Tutorial: Printing with Styrofoam – Angela Smets Prints

Angela Smets was nice enough to make a tutorial in German for Munich Artists.  I will be making a version with no audio for our Trefu.Life website.   If you are interested in taking a workshop with Angela Smets, let her know. She loves creating workshops and helping creatives learn new skills.

If you are interested in coming to my tiny studio to create a tutorial, please let me know at emmy@kyfio.com   Your tutorial will be uploaded to our Munich Artists Youtube page, shared on this website and on Trefu.Life.

The video remains the property of Munich Artists but we link to your website so people can find you to do offline workshops.  If you have a problem with that, don’t visit me or offer to create a tutorial.

You are welcome to do the tutorial in German or in English and we are open to any kind of workshop that I can film from an overhead shot.






5 Days Left in Our First Munich Artists Kickstarter

Hi Munich Artists!  We are at 94% for our first Kickstarter.

This is a quick message to ask you to donate to our Kickstarter so we can reach our goal. This is our first time crowdfunding and we are so excited that you have been helping us out.    To reach 100% we need to sell a few more card decks or have someone pick our 150 Euro package which still have one card proof left.

I have a few more artists bios to share with you.  As I mentioned on our Munich Artists Card page, some very generous Munich Artists participated in our projects and have together created a wonderful deck.  I want to thank each and every artist for their hard work creating our first Munich Artists deck.  This is a collaborative project and each artist of the artists below has helped to make the deck a reality.

Alexandra Ritter
Angela Smets
Ines Seidl
Janine Voelkner
Elizabeth Hughes
Berit Opelt
Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris
Penelope Richardson
Isidora Romani
Angelica Zeller-Michaelson
Maximilian Lückenhaus
Brigitte Pruchnow
Emmy Horstkamp

If you would like to see the individual cards, here is a small slideshow of the deck:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To help artists,  will be trying three other crowdfunding projects before the end of the year. One through Generosity, one through Indegogo and another project on Kickstarter.







Current Project: Munich Artists Playing Cards – Kickstarter Starts Today!

Here is the link to our Kickstarter.  You have until October 9th!  Please Help Us Create Some Amazing Cards and Have a Great Event.

With the help of the above group of artists who were selected from our 500 Artists Say Hello Event, Munich Artists will be printing a party set of Munich inspired artists playing cards and a deluxe set of playing cards.   The deluxe version will be ordered after the kickstarter is completed.   The party version will be ordered this weekend.  What is the difference?

The party cards are smaller in size and are being created specifically for the event.  The deluxe version or American poker sized cards and will have that beautiful box that Elizabeth Hughes designed.  Why the two different versions?  Because I want you to play with the cards and you may feel like the deluxe are too pretty to play with at the event.

HISTORY of 500 Artists Play Cards

At the Beginning of the year, Elizabeth Hughes approached Munich Artists about creating a deck of playing cards.  I (Emmy) told Elizabeth, we could create cards as long as we could throw a Munich Artists Play Cards Party/art happening.  She was on board with the larger idea and she joined the project as a project manager for the creation of the card deck.  Over the last few months, Elizabeth chose the artists, curated their artwork, designed the box, the back of the cards and created all the files to send to the printer.

We have had to make a few changes along the way but the cards are almost ready to be printed on paper.  We are very excited!

Here is the Back of the Card design created by Elizabeth for the cards:

The back of the Munich Artists Card Deck

And here are three cards from the deck:


  • Our Kickstarter starts Today September 16th.  To attend our 500 Artists Play Cards Event, you must purchase your cards through our Kickstarter.  Our cards will be for sale at Haeppy Art but the kickstarter bonus gifts are only available on our Kickstarter.   For the event we are ordering a version of the cards called party cards.  they will come in a metal tin.  The deluxe versions ordered after the kickstarter will be in a box designed by Elizabeth Hughes.
  • The Kickstarter has bonus gifts which will not be available ANYWHERE ELSE.  I have permission from the artists to make prints of their work for the Kickstarter and I would love for you to get a print of some of these cards to put on your wall.



