500 Artists Say Hello Project 2017

I posted yesterday our list of projects for 2017 and someone emailed me about 500 Artists Say Hello so I wanted to share more information in this post about 500 Artists Say Hello 2017.

Munich Artists events are a way for Munich Artists to collaborate together and create something a bit bigger while having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Our events are a way for you to share your artwork with your fellow artists and enjoy the process of creation for the pure joy of creating.

For Say Hello 2017, We are going to use a box.  I was thinking of a cube but now, I think this kind of box would be more interesting.



The box has a plastic lid that slides back.  I will order a sample to see what it looks like in real life and give you dimensions.  I’m hoping to get boxes that are A5/A4 in size but I don’t know yet the size or the cost.

Once I have the details, I will have you sign up for the boxes and make an order so that you have 2 months to create your art piece. (It takes one to two months to get the boxes so I need to order them in November/December.)

For photographers who don’t want to mess with making the box into an art piece, You can make a photo box or use the box as a frame or as the subject of your art piece.

As we did in 2016, We will have a book with all the artists participating.  The book will be called Munich Artists Look Book.  For 2017, the pages will be designed by you. 21cm x21 cm with a bleed 21,3 cm x 21,3cm

I want each page to include

  • a photo of your box artwork.
  • Your name and contact details.
  • No marketing or promotion.  Think of this as an example of your artwork for others to understand your art style.
  • Digital or Hand drawn and then photographed.   Be creative.

I must easily find your name and the art piece made from the box.  This is what people will see for you and use to pick artists for future projects like Munich Stories and Munich Artists Playing Cards.

This book will help you find artists to work with on your  500 Artists Undercover umbrella or to see if there is someone who you can collaborate with for our Trefubox.com brand.

Here is a simple example just in case you don’t want to think too hard about your lookbook page:


I will make this sample .psd file available ( for you to use so that you can just pop in your data.  I will not be doing any design work on your personal pages.  This is up to you to create.

COSTS: 50 Euro which includes the cost of the book, and some money to the gallery who will be displaying the work for a month. (Cost might fluctuate depending on the cost of the box. We will be using the box that I mention in this blog post.