Munich Artists 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge (photography

The Rules:

1.  The photo must be taken the day of the challenge.  This will take a bit of planning which is why I’m putting the list up early. The themes are not to have you focus on different types of self portraits so that you strengthen your composition skills.

2. You must be in the shots.  If you want your books in the shot, you must also be in there somewhere – a foot, a hand, your hair.  A few of the artists in our group are photoshop experts and if you feel like photoshopping yourself into a photograph go ahead, just make sure the image you use is taken on the day of the theme.

3. Sharing Your Images We have a Private Flickr group and a Private Facebook group where you can share your images with us.  At the end of the challenge, if you have finished 30 days of portraits, I will ask you to send the images to me in a zip file.

30 Themes for 30 Days

  1. Encounter (meeting) – a chance meeting.  Photograph yourself interacting with someone or something unplanned.
  2. Hi Contrast Black and White –  This will be taken with one light source or on a bright day.
  3. Glass – A portrait using a glass or mirror
  4. Words – You will use actual words in a image with you.
  5. Lines – stripes, lines of objects, light streaks in relationship to you.
  6. Umbrella – If it is raining and you have one with you. If day 6 is sunny, lets use sunglasses.
  7. Tools – gardening tools at home, kitchen tools, or working tools
  8. Sleep – Right before you go to bed or right when you get up.  Bed hair, sleepy eyes, wiggling toes.
  9. string/Ribbon – In you hair, around your waist, around your wrist. It can even tie you to Katrin Klug.
  10. Ritual – Something you do on a daily basis
  11. Chair – A chair, seat, stool.
  12. Bag – You carrying your life around with you. paper, leather, plastic, cloth.
  13. Music -Not the actual music but something that plays or causes music to happen.
  14. Dress Up – Something that makes you feel dressed up.
  15. Hallway – a space between rooms.
  16. Sidewalk – A place where pedestrians walk.
  17. Tree – If you are not near a tree on this day, I feel sorry for you.  If you are in an urban jungle, pick a post for this image. If you can’t find a post, something vertical like a very tall man.
  18. Paper – Any kind of paper, maybe all the drawings from the last challenge.
  19. Square – This can be an actual square or a square/platz like Marienplatz, karlsplatz.
  20. Produce (Groceries) –
  21. Beer Garden – There are lots of beer gardens. If you can’t make it to a beer garden, take a portrait on a bench.
  22. Isar – The river!  If you are not in Munich and can’t figure out how to find something similar to a river, you can use the bathtub or sink.
  23. Bridge – Any of the bridges in Munich would be great. If you are not near a Munich bridge, you can use an overpass. If you are not near an overpass, then you can go take a photo on a staircase.
  24. Tram – If you are not in Munich or if you are not near a tram, take a photo in a car or in a taxi.
  25. Subway – If you are not near a subway, you can substitute a car or a taxi.
  26. Tor (Isar, Sendling)  If you are not in Munich with access to a TOR, find another large brick wall.
  27. English Garden – If you are not in Munich, find a garden.
  28. Bike
  29. Museum – If you are unable to get to a museum, take a photo of yourself in a public space.
  30. Studio (your own studio and artwork) – If you are not in your studio, take a photo with your artwork.

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