Emmy Horstkamp and  Dr. Holger Kern started munichartists.com  in 2013 as a way to bring artists together for networking, collaborations and inspiration.

Between 2013-2014,  Munich Artists showcased artwork in a weekly online gallery and shared information on the website’s Facebook page.  The Friday photo galleries were open to all Munich Artists willing to share their work.

In 2014, Munich Artists started exhibiting artwork offline as the Friday Gallery.   The first offline event attended was Stroke 2014 with works by Brigitte Pruchnow, Michaela Wuehr,Jenny Schminke, Emmy Horstkamp and Konstantin Ruechardt.

In 2015, The Friday Gallery offered local artists an opportunity to showcase their work in solo shows and Munich Artists began offering online creative challenges to keep artists motivated.

During 2016, Munich Artists focused on installations and art happenings.  The first art happening was 500 Artists Say Hello. 

In September 2016, Munich Artists launched our first kickstarter to fund 500 Artists Play Cards and our Munich Artists Playing Cards and began the Munich Stories project.  We successfully raised funds to print a set of collaboratively designed playing cards.

In October 2016, we closed our Munich Artists Facebook Group.  The decision was made to focus on the brand and to reduce the community building to our Munich Artists Challenges and Collaborative projects.

On October 16, 2016, we held an event at Einstein Kultur to celebrate the creation of the Munich Artists Playing Cards.