Munich Artist for November – Angela Smets

If you would like to see more work by Angela Smets, she will be at the affordable arts fair in  Hamburg or you can make an appointment to visit her studio at the Wieder-Fabrik.

Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015-2
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015 -3
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015
Munich Artists Angela Smets 2015

I Stumbled Upon an Artist – Munich Neuhausen – Mercedes Felgueres

The sign that took me into Mercedes Felgueres Gallery Space
The sign that took me into Mercedes Felgueres Gallery Space

There they are in the background wondering why I’m taking a photo of their sign on the glass door.  After opening the door and walking in, the first question out of the owner’s mouth was “Why did you take a photo of my sign?”

The answer was easy to give. I wasn’t sure I read the note correctly and I wanted to take it home and read it slowly to make sure I understood it correctly.  The Gallery space sign said art gallery but the space was filled with designer labels.

This is what happens when you have children. You bend over backwards to help them… especially if you are Spanish. Mercedes is Mexican and she decided to give part of her space to her daughter, Mercedes, to start a fashion line. (They have the same name because it is family tradition.)

The artist, Mercedes Felgueres, flipped her paintings over to the restaurant next door (owned by the family) and the front of her gallery now displays young fashion designers.

After a nice chat with the two women, where I ended up buying a spiderweb type sweater by a local designer (no label on the garment),  I walked with Mercedes next door to the restaurant to look at her artwork.  This is what I saw:

small artwork by mercedes felgueres
small artwork by mercedes felgueres
Encaustic artwork by Mercedes felgueres
Encaustic artwork by Mercedes felgueres
artwork with chairs by Mercedes felgueres
artwork by Mercedes felgueres
artwork with people by Mercedes felgueres
artwork by Mercedes felgueres

I was happy to learn that Mercedes  does encaustic. She is now the 3rd artist I’ve met in Munich working with this medium Nicole Boots and Emmy Horstkamp are the other two. ( Yes, I can meet myself and talk about myself in the 3rd person.)

The restaurant is called Volk Art and is located at Volkartstrasse 15, D-80634. The restaurant is a tapas bar which is an excellent excuse to head over to Neuhausen to see Mercedes artwork and have some yummy food.  Mercedes is Mexican and you can talk to her in German, Spanish or English.  She knows all three languages which is helpful for this creative but language challenged Munich Artist.

After leaving Mercedes to deal with the lunch rush at the restaurant, I walked into Perlerie.

perlerie alles run um die perle
Perlerie alles run um die perle

I had no reason to walk into this store except that it was next to the gallery and I like windows that are a bit too busy.  Upon entering I found lots of this:

detail of merchandise available at perlerie
detail of merchandise available at Perlerie Neuhausen

and bought this:

beads for around 2,50 Euro
String of beads for around 2,50 Euro

Ah.  Lovely. Five strands of golden beads for 2,50 Euro each (You do the math)  I also bought the ribbon chains to hang a pendant that Angela Smets made. Angela lives in Neuhausen but her studio is at the WiederFabrik. You can see her work at the Affordable Art Fair this fall or make an appointment with her at her studio.

Today, I’m heading over to check out a new art store in town. I will give you a heads up tomorrow as I add more artsy places to my list.

Wiede – Fabrik Open Studios Summer 2015

July 2 – July 5, 2015

I went to the party last night and survived.  As a natural introvert, it goes against my nature to seek out large groups of people drinking alcohol and mingling.  I’m more of a coffee in the morning kind of person but the weather forecast made the decision for me.  If I wanted to see the artwork at the Wiede -Fabrik, I would need to head over while the heat was tolerable and my resolve strong.

Snaking along the street to find an available parking space, I squeezed my car into a small space and walked carefully back to the Wiede -Fabrik.  Upon entering the first studio I was surprised to find:

Artist Andrea Matheisen

I live in Munich and my  lovely apartment filled with dogs does not make a suitable environment for sculptures or ceramics. As I wandered around Andrea’s sculptures, I was tempted by the birds to make the two work.  The small sculptures start around 1k Euro and are birds carrying people on their backs – people who look like they are having an awesome time.  On Facebook yesterday, Hazel Ang, a Munich Artist at large,  shared this photo of an Eagle carrying a crow.

