come to Frauenstrasse 18 to work on this during the day or Saturday evening.   We have 12 weeks and 16/17 Artists.  I have no problems having more than one artist per week or we can plan a group get together of artists to work on the book pages over a weekend.  I will scan your artwork/page so you have a digital version of your work but the original sketchbook will be kept at the sketchbook library in Brooklyn, NY

PS. I’m covering the cost for sketchbooks/Zoll. There is no compensation to artists for doing a sketch.  This is a fun international art project that I wanted us to participate in and share our work in their library.   I will share the artwork created by each artist on Munich Artists in a post the day the work is done and on a project page.