500 Artists Say Hello Project 2017

I posted yesterday our list of projects for 2017 and someone emailed me about 500 Artists Say Hello so I wanted to share more information in this post about 500 Artists Say Hello 2017.

Munich Artists events are a way for Munich Artists to collaborate together and create something a bit bigger while having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Our events are a way for you to share your artwork with your fellow artists and enjoy the process of creation for the pure joy of creating.

For Say Hello 2017, We are going to use a box.  I was thinking of a cube but now, I think this kind of box would be more interesting.



The box has a plastic lid that slides back.  I will order a sample to see what it looks like in real life and give you dimensions.  I’m hoping to get boxes that are A5/A4 in size but I don’t know yet the size or the cost.

Once I have the details, I will have you sign up for the boxes and make an order so that you have 2 months to create your art piece. (It takes one to two months to get the boxes so I need to order them in November/December.)

For photographers who don’t want to mess with making the box into an art piece, You can make a photo box or use the box as a frame or as the subject of your art piece.

As we did in 2016, We will have a book with all the artists participating.  The book will be called Munich Artists Look Book.  For 2017, the pages will be designed by you. 21cm x21 cm with a bleed 21,3 cm x 21,3cm

I want each page to include

  • a photo of your box artwork.
  • Your name and contact details.
  • No marketing or promotion.  Think of this as an example of your artwork for others to understand your art style.
  • Digital or Hand drawn and then photographed.   Be creative.

I must easily find your name and the art piece made from the box.  This is what people will see for you and use to pick artists for future projects like Munich Stories and Munich Artists Playing Cards.

This book will help you find artists to work with on your  500 Artists Undercover umbrella or to see if there is someone who you can collaborate with for our Trefubox.com brand.

Here is a simple example just in case you don’t want to think too hard about your lookbook page:


I will make this sample .psd file available ( for you to use so that you can just pop in your data.  I will not be doing any design work on your personal pages.  This is up to you to create.

COSTS: 50 Euro which includes the cost of the book, and some money to the gallery who will be displaying the work for a month. (Cost might fluctuate depending on the cost of the box. We will be using the box that I mention in this blog post.





LNdMM – Muenchen October 15, 2016 & 500 Artists Play Cards October 16, 2016

Ready? Ready. Ready!  Yesterday we told you about Kunst in Sendling and today we are sharing information about the Long Night of the Museum and 500 Artists Play Cards.

First Event

On October 15, 2016 the 18th Langen Nacht der Muenchner Museen is happening in Munich. (This is a SATURDAY event.)

The 18th Langen Nacht der Muenchner Museen is a city wide event and we have been invited to show the My True Self installation at  the “Alles (ist) Offen”exhibition at Goethestrasse 53 -a designated event site during the evening of October 15, 2016 event. Der Internationale Beratungszentrum in der Goethestrasse 53 is an elegant old building which becomes Galerie 53 for one night. (Stop 91 Bus Stop Goethestrasse.)

The following Artists have been chosen to exhibit their work during the evening:

  • Martin Blumöhr
  • Jaime Gajardo
  • Kerstin Ullsperger
  • Julian Opitz
  • Wolfgang Sreter
  • Oliver Heiss
  • Sima Dehgani
  • Emmy Horstkamp & Munich Artists,
  • Helena Gagern & Maria Heinrich
  • Dennis Matrullo, Melanie Merz & Julia Pleuser
  • Dennis Gebauer
  • out of fabric
  • Vivien Cahusac de Caux
  • Costas Gianacacos
  • Christine Kamm


Second Event

On October 16, 2016 500 Artists Play Cards at Einstein Kultur (This is a SUNDAY event.)

“500 Artists Play Cards” is happening at Einstein Kultur from 1300 to 1800.  We have all three cellar rooms and have the opportunity to share our creative energies and some of our artwork.


Event Details:

  1. Ticket:

Option 1: Buy a deck of cards through our Kickstarter campaign.  The cards are your entrance into our 500 Artists Play cards event. (A deck of Munich Artists Party Playing Cards will be given to you at the event and you will be mailed a deck of deluxe cards to gift for christmas or to add to your collection.)

Option 2: Buy a deck of cards from me.   Email emmy@kyfio.com   You will not get any of the bonus gifts from our Kickstarter but you will have entrance into our event. I would love to have you there!

  1. Location: Einstein Kultur – Einstein Straße 42, 81675 München on October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800.
  2. Entertainment: If you want to present a story, a poem, installation theatre piece or play music, please email emmy@kyfio.com and I will add you to the schedule.
  3. Food and Drink: (exactly like 500 Artists Say Hello). Please bring something to drink and eat. We will have disposable glasses, plates and cups.
  4. Planning for 2017 Munich Artists Events:  Our 500 Artists events are the pool of artists we choose from first for our projects. It is where I went to first for our current Munich Stories project and where we picked the artists for this year’s Munich Artists Playing Cards.

You want to be in a Munich Artists project for 2017?  Then buy a deck of cards and come visit me on October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800.  What events are we planning for 2017?