Walking into the studio and seeing all of the people on top of birds, this photograph flashed through my head. Unlike the photograph, which depicts an aggressive act by the smaller bird, the sculptures by Andrea Matheisen felt light and full of joy.  This feeling is enforced by the outstretched hands and the whimsical interpretation of the fowl.  Having visited the Kunst Kiesserei, I know how expensive it is to cast a sculpture in bronze and how much effort it takes to make this kind of artwork.

Andrea is a guest artist at the studio of Claudia Groegler and her Bronze sculptures filled the room with their presence.  Luckily all the pieces displayed could fit inside a Munich Apartment.  If you can’t make it to the Weide- Fabrik to see her work, her studio is located at Von-Erckert-Str. 30, 81827  and Andrea Matheisen’s website offers more examples of her work.

Peter Riss  

A few months ago, a big storm rolled through Munich killing many trees.  During the cleanup, I gathered a bunch of broken branches for a sculpture.  It looks like Peter Riss also found some branches that fascinated him.   Peter Riss’s sculptures looked dipped in Resin and are fastened to the wall with braces.  The two sculptures are not small space friendly.  They are like Rose bushes that need space all to themselves. I didn’t talk with the artist so I don’t know what the motivation is behind the coloured pieces.  If you are interested, stop by and chat with him this weekend and find out.

Simon James

We love Simon Jame’s work and I was happy to see new pieces on the walls.

simon james wiede fabrik summer 2015
simon james wiede fabrik summer 2015

I forgot to take an overall shot of the river bed piece but you can see two detail shots of it below. Simon layers gesso on Canvas and Board to create his art pieces. On the river bed piece, Simon sanded the gesso until it loosened from the canvas but before it fell off. (Simon said the glue is strong enough to hold the gesso in place.)

As you know, I worry about how things will hold up. Will a digital print fade, will those pieces of sand stay on, can you combine those mediums to last more than a few years?  Will this gesso chunk remain in place?

Simon said this piece is so heavy that he can barely lift it which means that it is moving away from a painting to more of a vertical sculpture.  At this time, there is only one piece in his studio like this so bring a moving company if you decide you need to have it. Both of the closeup shots are close to the colours of the piece.

The first shot is a closeup of the cracks near the centre which have a darker brown top layer and the second shot is from an area where the top layer is more reddish brown.  The piece really does look like a dried up river bed.   Simon said the piece was originally purple before going brown. Try to find the purple when you look at the piece.  I personally would love this piece with a black ebony on top or a reflective mirrored surface.  Oh all the different ways he can go now that he has let the gesso let go of the canvas.

Angela Smets

Angela has been working like a fiend on a series of prints using a new technique where she layers small screens created from her drawings.  She takes these screens and combines them into these limited prints (I think there are three to each series.)  The price range of this art work starts in the mid 300s and each print comes matted and framed. I really like this change in her work and I hope you have time to go see her new series in person.

Anja Bolata

Anja’s studio is tucked away in the back sort of like grandmother’s cottage in Little Red Ridinghood. Luckily there isn’t a big bad wolf inside.  Walking into the space you are surrounded by her delicate paintings of animals, feather, fruit and other nature themed still life paintings and drawings.

The atmosphere of her studio is very calm and serene like her artwork.

anja wiede fabrik

Milan Mihajlovic

Would the other artists be upset if I say Milan is the head honcho of the Weide Fabrik?  Maybe. Milan’s studio is one of the first when you walk into the space and most of his work is large scale.

I do really like the painting at the entrance when you walk into the studio. I think it is the piece he worked on during the world cup exhibition? I’m not a big football fan but even I would hang this work in my house but not next to my Simon Jame’s piece.  Maybe next to Jenny Schminke?

Milan's studio

Oliver Diehr

I love Oliver’s work.  Everytime I go to the Wiede Fabrik I photograph it.   I really like when artists let the raw canvas show itself. I’m not living in a make believe world where the art is not on a canvas.  Art is art and I don’t mind being reminded of it.   This trend is a nice contrast to photo realism.  Maybe photo realists should add raw canvas to their repetoire. It would add a kick and be a bit of a shock for the eye maybe making the pieces more interesting for art historians.

