Munich Stories

This is a collaborative project between Munich writers and Munich artists.  Our first book will be created between September 15th and October 15, 2016.

During the month, artists/writers will pick two topics a week.  Each artist will writer or draw/paint artwork for the chosen topics that week so that each creative will create a total of 8 art pieces during the month, two a week.

The artists work in teams – one illustrator and one writer.  Each creative picks one of the two topics.  On Wed. the artists switch artwork so that the other can create their second piece based on the artwork of the other artist.

For example The topics are tea and midnight.  The illustrator picked tea and will illustrative tea. The writer picked midnight and will write a story about midnight.  On Wed, the illustrator will send their tea artwork to the writer and the writer will send their midnight story to the illustrator.  At the end of the week, they will have a story and an illustration for tea and a story and an illustration for midnight.

They will do this each week for a total of 16 art piece 8 written and 8 illustrative.


This idea stumbled into my studio in the hands of  Masha Baur who will be one of the artists working on this book project.