Planned for 2017:

  • 500 Artists Draw Lines (January 2017)
  • 500 Artists Say Hello – 3 Dimensional Cubes (April 2017)
  • Munich Artists Look Book (April 2017) A4 Art pieces
  • 500 Artists Under Cover – Umbrella sculptures  – (July 2017 – Outdoors Rain or Shine. Make sure your umbrella stays functional.)
  • Munich Stories – A Fine Art Book Fair & Short Story – Flash Fiction Festival (October 2017)
  • Munich Artists Playing Cards 2017 – New Deck – New Artists  (Printing Scheduled for October 2017)

Kickstarter Extra Treat – A Fifth King.

Important Links

The Story of the Fifth King.

During the creation of our playing card art, we had a tiny little issue and found ourselves without any KINGS.   With no time to find a new artist, we asked the Munich Artists involved to submit extra work and 4 artists volunteered to save the day.

A day before sending the work to the printer to get a proof, we were still missing a king. It was crazy – We needed a king and we did not want to be left empty handed if the missing king did not show up by the end of the day – It was a royal pain for the pair of Es (Elizabeth and Emmy).

With a printed image of King Ludwig II,  Munich Artists ran around shooting several different types of photos so that Elizabeth could select an image for the backup king. Elizabeth picked this photograph for our Fifth King and the deck was complete (just in case the missing file did not arrive.)

Mr. Ludwig waiting and waiting but never will he be a card in our deck.
Mr. Ludwig waiting and waiting but never will he be a card in our deck.

Right before the deadline, Ludwig II arrived in our mailbox and Elizabeth quickly inserted him into the deck to send to the printer.

The Orphan King 

After seeing people donate a Euro to our Kickstarter (It was not a gift option.)  I decided that our kickstarter backers could adopt our extra king and make him feel at home on their smart phones or wherever the backer wanted to display the extra King of Spades.

In this King image, not only do you get a king, but you get penguins and a banana and who doesn’t like Penguins and bananas?

The file for this king will be available to all backers who donate to our kickstarter. A link will be sent to you at the end of our campaign.

Because this is my personal artwork, I, Emmy Horstkamp,  give you permission to use him for any personal use and would love if you share with me where you put his majesty.


Today we are at 71%  which is awesome!  Thank you! Thank you Munich Artists Supporters!

Please share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family.  The more backers we have, the closer we get to printing our deluxe cards and the more fun we will have on October 16th from 1300 to 1800 at Einstein Kultur. ( You must purchase a card deck to attend the art happening. Go purchase your cards through our kickstarter.)

Here is another image that I took of Ludwig (a gay king) which I thought was funny but did not send to Elizabeth.

Processed with Snapseed.
“He Makes me Crazy!”  photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris Creates 4 Munich Artists Playing Cards


Munich Artists – Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris 

We are very lucky that Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris agreed to use her talents to make four Munich Artists playing cards.  I met Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris at a workshop in North Schwabing where she showed us the marbling technique used in Turkey (She was born in Istanbul.) Süyümbike joined Munich Artists at the Food Lover’s Market and 500 Artists Say Hello and now she is one of the first set of artists to create Munich Artists Playing Cards.

If you would like to see more work by this Munich based artist, please visit Suyumbike’s website.




Our Kickstarter for Munich Artists Playing Cards is over 60% funded. We are so happy that people are supporting this project and would love for you to buy a deck of cards and join us at 500 Artists Play cards.  Funding starts at 30 Euro and gets you lots of good Karma points. If you are a performer, you can also attend by sharing your talents.  Email emmy at emmy at kyfio dot com and I will schedule you a time.

Munich Artists Playing Cards

To help us reach 100%, we added the printer proofs to our backer gifts. The proofs are the only ones we will have from the printer for this deck of cards.  We have 1 proof left if you are interested in this type of collectible.  (First proof of the first product by Munich Artists Playing Cards series will be worth something someday.)  I will post a photo of the remaining proof in our Kickstarter so you can see what is still available.

500 Artists Play Cards Art Event/ Art Happening

Hello!  This information is in English.  Here it is in German.  If you have any questions, you can email emmy@kyfio.com.  Here is a list of the artists sharing their talents during the afternoon.  Here is information about the Playing Cards we created.Here is information about the Playing Cards we created.

Basic Information:

  • When:  October 16, 2016  1300 to 1800
  • Where: Einstein Kultur  Einsteinstr. 42  |  81675 München
  • What:  500 Artists Playing Cards Art Happening
  • Cost: 
    • Single ticket: 30 Euro (includes 1 deck of playing cards and a 1 stack of blank cards)
    • Family Ticket: 40 Euro – 2 Adults and their children (includes 1 deck of playing cards and up to 4 blank card bunches)

Maximum number of people we can have for this event is 200.


We have a sponsor for this event which is helping to keep costs down.  You will see their name on our playing card decks for the event and on wall posters and on every blog post and in our sidebar.  We love Sponsors and are grateful to Stadtsparkasse Muenchen for helping us with this project.