Anyways, back to Oliver’s work.

My favourite of the three pieces on display is this image of two girls with their packages which are not quite baggage.  Get it… the two girls are not filled with disappointments that they have to carry around.  My words not Olivers. I may just be reading way too much into the composition.

I have no clue what Oliver was thinking about when he made this painting and right now I don’t care because I like my interpretation and I want to keep it. As I mentioned before, I’m finding this disconnect between my viewing an art piece and how the artist desired it to be interpreted disconcerting. I sometimes wish I had the ability to mind meld.

The Vernissage Obeservation

It was ok going to the party.  I may even do this again if I can get there after the speeches.   While mingling around Angela Smet’s studio, I met a lawyer and she made the following observation:

“Did you notice how many women there are?”

I looked around and she was right, we were swimming in women.

“If I were a man,” she said, “I would be chatting them up.”

I didn’t realise that this kind of event was a women thing.  Up to this point, I avoided the vernissage openings of an exhibition/open studios because of my introverted personality but now I’m trying to be more proactive in getting photographs to share with you so that you can go see the artwork while it is on display which means I must leave my studio and go out and see the exhibitions/vernissage/studio openings and swim in a sea of women. Good lord, as a single straight woman, that is kind of a nightmare. I will keep you posted if this is a fact of vernissage life or if this was just an anomaly.

As I waited to say goodbye to Angela, a man in bicycle shorts and a helmet walked into her studio and immediately started asking questions about the prints on the wall.  Angela showed him the price list and then he contemplated the prints some more honing in on a few of my favourites.   A good sign for this new series by Angela who will be taking this body of work to Hamburg in November for the Affordable Art Fair.

I think that is enough for this post, don’t you think?  If you want to go to the Weide- Fabrik, you can get their easily by bike, car or Sbahn.  The address is Rambaldistrasse 27, 81929 Muenchen


start off with a profile shot and end with a profile shot.

Events starting today – PlanYour  Weekend Accordingly 

Birgit Abt – Abstract Art Installation and Exibition @ Steinstrasse 59.   Here is a link to Birgit’s website. 


The Weider Fabrik.  Angela Smets and Simon James have their Studios open for you to see their new works and buy some great pieces for your collections.


Artists at Wieder Fabrik
Artists Working at the Wieder Fabrik – Photo shared by Simon James

Elke Reis I Liz Walinski I Verena Friedrich Will be having an exhibition until July 12th.  Their party is tonight. Here are the details:

“zwischen Himmel und Erde” – Malerei und Objekte
 Ausstellung geöffnet von 3.7. – 12.7. , Sa, So. 12-20h
 Vernissage am 2.Juli’15 von 18-21h
 @künstlerprojektLOT62, Schleißheimer Str.62, München
 Die Vernissage findet im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen Abendöffnung der Galerien in der Maxvorstadt statt. Außerdem ist die Ausstellung im Rahmen der Offenen Ateliers ‘Kunst im Karrée Schwabing”  am Wochenende vom 11./12.Juli’15 von 12-20h geöffnet.  das KünstlerprojektLOT62

Ray Moore has an exhibition starting this evening.  If you are not out at the Wieder Fabrik or in Schwabing, this is an option for you.  Munique Art, Schleissheimer Strasse 26, 80333 Munich, Germany




Long Night of Architectural Offices is tomorrow.  Here is a link to more details.  The offices will be open from 1800 to 2200.



Anton Kammerl is hosting a photo exhibition for Fotografin und Grafikdesignerin Rosi Offenbach at Cafe Kosmos, Dachauerstr. 7, 80335 Munich, Germany.  July 4, 2015 starting at 1900.


Ahhhh and this is how I will be sharing exhibition information.  Eventually it will be moved someplace else but for now, I need to try and share as much information as possible. 

