Art Swap

Building a city art brand means more to BCA than just art.  It means connecting with artists and supporting them as they strive to reach their business and personal goals.

Hazel Ang contacted BCA and asked if we would help her raise funds for Doctors without Borders.   Hazel’s family is from the Philippines and Hazel wanted to send financial support to a charity helping the Philippines recover from the recent disaster.

BCA thought it was a great idea to help Hazel organize an art swap fundraiser and decided to host the event during our office warming party on December 12th.

Details of the Art Swap:

Go to our eventbrite page and pick a ticket depending on whether you are going to donate cash, donate an art piece, play the artswap game or just attend the office opening and fundraising event.

At the party, people who have donated to play the game will get a wrapped art piece.  At 2000 they can start unwrapping their art pieces and then swap with other people.

If you buy a ticket to play the game but are unable to attend, we will hold an art piece off to the side.  If you are unable to attend, you can appoint someone to swap the art for you or you can tell us and we will have someone represent you in the art swap game.

Because it gets too complicated, we are not giving out tax receipts for the donations.  We will post on the website the amount we raised and the receipt showing that the money was donated to Doctors without Borders.

All art pieces will be photographed and we will give out certificates of authenticity stating that the art piece is from the artist and was received at this event.

Please go donate to our event and buy a piece of art to help us raise funds for Doctors without Borders.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday December 12, 2013 at 1900.