Details of the happening:

You will have the opportunity to purchase 1 deck of Munich Artists playing cards and will be given one deck of blank white cards. The blank cards are to be used at the event.  You  can open your Munich Artists Playing Cards or keep them to gift away for Christmas.

At the event, we will have 3 (three) rooms.

Room 1 is for video streaming and watching performances.  There are bleachers to sit.

Hall/Room 1 at Einstein Kultur

Room 2 is for Playing Cards –  The room is completely empty of furniture.

Empty Hall/Room  at Einstein Kultur

In room 2 artists can participate in creating a large 3d sculpture using their blank cards OR they can take their blank cards and draw artwork on them. It is up to them.  If they want to draw artwork, please bring  markers (edding/promarkers)  We may be filming Room 2 with a Webcam to stream after the event.

The space has concrete floors. If you are going to be spending lots of time drawing, you will need to bring a pillow or chair/drawing board BUT you can also meander to room 3 and sit on a pillow.

Room3 is for singing on a small stage, reading stories to the people in the room, talking, eating, sitting on benches and drinking.   This is not a quiet room. If you decide to read a story out loud in here, you better have a good stage presence to get people’s attention.  If you want to do a monologue, we can schedule it for room 1.  

Hall/ Room 3 at Einstein Kultur

Food and drinks will be located in room 3 OR in the lobby.  There is a bar in the lobby.

Lobby at Einstein Kultur

We will have access to the main lobby and the bathrooms.  The video loop of our 500 Artists Say Hello will be in the lobby and will be displayed during Kunst in Sendling. (the week before.)


Room 1 – Video Room  This room has bleachers.  I will create a video using video clips from artists who send a video clip to me.  The video will be entitled  “How to play with cards.”  The video you send does not have to be card related.   You can put the video clip in my dropbox for this project. Deadline for video clip submissions to be included is October 1, 2016.  Please submit a clip 30 seconds or less.


If you want to do a reading or monologue in Room 1 we can schedule it. Please let me know in advance so that I can create some kind of background in the loop for the time that you are doing your thing.

Room 2 – Playing Cards Room  We will have lots of space to create. This is a big empty hall. If you have something you want to create with playing cards, please let me know. You can create sculptures made from blank playing cards and bring them to show.  I will have the cards before the event and will be happy to have you pick them up at Frauenstrasse 18. Playing Cards will be picked up at the event.

If you want to make a short video, you also have the opportunity to do this in Room 2.  

Room 3 – Food Room – Everyone gathers where there is food.  This room has low benches with cushions. It is really comfy and a great place to hang out.  This space has a small stage which can be used for flash fiction reading.  I will ask the artists working on munichstories.com if they will read one of their stories that they have created during the challenge month (September 12 – October 15th)

If you want to sing or dance or perform, please let me know and we will work something out.

If you are a conceptual artist and you want to create something interacting with the card sculptures and the space, please let me know.

Unlike 500 Artists Say Hello, we don’t have an installation display on a wall BUT the walls are concrete so you are welcome to bring an A4 print of your artwork that we can tape onto the wall.  This will be an organic display. I will not curate it.  You are artists. I know you will make it look good. ( I need to double check that we can tape things on the wall.)

Hello Oliver Rennen – Maker & Artist in Munich

We have a maker/artist interested in collaborating. I’m not sharing Oliver’s portrait because he will be in our book and you can use the book to find him on April 23rd at our 500 artists say hello event.

What kind of collaborations  does Oliver want?  

Oliver is open to ideas and is willing to work with a few of you to create some really cool art using 3D printers, lasers and cool gadgets from the makers space.

Oliver’s Hello Art

Oliver created his art piece using a 3D print file, cutting the different layers and then using a laser to cut hello and the background design into the paper.

In the photo below you can see an extra piece created using this process. Oliver created a software program to help  the laser to cut more than 100 pieces which make up the body of his work.


Artwork by Oliver Rennen – 3d print file/laser cutting

I’m really happy that Oliver will be joining us on April 23rd. We have around 100 artists showing artwork.  If you sent in your application and have not heard from me, please let me know so I can  If you emailed me and do not have a response, please send me a reminder email so I can search my email for missing photos/applications.

For our first 500 artists say hello event, we have:

  • Illustration
  • Oil/Acrylic/Ink Abstracts
  • Oil/Acrylic/Ink Figurative Work
  • Cartoon
  • Photography
  • Sculpture (wood, paper )
  • Dance (in Video format)
  • Music (in Video format)
  • Mixed Media
  • Jewellery

We are creating a website for the 500 Artists project and will show you all the works and the artists on this site.  It has been exciting to see the artwork coming in and the diversity that we have in art here in Munich.  I’m very lucky to get to meet all of you before the event and to share your artwork with the Munich Artists community.

If you are reading this, and you want your artwork included, I’m still working on the booklet so can add a page or three.   Once the booklet is off to the printers, the submission of artwork will end.  You can email me at Emmy@kyfio.com  if you want to submit late.   If you don’t want to create a hello painting in your style, you can always join our 21 day Hello Challenge.