 This is:


Please be patient with me. If your event did not get posted and I know you, I’m sorry. If your event did not get posted and I don’t know you, maybe you should think about this… I’m located at Frauentrasse 18 @BCAMunich, The Friday Gallery.  Please come by and say hello.



The First Munich Artists Stammtisch May 2015

Last night we organised our first Munich Artists Stammtisch.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss our current projects and to get feedback from artists regarding our current plans and what they want to achieve over the next year. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our projects on the website and placing open calls for two of them.

The following Munich artists attended our first stammtisch:

Rainer Schmitten
‘Scotland’, mixed media on canvas, 140 x 175 cm, Rainer Schmitten 2015

Rainer Schmitten

Roy Hessing

Roy Hessing

Andreas Hirsch

Andreas Hirsch

Hubert Juranek

Hubert Juranek

Berit Opelt

Berit Opelt

Markus Maria Wendland

Markus Maria Wendland

Chris Tomas

Chris Tomas

Angela Smets-print-2015

Angela Smets

Munich Artists Sonia Boening

Sonia Boening



Julia Rößle


Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Nasser Ash

Florencia Chueke

Ursula Singer


Emmy Horstkamp Plan B Dorothy 2015 collage
Emmy Horstkamp

Munich Artists Going to the MUC Food Lovers Market on Sunday Feb 15, 2015

On Feb 15, 2015 from 1100 to 2000, Munich Artists will be at the MUC food Lovers Market.  The following Munich Artists will be showcasing their artwork and interacting with visitors doing participatory art projects (projects will cost between 7 to 20 Euro).

  • Gabriele Rothweiler (Photograper/Painter) – Gabriele will have people jump on a trampoline and take photos of them flying. For Sunday, she will be printing them right on the spot with her portable printer for a small fee.  Here is an example of her work.
  • Andreas Hirsch is a creative working in various mediums. He will be selling screen prints and watercolours at the market but will be making buttons with visitors. Here is an example of one of his screen prints:

Angela Smets will be selling her illustrative blocks and small charms.

Emmy Horstkamp will be selling her original art magnets.

Manueal Illera will be displaying her linocut prints and charcoal drawings.


Move Over Flowers, Here come Munich Artists on Feb 15th with a Bunch of Food Trucks

Being an artist means you can grab hold of opportunities and take risks like going to the Blumenmarkt on Feb. 15th and selling artwork next to food trucks.   Will this work in Munich?  I don’t know.  If I were an accountant I might wait six months but being an artist, I can jump in with both feet.  For the first market, five Munich artists have been asked to participate and will be selling art at the food market from 1300 to 2000.  We will hanging out in the art section.  Will you come join us? You can find our Facebook Event page here with all the details about finding us.

The artists bringing artwork to the market are:

Gabriele Rothweiler (she will let you jump on her trampoline and then shoot you in the air) Gabriele will also have some of her photography/painting artwork on display.

Andreas Hirsch (He’s going to be the Button maker)  Andreas will have his illustrative work at the market. I’m so curious to see what kind of buttons people make.

Emmy Horstkamp (My Guardians are going to market) I will also have some of my digital prints with ink on display and a series of magnets I’m making like the ones I made for the theatre installation.

Manuela Illera (Linocut series) She will also have some charcoal drawings (we still don’t know how these sell in Munich. I’m very curious to see if she sells any of them. The linocuts are cool a photo booth with different sayings on them. ( I will post some photos on Facebook.)

Angela Smets (printing) Angela is an oil painter but when she isn’t in her serious art studio, she is busy making illustrations and printing them using all kinds of techniques.

If everything goes well on Feb 15th and the artists sell work, we might do it again.  The organisers are testing it out with us so keep your fingers crossed that the test is successful and everyone is happy when Feb 16th rolls around.

I think it is really funny that we started Munichartmarket.com and then get invited to sell art at a market.  I have no problems with this wonderful coincidence and hope these kind of opportunities keep showing up on our doorstep. Munich artists loves to have interesting opportunities to showcase Munich artwork.

