Free Art Friday Munich

New owners of Katrin Klug Free Art Friday Munich
New owners of Katrin Klug Free Art Friday Munich

Free Art Friday is an international weekly event that we decided to bring to Munich, Germany. Free Art Friday can be any day of the week but we decided to keep the event on Fridays to avoid confusion and started a Facebook page and a blog to share information about where artists put their work and post when work is found to celebrate this creative exchange.

We have special tags for artists to use and to make sharing easier. The tags say that the art is a gift and provide a place for the artist to write their name and their contact details.   Artists can pick up the tags at our space at Frauenstrasse 18 or they can print a tag which we provide online as a jpg. We encourage artists to use our tags but they can make one themselves.  The purpose of the tag is to let Munich residents and visitors know that the artwork is free and that they can pick it up and take it home.  We make it clear that there are no strings attached. The artwork is a gift from the artists of Munich to the city and anyone within its borders.

The Free Art Friday Munich Project is open to all artists of all levels.  We encourage all Munich artists to participate and share their creativity with the city.

Hanging Art for Free Art Friday Munich
Hanging Art for Free Art Friday Munich

Currently we have three to five artists putting artwork out every friday.  We encourage artists to participate as often as they want and to share artwork they are proud of and want others to own.

If you are a Munich artist who wants to share art, use a tag and let us know on Facebook by posting an image of your artwork and using #freeartfridaymunich on your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Tumblr).

If you want help going out and leaving your art in the Munich, let us know and we will be your cheerleaders as you share your art on a Free Art Friday in Munich.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Emmy Horstkamp Free Art Friday Munich

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