The Way to Neuperlach Zoo

On June 19, 2016 the Neuperlach Zoo opens to the public and Munich Artists wants to make sure you make it down to Quiddestr 45 for a street art photo safari.  To make sure you don’t get lost in the jungle of 8 story high rises, we documented how you get from the Subway to the Zoo (This takes about nine minutes from subway to the Neuperlach zoo.)  Please add the ten minute walk to your travel time so you don’t miss the festivities.


Wherever you are in Munich, you will find your way to the Subway Line U5/U8 heading towards Neuperlach Sued and get off at Quiddestrasse.

Below is what you will see when you are about to leave the subway.  If you go Left, you will see street art by the same artists but not the zoo.  


If you go left, you will see this which is a different street art mural created by Der blaue Vogel


If you get there a bit early, I encourage you to go left and see this wall mural that takes up the whole underpass before turning around and heading in the other direction.

To get to quidesstr 45, I would like you to turn right when you get off the subway.  This is what it will look like except those people will not be there.


Then, you will walk until you see this.


Don’t fret.  Turn to your left and walk up these stairs.


Walk straight until you reach the end of the playground and then turn right and head in the direction of the Joey’s pizza (If it is still a pizza place.)


Keep walking straight but not into a pole.


When you reach these red and white poles, veer to your left and walk on the lovely path through all those big 8 story buildings.  This space reminds me of Berlin or part of Singapore so if you have never been to East Berlin or Singapore, you can sort of feel the vibe of all those communist styled block apartment buildings as you walk to the Neuperlach zoo.

Follow the well maintained path until you see this. This is the Neuperlach zoo waiting for you to come and enjoy a photo safari.  Please do not add any animals when you go. The Zoo is a curated project sponsored by the city of Munich and we want you to respect the work of the artists who have donated their time and artistic skills to making this fab street art project in Neuperlach.


I have it on good authority that the theme song for the zoo is in the making so, at the zoo opening, you may hear a rap song dedicated to the zoo….lets keep our finger’s crossed that the Musician is able to debut the song in time.  I promise to share the song and the artist’s name on the website once the song is published.

Pssst…I’ve heard there may be a  Neuperlach Zoo rap song.  


NOTE:  This is worth seeing but plan your day accordingly if you are coming on a day other than June 19th.  Bring a thermos of your favourite drink, some lunch and a blanket so you can enjoy a wild adventure in Mingaland.