Wiede Fabrik Artists Are Having Open Studios May 23 – May 25 2014

Haben Sie Lust Kunst Sehen?  Did I write that write? Let me know on Facebook.   If you would like to see art in artists’ studios this weekend, go to the Wiede Fabrik.   Here is the  the layout of the studios.

The Layout of art Studios will tell you exactly where everyone is especially:

Simon James:

Angela Smets:


Alexandra Huber:


Office Warming Party and Art Swap Fundraiser December 12, 2013

BCA Munich Fundraiser


We are raising funds for Doctors without Borders and Munich artists are coming forward with some beautiful pieces for our art swap.  Here are the list of artists who have donated pieces of art for the art swap game.

  1. Michael Pitschke – Watercolor cartoon drawing
  2. Jenny Schminke –  Study of a Bird
  3. Ines Seidel – Mixed Media
  4. Emmy Horstkamp – Mixed Media – Guardian series
  5. Markus Brackelmann – Digital Art
  6. Mahirwan Mamtani “Serigraphs” (silk-screen)
  7. Britta Eriskat  Pen wash on paper
  8. Gunther Meliton – digital art
  9. Katrin Klug  – Body Stencil
  10. Gabrielle Rothweiler – Mixed media
  11. Willi Hoppe – Painting
  12. Rysz Merey- watercolor and ink art piece
  13. Ray Moore -Painting and print
  14. Ulli Schmeling – Sculptures
  15. Cornelia Kloess – Sculpture
  16. Brigitte Pruchnow – Pen and Ink
  17. Andrea Senyk – Photography
  18. Agnes Mayer – Digital Art/ Photography
  19. Angela Smets  – Arcylic painting
  20. Cyril Mariaux – Mixed media monograph

We missed a few artists over the weekend so as their work trickles in over the next two days, I will add the names of those artists to the list.

If you would like to have an opportunity to play the game and get a piece of art from one of these artists, don’t forget to purchase your ticket on event brite.  Here is the link.

Artists Ready To Sell Art on Saturday

BCAMunich will be selling artwork from local Munich artists on Saturday November 16, 2013 at the IWC Christmas Bazaar.  The Bazaar will be at the Friedenskirche, Frauenlobstrasse 5, 80337.  The event starts at 1100 and ends at 1500.

Here are some links to the artists so you can see their work and get an idea of what they will have at the bazaar. (I will add images of artwork later in the week on the blog and on Facebook.)

  • Martin Potsch small oil paintings selling around 100 Euros He is German and his studio is in Haidhausen. He was just featured in a German magazine about his small oils.
  • Nutan Jaeger– Mixed media pieces. Nutan is an artist and licensed architect in Germany and the US. You can see that training come out in how she makes her art pieces.
  • Angela Smets – Angela is German and will be showing her illustrations. Her day job is creating a daily illustration for the German radio website.
  • Andrea Senyk is a photographer who will be selling limited edition images of Munich and Canada.
  • Corinna Naumann is a German artist who likes creating etchings. Her work is very unique and well worth checking out. You an see more images of her work in our BCA Munich Galleries.
  • Jenny Schminke is an artist working in Haidhausen. She will be selling her mixed media pieces this weekend at the Christmas bazaar.
  • Andrea Peipe is a German photographer who makes dreamy photographs. She will be selling postcard sets and Her portfolio will be available if you would like to order a limited edition print.
  • Gabriele Rothweiler is a German artist trained as a photographer and oil painter. Her larger pieces focus on combining the two mediums. At the show, she will be selling a few photographs on tiles and small acrylics.
  • Ines Seidel is a German artist who loves paper. We will be presenting some of her creations. She currently has a solo exhibition running in another area of Germany so we are lucky she was able to give us some work to offer you this weekend!
  • Maria Garcia is a Spanish Illustrator. She decided to sell a few of her printed illustrations. We highlighted one of her pieces last week on our Facebook page.
  • Emmy Horstkamp  is an artist, writer and entrepreneur living in Munich, Germany. She will be selling her mixed media images and saying hello to everyone at the table on Saturday.
  • Constanze Kirmse is a German painter who will be sharing her Pastels and Oils. Her work focuses mainly on Bavarian landscapes, nature and her garden.